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Wiccan Readings

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
January 28, 2022
Wiccan Readings
Wiccan Readings
TL;DRA witch chat room and pulling energy from others isn’t all Wicca is about. What are basic Wiccan beliefs, and what is Wicca in general? What relationship expert advice free or paid for can a Wiccan psychic provide and what skills can they teach to non-Wiccans who reach out to them for help? Join us to learn this and more today.

Bright Blessings


You may have already read some of the articles I have written for Mysticsense, but let me tell you a little about myself. In 2008, I was initiated into Wicca by my Priest who had been Wiccan for almost twenty years and a High Priest for close to fifteen years before meeting me. He had studied Ceremonial Magic for about forty years and ran a metaphysical shop in a very busy part of town, where he taught many, touched many souls, and had a lot of good times before closing the doors to his shop. I have studied with him since then and am nearing completion of my studies to be a High Priestess. I have studied and worked with Druids, Chaos magicians, a Voodoo Priest, Ceremonial Magicians, and various solitary practitioners who don’t label themselves or follow any one magical discipline. In the time I have studied, I have met many people from many magical traditions, and many people who have assumptions about what Wicca and other magical paths are. Some of those assumptions are accurate, some are not.

What does a Tarot reader do and what magical advice can Wiccan psychics specifically provide? Can they teach energy work, tell how to “make him yours again”, and how to do other spells? Can a Wiccan advisor teach spirituality, or aid in lifepath? The answer may surprise you. First, let’s explore very briefly just what Wicca is and what it isn’t.

Wicca Free Talk

Wicca Free Talk

Wicca is not a way to use magic to make all your dreams come true, achieve fast visions of destiny, learn lots of curses that work instantly flexing your muscles at all those who would cross you, or spend all day on the computer in a witchcraft chat room. It’s a form of mystic spirituality that was an attempt to recreate the Pre-Christian religions of Western Europe, and it began in England. It revolved around worship of a horned father god, like Pan or Cernunnos, and a mother goddess, Aradia. Membership went by initiation, and these were small circles of people who met regularly and did not share their beliefs with the mainstream.

Gerald Brosseau Gardner was the founder, and he published his books Witchcraft Today in 1954 and TheMeaning of Witchcraft in 1959. These books were stated by him to contain ancient information that predated Christianity and had remained secret due to witch hunts. He stated the rituals were secret for the members and were faithfully performed as they had been done generations ago. His story came undone due to what another Author, named Aidan Kelly did.

Kelly got a copy of Gardner’s secret rituals and published them. In Kelly’s book Crafting the Art of Magic, he acted as a historian, detailing things that went on in early Wicca from 1939-1964, and Kelly is responsible for publication of The Gardnerian Book of Shadows that can be gotten online free at Kelly demonstrated that Wicca was based on writings that inspired Gardner, and was not as ancient as he claimed.

Most Wiccans today accept that Wicca is based on things, some newer, some older that Gardner put together, and they don’t let the fact the religion is less than one hundred years old bother them. Wicca venerates a duality of deity, and many members believe in multiple gods and goddesses. Wiccans practice magic, use all four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, and the fifth element, which is spirit in their magic. Wiccans observe the seasons, the cycles of the moon, and seek to live in harmony with nature rather than to try to dominate it. Most Wiccans believe in reincarnation, but some who venerate certain gods seek to go to an afterlife with their god when they die. As to morality, some Wiccans believe that they should seek to cause no harm, working with white light energy and seeking to ward off bad energy and others follow seven ethical tenants outlined by Sybil Leek.

Rites of passage beginning with initiation and moving up through a as many as total of three degrees to attain Priest or Priestess status is what some members work towards, and handfasting or pagan wedding ceremony, and wiccaning or blessing of a baby is performed as well. One thing that makes Wicca stand out from some other religions is celebration of sexuality and no belief in typical taboos or feeling shame in desire some other religions embrace. Wiccans today may or not be initiated, as many self-initiate, and there is no way to know if there are more initiated or non-initiated Wiccans.

What Can a Wiccan Advisor Do for Me?

Wiccan Advisor

For those who are not Wiccans, and have no plans to become one, Wiccan advisors can still help answer questions. They are like people in any mystical belief system. They are unique and have different gifts. Some are experts in spirit communication, and others are excellent makers of magic. Some Wiccans know plenty of spells they can share, and others know how to tell you how to get rid of somebody you don’t want to be involved with anymore. Some are divination experts, and others are excellent spiritual counselors.

Relationship Advisor

Relationship Advisor

If you are looking for a “What does he think of me’ Tarot reading, most advisors can provide answers, but the best way to find out what somebody thinks of you is to just ask them. Many Wiccan relationship advisors will tell you the same thing- which is, don’t waste your time or energy on digging for answers from somebody who isn’t expressing themselves to you. Many psychic readers online, free or paid will answer however, so just be prepared for the chance that you won’t like what you are being told. Typically, the people meant to be a big part of our lives won’t leave us wondering how they feel about us or what their intentions are.

Teach How to Fix Communication with Spirits


For tips on spirit communication, some Wiccans are a great go-to for help. Understanding that we have spirits within us, and many spirits just no longer have living bodies can ease fears of them. They are not all around us to harm or terrify us. They just exist. Some psychics will act as mediums, relaying messages between the living and the dead. Some Wiccans will show you how to communicate on your own, and some even work in or own shops where they can sell you supplies to get started.

Most who communicate with spirits will immediately tell you to respect spirits that are non-malevolent and take a stern tone of command with those who you sense to be up to no good. Knowing how to communicate with spirits is one thing many Wiccans learn and can help teach.

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Daily Tarot Readings

Daily Tarot Readings

For a Leo daily Tarot Reading, many Wiccans can help. Divination is a tool many use to discover what is going on in their own lives, and to find out for other people. Your reader may use runes, charms, pendulums, scrying mirrors, crystal balls, or other tools besides just cards. Some people do a daily reading for themselves or speak with a reader often if they need guidance. Others love to read a daily horoscope, and count on that for answers. Did you know that we provide daily horoscopes for you at Mysticsense?

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Identifying and Working with Types of Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy

Magic is defined by many as moving energy in the conformity of your will. In other words, you make changes to the way things are in order to create the change you want. This can be done with spells, and it can be done mundanely. You can use all the spells you want to get a job, but it’s far more effective to sent out resumes and job applications and actually search for a job. While it’s true things like hair holds energy and getting a haircut to cast off a bad breakup may be just the thing somebody needs to feel better, changing hair and spiritual energy are not the only way to bring about that change.

A simple way to change your spiritual energy is by setting time each day to meditate. Some people set a timer for as little as ten minutes to do spiritual reading or recite prayers or chants to get them in the mindset to have a good day. Other spiritual energy you can work with is negative energy from a toxic work environment when you can’t simply quit and take a new job. Refusing to engage with the co-worker who deliberately tries to get a rise out of you will be blocking negative energy flow and is just as magical as doing an energy clearing in the office.

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Questions About Your Life

Questions About Life

Signs your life is about to change may be popping up and a meeting with your local Wiccan advisor can be the guidance you need. They may immediately explain life is a journey, not a destination, and that time is not linear, but moves in cycles. The only thing that is constant in life is change, even in times when that change doesn’t feel like it’s coming quickly enough! Wiccans don’t believe in a heaven and hell and that life is only one way, but that life is multifaceted, and some Wiccans believe we have many lives we have lived and many lives left to live as well. Ask your advisor questions about where your life is going and what goals you need to achieve to live the best life possible!

Teaching How to Spiritually Remove Someone from Your Life

Three Stones

A practical Wiccan will tell you to tell whoever it is you want out of your life to simply leave, but when that doesn’t work, spells to help can be given. Pesky neighbors who keep you up at all hours, or partners at your firm who are literally depleting the team, and who just need to go are people who you can’t simply ask to leave. Hotfoot powder can be purchased at shops or online and sprinkled into the shoes or the path of the person you want to leave. Many have sworn by this to help get rid of unwanted people. Another spell is to take a photo of the person you wish to have leave your life, and to simply mail the photo as far away from you as possible. Keep in mind, these are only two possible forms of spell work to accomplish this, and spells should only be used once asking the person to leave doesn’t work.

Charms for Protection

Charms for Protection

Many Wiccans use charms and talismans for protection. Your Wiccan advisor will take into account what your needs are, what your beliefs are, and also take into account what is available. If a $100 pendant that would be very meaningful for your protection is too expensive for your budget, your Wiccan can show you how to take anything you can afford and bless it yourself. For example, one individual believed gargoyles to be protective, and wanted one for his car, but he needed to spend a minimal amount of money and have something that was both removable and would not fly through the window and break it if it dislodged during driving. The solution was a plush gargoyle toy. Other people have glued down such items to the dashboard of their cars.

To bless any item to be a protective object, simply pray over it, saying the prayers that are meaningful to you, and continue to pray over it for as long as you like. Charging and consecrating objects is a skill many Wiccans are well versed in, and a simple way to charge an object is to use something you consider able to bless, incense smoke, for example. You can soak things is holy water to bless them, and leave objects in places, like your church, or at a holy well to bless them. Some people allow the power of the sun’s rays to bless things and others allow the light of the full moon to do so. Your Wiccan advisor can share techniques with you and listen to what things you feel have the power to bless things with protective power.

Real Life Potions

Real Life Potions

Can you make him yearn for you with a potion from a professional Wiccan? Do you really want to? Some magical practitioners advertise spell services to make a man or woman love you and others sell kits you are supposed to be able to use to make that happen. The ugly truth is, love happens on its own, and if somebody finds out you are trying to force them to have feelings for you against their will- it won’t endear you to them. The people who love us already love us, and we don’t need to turn people’s hearts that won’t turn towards us on their own. There are things you can do to be more lovable, however, and the way to do this was written in an unexpected way.

Saint Francis of Assisi was born in the 1100’s in Italy to a silk merchant father and a mother from Provence. He grew up wealthy and angered his father with his overspending and lack of responsibility. He ended up estranged from his family and eventually founded the Franciscan order. It is possible that he wrote this beautiful prayer about selflessness, which is not included in his known writings, but it is said he composed The Prayer of St. Francis. It says:

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me bring love.

Where there is offence, let me bring pardon.

Where there is discord, let me bring union.

Where there is error, let me bring truth.

Where there is doubt, let me bring faith.

Where there is despair, let me bring hope.

Where there is darkness, let me bring your light.

Where there is sadness, let me bring joy.

O Master, let me not seek as much

to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to understand,

to be loved as to love,

for it is in giving that one receives,

it is in self-forgetting that one finds,

it is in pardoning that one is pardoned,

it is in dying that one is raised to eternal life.”

The basic message is – to be loved, love first, not worrying about being loved back. That’s easier said than done, but if you are feeling lonesome and can’t find anybody to visit, going to an animal shelter and adopting an orphaned pet will bring more love than you can imagine!

Spiritual Advice Online

Spiritual Advice

Like any psychic advisor, a Wiccan spiritual advisor can talk to you about your relationship with deity, your relationship with yourself, how you emotionally cope with things, and how you are growing as an individual. One client went every week to see an advisor because they were afraid of what the future held. Each week, the reader told them the very same thing- everything was going to be fine. Finally, the reader told the client they could not have another reading until the next month because they needed to learn to deal with what was happening in their lives at the present time instead of asking about the future and that it was a personal issue they needed to work on.

Your reader may not deliver such a blunt message, but they will be able to explain matters of religious importance. If you have felt abandoned by your god or goddess, your advisor can help you talk to them, and find a way to make contact. If you feel you are losing faith and are questioning your beliefs, your spiritual advisor can explore those issues with you, having meaningful conversations, and helping you find answers. Dealing with a difficult time in your life may pull you away from spiritual practice or your faith community and a Wiccan Spiritual Advisor can pray with you or help you understand that the divine is not in a building or found in a set of rituals or words you recite.

The divine is within you. Many Wiccans believe that every female is a human embodiment of the feminine divine and each male is a human representation for the father god. Plenty of Wiccans say the divine is too big to fit into one religion and that religions are created by human beings, not gods. Our spiritual practices are made to help us communicate with who we feel our higher powers are and should not be stressful. Returning to our practices and faith communities after a time away due to difficulties in life should be a happy return, and your spiritual advisor can reassure you and help encourage you that when you feel ready, you can go back.

Spiritual Healing Online

Spiritual Healing

Your psychics abilities to help you spiritually may amaze you. Some spiritual pain can shut us down and make it seem we can’t emotionally move on. How to find your soul strength can be on the end of your psychic’s phone. One psychic was able to immediately identify the fact a young person was searching for their lifepath. They felt lost and had nobody to ask for advice or guidance. Within a half an hour, the psychic had reassured that individual that they were on the right path and need not worry about straying. Spiritually they had felt stunted before this and could not focus in spirituality because they were so worried about their mundane daily life.

Soon after that, the individual was born again into their own faith tradition, and years later, would act as a psychic advisor and teacher to other people who experienced the same things they had. They always said they never could have gotten through that time to become the psychic they became without the help of other psychic guides. So it goes with cycles of blessings. We come together to guide and support one another. We accept support when we need it, and when our turn comes, we likewise provide it.

Whether your psychic is Wiccan, Atheist, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or belongs to any other faith tradition, they can help you with whatever your psychic questions are. If you are looking for life path advice, career guidance, questions about your ancestors, or even relationship advice online, Mysticsense has the right psychic to guide you. Join us today!

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