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Love Sign Compatibilities

Knowing what to look for in a love interest can be daunting. Where to start? Aside from sitting down and listing qualities you are looking for in that special someone, you need look no farther than the stars to let you know who may best suit you in love.


While anybody can fall in love with anybody else, regardless of sun sign, in general, signs harmonize their very best with those who share their same element. The four elements for the zodiac are fire, earth, air, and water.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius get on famously in love with other fire signs. Their passion inspires one another. All three signs are very sexual, and being with somebody who isn’t on the same page with them about love making creates a recipe for disaster. All three signs enjoy being spontaneous, and understand one another’s passions can cross into anger, which can extinguish just as quickly as it flares up, however. They just need to vent sometimes! Planning for the future is not typically fire signs’ strong suit, and they need partners who understand their need to enjoy life one day at a time without pressuring them into a fancy 10 year plan.

Earth Signs 

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn find comfort and stability in love relationships with one another, and the comfort of knowing what to expect brings long term companionship. These signs tend to be “ladies or gentlemen in the living room” while being love machines in the bedroom, often with few inhibitions. They have zero tolerance, however, for people parading their personal business in public, and while they are very affectionate with those they are romantically involved with, they don’t want it put on display. They are very devoted, requiring the same, and do best with those they feel they can respect, trust, and who won’t throw surprises their way.

Air Signs

Intellectual Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius lead very busy lives, and do well with one another, sharing stimulating, exciting lives together. Each sign is constantly on the move, continuously learning, and always trying new things. They thrive in the company of other air signs, who understand this need for motion. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are students of life, and love the company of others who are the same.

Water Signs

Sentimental Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces blend well with one another in romance. They can sometimes be overwhelmed, and would float away on a tide of heartbreak if not nurtured and made to feel safe and cared for. Their emotions can make them feel more deeply than other signs, and that includes feeling hurt as well as feeling loved. They do well with one another’s understanding, and deep heart to heart talks. They loathe being told to toughen up, and appreciate one another’s sensitivity and understanding support. Very romantic, they need thoughtful lovers as they are thoughtful themselves, after all.

While focusing on what works best in romance often takes precedence in all signs, it should be kept in mind what doesn’t work well is equally as important.

Signs to Avoid - By Sign


Aries doesn’t do well in love with Capricorns or Virgos simply because Cappy and Virgo won’t let up on wanting to call the shots, and Aries is completely turned off if they feel somebody is attempting to dominate them.


Taurus can do better than being romantically involved with Geminis or Sagittarians. While Taurus is content with what Sag and Gem consider a boring routine, Sag needs parties, travel, and to be surrounded by a lot of people and fun. Taurus is exhausted by all of this, and Sag runs for the hills. Gemini likes to engage in a bit of harmless flirting, and Taurus will become jealous, insisting Gem is THEIRS, while Gemini can’t stand to feel possessed.


Gemini might not even be looking for anything all that serious. Gemini’s idea of dating and intimacy is too adventurous for Cancer who has more of an emotional approach to romance. In the event both signs are looking for long term romance, their lifestyles are typically polar opposites, and opposites don’t always attract. Gemini wants to go out and have a good time - even when they are at home, and Virgo thinks Gemini just needs to take things seriously.


Cancer needs to feel secure and watched over at all times in romance, and Libra, and Aquarians don’t have much tolerance when they feel Cancer is being clingy and high maintenance. Librans, considered the peacemakers of the zodiac understand discord must be sown at times to create peace, and Cancer feels betrayed when Libra is blunt. Aquarians hide their tempers well, but will snap if they feel Cancer is being a big baby.


Leos are the kings of the jungle, and Virgo wants to call the shots. Leo says no, and it’s a big struggle for control. Taurus doesn’t understand Leo’s love of spending money and Leo thinks Taurus is a miser who hoards things. Leo believes you can’t take it all with you when you pass away and both Virgo and Taurus’ conservative lifestyle makes Leo feel deprived.


Sagittarians leap before they look, seeking the next adventure, and that drives Virgo to feeling they have had a mini stroke every time they see it. While Geminis and Virgos are ruled by Mercury, it influences Virgo to be neurotic about being “good” and it will drive Gemini to be always on the lookout for fun. In the event Virgo and Gemini get together, Gemini tries to pull Virgo out of their routine, and Virgo tries to lock Gemini into one. This causes problems better avoided.


Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, instilling their love of beauty, Taurus can’t endure Libra’s constant search for activity and Libra feels the need to “help” Taurus change even the slightest bit for the better. Taurus dispenses their own wisdom on Libra, and neither of them wants to hear it from one another. Virgo and Libra butt heads because Virgo wants to tell Libra what to do - and maybe at work Virgo can pull that off - but Libra needs harmony in relationships. Besides, Libra thinks they know better than Taurus.


Scorpio forgets Leo is the king or queen, and Leo is driven mad when Scorpio’s moods turn dark. Scorpio’s love of all things macabre and forbidden don’t impress Leo either, who prefers to bask in hedonism. Gemini finds Scorpio’s strong emotions downright suffocating at times, and Scorpio wishes Gemini would just calm down and stop having so much fun. Scorpio’s intensity combined with Gemini’s need to shift focus wreaks havoc on their conversations, and these two are better off finding romance elsewhere.


Fun loving Sagittarians might consider themselves to be “honest”, but Cancers can’t handle all that “telling it like it is” Sagittarians do. Sag doesn’t like the fact Cancer is more content to do things just the two of them, and Cancer is overwhelmed and feels like Sagittarius is dragging them through one loud party after another. Pisces is better off finding love elsewhere than with Sag because Pisces needs to emotionally process things on their own terms, and Sag may be looking just for a good time. Pisces changes their mind where they want to be in a relationship for a time, and Sag sometimes couldn’t care less on the way out to more adventures.


Librans and Aries have the same response to Capricorn’s approach to romance - “You don’t tell me what to do!” Capricorn is shocked Librans and Aries people do not appreciate their wisdom, and the loving care they put into decisions they make without consulting anybody else. Capricorns may feel better off finding romance with signs other than Libra and Aries.


They are bored to death by Virgos rigidly structured lives. Aquarians can be more adventurous than Sagittarians, and are sometimes even less tolerant of feeling confined. Virgo’s head spins just watching all the activities Aquarians are involved in. Finding a middle ground with these different lifestyles is very difficult and can kill romance. Aquarians can be what they consider assertive, and what Pisces considers aggressive.


They may be too sensitive for Aquarians outspokenness, while Aquarians are very confident, individual and independent, and won’t let anybody tell them they should be any way more than how they are. Romantic Pisces may be drawn to beautiful Libra, and Libra may initially love the attention, but it doesn’t always last. Some Librans have no issue with casual relationships, but it’s Pisces inability to decide whether they want a relationship or not that makes Libra run away. Leo and Aries high energy, and more outgoing personalities may drive more introverted Pisces away, and can make them a bad match for love - if they even make it through the first date.

Each sign needs love and romance just as much as all the other signs, and knowing who you are best suited to, and who you're not, will make your journey to romance and love the stuff dreams are made of.


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