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All About Spirit Guides

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 17, 2021
All About Spirit Guides
All About Spirit Guides
TL;DRYour spirit guide will watch over you in times when you don’t even know it, and there are all sorts of them ranging from other human beings, to angels, to animals. Working with spirit guides is easier than you would think. Join us at Mysticsense as we explore what spirit guides are, how to find your spirit guide, and all about working with your spirit guides.

Have you ever felt guided from afar, or that a wise entity was influencing you to make a good decision when you did not quite know what to do? It’s not your imagination. We have spirit guides who teach us every day. Some are our fur, fin, and feathered kin, while others are spirits, and still others are human beings who we walk the path of life with. Learn who are spirit guides, how they guide us, and how to get in touch with your spirit guides.

What’s a Spirit Guide?

spirit guide

First, what is spirit guide meaning? Most simply stated, a spirit guide is a being who guides us in life spiritually. Some truly are spirits, while still others are living beings in the form of teachers or totem animals. Some spirit guides are with us all of our lives, others for mere moments, teaching lessons or opening our eyes with a single word or action to great truths. Still other spirit guides act as protectors or guardians, sometimes shielding us from danger, and other times, protecting us from making the wrong decisions.

Types of Spirit Guides

types of spirit guides

“What does my spirit guide look like?” and “What is a spirit guides form?” are common questions about spirit guides. There is no spirit guide test or “Who is my spirit guide” quizzes to help you discover what their form and nature is. They can be many kinds of beings, but one thing is certain, no matter what kind of entity your spirit guide is. They are all reliable guides who make you a better person and they strengthen you spiritually with their teachings.

Ancestral Spirit Guides

ancestral spirit guides

Would you like to meet your spirit guide? You probably already have back when they were alive! Many people feel the presence of deceased friends, pets, and relatives watching over them and guiding them. We call them our ancestors, and to connect to your spirit guide ancestor, all you need to do is openly communicate with them.

Easy ways how to channel spirits and ancestors can be found in this article. What’s a Poltergeist, a Ghost, and Other Spirits in My House? 

Angelic Spirit Guides

angelic spirit guides

Like with ancestors, how to see angels and spirits is simple. Holy spirit angels sometimes take the first step and appear to you before you try to get in touch with them. Angelic guides are different from human or animal spirits, as they are celestial beings created specifically to do jobs for their father god or mother goddess. Luckily for us, sometimes, they visit us and speak to us. They can carry messages from the divine, but some people believe when we are born, a holy guardian angel is assigned to all of us. Angels and spirit guides, sometimes do different jobs, however.

For example, the Archangel Michael spirit guide was tasked with being a special guardian of the Israelites, and then protecting heaven from the devil. He was also one of the three angels who visited Abraham to tell him about the birth of Issac. His jobs are many, according to scriptures, but some people call upon him for healing and both he and the Archangel Raphael spirit guide are called in a ceremony referred to as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram for protection.

Are guardian angels spirit guides? Sometimes yes, they are! Angels were specifically created separately from human beings as creatures who serve their god or goddess. Sometimes, they act as communication between humans and the deity, and others, they do jobs for the deity. Some assume if you die and go to heaven you become an angel, but angels are separate beings who have not lived human lives. Spirit guides and angels sometimes do similar jobs but not all spirit guides actually are angels.

To learn more about what angels are and ways to communicate with angels as spirit guides, read here: Getting Readings from an Angel Card Reader.

Animal Spirit Guides

animal spirit guides

“Can my guardian spirit be an animal?” Yes! People have been lucky enough to connect to spirit animals for a very long time and connecting with your spirit guide that is an animal is as simple as connecting with angels and ancestral spirits. Animal spirit guides bestow their gifts, strengths, and talents upon the people they guide, and as you take on these characteristics, you may feel like you are more in tune with who you were born to be than you were before you did. You can develop a lifelong relationship with your totem animals and finding your spirit guide animal is the way to begin that relationship.

Farther down this article, we will share techniques of how to channel your spirit guide. Keep in mind that if you can’t get an easy answer when you use other techniques for channeling your spirit guide animal, you can always consult animal spirit oracle cards. Would you like to know how to meet your spirit guide animal?

Consult our “What is your spirit guide animal” quiz here: What Spirit Animal Am I and Quiz.

Human Spirit Guides

human spirit guides

“Can my spiritual guide be a person?” Of course they can, and if you are lucky, you will have many different human spirit guides! If you attend a church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or belong to a coven, kindred, or grove, your clergy persons will act as spirit guides. “Are psychic mediums spirit guides?” They absolutely can be as long as you are consulting them on spiritual topics. “Who are my Native American spirit guides” is another question a lot of people ask, and truthfully, Native Americans are not any more or any less spiritual than non-Native Americans. Native American Indian spirit guides often work within their own communities, and specifically seeking out one of them based on their race is a sure way to offend people and make them feel they are being racially profiled.

Another group of people who are assumed to be especially spiritual due to their race is people from India. Indian spirit guides are well known for working with people of all races and nationalities, and if you want to specifically work with somebody who embraces the Buddhism or Hinduism from India, many of the spiritual guides who belong to these traditions are not of Indian ancestry. 

Bhagavan Das Spiritual Guide

American spirit guide Bhagavan Das was a student of Neem Karoli Baba and has worked with the famous Ram Das. His spirituality is based on Hinduism and Buddhism, and yes, he is not of Indian ancestry. He is in his 70’s and continues teaching students from all over the world today. He is known for his uplifting writings and singing.

More about Bhagavan Das can be found on his website here: Bhagavan Das + Amulya Maa

White Eagle Spiritual Guide

A group of people who publish and guide have gathered together since 1936 under the name The White Eagle Lodge. They sell books, books on CD, do classes, retreats, worship services, and have temples in the UK, Australia, and America. They can be reached online, of course, but their materials can be had if you want to learn on your own. An excerpt from their writings is “You are surrounded by angels. You may not be able to see them, but you may be able to feel them. They are light, they are love, they are Wisdom, they are Power. They are very still, very silent. They are angels of all the colours and they work to carry the vibration of the colour to the patient and direct it according to the patient’s needs.”

We have not contracted their services, and cannot give testimony to their abilities, but they are one of many spiritual groups that guide and do healing throughout the world that you may be interested in contacting as spirit guides.

Their webpage can be reached here: About us - White Eagle Lodge : Wisdom for Life (

Who is My Spirit Guide?

my spirit guide

How many spirit guides do we have? Your spirit guide could be one of many, actually. You might have more than one. You may have ancestors watching out for you as well as guardian angel, and then multiple animal spirit guides as well. You might be one of the lucky people and know at a very young age who all your spirit guides are, and you may have communication with all of them for a very long time. However, the ones meant to appear temporarily will be in and out of your life. One individual worked at what they called “the worst job” they ever had, but they worked with one individual who they realized had been brought to them to teach them a valuable lesson. They said,

“I was miserable at my job because the executive director

disliked me on a personal level and

went out of her way to show it. Everybody could see it.

Nothing I did could convince  that director I was not the worst person alive.

One day, Judy pulled me aside, closed the door of her office and told me that

when she was younger, she had been trying to prove

herself to people who did not think highly of her,

but she told me when she turned fifty years old,

she took stock of her life to date. She realized she had lived every dream she had ever

 dreamed, and built exactly the life she wanted, and she said , ‘ I realized that I no longer

 had anything to prove to anybody.’ I realized I really did not feel like proving myself anymore,

and after that, I stopped trying. The executive director didn’t lay off me,

but my attitude and confidence made life better for me. I believe Judy was a spirit guide

for me that day. I have remembered what she told me

and it really made a difference in my life.”

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

contacting spirit guide

“How do I find my spirit guide” , most especially the ones who are in your life for a short time? You don’t. They find you. The Universe brings them to you at the right time, and you really don’t have to go searching for them. However, you absolutely can. There are many ways, some of which you probably already know about and others will surprise you.

Asking Spirit Guides for Signs

One way of how to contact spirit guides is to ask for signs. Spirit guides signs can be something as simple as a cool breeze soothing you on a hot day to assure you all is well, or something as direct as spirit guides in dreams telling you word for word what they want to teach you. You may hear your name called out but turn and find nobody talking to you. One very strong sign is to feel a loving presence near but see nobody. You can sometimes catch a glimpse of them moving out of the corner of your eye, but when you focus your eyes in that direction, cannot see them.

Spirit guides sometimes speak using others as vessels, teaching wisdom, and they sometimes make a book fall off the shelf, open to the page with the message they want you to know. They sometimes put a thought into your mind as their message and at other times they sometimes appear to you as laughter or a smile when you are having a bad day. They can appear as unexpected kindness from a stranger or as the sweetness of baby animals that cross your path. Opening your mind to them and then paying attention for small messages is a way to become aware of their presence.

How to Ask Spirit Guides Questions

Can spirit guides hear your thoughts? Thankfully, they can, although some spirit guides prefer for you to be more proactive in your communications with them. Simply say a prayer or even ask your spirit guide a question aloud. You can write a letter to them, and then burn it in a blessed fire, releasing the ashes to the wind, or burying them in the garden, assured your question will be answered.

How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

“I don’t know how to contact my spirit guide for help!” You can do this as easily as asking a question. Simply ask. Be prepared, though that sometimes your spirit guide’s answer for help will be “No, I want you to do this yourself.” If they feel you have the power within yourself, all they want is for you to have as much faith in yourself as they do, and they will watch you excel at tackling your own problem. Other times, your spirit guide will see you really do need them, and they will step in. Be prepared that their way of helping may come as a surprise, but they will give the help you need even if it is not in the way you expected!

Crystals for Communicating with Spirits

One way of how to call your spirit guide is with crystals. Crystals that are especially helpful when you are speaking to your guides include clear quartz, which can be charged for any purpose, and star sapphire, which connects us to deeper faith. Powerful with clearing the mind and bringing you closer to the spirit realm is amethyst, and the properly named angelite helps open communication with angels. Other substances used to open the mind are coffee, and the right amount of sleep because these assure tope mental performance. It is said that properly brewed absinthe also opens the mind to spirit communication, although this should be used with care, and using pieces of wormwood, which absinthe is made of, as a crystal is just as effective as drinking absinthe.

Spirit Oracle Cards

How to channel spirit guides if other methods don’t work is to use oracle cards, pendulums, scrying mirrors, crystal balls, or other tools. Divination done yourself or through a human spirit guide in the form of a psychic advisor can get straightforward answers in words you can understand, as opposed to just asking for signs. You can create a spirit guidance tarot spread easily by laying four cards out. The first card represents the spirit guide. The second card is their message for you. The third card is what action they want you to take, and the fourth card is what your spirit guide wants you to do in general on your path for your spiritual growth. Or, you can lay out three cards, with each card representing a different message your spirit guide has for you!

Meditation to Connect with Spirit Guides

Another way of how to find spirit guide messages is to meditate. A simple spirit guide meditation is to sit in a sacred space and say a prayer that your spirit guide appears and communicates with you. Then, wait and pay attention. The messages can come during meditation, or later on when meditation is finished and you are doing something else. Your spirit guide can walk right in the door in a physical form or appear in a dream.

You may realize that somebody who said or did something long ago was a spirit guide, and their teaching may become apparent. Your spirit guide may only take a non-physical form, and come to you as a psychic message, a feeling of energy, or appear as thoughts. Some people visit their religious sanctuary to do this, and others find a place in nature to do this. Still others have a private place in their home they can focus to meditate.

Apps For Spirit Guidance

In the digital era, there seems to be an app for everything, and thankfully, you can use apps for guidance as well, but this is best done by using apps for spirit guidance from other human beings. These apps have meditations, prayers, and readings installed for you to draw strength from, and best of all, the University of La Verne has compiled a list of recommended apps.

You can access that here: Apps for Spiritual Wellbeing | Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (

Don’t forget that anytime you want to speak with a Mysticsense psychic, you can always get guidance from one of our hundreds of advisors on any topic you need help with 24/7.

My Spirit Guides Have Abandoned Me!

abandoned me

Thankfully, even when it feels this way, they have not! Spirit guides appear when they decide they need to, and sometimes they go long periods of time in between visits. As mentioned before, they have faith in us to figure things out for ourselves sometimes, and other times, your spirit guide you are used to has to step aside to allow a different spirit guide to lead you. However, they will never forsake or abandon you. Ever.

Does Everyone Have a Spirit Guide?

have a spirit guide

Yes, everybody does. Different people’s spirit guides will interact with them in different ways, and sometimes, their spirit guides may be completely active in their lives regularly, and they won’t even realize it. We all have spirit guides in different forms all our lives and who help us be the best we can be and who teach us about matters of spirit. They guide us to improve, grow, believe in ourselves, and to get the most out of life.

Are Spirit Guides Real?

real spirit guides

Yes, spirit guides are real, and the best part is, YOU, too will act as spirit guide in life. Who have you taught to believe in themselves? Who have you uplifted when they were hurting? Who has called you when they needed support, and who looks up to you? If you ever needed evidence spirit guides are real, just look in the mirror because a beautiful spirit guide is looking right back at you!

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