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What is My Spirit Animal?

By Saoirse
September 15, 2021
What is My Spirit Animal?

TL;DR Your spirit animal may appear to you in such a way, you automatically know that it is, however, you might be asking for a spirit animal quiz that is accurate. Discovering your spirit animal is a very important step on your personal spiritual journey, and a free spirit animal quiz to get the answers is something you can do all on your own. Ours can be the only spirit animal test you need, and you can get started right away. First, read a bit about spirit animals: A Guide To Spirit Animals

What is a Legitimate “My Spirit Animal Test”

A word about free online basic “What’s My Spirit Animal Tests”. If you go to a webpage and you have to click an answer to generic questions about how you handle emotions, sticky situations, or what kind of natural things you prefer- ex- water or air- this is what’s called “clickbait” trying to get you to look at advertisements or give your personal information to “GET YOUR RESULT!” Unless you are paying somebody who you know you can trust for a spirit animals quiz, resist the urge to give your contact or financial information away. Be wary of anonymous websites that promote “What is My Spirit Animal Quiz” and “Spirit Animal Test FREE” kinds of things. These are automatic tests that cannot tell you “Who Is My Spirit Animal” no matter what they claim.

Other things to be wary of is things claiming to assign you a spirit animal based on race, culture, or nationality. “Native American Spirit Animal Quiz” or “Spirit Animal Native American Quiz” does not make the individual who gets a “result” from such a test an automatic member of a Native American tribe, and spirit animals are believed in by many cultures of people around the world, not just tribal people. There is a surefire way to do a spirit animal test that is accurate, and the simplicity of it will surprise you. All you need is yourself, and the willingness of your spirit animal to reveal itself to you.

A real spirit animal test will rely on your intellectual and intuitive abilities and will draw upon your personal experiences, not something like what makes you sad or angry. An animal spirit test will ask you what specific animals you are drawn to, and which you most relate to. There is no way to “test your spirit animal” perse, but you will just instinctually know which animals are your power animals. A spirit animal test is real if it asks what specific experiences with animals you have had, and it isn’t real if it asks for your contact information to “send you results.”

What’s My Spirit Animal Quiz

Ask yourself these questions, and meditate, take your time, and watch for signs. This is a surefire way to discern what animal is your spirit animal.

1. Which animal or animals do you feel an unexplainable kinship with? While a lot of people will know how to coexist and cohabitate with animals they grew up around, what animals did you come to feel comfortable with on your own?

2. Are there any animals you feel you share a soul with, or that you understand and communicate better with than most people do? Are there any animals you feel more similar to than you do other human beings?

3. Are there animals you feel like you can “speak to”? Not in a physical way, but in more of a telepathic way? Can you feel a certain animal’s feelings or read their thoughts better than other people seem to be able to?

4. Which animals do you feel you take on behavioral characteristics of? Not focusing on the physical characteristics, of course, because we can always alter our appearance with things we buy or make! Do you “sleep like a bear that’s hibernating” or take other creatures “under your wing” like a mother hen, for example?

5. What animals seem to surround you with themselves often? What chance encounters do you have with certain animals often, encounters which cannot be explained away with something like “I just happen to live nearby their lair.”

6. If you hadn’t been born human, what animal would you have been based on which one you feel more similar to?

7. Which animals predatory or feeding, sleeping, mating, and basic day to day habits make the most sense to you and which of those habits are similar to yours?

Ask yourself these questions, using meditation if need be, doing journaling, and taking days, weeks, and months or even years if need be to learn which animals you feel are your personal spirit animals. Our spirit animals won’t necessarily be the animals we say are our favorites or the ones we are used to being around, but encounters with them, spiritual meditations, and opening ourselves to psychic messages from them will help to understand which animals are your personal spirit animals.

A List of Some Animal Spirit Guides

Different spirit animals bring with them different gifts and blessings. Some call this power the animals bring their “medicine” or healing gifts. Although this is a traditional term indigenous American Indians use, unless you belong to a Native American Tradition, you will not practice or receive communication from a “Native American Bear Spirit Animal” anymore than you would get “Celtic Animal Wisdom” if you are not Celtic, however. Keep this in mind when reading from modern mainstream guides about spirit animals, and “animal medicine”. A short list of some spirit animals is included here.

Bear Spirit Animal

Bear spirit medicine is that of strength, stamina, and resolve. The bear spirit animal meaning is also that of a protective parental figure, resting and reserving strength when needs be, and having a deep relationship with the earth. The spirit of the bear stands for leadership and action, and your spirit animal bear meaning is that of resiliency and power. The bear spirit embodies confidence and not having an issue with being the aggressor if needs be.

The polar bear spirit animal has the same meanings, but today’s polar bears face possible extinction due to global warming. If the polar bear spirit animal is your totem or power animal, you can connect to them by helping them survive. Your polar bear spirit totem can benefit from you reducing waste and emissions that contribute to global warming, and here are some tips of how to do that. How to Stop Global Warming: The 8 Best Solutions (

Bed Bug Spirit Animal?

Is it possible for the lowly bedbug to be a spirit animal? Absolutely! Any creature can be! If the bed bug is your spirit animal, people should watch out and not intrude on your territory because you will make them regret it! A totem animal of the bed bug gives you the ability to hide yourself in safe places and it gives you the tenacity to stay put where you feel you belong, even if somebody wants to be rid of you!

Bee Spirit Animal

The bee spirit guide instills in you the virtue of being a hard worker, focused in the greater good, and one who does well supporting the team. “There is no I in team”, the spirit animal bee tells us! Any kind of bee whether it’s a carpenter bee, a bumblebee, a sweat bee, or even a honeybee spirit animal brings the gifts of efficiency, productivity, and success. The bee animal spirit guide also teaches us about devotion to community, and steadfast dedication to the important work you have been entrusted with. Your eye is on the prize, which will be as sweet as honey, and the rewards far outweigh the work you have shared with your peers.

Beetle Spirit Animal

With over three hundred fifty thousand different kinds of beetles that we know of, it is no wonder than so many people are blessed with the beetle spirit guide. When the beetle is your spirit animal, it teaches that no matter how tiny you may feel you are or how small you feel your contribution is, you still accomplish great things seemingly larger than you are. Like beetles walk on the ground, but surprise everybody when they unfurl wings, and gracefully fly away, you, too have hidden abilities that may surprise everybody when the time comes that you use them. When the beetle is your spirit guide, it might be a scarab, a June bug, or even the lovely ladybug that is your beetle spirit animal. Click here to read more about the spiritual meaning of ladybugs: What Does it Mean When You See a Ladybug?

Bunny as Spirit Animal

The power of the rabbit as spirit animal comes from its speed, ability to hide from danger, and amazing ability to reproduce itself! Like the real rabbit sleeps in during the time the predators that would eat it are active, if the bunny is your animal guide, you, too know how to lay low, and advance only when it is best for you. Rabbits represent renewal, as they are seen early in Spring after long, hard winter, and like the rabbit that appears to hearld better times, you are somebody people find a joy to be around when the rabbit spirit guide is your power animal. The bunny power animal instills a love of happiness, play, and relaxation despite whatever things life may do to bog you down. When the bunny is your totem or spirit animal, you will benefit from their cleverness, and have a quick decision-making capacity as gifts they bring.

Bird Spirit Guides

Depending on which kind of bird it is, bird spirit animals symbolize freedom, beauty, and agility. Like the graceful birds move seemingly effortlessly through the sky, in the trees, and they expertly on land, if the bird is your spirit animal, you also have the ability to maneuver through whatever life throws your way, and do it so well, you can “sing proudly” about it!

Blackbird Spirit Animal

Blackbirds symbolize magic, secret wisdom, and all things mysterious. The spirit guide blackbird instills in you the ability to keep things secret, and the ability to “disappear” , hiding in plain sight whenever you need to. The blackbird spirit animal also brings the gifts and powers of intuition. Those who have a power animal blackbird will excel in magic, psychic fields, and in keeping necessary things hidden and therefore protected.

Blue Jay Spirit Animal

Building their nests in the mighty oak, which installs nearly undefeatable strength, the spirit animal blue jay brings the gifts of resilience, and endurance. Energetic to the point of being aggressive when needs be, the blue jay spirit is fierce, and tenacious and the blue jay spirit guides you to adapt these traits for yourself. Embodying fearless determination, when the blue jay is your totem animal, you will be nearly unstoppable no matter that external forces may be against you, and you will use that ability to be highly protective of yourself and those you love.

The Crow Spirit Animal

Crow spirit guides symbolize magic, fate, and messages. Not to be confused with the raven, the crow spirit animal represents and bestows intelligence, as they build nests high up so they can see everything. The crow as a spirit animal reminds us not to be overly trusting, and instead watch, and learn for ourselves. Your spirit animal crow will be like the animal crow, who is well known for bringing surprise gifts to their people of choice. Your crow spirit guide will surprise you with random tidbits of wisdom, messages from beyond, and gift you with good luck. The crow spirit animal meaning is also of positive change and personal transformation, helping you to shed old ways, and welcome new parts of your life.

Pigeon Spirit Animal

The “city bird”, pigeons are well known for courageously approaching anybody they meet, asking for what they want. When the pigeon is your spirit animal, they give you the guts to walk in and take what’s yours and to do so without a doubt that you can. Mating for life, pigeon spirit guides bestow the gifts of faithfulness, fidelity, and cooperation to family and community. Also adaptable, and easily trained to fly to specific places to deliver messages, pigeon spirit animals give you the ability to learn and excel at skills effortlessly, and to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Robin Spirit Animal

The cheerful robin, or “Robin Redbreast” flies into your life with the gifts of new opportunities, and rebirth. “When one door closes, another one opens” says the robin, and your spirit guide robin reminds you to walk through that new door, rather than trying to walk back through the old door that closed. The robin spirit animal brings the gifts of joy, enthusiasm, and hopes for the bright future that is in store for you. When the robin is your spirit animal, you have the energy and positive attitude to see your new path through, and a lot of good things to look forward to!

Seagull Spirit Animal

The adaptable seagull soars through the sky, over land and sea, and swims in the water with equal grace. When the seagull is your power animal, it bestows the gifts of opportunism, resourcefulness, and the drive to excel in multiple areas of life and in nearly every environment possible. Thought of as “scavengers”, seagull spirit animals are instead creative problem solvers who make lemonade out of life’s lemons and when the seagull is your spirit animal, it bestows in you the ability to do so in you as well.

Buffalo Spirit Animal

The buffalo spirit animal meaning is that of strength, resiliency, and freedom. Also called bison, the buffalo were nearly wiped out by American settlers’ greed, but survived and today are making a comeback, and your bison spirit animal will instill in you the ability to survive against seemingly impossible odds. The bison power animal gives you the desire and ability to go through life freely, moving across the places you choose to go on your own terms, and you will have the power to also liberate others. The strength the buffalo spirit animal brings will stay with you all your life, and your bison animal totem will give you the pride it embodies within itself as well.

Butterfly Spirit Guide

Your spirit animal butterfly symbolizes many things from transformation and happiness to the voices of your deceased loved ones speaking to you. The butterfly animal spirit is believed by many to bring success and the butterfly spirit animal also brings a gentleness in the way you communicate with others. Butterfly spirits are those of harmony within their environment and the butterfly animal meaning gives you the ability to get along with nearly everybody, even those almost nobody else can. Blue butterfly spirit animals most especially bring healing and good luck! To learn about the symbolism and meaning of butterflies, read here: Spiritual Significance of Butterflies and Meanings of Butterflies 

Camel Spirit Animal

If the camel is your spirit animal, you will benefit from the ability to store up much strength, putting it away to use it when needed. You will also travel well, over long distances, helping others as well whether it be on the journey of life or actual trips. The camel spirit guide bestows the ability to take care of friends and family, and helps you to be resilient and survive seemingly impossible odds!

Caterpillar Spirit Animal

If you have a caterpillar spirit or totem animal, you will be adept at preparing yourself for transformation. The caterpillar has all it needs within to become the best version of itself, and does so for its own wellbeing, not to impress others. If the caterpillar spirit guide is yours, you will be good at planning, and know how to take as long as needs be to do so. The caterpillar totem animal brings the ability to decide what to do with your life, and aides in positive growth. Call on the caterpillar animal spirit to help you to get started on your positive changes and in helping you be the very best you can be.

Cobra Spirit Animal

The powerful cobra is a wonderful spirit ally who bestows the gifts of speed, grace, beauty, and it helps hone your natural “predatory” skills. While it won’t make you a mean individual who preys upon others, the cobra spirit guide helps you to be able to set goals, and gives you the ambition and patience to see those goals through. Known for its “dance moves”, the cobra spirit animal helps with physical coordination, agility, and strength. Snakes in general represent hidden wisdom, and they travel hidden in trees and underground, and your cobra spirit animal guide will help you to discover that hidden wisdom, and fill you with its deep, profound knowledge.

The Coyote as Spirit Animal

Coyote spirit animals bring the unexpected and teach lessons is mysterious ways you have to pay extra special attention to in order to learn them. Some spirit animals will point blank have a book fall in your lap with the page open where they want you to read their message, but the coyote may just let the book fall on your head, expecting you to open the book, finding the answer for yourself. Your spirit animal coyote will help remind you to keep a good sense of humor, even when things are not going your way, and they teach us to laugh at our mistakes while we are improving. Flexibility and paying attention to the tiniest things are lessons the coyote animal spirit guide teaches, and they do it with a bit of fun, too!

Deer Spirit Animal/ Doe Spirit Animal

Deer spirits come to us at the most unexpected of times, sometimes simply appearing in the mist in nature. Other times, we call on our deer spirit totem to guide us. The stag, or adult male deer symbolizes power, majesty, and grace, whereas the doe represents motherhood, nurturing, and protecting those we take care of. Spirit animal deer teach us how to hide out, as they are masters at camouflage, and your spirit deer will teach you how to eke out an existence in the very leanest of times. The deer as spirit animal will have a quiet presence and bestows compassion for others and peace into your life.

If you can say “ The deer is my spirit animal” , then you will benefit from the speed the deer naturally possesses, and you will be able to cover a lot of ground very quickly in your work. The deer spirit animal meaning is that of resilience, adaptability, and the capability to do great things in nearly any environment where life places you. The deer spirit message for those who are lucky enough to call it their spirit guide is that of being vigilant of environment and putting yourself in all the best places where you benefit the most.

Dolphin Spirit Animal/ Whale Spirit Animal

The dolphin spirit animal meaning is that of gentleness, friendliness, and coexisting harmoniously with others. Your spirit animal dolphin will teach you how to quietly “dive “ into your soul and mind, and emerge regenerated, stronger than ever. The dolphin spirit animal meaning is that of using your intelligence to avert conflict, creating scenarios and environments that are good for all parties involved. The dolphin spirit guide also teaches you not to overthink things or take life too seriously, and that it’s still important to have fun!

The whale, most especially the orca, or killer whale spirit animal is one who travels countless distances to find their life mate, and they are very devoted to family. The killer whale spirit guide represents devotion, doing great deeds in the name of love, and sticking together with family through thick and thin. When the killer whale is your spirit animal, you will be equally as devoted, and you will learn from them how to do whatever it takes to care for those who you love.

Your spirit guides will reveal themselves to you over time, just don’t dismay if it takes a while. You’re on no deadline, and you have your entire life ahead of you to cultivate your relationship with them, learning the lessons they teach, and graciously accepting the gifts they bring! Watch for more about spirit guide animals with Mysticsense!

About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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