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Star Sign in Spotlight: Taurus

By Mysticsense
November 09, 2020
Star Sign in Spotlight: Taurus
Star Sign in Spotlight: Taurus

The star sign Taurus represents the story within Greek mythology whereby Zeus transformed himself into a magnificent white bull in hopes of Phoenician Princess Europa falling in love with him. His quest to win her affections was successful and as the story goes, Europa journeyed to the island of Crete on the bull’s back. Once there, Zeus cast the image of a bull in the night’s sky as a token of his love for Europa, and to create a symbol for her to forever remember him by. 

There are few challenges that will defeat a Taurus as they are filled with bounds of determination, resolve and steadfastness. Just like the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide, they will keep returning to these challenges until they have found a solution - the same applies for these individuals in personal relationships as they will make sure to persevere for the people they love; it’s rare to see a Taurus throw in the towel on a long-term partnership. With that being said, this trait can sometimes see Taurus stuck in unhealthy situations simply to prove a point 

As a fixed and grounded earth sign, Taurus is famous for prioritising their creature comforts. They are unashamedly drawn to all things luxurious and opulent and are at their happiest remaining firmly in their comfort zones. This love for luxury extends further and influences the ways in which Taurus decorate their homes, maintain their appearances and the personal effects they choose to own. For this reason, they may be difficult people to choose gifts for - their high standards and stubborn attitude may result in a less than appreciative reaction. Remember, however, they are fiercely loyal individuals and will never try to purposely offend!

This star sign prefers to live their lives at a leisurely pace, a pace that others may sometimes find frustrating. Because of this, it is not unusual to find Taurus arriving late for meetings and social events. Their tendency to analyse and closely deliberate each and every action they take is partly responsible for this slow-moving approach to life. 

In sum, the sign of Taurus is accredited with loyalty and steadfastness. These individuals are by all means up for a fun time and can let go of their inhibitions if need be, yet will always prioritize maintaining stability and comfort in their lives. They are the type of friends who will usually opt for a cosy wine night at home over a crazy outing to the club. In fact, they may be rather inflexible within a group trying to decide on an activity to do together. Their ability to stand up for what they want should be admired, although perhaps Taurus may face less conflict in their relationships if they learn to concede every once in a while.

Love and relationships

After reading all of the above, it will come as no surprise that Taurus absolutely adores being in love. While other signs may find candlelit dinners and extravagant bunches of flowers as corny or cliché, Taurus revels in these romantic acts of service. Luckily, their unwavering loyalty will make providing these services a joy and putting in a little extra effort for them will never go unappreciated.

As Taurus is an earth sign, (and they have a keen eye for luxury), financial stability in a relationship is paramount. They feel far more secure when they have a monetary safety net and are less likely to frivolously splash the cash in comparison to air and fire signs. 


Many of our most loyal and dependable friends are Taurus. Their steadfastness and willingness to persevere through challenging times make these individuals truly wonderful friends to have. Not to mention, they are quick-witted and have a great sense of humor; there is never a dull moment to be had around a Taurus. Their love of decadence and celebration also make it unlikely a Taurus will forget the birthdays and anniversaries of their friends - they are truly in their element when surrounded with good food, a lively atmosphere and amazing company. 

With this being said, it can often take a long time to grow close with a Taurus. They are typically hesitant towards those they are unfamiliar with and have a tight inner circle they are fiercely devoted to. While it may take a little extra effort, once a friendship is formed with a Taurus, you certainly won’t regret it. 


As Taurus isn’t the most spontaneous of all the signs, they tend to be rather meticulous planners when travelling. A last-minute invite to a far-flung destination is unlikely to be received well by these comfort-seekers. When Taurus do decide to pack their bags and go on an adventure, they tend to favor beautiful scenery and tranquil environments as opposed to a bustling city break. 


While their slow pace in life may sometimes be perceived as laziness, this is simply not the case. In fact, Taurus are incredibly proactive and are keen to strive for success in the workplace so as a result, they fare best in careers that promote productivity and organisation. They begin to struggle, however, in careers that are unpredictable and lack stability. Their famous stubbornness means that freelance or entrepreneurial routes are less appealing for a Taurus as they seek to stick by a solid routine.

Additionally, Taurus aren’t prided on their people skills. Now this is not to say that they aren’t just as likeable and pure-hearted as the other signs in the zodiac, but it does mean that occasionally their steadfastness can prevent them being empathetic at times. For this reason, careers that require a keen bedside manner may not be the best fit. However, their punctual, detail-oriented and dedicated manner make them the ideal employee that any boss can depend on.

Most compatible with?


As Taurus sometimes lack the emotional sensitivity of Cancer, they make the perfect balancing act as a romantic couple. Cancer is sensual, emotional and incredibly devoted, while Taurus provides security, physical intimacy and acts of service. When Taurus hits an emotional block and struggles to open up, Cancer is able to draw out the vulnerability and tenderness within them. As a result, the pair bounce off each other harmoniously and have one of the most compassionate partnerships seen in the zodiac. 


When under the right circumstances, Taurus and Capricorn flourish as a couple. This pair has a strong and often inexplicable chemistry, often finding themselves drawn towards each other in the initial stages of their acquaintance. Capricorn appreciates the calmer and quieter temperament of Taurus as it compliments their similarly mellow manner and Taurus appreciates the diligence and practicality of Capricorn. Both zodiac signs are keen workaholics so typically fare well in terms of their finances. In the case of this couple, opposites certainly do not attract, as the pair enjoy the similarities in personality that they share. 


When looking at these signs from the outset, it’s not blindingly obvious where this pair find common ground. As an air and earth sign, the grounded and unmoving nature of Taurus can sometimes feel stifling for Virgo. However, as both Virgo and Taurus are ruled by Venus, there is an undeniable connection that runs between these two signs. Virgo will learn to appreciate the desire that Taurus has for staying within close-knit circles, while Taurus will benefit by being pushed out of their social comfort zones by their Virgo partner.

Least compatible with?


The fiery, untameable character of Aries is a poor match with the stable and slow-moving nature of Taurus. Aries wants nothing more than to live life to the absolute fullest and seize every opportunity that comes their way. In contrast, Taurus finds themselves rooted firmly in the day-to-day routine that they have meticulously crafted. While Taurus can appreciate and admire Aries’ zealousness, ultimately, they prefer the comfort of familiarity and are unashamed by this.


Similar to Aries, Gemini constantly seeks adventure and gets bored incredibly fast. As a result, Gemini will typically grow dissatisfied and impatient towards Taurus’ favouring of repetition. Due to this disparity, Gemini may resort to trying hard to get Taurus to engage, yet this is likely to only push them away further. In addition, as Gemini is a keen flirt (and a good one at that!), Taurus is likely to grow jealous and frustrated; while Gemini really enjoys ‘playing the game’, Taurus certainly does not appreciate the instability it brings.


Although arguably compatible in terms of physical intimacy, these two signs will struggle when it comes to appropriately valuing the strengths of their partner; Sagittarius’ laid back and aloof manner will often mean that Taurus’ attempts at romance will often fall flat, leaving them to feel undesired. Moreover, as Sagittarius is constantly seeking new adventures and experiences, Taurus will find it hard to keep up the same energy. It is unsurprising that in a relationship of two such clashing personalities, that resentments and strife are common occurrences.

Ultimately, the zodiac and its signs are not to be taken as a rigid doctrine, classifying our personalities and compatibility without any deviations. After all, every one of us is incredibly unique and cannot be placed into a box. Despite this, the zodiac is a great guide that has existed for thousands of years, highlighting many accurate characteristics and allowing us to deeply engage with the remarkable workings of higher celestial realms. By taking the suggestions of the zodiac into account, we are able to seek greater clarity and understand our relationships to a greater degree than could be achieved otherwise.

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