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Mars and the Moon in the Houses

By Saoirse
August 31, 2022
Mars and the Moon in the Houses
Mars and the Moon in the Houses
TL;DRJoin Mysticsense as we explore what the Moon and mars means in each of the twelve houses of your birth chart.

Many know all about their Sun signs, and maybe even their ascendant and Moon signs, but few know about what planets were moving through the Houses of their charts when they were born. When you get your birth chart cast,you will see what planets were where in each House, and you will learn what those things mean to you. But what are the Houses, what do they mean, and what does it mean when the Moon or Mars are in each of the Houses? First, get your Birth Chart cast here- Free Astrology Birth Chart Report ( to get a breakdown of all the planets and signs, but to get a graph chart you can look at, click here: Birth Chart Calculator - Find Your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Sign (Rising Sign) (

What are “Houses”?

Mars and the Moon in the Houses

Most simply stated, the Houses are areas in your birth chart that tell you things about yourself, and these things are decided at the moment you are born. Our zodiac signs tell us what constellation, or sign was moving through areas on our birth charts, but the Houses are occupied also. Any sign or planet can move through any of the Houses and that will influence things like how you love, how you experience pleasure, what type of homelife you prefer, good career paths for you, and your basic personality. We will have different articles exploring the Houses in Venus, Jupiter, and other planets, but today we will focus on Mars and the Moon in each of the Houses.

What are Each of the Houses?

Mars and the Moon in the Houses

Each House has a different aspect of things it governs, but astrologically speaking, we call that “what each house rules.” That has a nice ring to it! We will explore more in-depth descriptions of the Houses in other articles, so make sure to watch for those, but for now, a simple description of what each House rules is provided.

The First and Second Houses

The First House is called The House of Self and it rules our personality and general worldly outlook while the Second House is called the House of Possessions and rules our finances.

The Third and Fourth Houses

The Third House is called the House of Communication and it rules short trips as well as all our mental ability. The Fourth House is called the House of Family and Home and it rules our ancestry and heritage and all aspects of domestic life and properties we own.

The Fifth and Sixth Houses

Then Fifth House is called the House of Pleasure and it rules love relationships and things that give us pleasure and make us happy. The Sixth House is called the House of Health and it rules sickness, hygiene, and health as well as employment and employees.

The Seventh and Eighth Houses

The Seventh House is called the House of Partnerships and it rules all partnering with friends as well as enemies and legal proceedings we become involved in. The Eighth House is called The House of Sex and it rules not only our sex lives but also death, and the money and material things we gain from other people.

The Ninth and Tenth Houses

The Ninth House is called The House of Philosophy and it rules long trips, psychic powers, and philosophic tendencies. The Tenth House is called the House of Social Status and it rules career and reputation and the roles we play in society and government.

The Eleventh and Twelfth Houses

The Eleventh House is called the House of Friendships and it rules the collective things we do with others from clubs to teams at work and with the public in general. The Twelfth House is called the House of the Subconscious and it rules secrecy, isolation, restraint, hidden truths, and mystical knowledge.

Mars Sign Astrology

Mars and the Moon in the Houses

We won’t discuss Mars in the signs in this article but will write a little about the Mars planet meaning and the Mars star sign, which is Aries. To know how to find your Mars sign, look for a great article from our very own Rachel Clare where she teaches about how to find your Mars sign and explains what does your Mars sign mean. What does Mars mean in astrology? Mars meaning in astrology is several different things besides just your Mars sign, so even after you find your Mars sign, you don’t have to worry that that’s all it means for you.

More About Mars Planet Astrology

The Mars ruling planet rules the sign Aries, and the traits Mars instills are seen quite well in its sign. Aries people are fire signs, which means they are energetic, passionate, fun-loving, spontaneous, adventurous, action oriented, and radically independent. 

Mars in the Houses

The planet Mars gives them these traits and in the Houses, Mars shows where you will devote a lot of time and energy. Like active Aries, you will put your passions and efforts into whatever House Mars resides in.

To read more about Aries before exploring Mars in the Houses, see here: Star Sign in Spotlight: Aries | Mysticsense

Mars in the First House

In the House of Self, Mars makes you dynamic, and an individual who lives life on your own terms. You are good at forging ahead and controlling your own destiny but can be impulsive and reckless if you don’t keep your energies in check. You are brave to the point of fearlessness and love your freedom.

Mars in the Second House

As the Second House is the House of Possessions, you can either overspend and be overly generous with others or have a great ability to earn well through your own hard work. Either way, you will be powerfully driven when it comes to possessions and will be great at moving resources.

Mars in the Third House

In the House of Communication, your brilliant mind will be energetic, you will tirelessly add to your knowledge, and will share what you learn with others. You are a quick thinker and will probably have hobbies like participating in debate clubs, trivia games, or be a bookworm. As this also governs short trips, take care to be safe on your frequent shot travels, which you will undoubtedly learn lots of good new things while enjoying yourself traveling.

Mars in the Fourth House

In the House of Family and Home, Mars instills fierce protectiveness and desire to develop and strengthen all aspects of home and family. You may even carry this protectiveness over into brilliant real estate deals and expanding the family homeplace by make home-based business which. Mars gives the energy to somebody willing to do the hard work to turn that business into an empire. You will focus on acquiring more possessions and wealth for yourself and your family, and you may have been an energetic child whose parents had a hard time reigning in, but, you can more than make up for all that by being protective of them in their old age.

Mars in the Fifth House

Mars, in the House of Pleasure means you will enjoy exercise, sports, and things like all night dancing! Your romantic attractions can make you crazy mad for someone, and you may go a bit overboard being attracted to somebody who is more trouble than they are worth. You will indulge voraciously in the things you enjoy, just make sure not to overindulge and splurge in ways like overspending money or not practicing safe sex or doing things that create undesirable consequences while you partake.

Mars in the Sixth House

In the House of Health, Mars can create strife in health, so take extra care to watch out for your wellbeing and your body safety. You are a hard worker who has the tendency to overextend yourself on the job- because you love the pride of a job well done so much- just be sure not to be taken advantage of by your teammates or bosses.

Mars in the Seventh House

Mars in the House of Partnerships makes you passionate about romance, and you prefer to pursue rather than be pursued. Not that “catching” the apple of your eye will cool off your interest, mind you. It means you are a devoted and passionate lover to those you are drawn to. It also means any enemies you have will be met with equal energy from you, and you won’t run away if you feel people are unfairly critical or trying to interfere in your business.

Mars in the Eighth House

When in the House of Sex, Mars instills a powerful drive to want to be in control of things. Most definitely in your own life, but some people with Mars in their Eighth House can either become controlling, or be easily manipulated, most especially by lovers. Be sure your lovers don’t use you for money and take care because Mars in the House of Sex, which also governs death, can increase risk of death through danger.

Mars in the Ninth House

Mars in the House of Philosophy makes you interested in religion and the freedom of your own thoughts and beliefs but be sure not to try and force your beliefs on others. A better way to use this energy is to crusade for freedom of all people’s beliefs, and attend to your safety on long trips, as the forceful energy of Mars can escalate to being in danger while enjoying travels to you.

Mars in the Tenth House

In the House of Social Status, Mars grants the ability to roil up your sleeves and go into business for yourself where you have the power to be wildly successful. You may actually be better off as your own boss, because you are blessed with a never-ending stream of great ideas, and you don’t appreciate those ideas being rejected. You have a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” attitude and your get-up-and-go gets you great places. Just make sure if you don’t go into business for yourself that your team deserves all the hard work and dedication you pour into your career, and remember that if they don’t, somebody else will.

Mars in the Eleventh House

Mars in the House of Friendships gives you very powerful feelings about relationships and that can go one of two ways. You can be either fiercely devoted to friends and dedicated to having excellent communications with peers and the public in general, or you can be socially unpopular, with few friends, who you value greatly of course, but you can experience alienation from relationships. Either way, you have very passionate feelings about friendships and relationships with people, and nobody has to question how much you love them.

Mars in the Twelfth House

In the House of the Subconscious, Mars has been stuffed down into the subconscious, and needs brought out to the surface. You may have issues being assertive or expressing how you really feel about things. That Mars drive to get things done is also displaced, so you may have issues seeing projects through. Don’t worry, though, because that powerful Mars energy is still there, and can always be brought to the surface and used to your advantage.

The Moon in the Houses

Many think of the Moon and lovers. Indeed, the Moon in love signs is important for understanding how we love and who we are drawn to. “Should I read my Moon sign horoscope?” and “ Is my Moon sign matching for marriage with my boyfriend” are questions people ask when they know Moon signs in love decisions are important.

To learn about your Moon sign match, read here. What Does the Moon Represent to Lovers? | Mysticsense

The Moon brings the influence of emotions, nurturing, and emotional attachment beyond just emotions themselves. It brings sensitivity and shows how we seek fulfillment for our feelings.

The Moon in the First House

Back to the House of Self, the Moon in your First House means you are known for your emotions, and you make them well known. You have a good imagination and a good sense of perception and are very sympathetic. Be careful not to let your emotions overwhelm you or get overblown.

The Moon in the Second House

In the House of Possessions, you have potential for financial gain through things related to the Moon like counseling, being a mentor or doctor to women and girls, but also occupations dealing with the general public. Feeling financially secure will give you a sense of emotional wellbeing and you have a need to be emotionally satisfied with your career.

The Moon in the Third House

In the House of Communication which also rules short trips, the Moon instills the desire for change. You like variety in your life, and will change occupations, places of residence, and experiences as often as you like. You have a naturally curious mind that is always seeking new stimulation and to learn interesting new things.

The Moon in the Fourth House

In the House of Family and Home, the Moon brings with it success materially through your family, and status and popularity with peers and the public through family as well. Your sense of security as well as your personal foundations are in your family and your home in general whether it be in ancestral family or the beloved friends who become the family you choose. You have a strong need to belong to a close knit family group and will put all the effort you need into safeguarding that.

The Moon in the Fifth House

Moving along to The House of Pleasure, the Moon gives you strong love for your children and your need to have good times may push you to overfocus on fun and you may be prone to whims and romantically attaching to lovers who don’t deserve you. You are quite creative and will be lucky enough to remain young at heart all the days of your life.

The Moon in the Sixth House

In the House of Health, the Moon instills the talent of creating a nurturing environment at your workplace and you are good at handling frequent changes on the job. Stress can compromise your health, and you should be careful not to let your emotions get the better of you when you are worried about things. It is always easier to solve problems when you are not suffering poor health brought on from worrying too much!

The Moon in the Seventh House

In the House of Partnerships, the Moon makes you absolutely love companionship, and you seek it out as often as possible, changing friendships and romances as often as you need to feel secure in your relationships. Make sure to learn to enjoy alone time as well, however, and don’t bend over backwards to accommodate demanding people just so you can keep them around.

The Moon in the Eighth House

The Moon in the House of Sex means you need to connect emotionally to people, and you might become jealous or possessive if you allow yourself to. However, you are open to exploring your sexuality with a variety of lovers, and you have no issues emotionally disconnecting from somebody if you feel you need to. You enjoy exploring the occult and psychic subjects.

The Moon in the Ninth House

In the House of Philosophy, the Moon gives you the desire to travel to many faraway places, learning as much as possible on those trips, and you have a brilliant mind, are quite insightful, and are a forward-thinking progressive individual. You have a variety of interests and are happy to share these with friends and teach them to others.

The Moon in the Tenth House

In the House of Social Status, the Moon makes you have a strong desire to succeed in jobs working with the public and you want positive recognition from this. You will move around in your career as often as you feel it takes to find the right jobs for you, and you draw many to you with your charm and allure. You are a natural born leader who will take charge and people follow your competent lead.

The Moon in the Eleventh House

In the House of Friendships, the Moon creates a strong need for “tribe” or friends and family who are kindred spirits who have similar values with you. You make these people the center of your world and while you have a handful of close long-term friends, you seem to be constantly meeting new people, many of whom are around short term, but you are so popular, you never seem to run out of friends.

The Moon in the Twelfth House

In the House of the Subconscious, the Moon makes you very successful working with populations in hidden away places like hospitals, or even at third shift jobs where you see few other people at work. You draw much emotional satisfaction from time alone and you especially thrive doing work that benefits underprivileged or suffering people or animals. While you are behind the scenes, making lives happier, make sure not to overthink or let your secret fears amplify worries.

Knowing what planets were in which Houses of your birth chart will tell you amazing things about your personality, feelings, and your life in general. Get your birth chart cast today to start learning more about wonderful you, and be sure to look for more articles about the planets in the Houses. Make sure to start your session with a Mysticsense psychic today to learn even more about where your love life is going or to answer any questions about your life path today!

Mars and the Moon in the HousesAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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