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Am I Psychic?

Rachel Clare
By Rachel Clare
February 09, 2022
Am I Psychic?
Am I Psychic?
TL;DRPsychic abilities capture the interest of many, but very few people understand what it actually means to be psychic. Many people think psychic abilities are only possessed by a select few lucky individuals, while many more don’t believe psychic powers exist at all. In this article, learn what it means to be psychic and how all of us possess a certain level of ability that ought to be explored.

From energy worker, empath to psychic medium, all manifestations of psychic ability have their own significance and use. The way in which psychic messages are retrieved through the five clair senses also differ widely, yet all provide important messages that the physical world is unable to. Learn how to open up your psychic abilities and discover the way in which you wish to explore these talents.

What is a Psychic? 

What is a Psychic

In simple terms, a psychic is a person who receives messages, insight and intuition from non-physical sources beyond what we are familiar with in this world. Psychics are able to ‘know’ things that most other people cannot, despite not being able to hear, see or interact with the information in a tangible sense. A psychic may then decide to relay this information on to their clients, or keep it to themselves - it all depends on how this person wishes to use their skills in day-to-day life. If a psychic does choose to work with paying customers, they need to uphold a sense of professionalism just as any other customer-facing job would require. However, similar to almost all other professions, some psychics are reputable and honest whereas others may have less positive intentions. 

Am I Psychic?

No matter what our beliefs may be, we all have psychic abilities, although not everyone is able to recognize them for what they truly are. You may recall a time when you were unable to ignore a strong gut feeling about a situation or person, or when you felt the passing presence of a loved one who is no longer with us. You see, the majority of the inexplicable events that we dismiss as mere coincidences have incredibly profound meanings and are connected to the spiritual world. Despite this, there is a lot of cultural and societal resistance to the psychic field. Society struggles to recognize psychics as a credible source of information and intelligence, so we neglect our innate abilities. We also all have a series of self-deprecating beliefs that block our full psychic potential - we instantly determine whether our abilities in this field are good or bad and therefore give ourselves permission to use them on the basis of this categorization. We don’t always consider these beliefs consciously, but they are certainly embedded deep in our psyche. For instance, at school, we are typically categorized into different groups based on ability and we face constant judgement about what we should and should not pursue further in education. Due to this, we learn to shun our potential abilities on the grounds that we are ‘no good at them’ at the time. Stepping into our talents and abilities requires us to make mistakes, so it is important to embrace the challenges that arise when embarking on your own psychic journey.

Different Types of Psychic Ability

Psychic Ability

Some psychics focus on contacting the deceased, while others prefer to predict the future. There are many different types of psychic but the five ‘clair senses’ are the sensory tools they use in order to retrieve messages. Outlined below are the five clair senses and examples of how they may be experienced by a psychic.


‘Clairvoyance’ means ‘clear seeing’ in French and is often considered to be our ‘third eye’ in different cultures. It is probably the most common of the five clair senses and is a term that almost all of us will recognize, whether or not we actually know its true definition. With that said, clairvoyance is favored by psychics as it provides insight on seemingly unanswerable questions through the conjuring of vivid mental imagery. The images that arise may be sent by departed loved ones to provide comfort, of significant future events or of situations occurring presently but in a distant location. Although clairvoyance is certainly not limited to these three situations - any clear mental picture that feels particularly profound should be regarded as a clairvoyant message.


A person with ‘clairaudience’ abilities is able to receive sounds and messages that are inaudible to the general population. There are many kinds of sounds that can be heard, such as words, names, songs, and even noise from major events. These auditory signals are also detected in a variety of ways; sometimes they may sound like someone is speaking right beside you, while at other times, they may be mistaken for the internal chatter of our mind that occurs throughout the day.


In short, ‘clairsentience’ refers to ‘clear feeling’ and is therefore the name for those nagging gut reactions we may experience in certain situations. Of course, these gut feelings are usually important messages that should not be ignored. However, in order to distinguish between a simple emotional reaction to an event versus the true work of clairsentience, this gut feeling needs to be rather significant and overwhelmingly obvious. Think back to a time when you met someone and were instantly met with a profoundly positive or negative physical reaction. This is clairsentience at work.


‘Clairalience’, or else sometimes known as ‘clairolfaction’, simply means ‘clear smelling’; a term describing the psychic ability to distinguish odors that do not have a physical source. This clair sense is particularly interesting and can be incredibly powerful but is often overlooked in the psychic world as not many people report having this ability. The sense is closely entwined with our memories so can be a fairly emotional experience when it occurs for ourselves. Like most of the other clair senses, clairalience typically channels through the spirit of a deceased loved one, meaning that a sudden, familiar waft of a grandparent’s perfume or cigarette brand is the work of this clair sense.


Finally and possibly most obscurely, ‘clairgustance’ is the psychic sense of taste. Those with the rare ability of clairgustance are able to taste different flavors that have a psychic relevance at that time. As a result, people skilled in this clair sense are able to receive psychic messages, for either themselves or others, through specific flavors that emerge in the mouth as if from nowhere. Clairgustance is a really nice ability to have as it is often associated with the presence of loved ones and positive nostalgic memories. For example, as a comforting signal that a passed on friend is around, this friend may send a clairgustance message in the form of a specific flavor associated with themselves; if the friend in spirit always ate a certain candy, one can expect to occasionally experience this flavor as a sign of their presence.

How to Strengthen Your Psychic Gifts

Strengthen Your Psychic Gifts

In order to strengthen your psychic abilities, you need to first tune into which of the clair senses are most vivid to you. You can do this by following the guide outlined below;

  • Find a quiet, comfortable environment. Make sure your physical needs are all met. You don’t want unnecessary distractions from needing to eat or use the bathroom.
  • Clear the mind. Those who are familiar with meditation will find this easier, but for those who aren’t, this will only take a little bit of practice. The main thing to remember is to not ‘fight’ fleeting thoughts when they arise as when we do this, we hold onto them and we grow frustrated. Instead, just let them pass by and eventually you will notice the thoughts growing quieter and quieter. Check out this article to master clearing the mind; Meditation For Beginners.
  • Think of a topic or theme that you want more clarity on. Perhaps there is a loved one who has passed on and you’d like to make contact. Or perhaps you are in the middle of a career change and you want to envisage where you will be in the next year. Whatever the subject is, it needs to be significant to you and you need to truly desire the answer.
  • Let your psychic abilities do the rest. Do not expect an instant picture in your mind’s eye or a voice loud and clear in your head. Sit with the silence and let yourself move ‘higher and higher’ in your subconscious. After some time, you may start to notice slight inklings of messages coming through. When this happens, notice how the messages are coming to you.

What Kind of Psychic Are You?

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How to tap into your psychic ability? Tuning into the way in which you receive psychic messages is only half of the journey; once you have identified your own clair senses, you will in time begin to notice the way in which you best use them. There is a wide variety of psychics that exist and all serve their own unique purpose. Outlined below is a list of psychic abilities and the different spiritual purposes they serve.


Prophetic psychics specialize in viewing the future. They may receive premonitions about a situation or person, giving insight into events that have yet to occur. This type of psychic is particularly popular when it comes to love and relationships.


A person who can read minds is a telepathic psychic. Typically, a psychic will receive telepathic messages through clairaudience, although information about what is on another person’s mind can show up in various ways. 


Psychic mediums are able to connect with the dead. Their talents are incredibly sought after as most of us want nothing more than to be able to make contact with our deceased loved ones. The way psychic mediums receive messages from the spirit world varies widely, but more often than not, the spirit messages are coming from loved ones that we knew personally.

Energy Work

Some psychics possess an inner energy that can be directed towards a goal. Energy workers are especially gifted at conducting spells or taking part in other occultist activities in order to gain a particular desired outcome. Again, the clair sense involved varies widely, but the intention is pretty straightforward.

What do I do With My Psychic Abilities?

Psychic Abilities

I have psychic abilities, now what? It’s completely up to you what you do with your newfound talents. Do you want to make a career of it and earn a living guiding others? Or perhaps you would rather keep your skills more private and provide psychic messages for only the loved ones around you. In fact, you may even wish to keep your skills entirely to yourself, choosing to take in information about your surroundings but never relaying the message out loud. Whatever it is that you decide to do, it is crucial to maintain a sense of integrity and care. 

What Does it Mean to be a Psychic?

Mean to be a Psychic

Many people may ask, ‘why do psychics exist?’ or ‘what is the point in it all?’. While there is no exact answer for this question, it is important to realize that the role of a psychic is actually incredibly profound. Firstly, psychics have a duty to look after their clients. The nature of the field means that clients will be encountering a lot of sensitive information that is likely to create an emotional response; the best psychics are those that can deliver these messages with tact and care, remaining unfazed by tears or extreme displays of emotion. Similarly, psychics have a duty to be truthful and honest about the messages being delivered to them, although the way they present these messages is often down to the psychic themselves. As such, it takes a lot of interpersonal skills to be a psychic, just like with any other customer-facing profession. Being a true people-person is not mutually inclusive with possessing psychic abilities so a psychic needs to be conscious of their manner when embarking on this journey. 

We all possess psychic abilities to varying degrees, although they may present themselves in different ways. Some people may be able to see a clear image in their mind’s eye, presented to them by the spirit world, while others may be gifted with the ability to taste familiar flavors that bear a certain significance. What we choose to do with these abilities is completely up to us, but we need to remember to be respectful and dignified when dealing with sensitive information about others. 

Do you still want to know more about people with psychic abilities? Or perhaps you have an interest in learning about how to tap into psychic ability yourself. Whatever it may be, make sure to check out this article as it contains even more information about the different types of psychics out there; How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities | Mysticsense. There are many resources at Mysticsense that can guide you with your learning and provide insight for any other questions you may have. Start exploring your psychic potential at Mysticsense today!

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