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Learning to be Psychic

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
April 29, 2021
Learning to be Psychic
Learning to be Psychic
TL;DREverywhere you look, it seems like people are proficient practitioners who offer psychic services and you may ask yourself how psychics work and want to know how to become a psychic. Don’t dismay. It can take time, but psychic development is something everybody can do, and you, too may someday be sharing your gifts with the lucky people who are blessed to find you! It’s simpler than you think, and the answers will be found soon after you start asking the right questions

How To Know if You are a Psychic?

How do you know if you are psychic? How to know if you have psychic ability is to ask yourself if you are human. Yes, you are, therefore you have psychic capabilities! It may not immediately seem that way, but the potential to be a skilled psychic is one we all have. Not everybody develops their psychic gifts, and you may not have grown up around people who developed theirs. You may belong to a culture that even discourages it, but a voice inside you is calling you to. To answer that call will be life changing for you, and there is no time like now to start.

What is a Psychic?

A Psychic is somebody who uses their natural Psychic gifts. They don’t necessarily do this for a living, but they, somehow in their own lives use their abilities. Psychic gifts are those that originate from the mental and spiritual parts of us that do not require the five senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing, or taste. This is why some call psychic abilities our sixth sense. These are not “psychic powers” per se, but capabilities. Your psychic capacities are a gift of an intuition, or knowing things without physical evidence. This has been called a supernatural ability, but it’s perfectly natural and not mysterious or beyond human grasp at all.

How Psychic am I?

You may notice that some people seem to have stronger psychic skills that others. That comes with time. While some people seem to be born knowing how to use their gifts, others need time, practice, and even some mentoring. You are as psychic as you want to be and the level of skills you acquire are your choosing.

What Different Psychic Gifts Are There?

While it is impossible to list all psychic gifts in one place, they include:


The ability to foretell the future has been documented in historic writings as well as in scriptures of every major religion. Some like Nostradamus were known for foretelling major events that would come to pass years after his death, and some like Edgar Cayce have been able to give people insight into their daily lives who reach out to them. Other names for this are precognition, and having premonitions. If you know what is coming about before it does, it might not be you just observing patterns you have seen have certain results previously. You may have the gift of prophecy.


Beyond medicine and herbal healing, some possess the gift of spiritual and emotional healing. Some are able to quell negativity with their very presence, bringing calm and peace, and others are able to use reiki to move energy in the body to unlock healing. Others use touch healing, called the laying on of hands to heal the body and emotions. Some massage therapists and surgeons are especially proficient at this because their natural intuition tells them what they need to do in their trade to heal.


Mediums are those who initiate communication between people and spirits. Some function through trance, and some can do so without it. You may see them initiating seances, or they may not be so structured. “I talk to dead people” is how some describe their skills, and they understand the dead are just people who no longer have bodies. Some simply communicate with their own ancestors, having conversations with friends and family who have died, and understanding when the spirits answer back.


People who have an uncanny knack for being able to tell what others are thinking and who is telling the truth are not necessarily reading body language. Their natural gifts may be telling them what is on other’s minds, and that’s called telepathy. The ability to know somebody you love is thinking about you across the miles is also telepathy. Automatically knowing what is about to come out of your best friend’s mouth word for word can fall into this category as well. Couples known to finish one another’s sentences because they have formed such a strong mental connection, their brains communicating without word also use telepathy.

Energy Workers

These people move the natural lifeforce within themselves or draw it from others or nature to direct it to a goal. They may just be people who are able to use their energy to naturally influence others, or they may be more focused, and do spellwork. Moving energy can be used in all forms of psychic gifts, although some energy workers don’t read minds, send psychic messages, speak with spirits, heal, or foretell things. They may understand animals, just sit and become one with nature, or simply absorb the energy of their environment.


It’s being able to feel other people’s feelings. Empathy could qualify as a form of telepathy, but it’s more a feeling than a thought process. Caretakers often find themselves being able to do this, and it makes them even better at doing for their people. This is different than sympathy, which is simply having an understanding of other people’s feelings. Empathy is actually being able to feel others feelings as they are happening, not just being sensitive to what people are going through.

How to Know if You are a Psychic Empath

People who have the psychic gift of empathy are called Empaths. You will absolutely know if you have this gift just by paying attention. Some Empaths become overwhelmed at funerals, or cannot enter animal shelters because they experience so strongly other’s suffering and they cannot function there. They may need a lot of time to themselves because they need to be able to NOT feel what others are and decompress from the stress it can bring. If you are an Empath, you will probably have people come to you for help and advice, even though you don’t offer it, and you will spend a lot of your time doing all you can for others. Empaths who are not overwhelmed use their skills successfully in medical positions, working with animals, and are excellent in any customer service setting because they use what they know to be as helpful as possible.

How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

There are two main methods for this. The first entails reading, research on your own, practicing, and experimentation. You many tell yourself “I don’t know how to develop my psychic abilities”, however, and that’s where classes and individual instruction comes in. Thankfully, when in person teachers cannot be found, online sessions are offered. Different techniques can be used to focus on different abilities. To develop the practice of reading Tarot cards, meetups can be attended for no charge for attendees. Many use a combination of study and practice individually combined with classes. Simple exercises like the one below for strengthening focus on your own can also be used.

  • Set up a quiet workspace with no noises or distractions. Pick a topic, and write or talk aloud, recording yourself for a half an hour. Do not stray from the topic, and don’t take a break. This is a very simple way to begin strengthening mental focus. After a half an hour, take a short break, and then listen to or read all you have written to see how well you focused. Once you feel you have mastered this, move on to the next phase.
  • Set up a distraction like your favorite tv program or in a room with a temperature you find uncomfortable. Do this when you are hungry, or annoyed. Just set up a condition that will make it more difficult for you to focus. Then pick another topic and see how well you write or talk about it for a half an hour. Once you have mastered doing this well with distractions or discomfort, move on to the next phase.
  • Clear your mind and don’t think about anything at all. This is very difficult when you first start. You may need to set a timer, in the event you lose track of time. You can close your eyes or pick a point on the wall and focus only on it, not looking away and not thinking of anything else. This can take some time. Be patient, and when you feel you have mastered this, move on.
  • Still your mind and ask your inner self what your psychic abilities are. You may word it as an initial question and ask your inner self to show you the answers. You may be able to sit and think for a time and realize you have always had dreams that came to pass or that you have an uncanny knack for knowing what is about to happen. You may not get any answers at first but pay attention. Your psychic gifts will reveal themselves with time. Then you can focus on strengthening your individual psychic gifts. The more you use them, the better you get, and the stronger those gifts become.

The purpose of such exercises is to train your mind to focus on the mental task at hand and shut off listening to other things. Your psychic abilities can be drowned out by distractions, but learning to focus your mind on only one thing or topic is one way to get used to focusing and you can apply this technique to focusing on your gifts. This is only one way to work towards mental focus, of course!

More Tips

There is no one right way to develop your psychic gifts. Each of us moves at our own pace, and it’s a lifelong learning process, but there are things to keep in mind.

Be patient

A strong grasp of your personal gifts does not happen immediately. The longer you learn about them, the stronger they become. It’s a work in progress, and you will get good at using them before you know it.

Take Classes

Shops, individuals, and online groups are available for support, networking, and guidance on your psychic path. Sometimes, we learn best on our own, but sometimes we learn best with the mentorship of others.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

Beyond getting classes and practicing with others, just befriending those who also have psychic gifts will provide wonderful fellowship, validation, and lifelong relationships.

Listen to yourself

The true measure of your gifts lies within you. Others can help point out what they see and know, but in the end, this is about you, and your personal practice .

Believe in your gifts and in your success

You cannot fail! You will grow psychically each time you practice, even if you feel you are making slow progress. You will move at the pace you are meant to, and your gifts will shine.

Congratulations on beginning your wonderful psychic development journey. The best is yet to come, and all of your gifts will bring out the best of you!

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