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The Zodiac Signs and Their Spirit Animals

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 05, 2021
The Zodiac Signs and Their Spirit Animals
The Zodiac Signs and Their Spirit Animals
TL;DR What is March’s spirit animal? Your spirit animal based on your birthday is one of many power animals you draw strength from for all of your life. Studying spirit animal astrology will unlock parts of yourself you can build o, and link you more closely to your astrology spirit animal. For a spirit animal list, birthday dates will be your guide, and you can read more about them with us today.

“How do I find my spirit animal? “ you might ask. There are a number of ways to do so, some of which we have explored in previous articles. However, did you know that there is a power animal that your zodiac sign draws strength and lessons from already waiting for you to have a relationship with it? Believe it or not, your birthday has granted one of your power animals to you already and all you need to do is begin communication to draw strength from them. You will be pleasantly surprised by how similar to your spirit animal you already are and will be excited to find out what more you can learn from them. First, read more about spirit animals here: A Guide To Spirit Animals

What is My Spirit Animal According to My Birthday?

What is My Spirit Animal According to My Birthday?

While many of us have more than one of our own spirit animals, finding your spirit animal based on birthday is one of the ways to go to learn more. Eastern and Western astrology spirit animal science ascribes each zodiac sign their very own spirit animal. While each of the signs has a symbol, like the sea goat is for Capricorn, those symbolic animals are not necessarily that signs spirit animal according to birthday. “So, what is my spirit animal by birthday?” you want to know. Read on and find out!

Find Your Spirit Animal Astrology

Spirit animals by birthdate are simply listed here according to each of the twelve Greco Roman zodiac signs beginning with what is Aries spirit animal and ending with the spirit animal for Pisces. The spirit animal zodiac is not the same thing as the zodiac signs as spirit animals. While you may learn from and embody some of the strengths of your spirit animal, you are still wonderful you, and not exactly the same as them. To find your spirit animal by birthday, read on because we have done the research for you!

Aries Spirit Animal

aries spirit animal

What is the spirit animal for Aries if not energetic, curious, powerful cats? Aries shares a lot of personality traits with cats ranging from their stamina, and ability to focus on what’s best for them. Aries draw the independence gene from cats, but they also stick close to their kin, just as cats do. While a tom cat might not stick around to raise kittens, that’s only because the female doesn’t want him to, and like the cat, Aries cares deeply for the needs and desires of their loved ones and both Aries and cats make their loves pones top priority. Like the cat, Aries will wow everybody with their powerful energy, and have an amazing ability to rely on their instincts, sometimes taking seemingly dangerous but great risks to get a fantastic result.

Taurus Spirit Animal

taurus spirit animal

The sign for Taurus is the bull, and it’s a very powerful spirit animal for Taurus people as well. Like the bull, Taurus balances plenty of rest with bursts of their amazing get-it-done energy, but they are equally content sniffing flowers as they are wowing an arena full of admirers. A Taurus will be the first one to tell you that it takes a lot to make them angry, and while that is up for debate, one thing is for sure: Like a real bull, once a Taurus person “sees red” or feels pushed too far, they will “charge”, but their intention is not to attack, but only to drive away whatever they feel cornered by. Like bulls, Taurus people are patient and hardworking and need their own level of independence, refusing to be micromanaged, but they are great team players and deserve every last bit of the respect that they expect.

Gemini Spirit Animal

gemini spirit animal

What is Gemini’s spirit animal? The changeable chameleon of course! Like Geminis, chameleons are highly adaptable and are masters of blending into the background when it benefits them. Other times, both Gemini and chameleons display themselves in all their finery, stealing the show with their dazzling charisma. Geminis get their amazing ability to maneuver out of sticky conflicts from chameleons, and they can graciously smooth ruffled feathers, and they make great mediators. Harmonizing and adapting to whatever situation they are put in, chameleons instill the ability to think on your feet, and they help you to maneuver your life’s ever-changing state of affairs effortlessly.

Cancer Spirit Animal

cancer spirit animal

What is the spirit animal for Cancer? The Cancer zodiac spirit animal is the rabbit. Like Cancers, rabbits are gentle and sensitive, and are able to quickly change path to suit their needs. Cancers draw the kindness and sensitivity from their rabbit spirit guides for certain, and the rabbit can teach them self-preservation as well. Rabbits know how to step out of whatever situations simply don’t serve them, and this skill can help Cancer’s, whose care for others makes them want to stick around, and fix other people’s problems, it doesn’t always meet Cancers needs. To read more about rabbits, look here: The Symbolism of Rabbits

Leo Spirit Animal

leo spirit animal

The mighty lion is appropriately the symbolic zodiac animal for Leo, and guess what? The lion in Leo’s spirit animal as well! Like lions, Leos are the king or queen of their surroundings, and they carry themselves with the same pride regal lions embody. Leos have a take charge attitude that people naturally allow themselves to be led by and they have no problem being in the spotlight, just like lions. Lions prioritize what matters most to them well, as do Leos, and Leos learn a stronger sense of loyalty from their lion spirit guides. Leo’s fall in love very easily, even with people who don’t love them back however, and lions only bond with those who they can form beneficial relationships with, however. Leos can take lessons in forming mutually beneficial relationships from their lion spirit animals.

Virgo Spirit Animal

virgo spirit animal

The spry, go-getter squirrel is the Virgo spirit animal. Squirrel spirit animal energy is that of industriousness, punctuality, efficiency, and they are experts at preparing for the future. Like squirrels, Virgo’s plan and execute what is most beneficial for their work goals, and they are well prepared for any and all issues that may arise. As Virgos can sometimes overdo work, not getting enough rest, they can learn to reduce the number of unnecessary things they overdo from the squirrel who only does what is needed, saving energy for what is most important.

Libra Spirit Animal

libra spirit animal

What is Libra’s spirit animal? The spirit animal for Libra is the raven. Raven spirit animals teach all forms of intelligence, including psychic abilities, and are believed to see into other worlds. Air sign Libra is intellectually motivated to begin with and they can sharpen their mental skills by connecting to their raven spirit guides. Clever ravens are said to guide those whose spirit animals they are through transformations and guide them through rebirth to better parts of themselves. When the raven is your spirit animal, they will help you hone your psychic gifts as well, taking you deep into yourself to learn what they are and teaching how to perfect those gifts as well.

Scorpio Spirit Animal

scorpio spirit animal

What is Scorpio’s spirit animal? It’s the snake! Symbolic of healing, hidden truths, rejuvenation, cunning, and wisdom, Scorpios can learn all these and more gifts from their snake spirit animals. As Scorpios can sometimes take a “my way or the highway” stance, snake spirit animals, who symbolize personal transformation and flexibility can teach them greater adaptability when circumstances call for it. Scorpios are very intuitive naturally, and the snake’s natural healing abilities can combine well with this to help Scorpio’s understand other people’s problems and teach Scorpio how to help.

Sagittarius Spirit Animal

sagittarius spirit animal

The horse is Sagittarius spirit animal. The spiritual symbol for unbridled freedom, and an adventurous spirit, horses spirit animal energy describes Sagittarians perfectly. Sagittarians take a lot of pride in their independence, and they can further that pride by plugging into the energy of their horse spirit guide. The horse spirit guide also teaches personal power and stamina, which Sagittarians can use to recharge their batteries if they forget to rest on their adventures! The horse spirit animal also helps with overcoming obstacles which is very important to Sagittarians who don’t want to feel tied down or trapped in any way. The horse spirit animal can also teach powerful motivation to keep trying at things that take time and make Sagittarians want to give up and walk away. The horse spirit animal will guide Sagittarians to being the best form of themselves they can be!

Capricorn Spirit Animal

capricorn spirit animal

What is Capricorn’s spirit animal? It’s the focused, intense hawk of course! Capricorns are very devoted to their goals, as is the hawk, and the hawk spirit animal teaches the tenacity to see things through, which makes Capricorn rise to new levels of productivity. The hawk spirit animal teaches how to focus on what your higher purpose is in life, and Capricorns can benefit from that, making sure not to overfocus on things that are not as important. While Capricorn has a drive to succeed, hawk spirit animals bring Capricorns a kind of power that helps them with their goals, and it instills in them excellent observation skills and sharp awareness of the way things are so they don’t lose sight of what’s most important.

Aquarius Spirit Animal

aquarius spirit animal

The beautiful dolphin is Aquarian’s spirit animal. Like Aquarians, dolphins are ethereal, unique, energetic, and excellent with people. Dolphins have the ability to drop back, resting when needed, and Aquarians benefit from this, as they don’t always allow themselves the down time they need. Aquarians abundant energy and great inventiveness means they always have their hands into multiple projects, and they are always planning new ones in between working on all the things they are excited about. Already fun loving, hardworking Aquarians benefit from the dolphin’s lessons not to take life too seriously, and to have plenty of fun so Aquarian won’t have to worry about being all work and no play!

Pisces Spirit Animal

pisces spirit animal

The Pisces animal spirit or totem animal is of course, the fish! Mysterious, creative, able to disappear and reappear as well as able to maneuver many different realms, the fish bring all these and more gifts to their Pisces people. As Pisces typically put other people’s needs before their own, the fish spirit guide can help because they teach how to conceal things beneath the surface for the sake of privacy Pisces benefits from. Fish spirit guides teach Pisces people how to step away from people and situations while they take a well-deserved break and have some “me time” and fish spirit guides instill a powerful sense of self preservation into their people.

Learning about your spirit animal through your birthdate is just one of many ways to find your animal spirit guides. You can use meditations, listen to messages you get from dreams, and spend time in nature with the animals that are your personal spirit guides to learn more from them and strengthen your bond with them every day. Did you want to know about some spirit animals you did not see on our list today? Maybe this link has some of your personal power animals on it: My Totem Spirit Animal

Do you still want to know more about what your animal spirit guides are, and need help? There are talented psychics at Mysticsense who are available 24/7 to help you with this and any other questions you may have. Get started learning more about your animal spirit guides with us today!

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