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The Symbols of Love | How to Tell If They Love You

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
June 28, 2024
The Symbols of Love | How to Tell If They Love You
The Symbols of Love | How to Tell If They Love You

The things we do for love demonstrate our feelings and are the best way to express our love for someone. How to know he is in love with you is by watching his words and actions. Understanding what does and does not demonstrate love will help demystify people’s feelings.

When you are madly in love with a man or a woman, you might wonder if they feel the same way about you. In new relationships, it might be hard to tell at first, but if you know what signs and symbols to look for from people’s words and actions, you won’t have to wonder about their feelings. Sometimes, when somebody first becomes involved with you, they are not completely sure if they love you or not, but as time goes on, they know. So, what are the symbols and signs from people’s words and actions to look for to know if they love you and what can they do to prove they really don’t love you at all? Join Spiritual Blossom as we explore symbols of love and how you can be sure your sweetheart truly loves you. 

But Does He Love Me?

But Does He Love Me?

How can you truly know that somebody is in love with you? There are countless ways people express love, and this is not just by saying “I love you” or by being affectionate. People also show they don’t love you by things they say and do, and you can tell. A woman or man will express that they love you in certain ways, and they will express in other ways that they do not love you. These symbols of love or lack of love are ways you can tell how someone truly feels about you. 

He Loves Me

If somebody loves you, they will be considerate, and they won’t do things they know hurt you. They are there for you, and you don’t have to beg for them to spend time with you. They will call, text, e-mail, or even write to you when they are not in your presence, and they will do it because they want to talk to you. They will be emotionally supportive of you and won’t criticize your emotions. They will also come through for you, and this will show their love and loyalty.

He Is Considerate

Being considerate of your time and feelings is one of the first signs that a man or woman loves you. They won’t forget about spending time with you, and they won’t do or say things they know would upset you. They will consult you before they make any big decisions that will impact your relationship and you will decide important things together. If somebody else he has a relationship with puts you down, he won’t tolerate it. You will know by people’s consideration of your feelings how they feel about you.

He is There

If you are involved with somebody who hardly ever seems to have time to spend with you, but they have plenty of time for other people, that means they don’t love you. People who love you will do everything they can to spend as much time as possible with you. They might have obligations, but when those obligations are met and they have free time, if they spend it with you, it means they want you in their life. 

He Calls

When you can’t be together, does the person who you are involved with take the time to call, text, email, or write to you? Do they make video calls, or send cute pictures to you through social media? If they do, it means they are thinking about you when you are away from each other, and they want to send their love to you even when you are not together. This is a sure sign of love.

He Is Emotionally Supportive

He Is Emotionally Supportive

Your partner can’t always fix everything for you, but the fact they want to is a symbol of love. Having the emotional support of somebody can be all you need to pull yourself through the most difficult things in life and if the person you are with gives you emotional support, it’s a symbol of their love. Your feelings matter to people who care about you and being in a relationship means being supportive. Loving, committed people are supportive in many ways, but emotional support is sometimes the most important support somebody can give to you. 

He Comes Through

When somebody loves you, they do things for you. When disaster strikes, though, it is the people who love you most who will help you. They won’t say it is too much trouble or they have too much to do. They will drop what they are doing and focus all of their energy on being helpful. If they can, they will give you all their time and undivided attention. If they have to leave to do something like go to work, you will be able to tell they would rather stay and be with you. People who truly love you will stay with you in bad times and do all they can to make things better.

He Defends You

Nobody is perfect, and if somebody truly knows you, they will know what your imperfections are. You might fight sometimes, and you might annoy one another, but somebody who really loves you will not tolerate somebody putting you down. They may step aside, respecting your desire to take up for yourself, but if somebody criticizes you to them, they will shut that down. They will not listen to people speaking against you and they will set the record straight. People who love you love all of you, flaws and all, and they will not stand by while somebody else speaks against you. 

He Loves Me Not

It’s not hard to tell if somebody does not love you. If they only come around when they want something for themselves, and are unavailable for you, then they don’t love you. If they never admit they are wrong, they don’t care. If they hurt you, or don’t bother to know who you are deep inside, they are not in love with you.

He’s Only There for Himself

We are all attracted to people who make our lives better. Some people fall in love with your positive energy or great sense of humor. Other people will love you because of how well you get along and understand each other. Then there are selfish people who insinuate themselves into your life just for the things you do for them. Some of them want sex, and others want favors, or money, but they only come around when they want something, and they do not care about you. The longer you are involved with somebody, the more obvious this will become.

He Disregards Your Feelings

He Disregards Your Feelings

If somebody knows something bothers you or hurts your feelings, and they do it anyway, that’s not love. That is them being selfish and disregarding how you feel. If somebody believes that things they want are more important than your feelings, then they don’t love you. Everybody deserves to be in a relationship with somebody who cares about their feelings. If your significant other demonstrates time and again they do not care about your feelings, that is a sign they do not love you. 

He Thinks He’s Never Wrong

It’s hard to admit when we are wrong, and it’s more difficult for some people than it is for other people. If your partner is more concerned with pretending to be right than to admit they should not have done or said something they did, they are demonstrating that pretending to be right is more important to them than you are. That is not in any way a sign of love, and it could be a sign your relationship is temporary. Pride and selfishness have no place in love, being selfish is nothing to be proud of.

He Hurts You

If your partner does things to hurt you, it means they do not love you. Harsh words, physical abuse, emotional manipulation, neglect, and anything that hurts you are things people who truly care about you are not going to do. If you are involved with somebody who hurts you, you need to love yourself enough to take away their power to hurt you. Leave those people behind. 

He Doesn’t Know the Real You

Some people involve themselves with us because of things on the surface. They may think we are fun, sexy, or they like how much money we spend on them. Do they know who you really are, deep inside your heart? Do they bother to ask how you feel, or what your beliefs are? Do they want to be present and hold you when you are suffering, or just in a bad mood? Do they want to know about your past and your plans for the future? Beauty fades, sex becomes less important, and wealth can disappear. If this is all somebody wants you around for, they don’t love you as a person.

He Is Unavailable When You Need Him

 If your significant other disappears the minute you need them, that is a sure sign they do not love you. They might just want to be around for fun, or they might be too selfish to bother caring about other people, but either way, they have demonstrated they are not a good partner. It is not your responsibility to be there for people who don’t care when you need them. If your significant other abandons you when you need them, your love is misplaced, and there are other, more caring people who you can commit to instead.

But He Said He Loves Me

It’s always important to tell people you love them, but when they say they love you, and act like they don’t, that’s not love. If you are in a relationship with somebody and the only thing they do is say beautiful words, but you can’t count on them when you need them, that’s not love. If they do mean things, but say they love you, they don’t care about your feelings, and they don’t love you. Maybe they like what they can get from you, but they don’t love who you are as a person. Sometimes, their behavior or your instincts warn you that somebody really doesn’t care about you, and other times, you need advice. If you are looking for love advice, you can consult the Minor Arcana of the Tarot cards. 

But I Love Him!

What do you do if you love someone who doesn’t love you? Love is a beautiful thing, but it takes two people to have a successful relationship. You can’t change people’s minds or make them love you. If somebody shows you that they don’t love you, the only thing you can do is accept that. Then you have to move on with your life without them. No matter how difficult it may seem, and how badly it might hurt, nothing hurts worse than being in a loveless relationship. Your feelings won’t make the relationship work if your partner doesn’t love you. Take it one step at a time, and one day at a time building your own life without your loveless relationship, and this will open your life and your heart to finding somebody who truly loves you.

How to Show Love

What are the things you can do to show people you love them? There are countless things you can do, but there are three very important things to focus on. First, be available to the people you love. Next, be honest with them, and always put them first.

Be Available

Being available to somebody doesn’t mean being with them 24/7 and it doesn’t mean you won’t have any time to yourself. It means you are emotionally available to them, and you are not selfish with your time. You spend quality time with them and plan your days around them. You don’t just fit people who you love into your schedule when it is convenient, or you have nothing else to do. You will pick up the phone when they call, and if there is an emergency, you will step in to help. Being available and present in the life of the person you love means you are partners in life and there is nobody else you would rather spend your time with. Cancers are never unavailable for those they love and you can read more here:

Be Honest

Telling the truth is one way to build trust in relationships. If people you love know you will tell them what you think and feel, they won’t worry that you are hiding important things from them. When you love somebody, you want them in your life, and that means they need to know about you, what you do, and your plans for the future. Including the person who you love in all of this lets them know how much they matter to you.

Put Them First

Career, family, hobbies, and best friends’ groups are very important, but when somebody is your significant other, your relationship with them comes first. They are your partner in life who is there for you in bad times as well as good times, and they are the ones who matter most. Make sure they know they come first no matter what else is happening and they will know you love them.

You won’t be guaranteed love from somebody just because you love them, but the more love you share, the more love the universe will share with you. People will recognize your loving energy, and respond with admiration, respect, and love for you. Keep your heart open no matter what other people do and focus all the beautiful love you have to give on the people who are receptive and appreciative.

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