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Poltergeists, Ghosts, and other Lingering Spirits in Houses

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
August 17, 2021
Poltergeists, Ghosts, and other Lingering Spirits in Houses
Poltergeists, Ghosts, and other Lingering Spirits in Houses
TL;DR S Fear of ghosts might not be something you suffer from, but you know you are seeing and hearing spirits in your home. Departed spirits might be spirits of loved ones in the house or might be actual poltergeist activity. It might be transient spirits and smudging a house for spirits might not even be necessary. Considering the fact spirits are everywhere, there are more ways to communicate with spirits than to automatically remove them and knowing what you are being told when spirits speak will help you decide whether they can stay or if they have to go.

What is a Poltergeist?


A poltergeist, what is it? To define poltergeist, we need to point out the name comes from a German word that means “noisy spirit” or “noisy ghost” and a poltergeist is a ghost that is generally, but not always known for haunting people as opposed to places. It’s one responsible for moving objects around, sometimes in a catastrophic way also. Real poltergeists are written about, spoken of, and some consider making them leave as getting rid of evil spirits. What is the poltergeist’s purpose in all of this? Maybe poltergeists think they are being playful spirits, but people whose houses are being rearranged or who are terrified by loud sounds and shocking appearances feel otherwise.

The definition of poltergeists proper may just be about what they do, but each poltergeist’s meaning will vary. Some want attention. Some are just being disruptive. Some may have more malevolent intent, but one thing is for sure no matter what the poltergeist’s intention is- it’s YOUR house, not theirs, and remember – YOUR house YOUR rules. If they continue with behaviors you don’t like, learning how to make ghosts go away is perfectly acceptable, and easier to do than you think. It may be a simple matter of a cleansing, smudging, or changing the energy at home. Read about changing the energy at home here: How To Make Positive Energy at Work and at Home

And also here:How to Convert Negative Energy into Positive Energy



A famous cruise line has boasted ghosts. The Queen Mary ghost sightings are on the Queen Mary ship that is a retired British ocean liner which at one point carried British soldiers in the War and also Prime Minister Winston Churchill. She has been owned by multiple companies and was shut down by the Covid pandemic and the world awaits news of her fate. However, sightings of a lady in white dancing in The Queen’s Salon has been reported, as well as sightings of the ghost of an eighteen-year-old crew member said to be accidentally crushed to death. The ship has offered haunted tours and perhaps when she opens again, we can all enjoy them!

In the 1970’s a family in Thornton Heath in England reported terrifying phenomenon in their home. Lamps were knocked off tables, ornaments flew across the room, radios switched on by themselves, doors flew open on their own, and lights came on by themselves as well. The family tried to have the house blessed, to no avail, and they consulted a medium who said the spirit of a man and his wife considered the family to be trespassing. No spirit attachment release was possible, and the family finally moved out of the house, after which all poltergeist activity for them ceased. Clearly these spirits evicted the living, and quite successfully too!

A third famous poltergeist story comes from the 1982 film written by Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist, and the so-called curse some of the cast endured. The “curse” has been chalked up to coincidences. While four cast members died sometime after filming, one died of cancer he had been battling, another from the effects of scleroderma which led to malnutrition, kidney issues, and basic system failure after surgery, one due to domestic violence, and another unexpectedly developed septic shock and died. Unfortunately, fueling rumors is the fact skeletons used in the scene where actress JoBeth Williams is in a pool with skeletons…those skeletons turned out to be real.

There were two sequels to the original Poltergeist, and some have pointed out there were strange occurrences on the sets of the films. While actor Will Sampson at some point supposedly did an “exorcism” or some ceremony for warding off evil spirits, the problems continued. A set prop that was supposed to seem as if it were choking one of the child actors- actually did so before Steven Spielberg realized the child was not acting! A car that was set on fire for the film burned more than expected, the fire getting out of control, and endangering people. Furthermore, an actress was informed her mother had suddenly died during filming. Perhaps these were all coincidences, but had Will Sampson not done the prayers of protection from evil spirits, who knows how much more would have happened?

What’s the Difference Between a Poltergeist and a Ghost?

difference between a poltergeist and a ghost

A poltergeist is a kind of ghost, and one that moves objects or makes sounds also. Sometimes a poltergeist hides things, sometimes they throw things, and sometimes, they switch electronic devices on and off, open or close doors, drawers, and cabinetry, and knock items off of where they are. Poltergeists can be whispering spirits but are more often loud. A ghost is the spirit of somebody who has passed away and is visiting the living for some reason. Keep in mind ghosts and poltergeists are sometimes going about their business, and just happen to encounter the living, and they are not using their spirit voice specifically to communicate with you but you are just aware of them.

Often, however, poltergeists you are aware of are deliberately giving signs of a spirit visiting you. Maybe like the poltergeists in Thornton Heath, they want you out of what they think is their house. Maybe they are somebody who is upset with something that happened between you and them when they were still living, and sometimes, they have a message for you that is not communicating anger at all.

Signs a Spirit is Trying to Get Your Attention

signs a spirit

If you become aware of a spirit, it’s done something right to get your attention, hasn’t it? Things may not be as noticeable as swinging chandeliers, or doors opening on their own. Some ways spirits get attention is more subtle and knowing what to look for can help you detect spirits.

Objects Moving

The classic table rattling, dishes crashing on the floor, fires suddenly blazing brighter or being snuffed out, doors and windows opening or closing on their own, sudden drafts when no windows are open, and the sounds of footsteps when nobody is walking are legitimate ways spirits communicate their presence. Not all spirits are this hands-on, and not all physical movement is this noticeable. They can also make it difficult to open or close books, make things slip out of your hands, and they may also even jingle your keys while they are in your hands


You may hear the voices of spirits, and while “hearing voices” has become a joking way of calling somebody delusional, pay attention if you start using words or phrases a loved one who has passed away used to use, but are not parts of your regular vocabulary. If you hear these things being said by other people as well, it’s not a coincidence, and your loved one is reaching out to you. You may hear words or sounds that seem to come from nowhere, and if no source, like a radio you forgot to switch off can be found, listen harder, because it could be a spirit trying to speak to you.


You can physically detect a bit of movement out of the corner of your eye sometimes, and that might only be your hair moving or specks of dust in the light, but sometimes, it’s you seeing spirits. For some, spirits appear as orbs of light, or small balls of energy, floating around. Others can see full body shapes, even being able to make out the clothing and facial features of the spirits.

Physical Touch

Some people have reported feeling a tap on the shoulder or back, only to turn around and find nobody is there. Sometimes, they feel something stroke their face, or brush their hair out of the way. One individual kept being tapped on the shoulder after a loved one passed away, and they knew it was the spirit of that person saying hello. Feeling body heat near you when no living people are there is another way to physically detect the presence of spirits.

Spirit Entity Attachment

spirit entity attachment

A great fear of many people is that they will become possessed by a spirit or demon and have to undergo a lengthy exorcism with some Priests. Images of spitting up green pea soup like substances, floating and yelling, and ugly facial transfiguration terrify people, and thus they believe all ghosts, poltergeists, and spirits are malevolent beasts in general, and must be cast out. Most holy people from most religions agree that being possessed, or having a spirit residing inside your body has to be something you agree to, so don’t worry too much about being possessed by a spirit.

However, spirits attach to homes and follow people around regularly, and the simplest way to get rid of them is to ask them to leave. This often works, most especially if you command them to leave, fully expecting them to. Take care to identify what spirit it is before commanding it to leave, however, as it might be the spirit of a loved one visiting, and even the spirit of a departed pet. You may not want to send your beloved deceased pet away!

Ghosts of Animals; Can Animals See Ghosts?

Are Ghost Radar Apps Real?

ghost radar apps

What is a ghost app? Spirit radar apps are downloaded onto your mobile device, or an online ghost radar, and you can walk around the house , seeing if you can “find” a ghost. Unfortunately ghost radar online and on mobile has been debunked by real ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. Ghost communication apps might be fun, but they are for entertainment purposes only, and the actual electronic devices used to detect ghosts cost thousands of dollars and take time to learn to use properly. Is ghost radar real? It’s real in the sense it’s real fun and real entertainment, but it cannot help you find ghosts.

However, if you want to learn about how to find ghosts and communicate with them from people who can, there are ghost chat online pages! So, you don’t need a ghost radar, ghost radar apps, or any form of spirit radar at all. An internet search will link you to National, International, and local groups in minutes!

Spirits and Dreams

spirits and dreams

An old saying about spirits visiting in dreams is “When you dream of the dead, you will hear from the living” and some people have said they find that to be true. One woman always heard from her estranged son when she had dreams of his father, who had passed away. Spirits in dreams could be you dreaming of somebody who passed away because you miss them, however, but spirits in dreams meanings can be because they have messages for you. If the message does not immediately come through in the dream, your dreams of spirits can be a starting point. In your waking time, ask them to make their message clear to you, and then wait. The answer might come as soon as that day, or it might take time. Remember that spirits are not on human time, and they answer when they see fit, so be patient.

“I had dreams of a spirit holding me down”, isn’t such a positive dream, however. A common nightmare is that of a spirit crushing your breathing or keeping your from moving, and some insist this is NOT a dream, but them being aware of a real spirit attacking them. American folklore says this is a hag spirit who attacks victims, causing sleep paralysis, and some counteract these spirits with symbols of their faith hung over their beds. Doctors call this sleep apnea, a medical phenomenon, and treatment for this can start as soon as you are diagnosed!

Dream interpretation of spirits can include your fears of death manifesting in you dreaming of ghosts also. You could be being given protection from your ancestors when you dream of spirits, and it could be the dead reaching out just to visit and let you know that even though their bodies have died, their spirit is nearby for whatever you need!

How to Talk to a Spirit without a Ouija Board

ouija board

Modern horror films are chock full of scary scenes where schoolkids stumble upon a Ouija Board, and thinking it’s fun, conjure up a mean spirit who destroys their lives. In reality, the Ouija Board is a Parker Brothers gameboard, and calling, or channeling spirits can happen by speaking aloud to them. There are no demon possessed gameboards that must be kept under wraps to avoid unleashing horrifying monstrous spirits. Thank goodness! Remember that it is a movie or television programs job to entertain, not report the facts, and we cannot expect to become educated on how spirits speak by watching the latest fictional film or program.

Another point is that in many of these fictional shows, the schoolkids often call out to any spirit listening, and truthfully, not only is that unwise, but it’s disrespectful. Spirits are living entities and are not on call to quell boredom. If somebody started knocking on random front doors, and they showed up at yours, you’d be pretty angry with being disrespected, and spirits react the same way. Likewise, group seances many places of businesses advertise, bringing groups of strangers in, while a “spirit whisperer” calls them all up is disrespectful as well. Imagine being invited someplace by friends and dragged into a group of strangers you were not expecting to meet. You might leave, insulted, expecting an apology you would rightfully deserve.

Plain Speak

Speaking aloud to spirits like you would a human being who is alive and in the room is the best way to communicate with them. If you know who this spirit is, say their name, and openly talk to them. If you don’t, you can introduce yourself and ask them to introduce themselves as well. Communication with spirits does not have to be scary, complicated, or difficult. If you are anxious initially, explain that to them and ask them to be patient with you.

Ritual and Gifts

To speak with spirits. Some people do what is called a séance, or go by graveside, taking flowers to the deceased. These structured activities give some people a sense of focus, making it easier for them to feel connected to the spirits. At the time North Americans celebrate Halloween, people in Mexico celebrate Day of the Dead, and they observe days’ worth of rituals and celebrations for welcoming the spirits of the deceased back to spend time with them. Large scale rituals like this can be observed, or private ones you can do alone can.

Simply light a candle beside a photo of your deceased loved one, give them a plate of whatever they liked to eat, and a glass or cup of what they liked to drink, and then talk to them. You may be surprised how quickly you feel their loving presence.

Automatic Writing

One form of spirit communication also used in divination is automatic writing. How to contact spirits using this is to go into meditation, asking the spirit to guide your hand to write out the words of the message they have for you. It is believed the spirit will take over, writing the words using your hand, and you will have no remembrance of it. If the spirit is open to the communication, and you are comfortable enough with relaxing and allowing them to control the writing, this will be successful. If this does not work, other ways of communication can work instead.

Mirrors and Spirits and Photographs

Some people have beliefs about mirrors facing windows and spirits. Some say mirrors will reflect anything out the window, and thus defend the home and others disagree and say spirits enter the home through mirrors and if those face the window, and spirit can enter the home that way. However, mirrors, like anything else can be cleansed if you are concerned a spirit is in your mirror. Simply smudge the mirror with smoke or clean it with holy water until you feel no more spirit presence is there, covering your mirror with a black cloth or a protective symbol until you have a chance to, problem solved!

Various photographs exist with supposed spirits in them, or even photos of orbs, or small balls of light that people believe are spirits. There is no proof that photographs “capture” and ensnare spirits, however, so don’t assume photographing a spirit will contain it. A photograph can show them to you, nothing more. Seeing spirits in photos and mirrors is a way to be aware of them and can initiate communication.

Psychic Medium “Spirit Talkers”

Ghost Readers, Mediums, Spirit Whisperers, Conjure Folk, Priestesses and Priests, and other people are often called upon to communicate with spirits when the homeowners feel like they need help. Hearing spirits might be one thing but understanding messages from sprits sometimes needs a professional touch, and these people are excellent at calling a spirit and explaining what the spirit is communicating. They are just a phone call or e-mail away, so don’t hesitate to reach out for their help.

Protection from Ghosts and Removing Spirits

protection from ghosts

Prepare your own spirit when you are terrified by a poltergeist or ghost in general- and prepare it to be strong most especially if you are scared or new to communicating with spirits. Remember first and foremost that a spirit reacts to whether you are respectful and whether you give it the upper hand. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of getting protection from “bad spirits” but just you speaking aloud to the spirit, explaining this is your house, and you’d like to understand what it is trying to communicate. Most especially if you have children, sick family members, or frightened pets, firmly tell the spirit it needs to stop whatever behaviors that is causing fear and communicate in a less threatening way.

The first step is to ask “Who are you and what do you want?” and then wait for an answer. If they respond with signs you simply don’t understand, speak aloud again, telling them you do not understand and you need them to explain differently. If the spirit does not behave in a civil manner after attempts to speak respectfully with them, you can command them to leave. If they don’t, reach out to your local church, temple, mosque, or metaphysical shop and find somebody who will banish the spirit. It is rare that nothing makes a spirit budge, and keep in mind when this happens, you can pack up like the family in Thornton Heath did! It probably won’t come to that though!

So don’t be afraid of poltergeists, ghosts, or spirits that are in your house. It’s YOUR house, after all. There are ways to communicate respectfully with spirits, and if they can’t reciprocate, they can find somebody else to “haunt”. Your house, your rules!

What spirit encounters in your home have you had, and what were the results? Do you live in peace with spirits at home, or are you one of the people who lay boundaries to control what comes in and what stays out? What stories would you like to share?

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