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The Signs and Sex

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
January 19, 2023
The Signs and Sex
The Signs and Sex

The power of attraction can be a mystery when you are drawn to a sexy Leo or Sagittarian, but you don’t know what attracts them. Couples zodiac signs guides often focus on personality traits ands what makes for good long term compatibility in a relationship, but sometimes, it’s all about sex, as opposed to falling in love. What are each of the star signs best match in the bedroom and what draws them in sexually? Explore the best lover zodiac sign for each of the star signs today.

The law of attraction and sex for each of the signs can be difficult to figure out, can’t it? The best lovers zodiac sign for each star sign doesn’t have to be a mystery, though. Some of what draws people to relationships also draws them sexually, and while our zodiac sign doesn’t decide everything, it does decide a lot of how we are and what interests us. What decides Aquarian man attraction, and what is the best match for Libra in the bedroom? Who are Leos attracted to and what can you expect from sex with a Capricorn woman? Learn about all the signs and their sexual sides today.

Sex and the Signs

The Signs and Sex

What is it about sex that make us happy, no matter what sign we are? For one thing, doctors say it is healthy for us. It lowers blood pressure, strengthens muscles, and increases energy levels. It also lowers the risk of cardiovascular issues like stroke. It is said to make us sleep better and people who had sex a couple of times a week were tested to have better immune systems. It has also been reported that cluster headaches and migraines are lessened during sex.

As if all this was not enough, for men, frequent orgasms lower risks of prostate cancer by up to thirty six percent and it lowers risk for early death by up to fifty percent! Orgasms increase blood flow in women and helps to protect against endometriosis and incontinence. Beyond this, confidence increases with regular sexual activity with a partner, and some studies link better memory in adults aged fifty and up with having an active sex life. Does sex keep us alive? Maybe, but even if it doesn’t, it sure helps with our quality of life!

Each sign has their own sexual preferences, and typical sexual behaviors. A Sagittarian is more likely to behave in sultry ways than a Capricorn, but a Capricorn is more likely to drop all inhibitions with a sex partner they trust faster than a Virgo. A preview of sex tendencies for all the signs isn’t necessary. Let’s get right into it!


Understanding the Aries woman goes a long way to helping you figure out what pleases her sexually. To begin with, there is no one perfect match for an Aries woman or man, but there is a fact not everybody knows about Aries people and sex: Arguments can turn them on, most especially if you know what you are talking about and are not easily intimidated. Some signs like Librans can find this draining, but Aries people love to rise to a challenge, and your Aries male might “rise” for you if he feels you are a handful. Another thing to keep in mind is that Aries people have no issue pursuing you, so if you want to be the pursuer, you might end up repelling them. Stating your interest and stepping back puts the ball in Mr. or Miss Aries court and they can pursue or step away as they please.

Aries people don’t like feeling cornered or pushed into doing something, so trying to dominate them, most especially if they flat out say they don’t like that is a sure-fire way to get them to stay completely away from you. A surprise kiss might be okay, and there is only one way to find out if they like a thing like that, or is there? A game of “Truth or Dare” with just the two of you where you dare them to kiss you will let you know if they are interested or not and save you the problem of upsetting your Aries if they are not interested.

You should know one more thing and that is that Aries lovers are not shy lovers like some other signs are. They won’t be ruled by inhibitions, so if there is something you have always wanted to try sexually, your Aries will most likely be happy to try it with you. Aries people are able to have casual sex, not necessarily getting emotionally attached to their sexual partner, and if you are looking for a lifelong commitment when all they want is sex, you may be better off with a different lover. If you want a passionate lover who will knock your socks off, Aries is a great sign for that. Aries' best lovers are Leos and Sagittarians as well as Geminis.


Tauruses can come across as boring, predictable people, but the truth is, they absolutely love sex, and if you are their lover, they will make sure to make love to you passionately and often. One of the Taurus woman sexuality traits is that overly aggressive come-ons turn them off. They prefer more polite advances, and dirty talk can repel them. They don’t want somebody jumping on them, or demanding sex, and somebody who they don’t know well enough to be comfortable with asking for sex will often be met with a “ No.”

While they are not boring in the bedroom, they do prefer lovers who are like them in beliefs and lifestyle, and they are not as likely to do tons of one night stands to carve notches in their headboards for bragging about how many sex partners they have had. Tauruses want lovers who want THEM, not to use them for sex. They often fall for you before they make love to you and prefer sex within a long-term relationship over one nighters.

The Taurus woman’s best match happens to be Virgos, Cancerians, and Pisces people. These signs can be choosier about sexual partners and are very trustworthy and discreet. Some Taureans are very sexy in appearance, but they still don’t want their sex lives broadcasted for all the world to see. A Taurus can be a true lady or gentleman in the living room and sexy beast in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean they want everybody to know it.


While Gemini’s can orgasm fast, it might take you a while to get them that aroused, and the way to do it is intellectually. Geminis love stimulating conversation with people about a plethora of topics and love a variety of things to learn about. If you bore them, no amount of sexy clothes will get them to make love to you. They don’t want a lover who they feel is emotionally demanding, so if you need somebody who will be supportive of tender feelings, opt for a sign like Pisces instead. Geminis are thinkers, and while they can and do fall in love, if you are too sappy for them, they might leave.

Things to turn them on are surprise gifts and spur of the moment trips as well as being onboard for new experiences. Maybe neither of you have learned to jet ski, and this weekend is as good as any to learn how. Geminis like a partnership with a lover and won’t seek to dominate nor will they like being dominated. They want a lover who they can look in the eye and respect as an equal, and they want their lover to be smart, energetic, and interesting.

Aries, Leos, and Librans are great lovers for Geminis. These signs love to have lots of fun, and Librans in particular are just as intellectual as Geminis. Aries and Gemini lovers can have sex and not cry in one another’s arms afterwards, which Geminis like, and Leos are fun loving enough to satisfy their Gemini.


Cancer woman and Cancer man attraction is based on trust. It’s not that no Cancer ever had a no strings attached one nighter, but to be an actual lover of theirs, they need to feel like they can trust you. Cancerians are very emotional people, and they bond better with people who are supportive of that. Cancers love to make love, but early on in the relationship, for their lover to take a step back from too much lovemaking, focusing on things like romantic dinners for two or cuddling for movie night at home will reassure them that you are not just using them for sex, and you actually care about their feelings.

Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces people make amazing lovers for Cancerians. All of these signs are relationship focused, and like Cancers, take their time getting to know people before getting involved. These signs are also very nurturing and focused on the people they spend time with. Since Cancerians love to be doted on, and these signs love to dote on people, they harmonize in relationships, and it makes their emotions relax so they can be comfortable allowing themselves to be vulnerable enough to be sexually involved.


What is a Leo’s best match for sex? Somebody who they think is fun, but also somebody who they can tell is really interested in them. Leos might be the sign that needs the most validation that their lover is completely focused on them, and the minute they feel their lover’s attention is straying, they are going to assume the worst. Having said that, not just anybody will catch their eye. They want lovers who carry themselves as a king or queen would, and who communicates unshakable personal power and confidence.

They are also turned onto people who will lavish them with not only attention, but with gifts as well. It’s not that they expect the most expensive gifts on the planet, but if you make a six-figure income, and they know you can afford that Coach bag they have been eyeing, surprising them by buying it for them will definitely get you some points. They love to be taken out to the places they like, and they like that to be places where they can dress up, showing off their favorite clothes.

The signs that make the best lovers for Leos are Librans, who love to make their lovers the center of their worlds, and fun-loving Sagittarians who are typically the life of the party. When a Sagittarian is devoted to a lover, they know how to make them feel like the most special person in the world. Aries men and women make great lovers for Leos as well, because they love to have a partner for adventure, and they and their Leos love going places together before lovemaking- and FOR lovemaking too!


Of all the signs, Virgo is the one least likely to just have sex with somebody they think is sexy for the sake of sex. Virgos are very careful people who care deeply about who they admit into their lives, which they have cautiously structured to be just the way they like it. If you don’t fit into their world in a way that makes sense to them, they probably won’t take the time to rearrange everything to welcome you.

Having said that, Virgos absolutely love having sex with whoever it is they are involved with, and that is probably not going to happen quickly. You have to appeal to them visually, they have to feel that you can take advice from them, and you have to be well behaved in public. They won’t like somebody trying to show off the fact to other people they want to seduce said Virgo. They value good hygiene, good health, and discretion.

Great lovers for Virgos are Capricorns, Tauruses, and Cancers. Both Cancers and Tauruses , like Virgos get to know people before getting personally involved with them, and they prefer a stable relationship before becoming lovers, Capricorns are very dignified and polite in public, and very private about their sex lives, which Virgos respect and appreciate.


Understanding the Libra man or woman isn’t so easy. They don’t mean to send mixed signals, but sometimes they do. Librans try to get along with everybody, and sometimes, they won’t realize they are flirting. So, if you are wondering if you turn a Libra on or not, just ask them. They will tell you if they are interested or not, and while they don’t mind being pursued, don’t just jump on them- ask them if it’s okay first! Libras actually like to pursue their lovers themselves but won’t mind being hit on as long as the individual doing it acts like they are respecting the Libran’s boundaries.

In the bedroom is another story. Librans won’t mind being seduced, but some boundaries have to be set. One boundary Librans have is they don’t ant to be treated like an object, but as a respectable individual who matters for more than just sex. They also love to be involved with people they connect with and who they see a potential for a long-term relationship with. It doesn’t always take them as long to have sex as it would a Cancer or a Taurus, but they are more likely to allow sex if they think their partner could be theirs for the long haul.

Great lovers for Librans are other Libras, Aquarians, and Leos. Leos are all about being the center of their lover’s worlds, but they give as much attention as they expect, and two Libras will mirror each other’s dedication to one another. An Aquarian may not lavish as much attention on their Libra as a Leo or another Libra would, but Aquarians are choosy about who they spend time with, and once they select a Libra, they will probably stay with them for good.


Scorpios choose their lovers and are prepared to wait as long as it takes to make that lover theirs. They can be very jealous of partners, and they can obsess when they feel like it. Now that is not to say every Scorpio is crazy, but if one is crazy about you, get ready to be fussed over. They don’t take sex or relationships lightly, and if they are acting interested, they are serious. Scorpios absolutely love sex, and they may want it all the time, meaning every day, and multiple times per day.

However, they won’t want to feel dependent on you for anything at all, and they might step away if they feel they are becoming needy. Despite that, they won’t shy away from casual sex if they think you are sexy, but Scorpios really do love to bond emotionally with a lover, and if they feel like they can’t bond with you, don’t expect them to stick around long term, even if the sex is great. They also don’t want to feel embarrassed in public by somebody who is acting slinky in front of their friends. They appreciate some discretion too.

Good lovers for Scorpios are Capricorns, Cancers, and Pisces people. Pisces and Cancers are emotionally plugged into their lovers and know just how to become necessary to their lovers without making them feel it is unhealthy and codependent. Capricorns have the ability to be respectful, strong lovers who can be private about their relationship, and they win Scorpio’s respect. When it comes to understanding the Scorpio woman and understanding the Scorpio man, Cancers, Capricorns, and Pisces lovers instinctually know how to do this, and their sexual bonds can develop into something long term.


Of all the signs, Sagittarians are perhaps the most fun loving of signs. They can have playful, unattached sex, and stay friends afterwards. They love adventure, variety, and are not afraid to try new things sexually. They love spontaneous trips, and surprise sex in places they have never made love before. They are not prudish or shy, and don’t mind public displays of affection, even if they are not in a committed relationship with their sex partner.

Sagittarians need to be involved with independent people who are not needy, and they need their lovers to be focused on enjoying life as opposed to being serious all the time. They do fall in love as easily as other signs, but if their relationship breaks apart, they will pick themselves up and find another lover as opposed to mourning for a long time. They love lighthearted good times, play, travel, and a lot of new experiences. To them, life is to be enjoyed and those who would be their lovers should be onboard to go out and have fun with them.

Great lovers for Sagittarians are other Sagittarians to keep those spontaneous juices flowing, and Aquarians of course. Both Sagittarius and Aquarians need a lot of independence, they give one another as much freedom as they need, and come together again to share good times and great sex. Another good sign to be lovers for a Sagittarius is an Aries. They are both good about having sex simply for enjoyment, and they appreciate having a lover who is the same way.


Sex with a Capricorn woman can be as much fun as sex with a Sagittarian, but Capricorns are more focused on their futures, and even if they don’t see you as a long-term lover, they will have seriously considered how you fit in with their lives, at least temporarily. Sex tips with a Capricorn woman is to be considerate, respectful, and private. Capricorns don’t want you sharing their private business with other people, and if they feel like they can’t trust you to be discreet, they will dump you faster than last week’s trash.

One surprising thing about practical Capricorns is that sex will be explosive with them. They might not flaunt it, but they are sex machines, and they don’t have all the inhibitions they lead people to believe they do. They are not opposed to having sex just for the fun of it, but not just anybody can get them in bed. They will pick out their short-term lovers carefully, and they will go out of their way to make sure their lovers are having just as much fun in bed as they are.

Good lovers for Capricorns are a Taurus, Cancer, or Pisces. These signs are as focused on their future as Capricorns are, and they all like privacy about their relationships. Capricorns make strong shoulders for Cancers and Pisces people to lean on, and Tauruses have the reliability Capricorns appreciate.


Aquarius woman attraction revolves around her beliefs, lifestyle, and need to live life on her terms. If you are a like minded individual and respect her values, you will get her attention. Aquarians are high energy people who are active in a lot of things, but they just want to make the world a better place. They love deeply, and sometimes seek to shut their emotions off as much as possible, because they are hurt easily, but they try very hard to make sure nobody knows this.

They believe very strongly in maintaining their personal space in relationships, and most Aquarians believe all love is love, and all consensual sex is valid. They are unique and inventive and spend a lot of time working on a myriad of projects, creating new things, and even new worlds single handedly. Don’t get in their way, or you won’t be invited back, even if they like you. They are most comfortable being sexually involved with people they feel won’t try to “own” or entrap them.

Sexually, Aquarians go well with other independent Aquarians as well as Geminis who love a lot of stimulation and new experiences. Prolifically changeable Aquarians provide Geminis this and they both allow one another all the independence they need. Aquarians also go quite well with adventurous, spontaneous Sagittarians, and these two enjoy great sex and great fun together even outside of the bedroom.


Like Cancer people’s, Pisces attraction is also based on trust. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t have sex outside of relationships. A Pisces just needs to feel they can trust you in their bed and that you can completely emotionally detach if needs be. If they are emotionally attached to you, however, they will trust you with their innermost secret feelings and will go out of their way to be there for you to help with whatever you need.

Pisces people love to help those who need them and will probably have rescued more than one individual before making them their lover. They are very romantic people, and the idea of bonding with somebody they have helped turns them on immensely. They are highly adaptable and can get along with and make love to a lot of different kinds of people. Sexy talk, phone sex, and sending nude photos can be real turn-ons for your Pisces lover to let them know you are thinking of making love to them even when you are apart.

Tauruses, Cancers, and Scorpios make great sexual partners for Pisces people. All of these signs are considerate of how they make their lovers feel, even if they are not in a committed relationship, and they will all be focused on being caring and attentive. Scorpios and Tauruses especially appreciate how Pisces people can be flexible and Cancerians love the fact that their Pisces will ask about their feelings and adapt to be accomodating.

Some say that a good lover is hard to find, but knowing which signs harmonize with yours sexually will help take some of the difficulty out of it. Whether you are a fun-loving Sagittarian or a more cautious Virgo, sex is a very big part of how you form relationships and being with your best possible lover is something you deserve. Let astrology help guide you to good partners!

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