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Star Sign in Spotlight: Leo

By Mysticsense
December 02, 2020
Star Sign in Spotlight: Leo
Star Sign in Spotlight: Leo

The star sign of Leo represents the Nemean Lion of Greek Mythology. The lion would act as a lure, enticing soldiers of the nearby town to rescue women he had taken hostage. However, as the lion possessed powers impervious to the force of weapons, the soldiers were met with defeat. Witnessing this, Hercules realized that he had no other choice but to conquer the lion using his bare hands. He stalked the Lion late one night, caught him as he lunged forth and snapped the beast’s back, killing him instantly. The trapped women were freed immediately and thus Zeus rewarded Hercules’ bravery by casting an image of the Lion in the night’s sky forever more.

As a powerful fire sign, Leo is the embodiment of warmth, courage and zeal. They make natural leaders and leave a bold impression everywhere they go, but also understand that to be respected requires putting in the work. As these lions are so confident and self-assured, they are fully aware that they are often envied by others who aren’t naturally extroverted. They are proud of these traits though, and feel no shame in holding themselves in high esteem. To some, this mentality may appear arrogant and boastful, but in reality, we could all do with singing our praises from time to time. 

It will come as no surprise that Leos thrive in social settings. They absolutely adore to be surrounded by new people and are no stranger to being the life and soul of the party. Making friends comes as second nature for this bubbly sign. That being said, sometimes Leo’s sociability can get the better of them as they are prone to double-booking social occasions and flaking on plans they have made with friends. If a plan doesn’t suit their notion of a good time, expect a Leo to let you know. They don’t mean to be rude, they just want to have the most fun with the most people possible. 

Passionate in all areas of life, Leos put incredible amounts of effort into the things they love. This includes friendships, romantic relationships and partnerships of all kinds. In these partnerships Leos love to spoil and want to provide the biggest and best presents to show they care. To have a Leo in one’s life is a blessing.

Love and Relationships

Honesty is fundamental in building a relationship with a Leo. They have a keen eye for loyalty and a shrewd sense for when things are up, so staying committed is essential. What may feel like an innocent flirtation with another is likely to deeply upset a Leo partner. This is not because they are toxic or manipulative, but rather they want to see reciprocity in a relationship. Alongside this, Leos are fiercely protective of their partners; expect a loyal defender if you find yourself in conflict. With that being said, sometimes the unwavering loyalty and over-protectiveness of a Leo can tie them down in destructive relationships that they ought not be involved in. Leos hate to be seen as quitters, and the same applies in their love lives. 

On the other hand, Leos are highly sensitive and really appreciate a bit of tender loving care. They are prone to putting up barriers and presenting the image that everything is fine-and-dandy, but these fiery individuals need just as much nurturing as the others. By letting your Leo partner know you are there to make them feel safe, support them and comfort them in their darkest moments, your relationship with them is sure to thrive; they will respond to these gestures equally and form a formidable team with the one they truly love.


It’s not unusual to see a Leo surrounded by a massive circle of friends. They are the type of person whose simple trip to the shops will take twice as long as they are bombarded by various friends and acquaintances on the way. While some may see this abundance of relationships as fickle or showy, this couldn’t be further from the truth; the love Leos feel for their friends is very much real. However, getting to this point of closeness can actually be rather challenging. Firstly, it can be a nightmare trying to work around their social planner and secondly, their protective qualities can make it hard to gain their ultimate trust. Once this has been achieved, you can be sure that this friendship is for the long haul. 


As a lion boldly takes life in his stride, the same applies for Leos on their travels. Spontaneity and adventure are the keywords here, as Leos dread nothing more than a vacation full of strict itineraries and mundane days at the beach. Despite their carefree approach to travelling, Leos are very well-budgeted and know how to make their money stretch. As such, trips to far-flung destinations, surrounded by locals and removed from the traps of tourism greatly appeal to Leo. They are certainly the kind of friend whose Instagram leaves everyone envious of their exciting lifestyle. With this in mind, trips to Africa where Leo can enjoy the rich array of cultures and cuisines may be on the cards.


In terms of careers, Leos can only flourish when deeply passionate about their work. Monotonous roles in unfulfilling fields isn’t ideal for anyone, yet this lifestyle proves to be especially detrimental for a Leo. This means that Leos typically jump from job to job, as they feel they have achieved completion in one and wish to find a new adventure in another. It is unsurprising, therefore, that creative careers that allow a Leo to fully express their richness of spirit is attractive for this sign. However, in these careers, Leos typically desire authority and leadership roles. This is not because Leos are power-hungry and wish to dominate, but rather because they can effortlessly command a room with charm and charisma. As bosses they are caring, supportive and incredibly cooperative when they need to be. It is a joy to be on the same team as a Leo.

Most compatible with?


Passion and excitement surrounds a relationship between Leo and Aries as these two fire signs are the most similar in the zodiac. While one could argue that too much similarity between partners leads to explosivity, with this pair, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, the couple are able to bounce off each other with harmony as they strive to enjoy the wilder side of life equally. Conflict will undoubtedly arise, but Leo and Aries secretly yearn for this fiery passion as they believe it keeps their relationship forever on its toes.


A Scorpio-Leo pairing is a pairing to be envied. This couple are driven to achieve success and will stop at no ends to achieve it, as such, they are no strangers to living a life of luxury and thrive off the prosperity they have achieved as a team. They are able to lead this lifestyle as Leo’s passion is encouraged by Scorpio’s deep admiration. There is endless loyalty and respect in this pairing, allowing for longevity and happiness.


The communicative nature of Gemini harmonizes beautifully with Leo’s intense love for learning and discovering. Gemini’s whimsical nature combined with Leo’s loyalty serves to form a bond that is profound yet not stifling for the couple, and serves to produce a seriously long lasting connection. The two signs’ balance between pleasure and adventure makes this couple the first you would want to invite to a dinner party. 

Least compatible with?


As both of these signs are fixed and fairly unchanging in their ways, strife is not uncommon for this pair. They may find compromise difficult as the stubborn attitude of Taurus will not sit well with Leo’s desire for adventure and free spiritedness. Moreover, Leo is quick to criticize Taurus’ bluntness and as the two of them struggle to bite their tongue, explosive arguments are a commonality for this couple. Perhaps these two fare better as friends, but certainly not as partners. 


The sensitivity and emotionality of Pisces may begin to feel draining for the bold, assertive Leo. Admittedly, Leo is a deeply sensitive character also, but tends to be more covert about this side of their personality. While the two may find connection through their love of creativity, ultimately, their relationship is not destined to blossom on account of their drastically different approaches to life.


There is very little in common between these two signs. Virgo’s laid back attitude and approach to life may grow frustrating for Leo when placed in the context of a romantic relationship. Virgo may admire and even attempt to replicate the extroverted nature of Leo, but will ultimately come to realize that this is not the way they wish to lead their life. Virgos are far more reserved and take pleasure in life’s simplicities, unlike Leo who regularly strives to seek out new escapades and only feels truly enriched when doing so. 

At the end of the day, the zodiac is not to be understood as a rigid set of rules that categorize who we are and who we are compatible with without any room for deviation. After all, we are all special in our own unique ways and cannot be confined in a box. However, the zodiac provides hints and sometimes scarily accurate insinuations about who we are at the core. By taking the suggestions of the zodiac into account, we are able to seek greater clarity and understand our relationships to a greater degree than could be achieved otherwise.

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