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Star Sign in Spotlight: Libra

By Mysticsense
December 11, 2020
Star Sign in Spotlight: Libra
Star Sign in Spotlight: Libra

Libra is unique in that it is the only zodiac sign depicted by an inanimate object and not a human or animal. As the sign is represented by a pair of scales, naturally, Librans embody all that is balanced, just and harmonious. With this in mind, the Greek goddess of Justice, Themis, is often characterised alongside the scales; she is typically blindfolded to imply partiality and possesses a powerful yet calming presence. 

Librans are well-known for their calm, fair and level-headed traits. They love to surround themselves with people and take partnerships incredibly seriously, perhaps due to their affinity to equilibrium and balance which they strive to find with a lover. Additionally, Librans are known for staying wholeheartedly true to themselves - rarely will you spot a Libra ‘putting on a show’ or acting unauthentically in order to please others. Rather, they embrace all aspects of their being and accept that fact that while some individuals may not like them, that those who do are endlessly more valuable. That being said, Librans understand that keeping the peace is often the most beneficial option when met with conflict and strife.

They acknowledge that one can stay true to themselves, while biting their tongue and avoiding unnecessary drama. Due to this trait and combined with their affinity for fairness, Librans are the ultimate justice seekers - they are certainly the friend you would want to turn to when met with a tricky situation that needs some honest advice. Simply put, Librans adore an easy, balanced life and will do anything they can to avoid chaotic situations. Some people may consider this slow and tranquil mantra toward life to be boring, but Librans remain unbothered and will continue to seek comfort and serenity.

As Libra is an Air sign, they are keen thinkers and need constant mental stimulation. Books, puzzles, riddles and quizzes are all top favorites for this highly intelligent sign. Lengthy, intricate discussions and impassioned debates that go on long into the night are also to be expected when at dinner with a Libra. Due to this, people often find themselves drawn to Librans as their inspired and inquisitive nature is just so enchanting. Ultimately, Librans make fantastic friends and guests as they are always full of interesting anecdotes and are fantastic conversationalists.

Love and Relationships

Providing acts of service is how a Libra shows their loved ones they truly care. In fact, they make some of the most affectionate and caring partners of all the zodiac. Expect to receive countless flowers, gifts and romantic surprises when in a relationship with a Libra - they go this extent both to please you and because they feel so much satisfaction during the act of giving. Similarly, they love to receive romantic gestures in return as, for them, it shows just how much they are loved and valued by their partner. 

When dating a Libra, it is unlikely that they will leave you questioning how they feel. They are incredibly up-front and honest about their emotions and hate game-playing in love. This aspect of their personalities is likely derived from their affinity to fairness and justice, meaning they also despise conflicts that arise from deceit, manipulation or underhandedness. This is not to say that Librans run from the first sign of an argument, but it does mean that they fight with the intention of resolution, not to inflict harm.

It is therefore unsurprising that once fully committed to a relationship, Librans are steadfast in their loyalty. That being said, it may take a little longer to pin a Libra down in a relationship, but this is purely a result of their cautious behaviour. In a similar vein, it may be harder to call it quits on a relationship with a Libra as it has taken them that little bit longer to form a connection. However, they will always strive to leave things amicable with an ex. 


In simple terms, Librans light up the room when they enter. They are notorious for exuding nothing but joy, positivity and generally great vibes, making them the kind of friend everyone wants to have at their parties. They are open-minded, incredibly accepting and adore mixing with people of all different backgrounds and cultures. Alongside this, they make fantastic listeners and are genuinely interested when they do so - Librans love nothing more than to hear out a friend’s problems as it gives them the chance to provide some much-needed, level-headed advice. On the other hand, some people may find this eagerness to please somewhat overbearing at times and want their Libra friend to begin focusing on themselves a little more.


While Librans love to live life at a slow pace, they can make exceptions when they embark on their travels. Most of the time, they travel to visit friends and family but are certainly up to extend the occasion and add to their itinerary; as they are so inquisitive and eager to learn, sight-seeing, historical tours and trips to famous museums are right up their street. Ultimately, whenever met with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, Librans will jump at the opportunity to do so. 

As keen romanticists, it is not uncommon for a Libra to find themselves caught in a whirlwind romance abroad. Brief love affairs and fleeting holiday romances are a thing of dreams for a Libra, so trips to traditionally romantic destinations is always a winning choice for this sign. A Libra cannot go wrong with a spontaneous trip to Paris, Venice or Rome.


Librans love structure, organization and balance in their lives and the same is true in their careers. For these reasons, they make fantastic, dependable employees who consistently apply 100 percent in everything they do. This is not to say that Librans opt for mundane careers that do little to rouse the mind, quite the contrary in fact. Rather, Librans thrive in creative careers that require unique and abstract ways of looking at situations. 

These traits, combined with Librans tendency towards peace-making mean that this sign is fairly adaptable when it comes to choosing the right career field for them. They do particularly well in most areas of law and make fantastic consultants. Basically, whenever met with confrontation, chaos or dispute, Librans are great at helping pick up the pieces.

Most compatible with? 


There are many surprising similarities between Aquarius and Libra. As Air signs, they both are keen conversationalists and thus value communication within a relationship. They can spend decades joined together in a partnership, but find that they still manage to talk for hours and hours on a multitude of different topics. Put simply, these two enrich the minds of the other and make an incredibly interesting pair.


When looking at this couple at the surface level, it may be hard to see where the two align. However, the vibrant confidence of Leo leaves Libra in awe, and Librans ability to comfort others is truly inspiring for Leo. As a partnership, this pair brings both dynamism and intellect to the table, making them the power couple to be envied. As fire cannot burn without air, it is unsurprising that this duo make a strong and unbreakable team.


Inquisitiveness and charisma unite this dynamic couple. Gemini’s desire to seek knowledge and ability to communicate artfully is positively mesmerizing for Libra. In the same light, Libra’s cool, calm and collected nature is highly admired by Gemini, who often need a partner to gently rein in their exuberant nature. This pair possesses just the right amount of similarity to create harmony in their relationship, while also possessing just the right amount of contrast to keep things exciting.

Least compatible with? 


The unpredictable emotionality of Scorpio can often feel somewhat overwhelming for the level-headed and honest Libra. As Scorpio would rather let their feelings be known through the subtleties of their actions, Libra would much prefer that they make life easier and vocalize what is going on in their heads. While this duo may find consolidation in their outlook on loyalty, ultimately, the core of their nature is often too dissimilar to produce a long-term relationship.


Cancer and Libra can form strong friendships, but rarely survive anything more romantic. Cancer’s intense emotionality can grow to be draining for Libra, and Libra’s measured approach to situations is baffling for Cancer. Cancer wants nothing more than to outpour their innermost feelings but Libra is often unable to reciprocate in the same way. If a relationship were to blossom between these two signs, it is unlikely that it would last long into the future.


Opposites do not attract for this couple. As Capricorn is studious, a little pessimistic and sets tough personal goals, Libra is likely to find this inflexible approach to life hard to get on board with. Libra would rather spend time with a partner who similarly values all of life’s comforts and wants to take each day at face value. Stressing about the future and living to a strict regimen is not optimal for Libra.

At the end of the day, the zodiac is not to be understood as a rigid set of rules that categorize who we are and who we are compatible with without any room for deviation. After all, we are all special in our own unique ways and cannot be confined in a box. However, the zodiac provides hints and sometimes scarily accurate insinuations about who we are at the core. By taking the suggestions of the zodiac into account, we are able to seek greater clarity and understand our relationships to a greater degree than could be achieved otherwise.

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