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How the Zodiac Signs Fight

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
August 21, 2023
How the Zodiac Signs Fight
How the Zodiac Signs Fight

While somebody’s zodiac sign won’t help us to predict every last thing about them, there are some things you can tell just by knowing their sign. You can get tips on how to make a Capricorn woman happy and the difference between an Aries man and woman. How do the signs make love? How do they decide their paths? Most of all…how do they behave when they are fighting, and what can you do about it? Explore all about how zodiac signs fight today!

How Do Aries Fight?

One of the characteristics of an Aries woman is that she is fiery. She will be known for her boundless energy, fantastic sense of humor, warm way of welcoming the people she loves, and of course, the fact that she is like a terrifying wild cat when she’s mad. Dating an Aries woman means you better not make her angry, or you will be in for being yelled at until she has shouted it all out of her system, but if you are one of the best partners for an Aries woman, you will know her triggers, and you won’t push it. In the event you have found yourself unlucky enough to have ticked an Aries off, if you have no spine and won’t speak up when she starts yelling, she won’t respect you.

Aries people love the adrenaline of having a challenging partner, and the ability to stand your ground will give you great compatibility for an Aries woman. The best compatible signs for an Aries woman are other fire signs Sagittarius and Leo. Another of the best signs for an Aries woman or man to be involved with are Librans, who are pretty difficult to shout down when they feel challenged.

One of the other compatible signs for an Aries woman is a Gemini or Aquarian, who can handle all her powerful energy and match it themselves. Just don’t let an Aries dominate you, even if you have done wrong and deserve for her to be mad at you. Apologizing is one thing, but kowtowing is quite another and that is not how to deal with an Aries woman as Aries people do not like to be with somebody who they think is weak willed.

How Do Taurus Fight?

Are Taurus men sensitive, even though they throw a fit sometimes and resemble a “bull in a China closet” more than anything else? Sure, but keep in mind that maybe how to make an Taurus woman happy is to basically speak up when she blows her top, but that approach will not work so well with your Taurus loved one.

When a Taurus is in the mood to fight, they feel like they have been very patient and have been pushed to the point of being unable to stand it anymore. That is partially true. Dating a Taurus woman might have you taking orders, and she pitches a tantrum if you disagree on something as simple as which shade of blue is prettiest. Taurus people expect unquestioning loyalty, and some of them are controlling enough to stand for nothing but unquestioning obedience.

However, a Taurus man’s loyalty is as unquestioning and unshakable as the loyalty he wants, and the best sign for a Taurus woman to date is somebody who can tolerate her temper outbursts as well as her desire to call the shots. They also need to know how to tell her she better stop screaming and giving ultimatums and listen to the fact they already did what she asked.

Signs like Pisces and Cancers are great at being accommodating, and Leos bend over backwards to please the people they love, and Tauruses adore this. A Taurus who truly loves you might throw a fit over something, but if you demonstrate over time that you are loyal to them, they will relax their demands over time, and appreciate you putting up with their tempers.

How Do Geminis Fight?

As the Twins is the symbol that characterizes Geminis, a Gemini may or may not fight, but when they do, you can be sure they hit below the belt with words that hurt badly. One minute, you may be their new star employee, and the next, they will be telling you they are dismayed at your lackluster job performance and that they had really expected more. After decades of marriage, and they flat out refused to adopt, although you can’t conceive children together, one day out of the blue, they will inform you that had they married somebody else they could have been a parent like they wanted.

Screaming, throwing things, and making threats isn’t a Gemini’s style. Using their words in the way that packs the most punch to get back at you is how they fight. If they are upset, they will want to strike back, and they will know just what to say to do so. They use their intellect, not their fists, and don’t seek to instill fear, but revenge.

Your way to deal with this is to remind them that they can’t take back what they say once it is said and remind them of whatever it was they did that upset you more, but that you did not choose to verbally attack. Tell them they need to talk with you about what is upsetting them without being nasty- or that you flat out won’t listen. They will adjust their behavior accordingly.

How Do Cancers Fight?

If you want to be in a relationship with somebody who is open with sharing their feelings, Cancers are great at that. Be prepared for a lot of deeply meaningful heart-to-heart talks about things as trivial as coffee creamer brands, and be aware that Cancers keep score. Forever. This means that when they get upset, they are prone to list EVERY little thing you have ever done to upset them, and they may or may not scream at the top of their lungs while doing so. The list of your transgressions against them continually gets longer the more time you are together.

They will cry, fall into despair, and behave as if it is the end of your relationship if you bought them a dozen red roses instead of two dozen red roses like their friend’s husband did. There are a couple of different ways to handle this. First, you can go get the other dozen roses and apologize, or you can flat out tell them all the roses in the world could never equal their love for them - but that they need to stop overreacting.

One man was able to successfully calm down his Cancerian by saying “We are not doing this ”and that was how his Cancerian lover knew she had spiraled out of control. Cancers are wonderfully devoted friends and lovers and sometimes get very upset over tiny things. Remind them that you love them and redirect them away from their fits instead of allowing them to wallow long term to help them be happier.

How Do Leos Fight?

The most loyal lovers are Leos, according to Leos, that is, and they expect their friends and family members to be just as loyal. Sometimes, this means you are not allowed to suggest that they are less than perfect, or they will have a major meltdown and complain about you to everybody they know. They will tell you off, tell everybody how they told you off, and they will expect you to come crawling back with the humblest apology.

Your best bet is to shut this down. In the event you were wrong, you owe them an apology for certain. After you have apologized and made up for whatever you did, sit your Leo down, and explain that when the two of you have a problem, they do not need to tell the whole world about it and that your relationship does not belong on public display like a reality show.

Your loving, loyal Leo will understand, and communication will be limited to them having their meltdown in private with you instead of in front of an audience. It’s progress, and it lets them know you do care about their feelings.

How Do Virgos Fight?

Virgos say they won’t fight, but they actually do behind the scenes. Highly critical Virgos might not start a screaming match in the break room or the bedroom, but they won’t shy away from making you scream at them because they are nitpicking something that is none of their business.

They hate to admit it when they are wrong, and they will go to great lengths to argue that they are right, which they call “explaining things.” If you prove them wrong in the end, they will pretend you had withheld some crucial information and that it is your fault they did not realize what had actually been patiently explained five dozen times already.

It's not that a Virgo wants to make you look stupid, it’s that Virgos are afraid of being wrong, because that will make them feel stupid. If you can explain things to them and somehow make them feel good about learning something new, it will make them feel like they are saving face, and they will be open to listening to you in the future.

Nobody likes to be wrong, and maybe nobody hates being wrong more than a Virgo. If you are one of the people who help them understand things, you will be helping them to be right more often, and they will stop arguing and start listening.

How Do Librans Fight?

Next in our discussion around how the zodiac signs fight are Librans. When a Libra enters fight mode, you have to know when to give them your full attention and when to give up and admit you screwed up. When Libras fight, they expect to do all the talking and for you to do all the listening, and they don’t want any backchat, as they will keep fighting. Libras will talk about you behind your back, and then make nice comments to your face.

Like Virgos, they will listen to the right people, and they take pride in that fact, but being that person they listen to means you are in for a lot of teaching and explaining.. Not everybody has the patience to be the one who helps enlighten Libras, but if you are, they will respect and appreciate you more than everyone else.

They will trust you completely and confide in you. Are Libras sensitive to other people’s views? Yes, they feel like they are worth putting up with when they are wrong but insist they are right, and if you agree, this will be a great partnership for the both of you.

How Do Scorpios Fight?

Are Scorpios sensitive? Are they ever! A Scorpio woman’s sensitivity stems from her powerful emotions, and if she feels hurt, the fighting will begin. Scorpios are not only sensitive, but they are moody, and they can be total control freaks as well.

Sometimes, they get upset over things that are not really upsetting to most people, and sometimes they get upset because you actually did a terrible thing. The result of both scenarios is they will raise forty million kinds of hell, and then if you don’t appease them, they will seek revenge.

There are two ways to deal with this and those are you can grovel and do so for an extended period of time until they are convinced you have redeemed yourself, or you can flat out tell them they are wrong. Be prepared, however, that when you have set a boundary with an angry Scorpio, they just might decide to fight against it with all their might for an extended amount of time.

You have the right to stick to your guns, if they don’t see it this way. All they can see is that they are upset, and they expect atonement. Taking control away from them in a situation that affects other people is reasonable though, and more enlightened Scorpios will at some point understand this, although they might not admit it, and they will move on..

How Do Sagittarius Fight?

Maybe you can fight with a Sagittarius, or maybe you can’t and that is simply because it all depends on how funny they think the situation is. If they are not amused, fight mode is them spilling out every tactless one-liner they feel like, and they will genuinely have no concept of why you find this unacceptable when they are no longer angry.

The other thing that can happen is that they will enjoy poking fun at you, and that is their style of fighting when they think it’s funny. They might go out of their way to antagonize you for their own amusement and won’t care even if you did nothing wrong.

The way to fight back at this is to act like they are not upsetting you at all, and to very seriously tell them they are making a public disgrace of themselves. They will say they don’t care, but if they are not getting a reaction from you, they will find other ways of amusing themselves elsewhere.

In the future, they may try this schtick on you again, but if they realize you are not going to participate, they will eventually get the hint, and move on to doing this with somebody who will dutifully be upset by it. Just make sure not to laugh along when they are doing this, or they will assume you are encouraging them. Sagittarians love to have fun, and don’t mind doing so at other people’s expense if they think it is funny. Be forewarned it will be very difficult not to laugh, however, so practice that straight face serious expression well in advance.

How Do Capricorns Fight?

One of the characteristics of a Capricorn woman is she will tell you off when she wants to fight, and she will continue “telling it like it is” until you either admit you are wrong. To have good compatibility with a Capricorn woman or man for that matter is that their “tell it like it is” personality won’t bother you.

Capricorns don’t like the outright screaming matches some signs can tolerate, but they have no issue raising their voice. Keep in mind, however, that you better never raise your voice to them unless you are one hundred percent right, or it’s an emergency, and you are yelling “FIRE!” to get everybody to safety.

Capricorns need people close to them who they can trust and confide in, and who understand that underneath that businesslike exterior is a very sensitive individual who needs people who they can trust well enough to lean on. Sometimes, they will have worked themselves half to death, and they just need to have a fit to a friend who will reassure them that everything will be okay, and they need a nap.

They may not be trying to fight, in other words, they are just stressed. Be that person who is there for them, and they will more than return the favor and be there for you as well.

How Do Aquarius Fight?

When an Aquarius starts fighting, you may wonder if they are your friend or foe, and you might not even know what you did wrong. You just know they are telling your mutual friends they ditched you, and they are very angry every time you bump into each other.

They may give you an earful, or they may give you the silent treatment, but one thing is for certain: if an Aquarian is furious with you, even if you make up for what you did, they will never ever forget what you did, and they might stay mad forever.

You can have heart-to-heart talks with them to try and resolve the issues, or even demonstrate that you did no wrong. Just be prepared that they may not care and may stay upset no matter what. It’s not that they are people who just love to indulge in misery, it’s that they have delicate feelings. The fact they have expressed their feelings openly gives you the chance to keep trying to make things up to them and if yours truly is a great relationship, they will forgive you and move on.

How Do Pisces Fight?

There is something you need to know about Pisces people and fights, and that is that they will fight if they feel it is necessary, but they really don’t like to. They will speak their minds, expressing how they feel, and then they will probably retreat to have some time to themselves to process their emotions and take a breather from everything.

It’s not that they are trying to yell at you and run away, it’s that they need time to decompress and sort through their feelings, so they can stop hurting. That does not mean they won’t rip you apart verbally when they feel like it. That just means they will do it and step away because they need to release the stress that the fight caused for them.

However, if this leaves you hanging, flat out tell them. It won’t necessarily make them want to hear you out, nor will it make them come out of their shell any sooner, but if you want a relationship with them, open communication is crucial. Pisces people appreciate your honesty, even if they go quiet after a fight, and they care about your feelings in some ways more than they care about their own.

Don’t invalidate their feelings when you express yours, and give them their space when they need to step away to recharge emotionally. They will appreciate it.


How zodiac signs fight varies for each sign and the sign that they are in a relationship with. Some may call an Aries a narcissist because they like the heat of a good debate, but they are just trying to stay challenged with people they admire. Some would say a Capricorn man and his sensitivities are overwhelming, but Capricorns can be just as sympathetic to other people’s feelings.

Other people would say that Taurus men in relationships are bossy, but they just want what is best for the people who they love. All the signs have things they will get upset and fight about, sure, but knowing how and why they fight can help you to resolve things and keep your loved one happy no matter what sign they are.

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