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Year of the Ox Compatibility

Rachel Clare
By Rachel Clare
July 04, 2023
Year of the Ox Compatibility
Year of the Ox Compatibility

Those born under the year of the Ox are seen to be honest, diligent, calm and steady. They are charismatic but not showy, and make fantastic leaders. They fare best in careers in teaching and charity and prefer to take relaxing, luxurious vacations rather than bustling city breaks.

So, with that, learn about the best careers, vacations and Chinese zodiac matches with the Ox and understand why this creature is so special within the Chinese zodiac wheel.

What Sign am I in Chinese Astrology?

Year of the Ox Compatibility

The last time it was the Year of the Ox, it was 2021. Before this, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, and 1937 were all Years of the Ox too. The next time will be 11 years from now, on January 31st, 2033.

Year of the Ox Traits

Year of the Ox Compatibility

As the ancient Chinese tale of the Jade Emperor goes, the Ox arrived in second place at the Emperor's party. As the cunning rat beat the steady Ox by hitching a ride on his back and leaping ahead of him at the last second, the Ox embodies cool, calm and collected traits - but is susceptible to being used by others.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, those born under the year of the Ox are seen as kind, honest, dependable and level-headed. They aren’t showy or egotistical like some of their other zodiac counterparts, but they have a quiet confidence about their self-worth. While more extroverted signs may receive immediate praise for their work, the hard work of the Ox is recognized in due time for the impact it has on the world.

This is what makes Ox people such great leaders; they are calm, grounded and have a sense of humble perseverance that most of us can only aspire to. 

Year of the Ox Strengths

Those born under the Year of the Ox have many fantastic qualities. Of course, from person-to-person these qualities may differ, but the positive characteristics outlined down below are most typically associated with Ox people when looking at the Chinese zodiac as a whole.

Great Leaders

Those of the Year of the Ox tend to exude a balance of being self assured and having humility. They aren’t self-deprecating wallflowers, but nor do they sing their praises. Ox people do what they know is best for themselves, others and society as a whole. Their thoughts and actions are always deeply considered and have great meaning.

Due to this, Ox people are often seen as influential and full of guidance - people listen to what they have to say and really value the feedback they receive from the Oxen. This is why those born under the Year of the Ox make amazing leaders.


Hardworking, persevering and diligent, those born in the Year of the Ox are best known for their honest character. Their honesty and loyalty earns Ox people lots of respect, and many find them truly inspiring. While tough times can cause even the strongest among us to crumble, Ox people are able to tune into their no-nonsense, brutal-honesty mindsets and tackle the problem face on.

They don’t try to veil reality or run from the truth, and as such, their problems are always far more manageable to deal with in the long run. Unsurprisingly, Ox people are famous for giving the best love advice.

Year of the Ox Weaknesses

Like all the animals in the Chinese zodiac, Ox have their fair share of shortcomings. While every person born under the Year of the Ox is unique in their own way, there are a few common less-than-favorable personality traits that Ox people are more likely to possess than others.


The Ox may seem calm and laid-back on the surface, but they can be pretty hard-headed when it comes down to it. They are afflicted by having a blinkered tunnel vision view on various aspects of life - making compromise difficult and finding solutions is sometimes harder than it needs to be.

Not only this, but the Ox has a sharp memory, absorbing information at the source and using it to their defense, way down the line. Nothing gets past these astute analysts. That said, the intense stubbornness of the Ox is reflected just as much in their loyalty for those they love. The friends and family of Ox people will no doubt be able to attest to the Ox’s fierce protectiveness. 


The Ox has plenty of patience for the right cause, but very little when they feel people are being fickle or irresponsible. People that the Ox sees to have their priorities all wrong are likely to massively push the Ox’s buttons. While calm and level-headed most of the time, the Ox does have his irritable streak, and it can be very difficult to pull him out of it once he has committed. Apologizing can also be difficult for the Ox who is set firmly in his ways.

Year of the Ox Career

Year of the Ox Compatibility

Generally speaking, Ox people are very talented in their careers. They possess a sense of motivation and drive that few other zodiac animals do, and apply 100 percent of themselves when the right job comes along. Outlined below are three careers that Ox people are especially successful in; 


As already mentioned, Ox people make fantastic teachers. They thrive in environments in which they can offer help to others, and really value the stability of working in education. Constantly seeking to expand their own knowledge, Ox people enjoy the fact that they can learn alongside their students too. Subjects that require deep thought and consideration, such as History or philosophy, are especially well taught by Ox teachers.

Charity Work

While the Ox may be known to lose his cool from time to time, the patience he possesses for the right cause is unmatched. For this reason, and the fact that Ox people are so inherently dedicated to hard work and the betterment of society, means that they excel in the charity sector. As humble and devoted individuals, careers that don’t involve status or taking up the limelight are their best bet.


Social and perceptive, the Ox is always aware of current affairs and emerging trends. As strong communicators too, Ox people are able to take any topic and verbalize it in the most effective way possible. The respect they’ve earned from others and their diligent attitude also only serve to propel Ox people further in the marketing field, leading them into great success down the line.

Year of the Ox Vacations

Year of the Ox Compatibility

As the Ox is calm, considered and slightly stubborn, he chooses his vacations to reflect this same energy. Rather than trekking the Andes or darting around a bustling city, the Ox is far more suited to unwinding at the beach and putting his feet up.

Ox people work really hard, so would prefer to take the opportunity of a vacation to leave all their worries behind. Sticking to rigid schedules or trying to jam pack too much into too little time is a complete no-go for this lot.

Chinese Astrology Matches with the Ox

Year of the Ox Compatibility

If you’re wondering which Chinese zodiac signs are compatible, or what the Ox’s best matches are, all zodiac animals are either compatible or incompatible with the rest of the zodiac animals. The levels to which these animal pairings are compatible varies greatly, but can pretty much all be divided into one of these two camps.

For the Ox, attracting love is no challenge at all as they are kind, honest and dependable people. However, outlined below are both the most and least compatible zodiac animals with those born under the Year of the Ox.

Ox and Rat Compatibility

There is so much love potential between the Rat and the Ox, and they are remarkably well-paired, but mostly due to their differences. Ox and Rat compatibility highly depends on their ability to work through their differences as a team, as well as learning to understand how one another operates. If successful, these two individuals are able to form a truly profound spiritual connection with each other.

While Pig and Rat compatibility, or even Rat and Tiger compatibility may spring to mind first when we think of strong zodiac pairings, Ox Rat compatibility is very much special and underrated. In fact, they are probably two of the best lovers in the zodiac. It’s true love with these two.

Ox and Dog Compatibility

There is not much couple compatibility between the Ox and Dog. For one, the Ox is slower-paced and more thoughtful, whereas the Dog has the tendency to be brash and decisive. Also, as the Ox is fairly set in his ways, the Dog finds it hard to negotiate with him. While there is potential for friendship if these two can bury their differences, the friction is simply too great for Ox and Dog compatibility to succeed in a romantic sense.


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