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Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality

By Saoirse
August 01, 2022
Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality
Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality
TL;DRJoin Mysticsense as we define prayer, spell work, discuss when to pray and when to do prayers, and we share some spells and prayers for personal spirituality and love.

Two of the most important parts of our lives happen to be love and our spirituality. There are plenty of ways to develop spirituality and multiple ways to cultivate love, but two popular ways to do this is through prayer and spell work. You can do spells or prayers for both, but sometimes, one way works better than the other. How do you know when to pray and when to take matters into your own hands and use magic to improve your spirituality or love life? Read on to learn.

What is Prayer

Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality

Prayer is defined simply as talking to a god or goddess. It can take the form of worship and praise, simply giving them thanks, for spiritual healing, or it can be used to petition them for help.

Asking for Help

Humans are pretty self-sufficient, and quite a capable species, but sometimes, even the most successful people need help, and will reach put to a higher power. Prayers can be complex, but sometimes, the simplest of prayers for help are the most effective.

One early prayer by Plato to Zeus gives example of petitioning for help. It says, “King Zeus, give unto us what is good, whether we pray or pray not; but what is grievous, even if we pray for it, do thou avert”

Another prayer asking for help comes to us from eighteenth dynasty coffins in Ancient Egypt to Nut, goddess of motherhood and the sky, and it says, “ O my mother Nut, spread yourself over me, so that I may be placed among the imperishable stars and may never die." 

Praise and Worship

A prayer of praise is just to praise and glorify the deity and for no other purpose but that. It shows respect, love, and adoration, and many take the time to give praise to the gods or goddesses they worship. A Hindu prayer of praise to the goddess Kali is here: “O mother, who is present everywhere, who is embodiment of Universal Mother,O mother, who is present everywhere, who is embodiment of Power and Energy,O mother, who is present everywhere, who is embodiment of Peace,I bow to thee, I bow to thee, I bow to thee.”

Another praise prayer comes from hieroglyphics from 300 BCE at Philae and it is called Prayer and Hymn to Isis (Asetr) the Goddess of 10,000 Faces. An excerpt reads, “You are the First Royal Spouse of Osiris, The Bull, the Lion who overthrows all his enemies, The Lord and ruler of eternity. Praise to you, Isis, the Great One, The mother of Horus, Lady of Heaven, Mistress and Queen of the gods.”

The rest of the prayer can be found here: Prayer and Hymn to Isis (Aset) the Goddess of 10,000 Faces – Iseum Sanctuary


Some prayers are said just to thank the divinity for something. With prayers of thanks, gifts are often offered like libations, or liquid poured into the ground as a offerings, or even charitable works done in the name of that god. One such prayer is Yoruban, and it says, “ To our Gods of old, we bless the ground

that you tread in search of our freedom!We bless your presence in our lives and in our hearts!Take of this offering to your delight,and be filled with our prayers of thanksgiving! May our lives remain as full as our hearts on this day!”

Another prayer of thanks comes as an Arabic phrase used by Muslims and it is simply “ Alhamdulillah” which means thank god, or praise be to god. It can be expanded to “Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil-'Alamin” ,

 which means “All praise is due to god, lord of all worlds,” or “lord of the universe.” It is the second verse of the first chapter of the Quran and is recited during the five daily prayers and also said before beginning work and upon finishing it and at other times to praise their god.

Self-Spiritual Healing Prayers

Prayer can be used for something else also, and that is connecting with deity and using this as spiritual strengthening or healing. Some people’s conversations with their deity comprises the most important conversations they have and connecting with that god can make them feel more themselves. Some people have suffered emotional trauma at the hands of people who harmed them within a religious organization, and solitary prayer to the divine can strengthen their connection to their god or goddess and help them emotionally heal. Not all faith traditions believe people need a clergy person to stand between them and their god or goddess, and even those who do extol the virtues of speaking individually with the divine being they belong to.

One such prayer that can be said for self-healing is “ (Say the name of your deity) Hear me. I come before you, broken hearted, and in need of healing. Show me where to reach out for clarity during this time and remind me that what happened to me was in no way my fault. I did not deserve any of it. Hold me in your arms of divine compassion while I grieve the loss of being somebody who had not known the pain I am now burdened with. Remind me that things happen for a reason, and that reason was because somebody chose to harm me. My pain is not noble, nor am I improved by it. However, remind me that I am neither lessened by it, and it won’t hurt like this forever. Sit with me, holding me together during this time that I pick up my broken pieces and put myself back together. Allow me to always feel your love and presence and open my heart and mind to your wise guidance. Be with me always. So be It.”

Definition for Amen

Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality

Following many prayers is a statement the prayer is finished and one such word is “amen” The Amen Hebrew meaning, according to Community of Israel online is “faith” and “ truth, certainty.” The Latin word is an affirmation. They write:

” As one of the most powerful and extraordinary words in the Bible, Amen is the supreme expression of assent. When we say amen, we are not simply agreeing but also proclaiming. It is a remarkable way to simultaneously say “Praise the Lord” and “I agree” with one single word.

The word amen appears in the Hebrew Scriptures 30 times and the New Testament 129 times (according to the statistics of the 4th edition of Nestle/Aland) and has its meaning encapsulated within the original Scriptures. For example, the prophet Jeremiah used the word amen as he agreed with the words of Hananiah.”

While amen translation may be of “faith”, it can function as “amen to that” meaning you agree with something that was just said. The amen omen meaning for Christians is respectfully telling their god they have finished praying, as if it would be rude to just break off a prayer without amen as a form of “goodbye” . Amen is also used to mean “so be it” and can be said after hearing a blessing to denote you accept said blessing. For many, “amen” is just as important to say as the content of the prayer spoken before saying amen, and no prayer would be complete without it.

Candle Spiritual Vigil

Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality

Some people don’t just want to speak or think a prayer, but love using candles too. The way to do this is simple. Get a candle used only for prayers, and light it each time you pray. Certain colors can be used for specific meaning. For example, white and black candles are used universally no matter what the purpose of your prayer, but a red candle can be used to ask for inspiration with something you are passionate about. If you have prayers related to love, pink is a good color to use, and if you need help financially, a green candle for money can be used. Intellectual issues can be prayed about with a blue candle, and emotional issues can as well because blue symbolizes both the intellect and water, which symbolizes emotions.

In some traditions, simply lighting a candle that has been selected for the purpose of prayer is considered a prayer in, and of itself. If the whole candle is not burned during the prayer, make sure not to blow the candle out, which would serve to blow the energy of the prayer away. Instead, pinch the candle flame out with your fingers, clap or wave your hands over the flame to extinguish it, or simply use a candle snuffer. Make sure not to use your candle, which is now a sacred object, for anything else but your prayers.

Understanding My Spiritual Gifts

A simple definition of spiritual health is being in touch with your spiritual gifts, and prayer can help with that. Simply ask your deity or spirit guides to reveal your spiritual gifts to you. Maybe you have very strong intuition and can foretell things before they occur. Some people call that the gift of prophecy. Some people are able to basically read if people are telling the truth or not, and they are skilled as investigators and counselors. Some people have the ability to understand animals, and other people can literally feel other people’s feelings. Some people are able to change unhappy energy into happy energy wherever they go and these people can apply that to any clergy position, or teaching, or any field that works directly with people including crisis intervention.

Your spiritual gifts will begin manifesting when you are young, and a lot of people are unaware of what they are because they seem so natural. That’s because they are. One woman’s spiritual gifts allowed her to be very persuasive all of her life, and she used them to talk people into anything she wanted. She excelled in sales. Another good use of such a gift would be to go into a field like teaching at risk youth, and work at getting them motivated to excel in school and work hard at a good career. Such persuasive individuals can also work in corrections, and help people to turn their lives around, stepping away from a life of crime. Ask your gods and guides to help you discover your spiritual gifts and use them for the greater good and to empower your own life.

Prayers in the Spirit of Love

Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality

When you love someone, you can always pray to their god or goddess for them. One prayer you can say is one for love and unity with all creation and for unity with the people gathered with you. It is one prayer shared by Three Cranes Grove, ADF, and it goes:

“ The spirits of the sky are above us.

The spirits of the land are around us.

The spirits of the waters flow below us.

Surrounded by all the numinous beings of earth and sky and water,

Our hearts tied together as one,

Let us pray with a good fire.”

Another prayer for those you love comes to us from poemore,com, and it goes: “This is my prayer for you dear friend, that the Lord will make a way for you where there seems to be no way. You will walk on the highway of greatness. Instead of curses, you shall be greatly blessed. Your little efforts will yield great results and your mouth shall always be filled with songs of victory. The Lord will be your guide always. He will show you the way to go. You will not walk in darkness. You will not stumble. The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night. You shall be the head and never the tail. I decree into your life, my friend that it shall be well with you always.”

Spell Casting Meaning

Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality

Spell casting is working magic using spell work or sending out energy with the goal of creating change. Unlike prayer, spells do not rely on the power of a god or goddess to act, but they either utilize your energy, or energy you draw from some other non-godhead source. While some would say that prayer is a form of magic, and possibly the most widely used magical technique, spell work itself is more involved than simply speaking a prayer. Several simple spells will be provided you can use here, and please feel free to change them to your own liking.

Speed Up Manifestation Spell

Does it seem like it is taking forever for something to happen? Are you working overtime to get a result and would just like a little help from the Universe to make things happen already? There is something you can do, after all. First, make sure there is nothing mundane that you can do. Maybe getting enough money saved up for that vacation you have always dreamed of can be done faster if you pick up extra hours at work. Maybe that best friend you keep wishing to see again can come back into your life if you pick up the phone and make amends after that horrible fight you had. So, you have done all that already and just want things to hurry up?

Look no farther than a mirror and a candle. Use a plain white candle, which has never been used for anything at all yet and has no energy from any other thing you will to happen. Go into your room with the mirror, and light the candle. Make sure nobody else is around and there are no distractions. You can even turn off all the lights, only allowing the candle to illuminate the space. Light the candle and look deeply into your own eyes and say “I have done all I can. Now it is time to have the patience to let things happen when they are meant to.” We cannot always will things to go exactly as we wish, but we can calm ourselves and be patient. Read more about learning to wait here: Just Wait! (

Spells to Cast for Love

Looking online at “” or some other site may yield generic love spells that are supposed to make a man or woman we desire all ours, but the truth is, love spells don’t work that way. A spell to make someone fall in love with you if they don’t already is one cast to make somebody do something against their will, and is not only unethical, but shows you really don’t love them. What happens when a love spell is cast? There are different things that can happen.

First, you may be a powerful enough spell caster that you make someone love you, but you may have to do spell after spell to keep them as yours. Then, the love is not true love, and they are with you because you have forced them to be. Do you really want to possess somebody rather than waiting for somebody who truly loves you to come into your life? Next, you may get stuck with somebody you have a difficult time getting rid of in the event the love spell works so well- and then you discover you really don’t want to be in a relationship with them after all! Love spells are best left in good supernatural fiction and fairy tales because they can spell disaster in real life.

Sending Sexual Energy to Someone

One sort of spell work you can do to let someone know you are drawn to them romantically is to do an attraction spell. This spell does not need to be done in any magical circle, nor does it require candles, chants, or magic words. It is a spell to make you the best you can be, and it’s magic you work on yourself. Take a look at yourself and see if you are neglecting nurturing yourself. What is it that you need to thrive that you have not been doing? Have you been bogged down “doing a co-worker a favor” and taking hours in their department but it has worn you thin, and you can see it in the bags under your eyes and the fact you don’t have the time to go out and enjoy yourself these days? Tell the co-worker you have a deadline and then stop helping. Use that time to go enjoy life instead. The word “No” is one of the most magical words there is.

Do you have an unhealthy habit that is making you a bad version of yourself? Find out what it is you need to do to break the habit. Talk to other people who have done likewise and get started. Are you lacking in sleep because you have too much to do? Take some things off your plate so you can sleep again. Did you stop going to the gym? Get started again. Look at your life long and hard and find out if there is anything that is holding you back from thriving, and then do what to takes to thrive. When you are one hundred percent your very best self, you are magnetic and irresistible to people. When you are at your best, you will also be your sexiest, and just emanating your best energy around the one you desire will act as a powerful aphrodisiac to them if you are meant to be together.

The One True Love Spell that Works

What is a love spell that works better than any other love spell, and one that anybody can do? Beyond being your best self, there is another love spell that works more than any other love spell. That is to simply give love to the best of your ability. If magic is moving energy in conformity with your will, or what you want to have happen, projecting the energy of genuine love and care is a powerful magical working. People will feel the genuine care and consideration you have for them, and they will want to spend more and more time with you. Everybody wants to be loved and cared about, and everybody wants to be in relationships with people who have their best interests in mind.

That doesn’t mean everybody you are romantically drawn to will become your lover, but it does mean that the people who are meant to be your lovers will immediately know how open your heart is and they will not hesitate to start a wonderful relationship with you.

Spells for Spiritual Growth

Prayers and Spells for Love and Spirituality

A simple spell for spiritual growth when you don’t want to petition a deity or spirit for help is simply to self-initiate onto your own path. It does not matter what religion you belong to, and even if you don’t belong to any religious organization or tradition, you are still on your very own spiritual path. A simple way to self-initiate and pledge yourself to your own spiritual journey is to go to a place you hold sacred where you want to be for this pledge. It can be a place in nature, a holy sanctuary, or at your own home.

Set up whatever you want to use as an altar or even just a table to work at. Light a single candle, and say something along the lines of this in your own words:

“I am one of a kind, and my sacred path is mine alone. Nobody can tell me exactly how to believe or how I should worship. I alone decide what is sacred to me, and I alone stand before my deity once I pass to the otherworld when this life is over. I devote myself to the work I will do all the days of my life, and I open my mind, heart, and spirit to explore all the sacredness that is uniquely mine to experience. I am thankful for all the guides I will meet, and I know that I am my own number one guide. I will learn and I will grow, and someday I may even guide others. Hail the divine within me and hail the divine who I open my heart to touch and commune with. I vow to always be true to myself and remember that I can never stray from my own path, because it is mine to walk for all my days. So Be It.”

What is the Difference Between Prayer and Spell Work?

How do you know when to use prayer and when to use spells? Prayer entails petitioning a higher power to intercede and help you and spell work relies on your own power to make things happen. Only you can decide whether to use magic or prayer to reach your goals. May your path be delightful, illuminating, and enjoyable all the days of your life. So Be It.

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