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Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
February 21, 2022
Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings
Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings
TL;DRThe spiritual meaning of dreams can’t necessarily be explained with a spiritual dreams dictionary. What does dreaming about butterflies mean, and what about dreams of ex wife or if you keep dreaming of someone? Dreams may just be your mind occupying itself while you sleep, but when there is a deeper spiritual meaning, how can you interpret them? Join us as we explore spiritual interpretation of dreams and when a dream is just a dream.

What Do Dreams Mean?

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

If you have dreams of delivering a baby does that automatically mean you will? Maybe it does, but sometimes things in dreams have deeper symbolic meanings, and what you dreamed of won’t come to pass in real life. Chances are, if you regularly have dreams that come true sometime after having the dreams, your dream of delivering a baby means you will, however, and you can look forward to your little bundle of joy!

Different cultures of people attach different meanings to different things in dreams. The color white in Western civilization stands for purity, but in Voodoo, it represents death. The best way to interpret your own dreams isn’t to assume that if you keep dreaming of love, it automatically means the same thing it would for everybody else. Being objective about the way the symbols are presented in the dream and understanding what those symbols specifically mean to you will help you understand the spiritual meaning of your dreams.

That’s why an article can’t explain what any dream you have on a given topic means, but we will explore some possible meanings of various dreams today. Before you begin reading, it is important to note that keeping a dream journal, or notebook you write down any dreams you have by your bedside will help you remember them. Ready? Read on.

The Spiritual Meaning of a Car in a Dream

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

Cars typically represent the material means to get places where you need to go. As a result, they also represent wealth. If your dream about a car shows you in a great car you love, it means you will do well enough financially to be successful. If your car in the dream is broken down, it can mean your hard work hasn’t paid off as we’ll as you would like it to. Don’t dismay, however, because there is always more time to improve upon that. A well-functioning car in a dream can also mean you have the means to get where you want to in life, and a car that won’t run may indicate stagnation of that success.

The Spiritual Meaning of Colors in Dreams

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

This will vary by culture. Some people see red as “STOP” or as a warning sign, while others see it as love and passion. Some people see yellow as the color of fear, while others see it as symbolic as happiness. Metallic silver can represent the goddess to others, and it can symbolize feeling trapped to other people. If colors are meaningful in your dreams, you will have to decide what they specifically mean to you, and you won’t necessarily be able to rely on an online color meaning chart for the answers. The good part about this is that you will rely on your intuition to give you the answers, as opposed to listening to what strangers have to say.

Dream of Doorbell Ringing

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

If you dream of a doorbell ringing or a knock at your door, it indicates you will either get a visitor, or some form of message. If you open the door in your dream, you may be able to figure out what message in waking time you will receive. If you dream of a knock or doorbell ringing and you open the door, and find nobody there, it means the message is hidden, or will take longer to get to you. You may have to literally go looking to see what you are being told. Perhaps a truth is being withheld by somebody and you will have to seek clues from the rest of the dream to see who that could be.

The Spiritual Meaning of Being Lost in a Dream

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

This is a common fear in real life, and this is probably manifesting in your dreams. Being in a strange place and being unable to find your way back safely to home doesn’t often happen in physical life, and in dreams it can represent feeling lost on your life path. Thankfully, while you may feel in the dark or like you don’t know where you are going in life, the truth is, it is impossible to stray from your personal path. Mistakes are possible, and not knowing what decisions to make are not unusual, but remember anytime you feel lost, you can always contact your Mysticsense psychic for guidance. You are not alone.

I Keep Dreaming My Teeth are Falling Out

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

One woman who had a lot of dreams about losing her teeth had been raised by a parent whose teeth all had to be pulled young, and who had problems for the rest of their life afterwards. They had developed a fear of tooth loss as a result. For most people, the fear of losing teeth resulting in dreams about it represents fear of either poverty or aging and death. This is a rational fear and can be combatted by taking the best care of your health possible. However, don’t forget that tooth loss can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry and thankfully, a lot of dental procedures are covered by insurance. Phew!

The Spiritual Meaning of Flying in Dreams

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

Flying in dreams represents freedom. The farther you go in the dream, the more your heart longs to travel and see new places. If you fly to the side of somebody you love in the dream, it means you want to go visit them. If you are flying and seeing beautiful things you never saw before, it means you want to explore and go on adventures. If you dream you are flying and fall from the sky, it represents fears of failure. You may be learning something new, and you don’t have the confidence that you can succeed. The worst-case scenario is that you will fail at whatever it is you are trying to do, but that just means you had the courage to try something out that you are not meant to do long term and will move on to something else instead. No worries.

Dreams of Natural Disasters

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

Dreams of catastrophic events in nature are not uncommon. For those who have the gift of having prophetic dreams, these dreams often indicate this event will be a disaster that actually happens, and it gives the dreamer time to plan for the aftermath, and possibly escape and rescue other people. However, not all dreams of natural disasters come to pass, and have a deeper symbolic meaning instead.

The Spiritual Meaning of Tsunami Dream

“I keep dreaming about tsunamis! What does that mean?” In 2004, The Indian Ocean Tsunami killed about 230,000 people in fourteen different countries. A tsunami is a catastrophic event there is no full understanding of, no way to prevent, and sometimes, you don’t even know it’s coming. All you can do is run to higher ground to get away from the body of water the tsunami is coming from when it hits. For people living in certain areas, worry about the next tsunami is high, and a dream about one symbolizes a life crushing tragedy of some sort you have no way of preparing for or preventing. If you dream you are affected by a tsunami, it may indicate something like ill health or job loss as opposed to an actual tsunami. Get your affairs in order and save money because the dream is telling you that you will need it.

The Spiritual Meaning of Tornadoes in Dreams

Like tsunamis, tornadoes wreak havoc and there is nothing to prevent this. However, instead of trying to escape as is done with a tsunami, in tornadoes, people hide out, possibly in a basement or other safe underground structure. Also, a tornado has multiple smaller tornadoes inside the larger one, all of which create severe damage all on their own. A dream about a tornado is telling you many small things are about to go wrong, and you should protect yourself as well as you possibly can. So be ready when the disastrous events begin to unfold.

Rock Slide Dream Meaning

A dream about a rock slide indicates something is coming seemingly out of the sky, or out of nowhere and could completely overwhelm you. You can find yourself totally buried by something that hits your life and feel unable to “dig out” of the mess. However, the thing about rock slides is, sometimes you can see it coming. You can see deterioration in a cliff face and avoid going there. When you have a dream about being in a rock slide, examine what is going on in your life, what areas have been showing problems, and do what you have to do to avoid being crushed by that.

The Spiritual Meaning of Rain in a Dream

The Aztec rain god, Tlaloc shows how rain is seen as life giving and also devastating. He was worshipped and venerated for the rains that watered crops and also feared because he could make it flood and hail. Some rains watered crops, others brought fungus and killed those crops while still other rains were literally called “ flint blade” rains. An image of Tlaloc was placed near the war god Huitzilopochtli, believing the war god could persuade Tlaloc to make the rains beneficial for the people. Multiple shrines to Tlaloc were visited and sacrifices and gifts were given to him often by both priests and non-clergy members, so important was the role he played in the lives of the people.

This is just one representation of how important and also how destructive rain can be. In your dreams, rain can be showering you with life giving blessings, or washing away all your best efforts. It can drown you and flood your home, completely destroying it, or it can lift you up, replenishing and rejuvenating you. Rain can’t be stopped or forced to come, but flooding can be held off. If you dream of disastrous flooding brought on by rain, lay strong protective foundations around what you are doing so the oncoming onslaught of waters don’t hurt you.

Animals in Dreams

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

Our animal kin, too, come to us in dreams with messages. When you dream about an animal, it’s entirely possible it’s a spirit animal coming with messages, and it’s also possible the animal’s presence in your dream is simply symbolic and they are delivering a message.

The Spiritual Meaning of Bees in Dreams

Bees are some of the hardest workers in the animal kingdom and known for team building, planning, and sacrificing for the greater good. They are also fiercely protective of their home, and don’t hesitate to sting any intruders. Dreams about bees vary in meaning. If bees are attacking, you are being put on notice that you have somehow trespassed and are being advised to back off before the consequences are dramatic. If you dream of bees making honey, or you are eating honey, you are being told there will be great benefits to hard work. If you dream about a group of bees swarming or otherwise doing anything together, the dream is telling you there is power in numbers and you should unite with your team.

The Spiritual Meaning of Dogs in Dreams

Friendly white dogs represent protection and friendship. The sound of dogs or wolves baying in the darkness, however, indicates either hidden dangers, or a threat that may not have presented itself yet, but it’s on the way. If you, however have a dream about a dog that was yours that has passed away, it is visiting you from across the Rainbow Bridge, and you can count yourself lucky for the experience. Our furry friends don’t forget us, but visit us in spirit form, sometimes protecting us without us knowing they are.

To read more about how our pets visit us after their deaths, read on: Ghosts of Animals; Can Animals See Ghosts? | Mysticsense

The Spiritual Meaning of Flies in a Dream

The humble fly may annoy us more than almost any other creature, but they play their role in spiritually symbolic dreams as well. If flies are buzzing around someplace that seems to be a bit “off” in your dream, the flies are warning you this thing you are dreaming of is bad news and should be avoided. If you dream of flies busily buzzing about, focused on their tasks, you are being given the energy to work hard at a goal, and get it done well. Flies represent death and decay in some cultures, but remember that without creatures like flies, the decomposition process would take much longer, and they help maintain a clean ecosystem.

To read more about the spiritual meaning of flies, see here: The Symbolism of Flies | Mysticsense

The Spiritual Meaning of Rats in Dreams

There are two possible meanings of rats in dreams. One is represented by the cute, cuddly, domesticated rats some people simply could not live without as pets, and the other is represented by the garbage eating, disease carrying sewer rat. If the rat in your dream is filthy and scurrying around sewage or trash, it represents bad energy coming into your life, and you are being told to cleanse and ward this away the second it appears. They can also represent being lied to, betrayed, or stolen from, so be aware of who is being sinister nearby. If, however, the rat in your dream is the sweet, gentle sort you would have as a pet, it symbolizes affection, playfulness, and kindness.

The Spiritual Meaning of Butterflies in Dreams

Dreaming of butterflies meaning is about transformation or change for the better. They represent beauty, freedom, enlightenment, and happiness. They are gentle creatures and typically come into your dreams to tell you to be happy and enjoy life. If you dream of dead butterflies, it may represent messages from the ancestors. Who have you lost to death who is sending you a message through the gentle butterfly? Dead butterflies can also represent the end in a way of being or end of a situation. You are about to have abrupt changes.

To read more about the spiritual symbolism of butterflies, see here: Spiritual Significance and Meanings of Dreams Butterflies | Mysticsense

The Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About the Same Person

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

If you are asking things like, “I keep dreaming about this guy I dated before. Why does that happen?” or “ I keep having dreams about my ex, how is this possible?”, you may either miss them, or miss things about the relationship even if you don’t miss them. People who we have spent time with and who we loved and trusted don’t simply disappear from our hearts just because our time is over with them.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Him?

Maybe he wasn’t Mr. Right, and when you were his significant other, he was a complete ogre, but he seems to sneak into your dreams every now and then anyhow. There is a chance that you are still hurting from things he did, and the dreams are your mind and heart grieving the fact he hurt you so badly. In dreams, reliving bad things that happened in relationships is our mind’s way of reminding us we ought to be scared of people who do such things. You may have had no control of what happened to you, and being afraid that could happen again comes through in nightmares sometimes. This acts as a reminder to avoid people who show similar behavior so you are never treated this way again.

I Keep Having Bad Dreams about My Boyfriend

What does it mean when you have dreams about bad things happening to the man or woman who you are dating? If you can tell what the details are of the bad things, perhaps your psychic abilities are warning you. One woman had bad dreams about a fire starting in her fiancées house, and she pointed to where in the ceiling the dream told her the fires came from. She kept asking him to please check so he finally went into the attic, and found some bad electrical wiring, which he had replaced immediately. Sometimes, bad dreams about our significant other is just us worrying about them, however, and that’s natural when you love somebody and want them to be safe. However, sometimes, we are being warned of something bad that could happen if something isn’t fixed.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming of My Ex-Boyfriend?

“Why do I keep having dreams of my ex?” Maybe you miss your ex, or maybe they are going to bump into you. One woman had dreams of her ex whenever he was thinking of calling her, and sure enough, every time she had a dream about him, she heard from him soon afterwards. Sometimes, we have an emotional connection with somebody after the relationship is over, and that connection alerts us about them. We can have dreams about their safety and we can have dreams about how they are feeling.

Unless you want to reconnect, you can always break those emotional and psychic bonds that make you have dreams about an ex, and here are ideas of how to do that: Cutting the Cords; How to Cut Someone Out of Your Life | Mysticsense

Dreaming About an Ex Years later Dream Meaning

“ I keep dreaming about my ex-boyfriend, and it’s been years since we were together. Why is this happening?“ Your ex may have had a lot of influence in your life, and emotionally, you are not over the breakup yet. Yes, even a long time after a breakup, some people are still not over it yet, that’s not unusual. You may miss some things about the relationship and wonder if maybe breaking things off was a mistake. When you are thinking of these things, sometimes, our sleeping mind keeps that thought pattern up by creating dreams about an ex. If these are intrusive dreams you don’t want to have anymore, every time you wake up from a dream about them, tell your brain that no dreams of the ex are welcome. Believe it, or not, even if you have to do this several times, it usually works in getting the dreams to stop.

Dreams of Ex-Wife

“Why do I keep dreaming of my ex-wife, of all people?” Was your wife or husband a complete monster in the marriage and during the divorce? So, how could your mind possibly conjure up a dream about them, after all they put you through? You just want to move on and forget about them. It’s not always so simple. Ex-spouses had a different kind of influence on us than just people who we dated. When people get married, they do so “until death do we part” and don’t expect a divorce in the future. Losing the trust and feeling of unconditional love is devastating and starting your life again without your spouse can feel impossible at first.

If you truly loved them, that love never goes away, even when the marriage is over, and that can hurt more than anything. Because you love them and pledged to share your life with them, even after divorce, you may still feel a permanent connection to them, and yes, that pops up in dreams sometimes. Especially if you have kids together or have some other connection that means you have been unable to completely break off communication with an ex-spouse, they can be on our minds long after a divorce. There may be no way to keep this from happening initially but take it from somebody who is divorced- it gets easier, and you find new love. You move on with your life, and the relationship you had with them does become a part of your past.

Why Do I Keep Having Dreams about Having a Baby?

Spiritual Dreams and Their Meanings

This can happen for different reasons. Maybe you really are going to have a baby, or maybe you have dreams about having a baby or children because you want to be a parent. Another reason you can have dreams about having a baby has nothing to do with having kids in your real future at all. In dreams, babies symbolize new beginnings and can be telling you that something wonderful is about to begin. Dreams about crying babies can symbolize you feeling overwhelmed or bogged down by the tasks and responsibilities piled upon you. This can be an indication you need to find a way to take some things off your plate, and tell some people “No” when they try to get you to do more for them.

What are Spiritual Dream Catchers?

The spiritual meaning of dream catchers comes from Native American tribal beliefs. There are currently over 500 different Native American tribes, and they don’t all have exactly the same practices or beliefs as one another. Some tribes, however have a reason they do use dream catchers. It is believed the dream catcher is made and placed above a baby’s bed at night, and the dream catcher catches all the dreams, holding on to the bad dreams, allowing only good dreams to make it into the sleeping child’s dreams. The bad dreams disappear during the daytime.

There is controversy about this, however, as many state this is a concept that was misappropriated by non-Native American groups and commercialized for profit. Indeed, many New Age and metaphysical shops that are neither ran by Native Americans nor patronized by them sells dream catchers aplenty. An article by explains the origin of the dream catcher in a way only Native American people can.

You can read it here: Dream Catcher | History, Origin, Meaning & Indian Symbolism - (

Keep your dream journal, and watch for patterns, most especially if you have dreams that come to pass. How do you feel differently when it is a psychic dream as opposed to one that is just your mind occupying itself while you sleep? You may feel like the dream is happening in real life when you are having a psychic dream and be surprised to wake up in real life that it was only a dream. Your dreams may not be psychic but may simply be showing you what your subconscious feelings are about things. Your dreams may also be giving symbols about what is going on in your life, and you can benefit from heeding what they are telling you.

Still not sure what your dreams are telling you? Mysticsense can help. Over 200 of our psychics specialize in dream interpretation and can help you to understand your dreams. Join us today to find out!

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