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What are the Best Jobs for Each Zodiac Sign?

Rachel Clare
By Rachel Clare
January 23, 2023
What are the Best Jobs for Each Zodiac Sign?
What are the Best Jobs for Each Zodiac Sign?

When it comes to our careers, many of us are left wondering what the best path is to take. We might wonder, how do zodiac signs work among other colleagues or which industry best suits our astrological traits. Either way, learning how to put your zodiac qualities to best use is the best way to find a career path that is fulfilling and ultimately successful in the long run. Also, by using the powers of manifestation, we can get help from the universe in speeding up the process of securing the job of our dreams.

Best Careers For Zodiac Signs

What are the Best Jobs for Each Zodiac Sign?

Perhaps you’re currently in a job that doesn’t light your fire, or maybe you’re at the beginning of your job hunt and you just can’t figure out which route to take. Whatever your personal career situation may be, turning to the help of the zodiac is a great way to source some much needed guidance in this aspect of our lives. This is because looking at our astrological signs gives us insight into elements of our character, personality and outlook on the world. For instance, some signs are more spiritual and creative by nature, whereas others love a challenge and pushing their boundaries. By taking our cosmic profile into account, we can take inspiration and build on our strengths while knowing where to avoid potential pitfalls. By doing so, we are setting ourselves up for a far more fulfilling and successful career path, which in turn, will prove to benefit all other aspects of our lives. After all, most of us spend more time in the office than with our friends and family, so putting ourselves in the right job is crucial for our overall health and happiness. 


As the trailblazers of the zodiac, Aries also takes number one in the entrepreneurial field. Simply put, they are driven and ambitious jump-starters who know exactly what they want from a career and how to get it. At first, they may grow frustrated by the mundanity of a business in its early stages, but with an Aries as the driving force, within no time this sign can expect healthy profits and exciting levels of expansion. Starting one’s own business is no mean feat, but the zeal and passion possessed by this powerful Fire sign is a recipe for professional success.


The best careers for Taurus involve the material world in some way, shape or form. Ruled by Venus, Taureans are highly image-focused and love the idea of creating a beautiful aesthetic, whether it be within themselves, in the home or in a project at work. As such, a suitable Taurus career may involve interior design or some form of events planning, for example. This sign loves the chance to put their creative abilities and eye for luxury to use, so providing a service that taps into these core skills is sure to be a winning formula. Not only this, but as Taureans are fixed signs within their season, they are remarkably successful at forging deep, long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients alike. Taureans aren’t job hoppers, they stick around in a career that works for them and make sure to slowly build their life around it. 


Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are especially proficient in careers of this nature. As chatty, flighty individuals with an affinity for creating social connections, Geminis fare best in careers that involve communicating with others. This is because they truly enjoy talking to a wide variety of different people and have the innate skills to build trust and draw relevant information out of people to complete a hot story. At the end of the day, a journalist’s job is fast-paced, changeable and involves surrounding themselves with individuals from all walks of life - all facets of a career that a Gemini adores. Autonomous careers that don’t place an emphasis on teamwork are a complete no-go for this people-oriented sign.


Cancers are sensitive and emotional people at heart, motivated by their empathy for others above much else. As such, any career that allows them to nurture and heal people is best suited for this sign; think careers in nursing, teaching or hospice care. However, Cancers may be in for a bit of a learning curve at the beginning stages of their careers in this field - while nurturing jobs are deeply fulfilling, they require the ability to switch off when devastating outcomes inevitably arise. That said, while this may be an adjustment for this sensitive sign at first, their innate desire to help others will override any doubts in no time. 


Fiery Leos are lovers of the spotlight and always seeking to be the center of attention. They are naturally charismatic, confident and are typically the life and soul of the party. As such, a Leo career may involve the dramatic arts or the media more generally, being a perfect fit for this bold, audacious sign. You can expect an element of drama with the sign within the workplace too, as Leos are no stranger to being seduced at work or causing an argument. In short, Leos want to appeal to their sense of adventure and putting themselves on public display is their way of doing so. Being a news reader, talk-show star or even a podcast host are all career paths that would nurture Leo's innate desire to make themselves known by the world.


Virgos are famous for being analytical, organized and a little bit critical. Therefore, careers in accounting and finance are perfect for these hawked-eyed individuals. They can spot mistakes from a mile away and, unlike most people, appreciate the beauty of charts and spreadsheets. When it comes to numbers, analysis and organization, Virgos are completely and utterly in their element. They make proactive and dedicated workers too, always looking to impress those higher above. Skills such as these are important and the one way ticket to success in the world of finance.


Represented by balance scales, Libras are the zodiac’s advisors and peacemakers. Also, as a communicative Air sign, Libra’s are particularly proficient in being impartial and drawing information out of both sides of a disagreement. As such, careers in law or counseling are top choices for these individuals. In short, Libras’ role on this earth is to empathize with people and create productive solutions to interpersonal problems. 


The best jobs for Scorpios are those that involve putting their sharp perception to use. By nature, Scorpios are suspicious and secretive, known for building up walls rather than letting people in. Due to this, careers in detective work are highly suitable for this logical yet guarded sign. They are able to pull out information from people and decipher its relevance, usually by sitting back and letting others unwittingly divulge in front of them. With a laser-beam focus and the drive to get the job done, Scorpios make an intimidating yet proactive member of any police force.


Sagittarians love nothing more than to push their boundaries and leap into new adventures, so careers that can nurture this side to them is important. With that in mind, active careers that may involve travel, sports or getting out into nature are highly suitable for these fiery action-lovers. Camp leadership, sports instructing or even working in a travel agency are safe choices for this sign. However, what is most important in a career for Sagittarians, is knowing that not everyday is going to look the same. They need some level of spontaneity and excitement throughout the week in order to fully thrive in a career. 


Ruled by responsible and rule-abiding Saturn, Capricorns make the most diligent and hardworking people in the whole zodiac. As such, Capricorns are likely to thrive in, and ultimately dominate, most careers fields - although high-intensity jobs in banking or real estate are probably their best bet. This is because careers of this nature are incredibly mentally challenging and require high-risk decision making. While definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, working in fields such as these requires Capricorns to push themselves extremely hard, making the benefits reaped in the end even more satisfying. 


Aquarians are the most other-worldly of all the zodiac signs. They possess an ethereal, almost spiritual quality and see the world differently to most. Also, as inherently humanitarian by nature, an Aquarian's purpose on earth is to help others. They view society broadly and can pinpoint where injustices lie, so make it their life’s mission to tackle these systemic problems. Knowing all of this, Aquarians are best suited to careers in charity work. In these careers, they are no stranger to shaking up the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what people deem possible. As such, this sign can make a remarkable and positive difference in areas that most believe to be too resolute to bother changing.


Pisceans are the zodiac's most spiritual and intuitive people. They have a connection with the spirit world that runs deeper than most and have a natural ability to understand the world of occultism. As such, working with angels, spiritual careers, old soul careers and numerology jobs come naturally to this sign, and they are undoubtedly skilled in them. Put simply, Pisceans are the type of individuals to turn to when the physical world is not providing the answers we are looking for. Sometimes we may need a little extra help from above, and Pisceans are the people that can help us bridge this gap. 

How to Manifest Career Success

What are the Best Jobs for Each Zodiac Sign?

The 9-5 daily grind can really feel like a slog after years in the same position. Often we grow accustomed to our job role, and the work we do becomes comfortable and familiar. However, building the courage to break free of these chains is important if we are to grow not just professionally, but spiritually also. Fulfillment and satisfaction in our careers is so integral to leading a well-rounded life, that it is worth the extra effort to find the perfect pursuit. One way that we can find perfection in our professional lives is by utilizing the law of attraction through manifestation. Just by following a few simple steps, you can learn how to manifest a job you want and follow a career path that will fulfill you in the long run.

1. Vision Board

To begin manifesting, creating a vision board allows you to collate all of your whirling thoughts and put them down onto paper. Scribble down meaningful key words, attach cut outs of the spaces you can see yourself in and brainstorm exactly what it is you want out of a future career. The goal here is to organize your thoughts to allow for a more seamless process of manifestation.

2. Remove Limiting Beliefs

Before the manifestation process can occur, you need to remove all negative beliefs and thoughts of self-doubt. This is because in order for manifestation to be successful, we need to be able to clearly visualize ourselves in the position we want to be in. Limiting self beliefs will serve to prevent this from happening, so banish them before they are able to take hold.

3. Imagine Yourself in the Job

With the prior steps taken, you are now in a position to begin manifesting the career of your dreams. Start by imagining yourself, as clearly as you can, in the role that you so desire. Think about what you are wearing, who is surrounding you, what the setting looks like and sit with how this scene makes you feel. Keep this image in your head for as long as possible, and do your best to convince yourself that it is, in fact, a vision of reality.

4. Detach From the Outcome

After the visualization stage, now is the time to kick back and detach from the outcome. Your career path is now in the hands of the universe, and your role in conjuring it is done. Let go of the situation, have faith that the universe will deliver and understand that what will be, will be. 

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