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Best Compatibility for Libra in Love and Relationships

By Mysticsense
March 07, 2023
Best Compatibility for Libra in Love and Relationships
Best Compatibility for Libra in Love and Relationships

Ruler of the seventh house of partnership, Libras are the most relationship orientated signs of thee zodiac. Which is helpful to know if you’re searching for love and have a Libra in your line of sight. But, as always, we’re not always compatible with the people we admire the most.

It’s hard not to be attracted to them. They’re sociable, fun, confident, and artistic, usually leading proactive lifestyles with an eye for aesthetics. In short, Libras are cool. (If you’re a curious Libra reading this, we know a compliment can make your day, so, you’re welcome!)

But, as any other zodiac, Libras aren’t without their faults. Paired with the wrong partner, these flaws can ultimately spell disaster for a relationship. That’s why it’s always helpful to know which signs have the best compatibility for Libra, and vice versa. In this article, we cover all the signs, rating compatibility from best to worst.

Libra personality

Born between the dates 23rd of September to 22nd October, Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, money, beauty, and art. Blessed with Venus’ energy, Libra is social, fun, and enjoys the finer things in life.

Naturally extroverted and kind, they tend to have huge social circles, and the romantic energy of Venus makes Libra the best flirter around! At a party, they’re probably the best dressed in the room, and they revel in dressing for the occasion. Their love of personal aesthetics and beauty might strike some as vanity or shallowness, but, for a Libra, it’s more about passion and effort than it is about ego.

A cardinal air sign, Libra is associated with intellect, communication and community, known for initiating new ideas and setting trends. Whatever their passion may be, they’re a visionary in their own right, changing the status quo and leading others with their ideas.

In conversation, Libras love to think metaphysically. They’re intelligent creatures who enjoy high-minded and radical conversations about politics, power, and justice. Symbolised by the scales, democratic Libra’s strong sense of justice also makes them an excellent peace-keeper and communicator. Need someone to mediate a debate, or smooth over an argument? You needa Libra.

They are likely to play devil’s advocate, which can be frustrating to some. But, this is because a Libra wants to understand a story from every perspective and context, instead of following popular opinion. Our advice is to trust the process, they know what they’re doing.

Another trait of a Libra – endearing to some, and repellent to others – is their vanity. It’s a common joke within the astrology community that Libras are most easily distracted by their own reflection, marvelling at their Venus-blessed good looks. Flattery goes a long way with this particular sign, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to win them over!

In love, Libras occupy the house of relationships, they enjoy courtship and love a slow burning romance! If you can charm your way into a Libra’s heart (and they do like to be charmed), you’re sure to experience a once-in-a-lifetime romance like no other.

So, which lucky signs have what it takes to secure a relationship with lovely Libra?

Libra and Gemini – Completely Compatible

If there’s one sign that can keep up with a Libra in the flirtation department, it’s definitely a Gemini! These two can keep one another entertained, romanced, and intellectually stimulated for life.

Gemini falls third in the zodiac, creating a trine from Libra, who sits four signs away. A trine is one of the most harmonious angles you can find in astrology when it comes to romantic compatibility.

They’re both air signs, too, which makes them both highly motivated, and constantly learning. Air signs love to keep up with current affairs and expand their intellectual horizons, so they’ll never run out of new things to talk about. Plus, they’re both super social, and will enjoying flitting from one party to the next, entertaining friends, until they’re ready to walk home together, hand-in-hand.

Always seeking both sides to the story, Libras will be understanding of their Gemini’s flaws, but won’t be afraid to tell them when they need to buck their ideas up. Whilst, Gemini can help Libra overcome their flaky tendencies, and put their plans into action. A great pairing for sure!

Libra and Leo – Completely Compatible

Giving Libra’s vanity a run for its money is the ever-charming Leo. Fifth sign of the zodiac, and sitting two signs apart from Libra, Leo forms a sweet sextile with our sign of focus, creating a harmonious bond.

Both signs love romance and gallant courting, making as much effort to truly see their partner, as well as easily opening up to be seen. They’re a very social pair, and Libra will be able to handle Leo’s need to be the centre of attention with grace and, even, admiration. At the same time, Leo will always be proud of their Libra, wanting to show them off and make them shine even brighter.

Libra will appreciate Leo’s confidence and honesty, while Leo will be hypnotised by Libra’s sense of aesthetics, charm and Venus-energy.

Libra and Aquarius – Potentially Compatible

Another fellow air sign, Aquarius and Libra could definitely have what it takes to make a relationship work long term. If they can overcome a few natural hurdles.

As they share the same element, they naturally share the same level of intellect, social ability, and sense of adventure. This makes for an easy chemistry from the outset. Their placement within the astrological chart also creates a harmonious trine angle, like Gemini, meaning they’ll instinctively understand each other’s needs and desires.

However, Libra is the signs of partnership, and Aquarius is well known for their love of freedom rather than commitment. This difference can also pull their ideals in separate directions. Libra care about their personal relationships most, whereas Aquarians are more drawn to exploring abstract ideas and the world at large, leaving their Libra feeling second-best.

As we established earlier, Venus-ruled Libra values aesthetics and courting. Whereas rebellious, Uranus-ruled Aquarius prefers to break the mould and social norms, seeing Libra's values as too traditional.

That said, air signs are gifted with excellent communication skills, and conversationally, Libra and Aquarius are very compatible. So, if the two can set aside the time to be open, and listen to each other, they have a good chance of overcoming their differences.

The least compatible signs with Gemini

When working with star sign compatibility, it’s important to know that our analysis is based on the general traits of the main sun signs of each zodiac. 

To truly understand how compatible one individual will be with another, you will need to calculate the unique planetary positions of each person’s natal/birth chart. Reading natal charts is a complex and ancient practice that takes years to master. To find the full scope of a potential soulmate, consulting an expert astrologer would be the best choice.

Here are the least compatible signs with Libra.

Libra and Aries

On the surface, fire sign Aries and air sign Libra have a lot in common; they’re social, smart, optimistic and creative creatures. They might get off to a good start. However, they sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. Usually, in astrology, opposites can attract, but are likely to end in chaos rather than roses.

Due to their elements, these two feel an ethereal pull towards each other, an inexplicable magnetism – after all, a fire turns to a blaze with added oxygen. But, feed a fire too much air, and it will burn through its resources, eventually sizzling out altogether.

Ruled by Mars, the god of war, Aries are known for being hot-headed, competitive, and confrontational, which is not Libra’s vibe at all. Ruled by Venus, Libra values harmony, and will shy away from confrontation at all costs. This sensitivity, irrational to Aries, may push the fire sign to subconsciously engage in passive-aggressive behaviours, which typically stops  this pairing in its tracks.

Approach with caution!

Libra and Taurus

If Libra wants to take a trip around a city’s art galleries, or head out for a shopping spree, there’s no better companion for them than a Taurus. Both signs are ruled by Venus, meaning they share the same appreciation of style, art, luxury, and romance, so they’re likely to be best friends!

Plus, Taureans are fixed signs, whereas Libra is a cardinal. Libra is great at coming up with creative, fun ideas, and Taurus is the one to create a plan and keep it going. 

Romantically, however, the problems start with their placements in the zodiac. Fixed earth sign Taurus sit five signs apart, forming a quincunx. In astrology, quincunx is thought of as a pretty awkward angle to navigate. 

Taureans are renowned for their stubborn nature, possessive edge, and rigid pragmatism, which is completely at odds with gentle Libra. Libra will want to bounce between one social scene to the next, while Taurus will insist that stay at home together to save money. If Taurus can be persuaded to attend the party, they’ll likely end up jealous as they watch flirtatious Libra naturally charm their way around the room.

Libra and Sagittarius

When it comes to a Libra and Sagittarius, they’re both sociable, adventurous, concerned with truth, and revel in high-minded conversation. Perfect! Libra is two signs apart from Sagittarius, too, forming a sextile, and making for an easy-going connection. 

Socially, sunny Sagittarius naturally taking the role of life-of-the-party, rather than the party planner, like Libra. But, a Sag’s unfiltered, confrontational, way of communication might be enough to turn off the conflict-averse Libra when dating. If Sagittarius can reign it in, Libra is more than happy to see both sides of the argument, coming to a balanced, trustworthy conclusion.

However, the biggest problem here is that free-spirited Sagittarius’ are notorious for their inability to commit to relationships. They hate to feel tied down and have trouble to compromise for a partner's needs, which is completely at odds with relationship-orientated Libra.

Libra and Pisces

Similarly to Taurus, Pisces sits at a quincunx angle from Libra, which can make for a confusing pairing, full of misunderstandings and awkwardness.

Although ruled by different planets, the two share a love of art, and creativity. Generally, both signs are gentle and empathetic, too. However, with shadowy Neptune channelling its energy through Pisces, the similarities stop there. 

In the astrology, Pisceans are known for being slippery little fish, due to their chaotic inner worlds and propensity for escapism. Even the understanding Libra will have a hard time keeping up with Pisces’ mood swings!

Although Libra’s adverse to conflict, Pisces takes it to another level, choosing to swim away from the slightest hint of confrontation (or accountability), instead of talking it over. This flaw won’t sit well with Libra who, despite their sensitivity to conflict, has a keen sense of justice, and strong communication skills. If they can catch the little Fish, a productive conversation is unlikely as Pisces can resort to manipulation to get out of a sticky situation, which will tun-off a Libra completely.

Libra and Capricorn

This pairing is a prime example of opposites repelling each other. 

Ruled by taskmaster Saturn, Capricorns are known for keeping their heads down and working hard. Their disposition tends to lean towards pessimism and pragmatism, and they often have very lofty goals for not only themselves, but their partners, too. For a happy-go-lucky Libra, hard work, practicality, and pessimism is the ultimate nightmare trio.

On top of that, their interests are worlds apart. While Libra loves to interpret the deeper meaning in abstract works of art, Capricorn is more likely to be found studying the information plaques in a history museum. When Libra wants to be out partying with friends, Capricorn would rather be at home watching a documentary.

All-in-all, this pairing is very unlikely to work.

Libra and Scorpio

Scorpio is a semisextile, or one sign apart from Libra, setting up an award angle, but this is the least of their problems.

Mars-ruled Scorpio is fiercely loyal, effortlessly brave, and honest to a fault. They’re incredibly intense creatures and take life seriously, prone to wanting the upper hand over others. All of this intensity, might be a little too much for gentle Libra, who prefers to live in the moment and please their social circles, rather than sizing them up as competition.

Libra will appreciate Scorpio’s honesty and bravery, but their communication styles are likely to clash. Scorpios are private beings, who hate talking about themselves, and struggle to open up. This is because they crave control in all aspects of their lives, and, if a Libra isn’t given the opportunity to see who their partner really is, they’re likely to back away.

Take a chance on love

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about the most compatible signs with Libra!

It’s important to remember that you’ll only know your true compatibility with your love interest when you understand both natal charts. After all, no one is quite what they seem on the surface, and love can be found in the most unlikely places!

In astrology, natal charts have the power to unlock the hidden depths and layers of a person, far beyond their sun sign alone. 

Talk to one of our experienced, divine astrologers for an expert reading today, and make sure to get your daily dose of divine guidance from your daily horoscope reading.

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