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Making Magic with Colors

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
July 14, 2023
Making Magic with Colors
Making Magic with Colors

There are many ways to work magic, and each person has to decide what ways work best for their own magical practice. Some people prefer to use crystals, while others love to do earth-based magic. Some people practice a tradition of Ceremonial Magic, others primarily work with sympathetic magic, and then there are people who use candles mostly. However, there isanother form of magic that not everyone talks about, and it is a form of magic that pretty much anybody can do, which ismagic using color.

Certain people live their lives in beige, grays, and navy blues, shunning brighter colors because they don’t want to seem too “loud.” Other people thrive picking colors for their homes and wardrobes, and absorb the energies from the pleasures color brings them. What beauty would there be in plates of foods if there was no variety in the dishes, and what would a field of flowers be without the vibrant diversity of the colors? There is magic in color, and you may be using colors to make magic without even knowing it. Colors can be used for glamor and to influence moods. Colors influence us in ways we would never dream of, and color is indeed used for the magic of healing. Besides this, each color has its own magic and energies, and can be used for different things. 

Magic With Colors

Making Magic with Colors

Of all the magical things that are easily accessible, color tops the list. Color can be found everywhere in creation, in both the natural and man-made world. For some people, working with color in their magic might come naturally yet, others might be asking , ”What color should I wear in a first date?” and “How can I use electric blue color energy?” or “What energy healing treatment can I use with color?” Color creates illusions, better called glamor, and color changes moods. 


Color can create effective illusions and work independently for magic. For example, if you want to make a sultry impression, wear red lipstick. Red hair combined with this will work as well. if you don’t want to stand out at all, either opt for neutrals like beiges and navies. You can even select colors that are exactly like the other colors of the surroundings to camouflage, and it can work as an invisibility spell. A design trick that magically makes a space look larger is to have the furniture painted the same color as the walls.This will trick the eye into thinking the space is larger and is often used to sell houses

You can also use color to endear people to you or repel them. Psychologically, it is believed that wearing green makes you look untrustworthy, but if you want to impress someone the first time you meet them, wearing navy slacks with a crisp white shirt or blouse will make you look respectable and sharp. You can also wear what colors you know somebody prefers to make them more comfortable with you when you first meet them.


Colors change moods as well. If the weather has been gray and dreary, and you want to feel more energetic, the color yellow can help with that. While you might not be able to paint your walls, draping yellow curtains, or adding lively yellow themed art to a room will help you feel more alert. Turning on bright lights or opening blinds to allow daylight in can help with this as well. Some people don’t want to be awakened by colors, but want to relax. Soothing colors like blues and soft pastels have been proven to relax people, and today, a lot of people find shades of grays calming. While generally brighter colors and lights rejuvenate, meaning energize people, and darker, softer colors relax, not everybody swears by this.

One thing to remember is that while generally, certain colors create certain moods in peoplel, each of us have our own preferences. Being surrounded by favorite colors makes anybody feel better, and not everybody has a “yellow personality” wanting yellow everywhere to energize them. Some people have a power purple that makes them feel good, and others are not too crazy about colors at all and prefer a white light energy. Finding out what color is your energy favorite will tell you how to use color to enhance mood.


While there are many types of healing, therapeutic energy healing can be done using colors. Of the types of energy healing, healing with a “color bath” is one way to use color to heal. Some people start to feel drained in wintertime and say they are going through a “green withdrawal”. People who move from greener climates to arctic or desert lands sometimes report the same feeling. One way to combat this withdrawal of green energy is to surround yourself with green things. Houseplants or garden plants are one way to do this, but decorating with green, or draping green fabrics over a lamp to bathe the whole room in green light can help with this.

Some people use colors to activate their chakras, using the color that is attributed to the particular chakra they want to strengthen. One way to do this is to wear clothes in the color of that chakra, burn candles in that color, and eat foods that are that color as well. 

Seeing Colors During Meditation

Making Magic with Colors

During meditation, amazing images come into your mind, and some people wonder what it means to only see colors. Seeing colors in meditation can mean a number of things, with the colors possibly meaning things. Sometimes you are visited by spirits, and seeing colors while meditating can indicate the visiting spirit. Colors can also be sending messages. If you have a friend whose favorite color is purple, seeing a purple color during meditation may be telling you to reach out to them, or that you are about to hear from them. Any color seen during meditation can be a psychic message, or it might just be your mind going deeper into meditation.

To find out what is causing the colors to appear during meditation, journal all the things you saw, and pay close attention to what comes to pass afterwards. You might be having déjà vu of something you will experience soon, and the images showed what will soon happen. You may experience a certain feeling when certain colors appear. You might be able to understand what the colors you are seeing mean quickly, but you may have to continue your meditative practices for a while before you understand what the colors mean. 

Energy Healing with Colors

Making Magic with Colors

More ways to heal with colors are to heal or transform energy. Light and darkness are two ways to transform the energy of a place. Some people feel blessed by the sun, and others feel more blessed by the moon.Whichever is best suited, you can use those energies to heal yourself and your home. A sun or moon bath can be done by opening all blinds and curtains, and weather permitting, windows and doors, allowing the darkness and light of the moon, or brightness of the sunlight to flood into your space. A Full Moon bath for your ritual working space can bless your space with the power of the Full Moon and cleanse out all impurities.

Each color is believed by many to have its own powers and healing attributes, and many use these powers for magical healing. Green is said to bring growth and ability to have positive change as well as money, and enveloping yourself in green is one way to bring in these blessings. One way to do that is to wear glasses with green lenses, so you see green, or wear all green, even painting or wallpapering a room in green. If you can’t do that, cloth in colors of green can be strung across walls, and a green light bulb can be installed into your lamp. Switch dominant colors out as you want the attributes of other colors and allow the healing of colors to work for you. 

Colors to Influence

Making Magic with Colors

Colors magically influence things as well. Seasonal colors help people to get in the mood for holidays. Pinks and reds on Valentine's day gets people in the mood for these festivities, and Red with Green get people in a “Christmassy” mood. 

Certain colors can invoke negative feelings. If you had to visit a house that had a certain color scheme, and you experienced a traumatic event there, you may find yourself triggered with unwanted flashbacks to the trauma.. Likewise, pleasant feelings of being protected and at home can come about when you walk in someplace that has the same color schemes of a place where you had good memories as a child.

Colors can influence how people perceive you as well. It is said that wearing red or purple communicates success and authority, while charcoal gray communicates professionalism. Wearing pastel colors will make you seem softer, more agreeable, and more approachable.All black clothing will make you be perceived as sophisticated. Patterns also influence how you are perceived. Plaids can make you seem more traditional, while rainbow patterns will make you seem more progressive. Floral patterns will appear more old-fashioned, and abstract patterns can make people think you are more modern. Choose your colors and patterns to influence how people perceive and react to you, and this will help you control the outcomes of things better.

Magical Color Meanings

Making Magic with Colors

Magical techniques aside, different colors have different magical attributes and help to make different things happen. Of course, you should always trust your own intuition when it comes to using colors for magic. If one color is said to create serenity, and it makes you feel jittery, you don’t have to use that color. Some people have a personal power color that does certain things for them, and that is not the “accepted” magical use of that color. Experiment with colors and see what works the best for you!


A color of elemental fire, red is a color of magic, passion, action, and strength. It brings the powers of assertiveness, enthusiasm, ambition, courage, and helps strengthen leadership qualities. It is a sultry color of sensuality, and excites lust and brings passion and fertility. It supports and encourages competition, independence, and determination. A very powerful color to bring about magic for self-empowerment, red can be worn to give strength and vitality during times when you are stimulated by challengers.


Another color corresponding with the element of fire, this one is less about self-empowerment and more about optimism, accomplishment, and prosperity. Orange strengthens and helps instill adaptability, luck, and helps you to manifest the things you want in your life. It stimulates, and helps teach charm and helps you to convince people to get on board with the goals you have. Orange helps bring happiness and dispels negativity and sorrows. This colour can help you meet business goals by making business clients find you magnetic and it also draws friends. Use orange colored accents around your workspace to bring in the magic of the color orange to support your business.


The color yellow is one of the colors of the element air, and it symbolizes money, intellect, alertness, awareness, communication, confidence, harmony, and happiness. It can be used to help increase wealth and open your mind to intellectual pursuits that will further your career.

The color yellow personality traits are of joy and fellowship, and this color can be used to foster emotional closeness in relationships. Use yellow to help manifest togetherness, and ease unhappiness. It’s great to use when you are trying to quell an argument among friends, and a good color to use when you are feeling down and sad. To use yellow for magic, you can light a yellow candle and say a prayer for your intention.


A color of the element of earth, green is often hailed as a color for money, but is also a color for growth, healing, rejuvenation, and union with the earth. A bringer of luck, green also supports success in business and finances, bringing success, abundance, and it can help to multiply resources. Green instills peace and encourages you to get in touch with the source of your personal spirit self. Green brings the magic of success in your endeavors and prosperous harvest of whatever it is you have worked on. To rejuvenate yourself when times are stressful, disappear into nature, and feel yourself enveloped into creation, away from your stresses, and completely connected with the earth. Let the earth pull the frustrations and worries out of you and fill you with the growing energies of the planet.


A color that creates balance, turquoise is good for calming and instilling mental clarity. It helps to make you empathize well with others and be more compassionate, and it helps clear the mind to make way for spiritual strength. It helps give clear thoughts, opens communication, and will help to rejuvenate your mind. Turquoiseis also a color that helps support creativity and inventiveness, hanging a turquoise cloth in your office to help stimulate new and unique ideas.


While there are many shades of blue, blue color characteristics are those of healing, patience, justice, and tranquility. It is another color of the element of air, which is an intellectual sign of movement.Blue also corresponds to water itself, which is fluid emotions. These elements combine to instill water with the magic of purification and the color blue personality is one of peace, wisdom, and patience. A dark royal blue color can bring in the magic of rest and relaxation and can help induce sleep deep enough to allow dreaming. A deep blue purple color helps to strengthen abilities to have prophetic dreams and to help you know where to look for psychic wisdom.


A powerful color for magical and psychic abilities, purple strengthens magical psychic powers and opens the mind to communication with the spirit realm. It is a divine color symbolizing the goddesses and the gods. Purple is also a color of spirituality, divination, and astral travel.

Purple magically strengthens all abilities that are psychic in nature, and it helps aid in communication with the dead, and celestial beings. Fill a bowl with amethyst crystals to keep beside you during psychic work, use a purple cloth to lay your psychic tools on to strengthen your psychic abilities during divination.


Silver meaning is that of Moon magic and the power of the goddess. All things feminine and corresponding to motherhood and female sexuality are represented by the color silver. Silver shades, correspond with cycles of life, rejuvenation, death, and reincarnation. Silver magical energy brings awareness of the mysteries of motherhood, and silver has been used to help heal female hormonal issues.

Lighting silver candles means to build psychic abilities and send psychic messages, and sliver wards off negativity. 


Magically, gold represents power and success. Gold represents the might of the invincible sun, and all things related to the father god, male vitality and sexuality and strength. Male virility is supported by the magic of gold, and good health, much wealth, and great sex are instilled by gold. Hang a gold image of the sun beside your mirror and speak positive affirmations to yourself as you begin your day to increase your personal power and aid in your success.


Known for symbolizing purity, white is also a color that honors the dead and the connection the living maintain with the ancestors. White represents innocence, good intentions, and spiritual completeness. Part of the magic of white is that it represents nothingness, and it is out of nothingness that new beginnings come. Wear white to help open communication and to show respect when you want to communicate with your ancestors.


The color of pink magically draws love and affection to you, and it helps to make you to be more loving to other people as well. Pink soothes negative feelings like anger, argumentativeness, resentment, and aggression. It promotes sensuality, and romance, and gets people in touch with their affectionate sides. Gift pink flowers to those you are attracted to in order to draw them to you more, and wear pink rose quartz to use the magic of pink to draw lovers to you.


Misunderstood as a color of evil, and negative entities, black is actually a color of rest, exploration of the parts of ourselves we need to strengthen, and it is a very protective color. Black magically wards off negativity, and blocks malevolence instead of inviting it in. It hides imperfections and holds within it the magic and the power of all the other colors combined. Magically, black is used in banishings, curse breaking, bindings, and in casting of spells. Black is usually worn during times of grief for comfort and peace.


An earth element color, brown is a color of reliability, steadfastness and endurance. It is used in the construction of homes because of its protective energies, and it is also used to protect animals. Brown helps with psychic and emotional grounding,and helps make people and places more approachable.

To bring the magical power of the color brown into your home for protection, paint the house or the trim accents brown, or use sturdy, solid wood materials and use sheer stains so the natural brown color shows. You can also keep brown materials in your office and carry a brown wallet to help you to be practical with your money and save more than you spend.

Color Magic

Using colors in your magic is a simple way to strengthen your workings, and to empower your personal successes. While magical correspondences are available for what the accepted meanings and powers of each color are, make sure to experiment and find out what colors work best for you. Each of us have our own power color of choice, and we each find our own ways of using all the colors to support our power. Wear colors, burn specific colored candles, decorate with magical colors, and use colored light bulbs and lanterns to help do healing with color magically. May your magic be powerful, and may your use of color support your magical workings.

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