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Star Sign in Spotlight: Pisces

By Mysticsense
December 28, 2020
Star Sign in Spotlight: Pisces
Star Sign in Spotlight: Pisces

In Greek Mythology, Pisces is depicted as two fish swimming in opposite directions. The fish are said to represent Aphrodite and her son Cupid as they transformed into fish in order to defy the wrath of Typhon, “the father of monsters.” Typhon posed a threat to the goddess and her son by cornering the pair as they were walking along the Euphrates river. As a result, they called on Zeus for his protection and Zeus gave them the ability to morph into fish and seek refuge in the river’s water. In return for her gratitude and to commemorate Zeus’ efforts, Aphrodite cast the image of two fish in the night’s sky. 

Pisceans have a remarkable sense of intuition and are generally incredibly perceptive individuals. They experience intensely vivid gut feelings toward other people and particular situations, making them useful to turn to in times of uncertainty. However, it is important not to take this skill of theirs for granted as Pisceans are highly sensitive and can often feel abandoned when they feel their loyalties aren’t being reciprocated.

While quiet and observant characters, Pisceans have a strong moral compass and won’t refrain from telling you what they believe is right and wrong. Their ultimate aim is to do good, support those around them and to live an upstanding life, all of which certainly does not go unnoticed by friends and family. As a result, it is typical for people to hold a lot of respect for the opinions of Pisceans, as they can be confident that they are truly well-intentioned. 

Pisces are one of the most imaginative and creative signs of the entire zodiac. They can spend endless hours daydreaming fantastical stories and scenarios, and similarly love to let their artistic flair shine through producing various crafts. Some people may grow frustrated with the ‘airy-fairy’ side to Pisceans and fail to understand the sign’s depth of creative thought. As natural intuitives, they will quickly pick up on those who doubt them and seek to avoid those who don’t serve to help them grow. While Pisceans are some of the kindest and most sensitive individuals around, they have a sense of will strong enough to never conform or seek the approval of the undeserving.

Love and Relationships

It will come as no surprise that Pisceans make incredibly romantic and caring partners. As perpetual daydreamers, they can spend hours concocting the perfect, fairy tale romance in their imagination. As such, they will stop at nothing to find their Prince Charming. On occasion, they will struggle with their esteem and seek validation from their partner, but are careful not to let these insecurities weigh negatively on the relationship overall. 

As a water sign, Pisceans often lead with their hearts over their heads. Due to this intense emotionality, this sign is no stranger to falling head over heels for potential love interests and growing attached incredibly quickly. As such, Pisceans often unwittingly allow themselves to be taken advantage of by partners who do not have their best interests at heart. Aside from this, Pisceans find it incredibly easy to express how they feel with the people they love and rarely let issues be left unsaid. Passive aggressiveness, petulance or letting negative emotions simmer are this sign’s worst nightmare, so expect plenty of transparency when in a relationship with a Pisces.


Pisceans make fantastic friends as they strive to prioritize the needs and wants of others. While you may feel you have a tight bond with a Piscean, it is not uncommon to feel there is a side to them that they keep hidden from public view. They have the tendency to be cagey about their private lives or to evade difficult questions, however, these characteristics should never be taken as disingenuous as this sign simply loves its privacy. Although sometimes Pisceans can dedicate too much of their time and attention toward pleasing a partner, their ultimate loyalty lies with themselves. They are the kings and queens of second chances, yet once that trust with a friend has been irreversibly damaged, expect a Pisces to know their worth and walk away. With this in mind, Pisceans can often appear reserved or shy when meeting new people as it takes them a while to let down their barriers. Regardless, once a common interest has been highlighted, they can talk passionately for hours about the topic they love. 


As Pisceans love to make meaningful memories, they will find any excuse they can to go travelling. However, a relaxing resort holiday is not typically on this sign’s agenda; they much prefer purposeful trips that will help them to grow mentally and spiritually. As such, embarking on pilgrimages, visits to holy temples or experiencing the wonders of the world are right up Pisces’ alley. Alongside this, Pisceans find helping others on their travels incredibly rewarding. Therefore, volunteering to help the less fortunate or helping support a local charity can have a positive life-long impact for this sign.


Pisceans make fantastic listeners and thus grow to be very popular amongst their colleagues. As others feel that they are dependable and reliable, they are often the peacemaker when office drama arises. Their sensitivity and empathy allows them to come to thoughtful conclusions and can help others to maintain a level head during taxing times. While Pisceans do not naturally possess strong leadership skills, they receive respect 

When it comes to career fields, Pisceans seeks environments that can keep them motivated and striving for success. This sign will choose stimulation and excitement in their careers over ‘comfortable’ jobs that, while very safe, fail to push Pisceans to achieve great things. Moreover, as Pisceans are sensitive, empathic, intuitive and are constantly seeking to help others, they thrive in careers that fulfil these characteristics. Unsurprisingly, careers in social care, therapy or teaching are top choices for this sign.

Most compatible with?


The strength and stability of Capricorn is a fantastic counterbalance for the watery, emotive nature of Pisces. This pair can learn to stabilize each other when times grow to be particularly challenging and act as mediators when one partner may be acting irrationally. Furthering this, while Capricorns are notoriously stoic, the empathy of Pisces helps them to engage with their emotive sides far better. In sum, this couple is able to bring out the best qualities in one another and truly grow as individuals as a result.


These two signs fare particularly well in a romantic relationship. The intuitive emotionality of Pisces, combined with Scorpio’s intensity in love forms a partnership whereby each party is wholly committed to the needs of their lover. These two will forever treasure and nurture each other. 


Where Taurus and Pisces possess weaknesses, their partner bears the strengths lacked by the other. Taureans are stable, practical and incredibly level-headed while Pisceans can sometimes lose their head when emotions start to rise. As such, Taurus has the ability to bring Pisces back down from the clouds and help them to soothe a whirring mind. With this in mind, Pisceans appreciate the anchoring position that a Taurus adopts when in a relationship. For Pisces, Taurus represents a beacon of rationality, stability and unwavering strength. 

Least compatible with?


The water of Pisces only serves to dampen the fire within Aries meaning this couple will find many challenges when embarking on a romantic relationship together. As Aries is a fiery seeker of adventure, in constant search of exciting new escapades, Pisces may find it hard to keep up at times. On top of this, Pisces are likely to view Aries hectic lifestyle as a sign that their partner is not truly committed to the relationship ahead. While this is not the case, Aries will quickly grow tired of the pressure required to keep Pisces feeling emotionally fulfilled. As friends, the two signs can learn much from each other, but as romantic partners, there is little spark between Aries and Pisces.


Libra and Pisces are unlikely to see success in a relationship solely as a result of their similarities. Both signs are desperate to receive love and validation from their partner and thus may fail to show the true extent of their own affections. As a result, a Libra-Pisces relationship can often be plagued by misunderstandings and petty rows. In order for this pairing to work, one partner needs to step up and take charge, however, as both signs prefer to be led than to lead, there can be a lot of stagnation experienced in the relationship.


Similarly to the fiery nature of Aries, Leos can find the emotionality of Pisces somewhat draining and tiresome. As bold and sometimes brash leaders, playful mockery is an integral feature of a Leo’s affection. However, it is not uncommon for Pisces to take the bantering remarks of Leo to heart and for strife to arise in the partnership. While the pair share a love for the creative arts, ultimately, the way in which they both approach their hobbies could not be more different.

At the end of the day, the zodiac is not to be understood as a rigid set of rules that categorize who we are and who we are compatible with without any room for deviation. After all, we are all special in our own unique ways and cannot be confined in a box. However, the zodiac provides hints and sometimes scarily accurate insinuations about who we are at the core. By taking the suggestions of the zodiac into account, we are able to seek greater clarity and understand our relationships to a greater degree than could be achieved otherwise.

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