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The Zodiac Signs in Love

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
December 01, 2021
The Zodiac Signs in Love
The Zodiac Signs in Love
TL;DRDid you ever wonder how to make a Libra fall in love with you or what it’s like watching a Scorpio falling in love? Typically, an Aquarius falling in love will show it differently than a Virgo falling in love. Can you make a Leo fall in love with you? How do each of the Zodiac Signs fall in love, and how can you make them love you?

Love! Who can do without it, but then again, who completely understands it? When you fall in love with somebody and it doesn’t seem like they are as crazy for you as you are for them, you may find yourself asking just who they would fall for and what is it you have to do to get them to fall in love with you? Thankfully, our Zodiac signs explain a lot of what we do and can help take the mystery out of how we tick and who we fall in love with!

Any sign can fall in love with any other sign, to be honest, but when it comes to long term relationships, compatibility based on personality traits and preferences tend to decide who we stay with. It’s true that Air signs tend to stick together, and Sagittarians usually adore Librans. However, you don’t necessarily have to be born under a particular sign for somebody to fall for you. You can learn about somebody’s preferences, and some behaviors can be changed to accommodate them. A couple words of caution, though!

Don’t think you can change who you are to make a Pisces man fall in love with you or pretend to be somebody you aren’t to make a Gemini man fall in love with you. Don’t think love games are the way of how to make a Capricorn fall in love. Also don’t automatically assume because some Astrologers say a union between an Aries and a Capricorn is difficult to maintain that no Aries ever worked out a relationship with a Capricorn. Understanding how the Zodiac signs fall in love will help take the mystery out of understanding yourself and the person you love, but there are no absolutes. Read on!



Who Do Aries Fall in Love With?

Do Aries fall in love easily? With the right person, absolutely! They are not going to fall for just anybody. You have to understand their passionately powerful personalities, and not wilt under the heat of their strength! The last thing an Aries wants is to be with somebody who thinks they need to change. Aries people get on well with other Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius of course! Aquarius and Gemini people are signs you see Aries falling in love with often times but how to make an Aries fall in love is quite unexpected.

How To Make An Aries Fall in Love With You

How to make an Aries fall in love is to fit well into their life, and enjoy their strong personalities, which is not something that can be faked. How to make an Aries man fall in love is to be self-assured and hold your head high. They dislike people who don’t seem confident, and they admire strength and pride. Spontaneity will make an Aries man fall in love and variety and fun times will keep them interested.

Do Aries women fall in love easily? They do as long as you are their kind of lover. How to make an Aries woman fall in love is to be what she considers sexy. Aries people are quite sensual and their natural sexiness is a large part of who they are. Aries people fall for who they are sexually attracted to, but also spontaneous people who love to have fun, and people with self confidence who they feel they can respect.



How To Make a Taurus Fall in Love with You

How to make a Taurus man fall in love with you is to be honest and reliable. It’s easier if you are also an Earth sign, like Virgo or Capricorn if not another Taurus. A Taurus man falling in love with a Cancer or Pisces is not unusual because all three signs love to create comfortable homes they are content not leaving often. Nestling down together and enjoying the blessings of hearth and home is a great way of how to make a Taurus man fall in love. A Taurus man falling in love with a Sagittarius woman can happen, but these signs might butt heads because Sagittarians needs more adventures and personal freedom while Taurus is content to stay home and wants to call the shots.

Taurus man falling in love with you signs include him doting on you, feeding you, or paying for a date, and him making you top priority. Falling in love with a Taurus man or woman can be a wonderful experience if you like to be fussed over and protected because Taurus is all about nurturing the people they are involved with. If you don’t want somebody trying to tell you to put on that coat before you go out or remind you about taking vitamins, you might choose a lover who isn’t a Taurus.


Can Geminis Fall in Love?

Of course they can, and a Gemini falling in love happens all the time! Geminis get a bad rap, being wrongfully accused of always being cheats or being otherwise dishonest with lovers. In truth, Geminis are no less honest or any more prone to cheat than any other sign is. The question, then, is can a Gemini man fall in love with YOU? Maybe so, but you are going to have to have a lot of energy, give them a lot of trust and freedom, and be very understanding of how versatile and social they are.

How to Make a Gemini Fall in Love

How to make a Gemini man fall in love with you is to understand their need for personal freedom. Likewise, how to make a Gemini woman fall in love is to respect her needs to make her own decisions and do what she desires with her life. A Gemini man falling in love with you will often happen because he thinks you are intellectually interesting and you can keep his mind stimulated with your knowledge and lively conversation. To make a Gemini man fall in love, take things slowly and demonstrate you want to get to know him for who he is, not to use him for a good time. Do Geminis fall in love easily? With the people they want to live their fun, spontaneous lives with, yes they do!



How to Make a Cancer Fall in Love with You

Do Cancers fall in love easily? It’s not uncommon for a Cancer man to fall in love first in a relationship, but only if they completely trust you and feel they are secure and safe with you. A Cancer falling in love might have already fallen for you, but they will take their time getting to know you before committing. To make a Cancer man fall in love, be true to your word, and don’t do anything to hurt them or make them feel betrayed. It helps if you are a nurturing Taurus or Pisces.

A Cancer Man Falling in Love Signs

Signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you is that he tells his deep dark secrets to you and he lets you have access to his home in the form of his key, or even trusts you with his bank account. Some people will do this with friends, but a Cancer man falling in love with you will want to be romantic and sensual. He will also introduce you to his family and friends and he might even act a little jealous if somebody else looks your way!



How to Make a Leo Fall in Love

Leos get along well with other Fire signs Sagittarius and Aries but also especially well with Librans. Can a Leo man and a Taurus woman fall in love? They are actually a very compatible combination and falling in love with a Leo man is something a Taurus woman is highly likely to do since they both love the comforts of home and love to nurture and be nurtured. How to make a Leo fall in love is to respect their knowledge but also show your own and to carry yourself with pride.

How to make a Leo woman fall in love is to speak with authority without trying to push people around and the easiest way to of how to make a Leo fall in love with you is to demonstrate your personal devotion to them. What makes a Leo man fall in love besides devotion and a strong will? Being honest with him and him finding you attractive will draw a Leo.

Signs a Leo Man is Falling in Love with You

So a Leo is in your heart, but how can you tell if you’re in his? A Leo man falling in love will be very generous and sharing with you, showering gifts and attention on you. He will devote a lot of time, if not all his free time to you, and he will make you a top priority. A Leo will show affection to you in front of others if they are falling for you, and they will tell you how they feel about you. Leos are perhaps the most loyal of signs and as long as you treat your Leo well, if they love you, they will stick by you.



Who Do Virgos Fall in Love With?

Do Virgos fall in love easily? Truthfully, they don’t, and it can be a mystery of how a Virgo man or woman falls in love. How to make a Virgo man fall in love with you is to be meticulous, be serious when they expect it, be hardworking and efficient, and let them call the shots romantically. It’s not a good idea to pursue a Virgo aggressively, because they find this rude and off putting and besides, they like to be the ones doing that! A Virgo man falling in love will carefully observe and calculate every move, judging everything about you to see if he deems you worthy of a relationship with him. Some assume Virgos never do one-night stands, but that’s not true- they just don’t do relationships they rush into because they don’t want to form a connection they regret.

Signs a Virgo Man is Falling in Love with You

If a Virgo behaves as if you are near perfect, they are falling for you in some way- even if it’s as a friend. A Virgo man falling in love signs is he will fuss over your health, because he thinks he knows best. Similarly, a Virgo woman falling in love signs will go out of her way to suggest things she feels are best for you, including helping with your relationships. Keep in mind they will do this even if you don’t ask them to, of course. Other signs a Virgo man is falling in love is that he relaxes more around you than he does with other people. Naturally anxious, Virgos settle down with people who put their troubled minds at ease and make them feel like everything will be okay.



How to Make a Libra Woman Fall in Love with You

Perhaps the sign who “loves to be in love” most are lovely Librans. Known for their charm and flirtatiousness, not everybody understands that Librans are not just shallow trollops just looking for a good time. True, they are not apologetic about the fact they will walk out on a first date or cut off a relationship their significant other is not ready to, but Librans truly live for love. To make a Libra woman fall in love, let her call the shots, and love her in every way possible. Make her the center of your world and make her your number one priority. It helps if you practice good hygiene, are successful, and take pride in your appearance.

How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love with You

To make a Libra man fall in love, you will have to be open to long term love, harmonize well with him, get along well with others and behave politely in public, be thoughtful and attentive, and perhaps most of all, be excited by his focused attention on you. One of the top Libra man falling in love signs is he gives you his undivided attention, and literally pursues you. If he’s not doing that, he’s not fallen for you, and there is nothing you can do but wait and give him time. If you are lucky, someday he will be yours!



How to Make a Scorpio Fall in Love

How to make a Scorpio man fall in love is to fascinate him with your unique qualities and never try to be in control. Scorpio men and women love to be in charge of making decisions about their relationships, and if you patiently wait on his call, it helps make a Scorpio man fall in love with you. Another way of how to make a Scorpio fall in love with you is to be on the same page with them sensually. Known as the sign of sex and death, Scorpios are very in touch with their sexuality, and having a long-term partner who fulfills them sexually is very important to them. How to make a Scorpio woman fall in love is to demonstrate you will always be there for her, even defending in her absence if need be.

Scorpio Man Falling in Love Signs

To make a Scorpio man fall in love is one thing, but how can you tell if he has fallen for you? A Scorpio in love will make you the center of their world, and if you love them in return, this is very good. If not? They might not get the hint immediately. Don’t be surprised if they end up winning you over anyways because a Scorpio in love is very devoted, and has the ability to be strong and protective, pulling you and everybody they love through the worst of times. They can be pretty bossy when they feel their way is best, but sometimes it is, and when a Scorpio loves you, they make sure you know it!



How to Make a Sagittarius Fall in Love with You

Do Sagittarius fall in love quickly? Sometimes, it seems Sagittarians fall into love at first sight. Do Sagittarius people fall in love easily? Only in the right circumstances, and by that, I mean their own kind of people. They love variety, spontaneity, adventures, and people they can enjoy all these fun things with. They hate to feel trapped, bossed around, or that they are not taken seriously, even if they are only serious about having fun at the moment. They can be the life of the party and need to be involved with people who understand this and support this type of lifestyle.

How to make a Sagittarius man fall in love is to be his kind of person, and naturally settle into a relationship with him. “No strings attached” is something Sagittarians seek in relationships because they prefer to be in committed relationships because they want to be as opposed to because they have to be. How to make a Sagittarius woman fall in love is to understand she is a free spirit and needs to have her say without you taking exception to whatever she says. Known for being outspoken, but not always tactful, Sagittarians need lovers who accept them as they are and love them completely.

Signs a Sagittarius Man is Falling in Love with You

The number one sign a Sagittarian is in love with you is that they prefer your company over anybody else’s. Sagittarians are true social butterflies and have countless friends and romantic partners. Indeed, they never run out of people who adore them, but if you are their favorite person, a Sagittarian loves you. Make sure to be ready to pack for a spontaneous trip at any minute, because a Sagittarian in love with you will want to take you along on adventures!



How to Make a Capricorn Fall in Love

What signs do Capricorns fall in love with? Fellow Earth signs Taurus and Virgo understand Capricorns and make very good long-term partners with them, but a Capricorn man falling in love with a Pisces is just as common. Pisces people can be very accommodating to those they love, and Capricorns appreciate a lot of understanding. How to make a Capricorn man fall in love is to be classy, sophisticated, and polite. They love manners and respect, and fall in love with people they can be proud of. Capricorns are very concerned of other people’s opinions of them, and how to make a Capricorn woman fall in love with you is to show her and tell her how proud you are of her and how you think the World of her.

How to get a Capricorn woman to fall in love with you is to be straightforward about your intention for a committed relationship and be steadfast in how you demonstrate that. Seeing them regularly, calling, showing up on time, and making them a priority is how to make a Capricorn fall in love with you. How to make a Capricorn man fall in love with you is to make him laugh and to laugh about the same things he does. He really is focused on career and being successful, but he wants to spend his life with somebody who he can share joy with.

Capricorn Man Falling in Love Signs

A Capricorn man in love with you will make it clear by making you a priority and not being shy about learning everything about you. He might even go so far as to do a background check and see what other people have to say about you. If he is falling for you, it means he wants to include you in his life he has meticulously built for himself, and he wants to include somebody he feels is worth it in that life. If he decides you are the one, he will tell you and make sure you feel his love in every way possible.



How to Make Aquarius Fall in Love

How to make an Aquarius man in love is to be a unique one-of-a-kind individual who is 100% unapologetically themselves. How to make an Aquarius woman fall in love with you is to be highly creative, and march to the beat of your own music, shunning what others say you ought to do. You get extra points if you tell conformists to buzz off and do so without batting an eye. What makes an Aquarian man fall in love is caring about those less fortunate than you are, and actually trying to do something about it. How to make an Aquarian man fall in love with you is to have no jealousy or resentment of his other friends but respect his independence and will join in and spend time with them as well.

Aquarius Man Falling in Love Signs

An Aquarius man falling in love shows it by sticking around. Aquarian people lack the sexual inhibitions some signs have and can remain friends after casual sex, and they won’t disrespect you. However, if they want more than just a good time, he will have included you into his closest circle of best friends and will have been getting to know you better. He will devote a lot of time to you and will want to take you along for pretty much whatever he is doing. An Aquarian in love will make the apple of their eye their main focus, and you will love every minute of it if that’s you!



How to Make a Pisces Fall in Love with You

How to make a Pisces man fall in love is to give him his space and tick all the boxes of the things that make him want to be near you. Pisces may come on strong immediately, but that doesn’t mean they have strong feelings. They are just enjoying new romance, and they can cope if it’s meant to be a short-lived one. How to make a Pisces fall in love is to stand back and allow them to pursue you. They love romance and feeling chased makes them retreat. Do Pisces fall in love easily? As hopeless romantics, they love the feeling of passion, but sometimes, they are infatuated rather than in love. That’s okay because Pisces quickly figures this out and makes it clear so nobody is led on unfairly.

How to make a Pisces woman fall in love is to give signs you are interested in a future with her, but don’t make her feel smothered. She needs to know what you want in your future and if that aligns with what she wants before she feels pressed to commit. How to make a Pisces man fall in love with you is to refrain from nagging and respect his space. Pisces people need their alone time to recharge when they feel overwhelmed, and if you back off, they will come back to you when they have had that personal time they need.

Signs Pisces Man is Falling in Love

A Pisces man falling in love will reach out and make spending time with you a priority. He talks to you about his feelings, and he shows his affection by treating you special. A Pisces woman who is in love with you takes you places, introduces you to her friends, and flirts with you in front of people. Who does a Pisces fall in love with? Other Water signs Scorpio and Cancer harmonize well with Pisces. Patient, steadfast Taurus and Capricorn people make Pisces feel confident about the stability of the relationship and it’s a match made in the heavens!

Everybody loves to be in love, regardless of what Zodiac sign they are, and everybody loves to have a committed partner to share life with happily. Knowing just what it is that draws somebody can let you know how good your chances are of having love with them, and if love isn’t in your futures together, that’s okay! Somebody else is right around the corner who is just perfect for you!

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