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The Meaning of Dragonflies

By Saoirse
November 18, 2021
The Meaning of Dragonflies
The Meaning of Dragonflies
TL;DRWhat does it mean if you see a dragonfly and is it good luck to see a dragonfly? When a dragonfly visits you, what does it mean and what do dragonflies signify? Learn the answers to all these questions as well as dragonfly totem meaning and beliefs that inspired dragonfly myths with Mysticsense.

Seeing beautifully drawn dragonflies or a luminescent dragonfly side view and other dragonfly symbols makes many of us wonder the shamanic meaning of dragonflies and what they mean. The dragonfly omen meaning varies by culture, and even within cultures, people sometimes disagree on whether a dragonfly is lucky or unlucky. For other people, they dream of dragonflies and want to know that meaning and for still others, the dragonfly spiritual message comes to them as a dragonfly spirit guide. So, what’s the meaning of dragonflies? Read on to find out what the meaning of the dragonfly is to others before you decide what it means to you.

What is a Dragonfly?


A dragonfly is a carnivorous predatory insect known for its beautiful gossamer wings, and how it flits gracefully near water. Speaking of water, they spend most of their lives as a baby dragonfly in the water, sometimes for as long as five years with an adult dragonfly animal living for as little as only a few days or ten weeks. This significant difference in life span is because there are over 3,000 different kinds of dragonflies worldwide, and they live on every continent except Antarctica. They tend to live near or in water, yet some species are drought tolerant, believe it or not. They eat tadpoles, other insects, fish, snails, leeches, worms, moths, bees, other mosquitoes, and they can eat up to their own bodyweight in only a half an hour!

What does a dragonfly look like in comparison to damselflies, which are often mistaken for them? Damselflies wings are folded inwards when they rest, whereas dragonflies keep their wings out at all times. Damselflies are also smaller than dragonflies and they don’t have the variety of colors dragonflies do. Dragonflies are also helpful to humans because they eat deadly mosquitoes and are considered beneficial insects by most people because of this. They amaze people because they can fly backwards, can move as fast as 35 miles per hour, and their eyes have about 30,000 lenses each, meaning their excellent vision gives them an even better range of color vision than what we have!

Dragonfly Mythology


Dragonfly meaning mythically varies depending on who you ask. Dragonfly folklore around the world names them as lucky, unlucky, symbols of transformation and death, or protectors of royalty, as well as a judge of souls!


Dragonfly symbolism in Japan is very blessed indeed, because the humble dragonfly once protected the Emperor! Jimmu was the first Emperor of Japan, and legend has it, related to the sun goddess Amaterasu and storm god Susanoo. He was bitten by a mosquito once, but a dragonfly was very unhappy about this and quickly ate the mosquito so it could not harm the Emperor any more. What is the symbolic meaning of a dragonfly in Japan? Protection, courage, and strength!


One tale in Romania is that the devil wanted to cross a river, but the boatman refused to take him. The devil transformed himself into the winged dragonfly to get across, and that’s how dragonflies were created. These tales don’t regard dragonflies as highly as the Japanese stories do!


Americans whose ancestors immigrated there from Europe have some folk beliefs from their ancestral Nations, and American folk beliefs about dragonflies vary. What does it mean to see dragonflies to Americans? To some it means not to sleep outdoors or the dragonflies may sew your toes or fingers together! Some say dragonflies can tell you how rains will be, and if they fly higher, it means a LOT of rain, but if they fly lower, there won’t be much rain at all. Some say if a dragonfly alights on your fishing pole, you will catch plenty of fish, and others say that seeing dragonflies meaning is that if you make a wish when you see it, your wish will come true!


Dragonflies to Native American Navajos symbolize fresh, clean water! Native American dragonfly art from ancient pieces show them on pottery and in rock paintings. In many Pueblo tribes in general, it was not acceptable to kill a dragonfly. Some Plains tribes painted symbols of dragonflies on their homes and war shields, symbolizing protection. Some Native American dragonfly symbols are simple double-crossed lines which are found on ancient pieces and are still used as decorative motifs today. For Zuni Native Americans, dragonflies symbolize blessings, and dragonfly symbolism of Native American Zunis is also of rains that make food grow.

A beautiful version of a Zuni dragonfly myth can be enjoyed here: Native American myths | The Dragonfly Woman.


Interestingly, many don’t consider indigenous South Americans to be Native Americans, but they are. Genetically, many North American Indians share some ancestors with South American Indians, linking them as family, even if they are distant relatives. The dragonfly is seen as a symbol of the god Quetzalcoatl to the Mayans. A god of wind who made it rain, he was also a god of the priests and one of the creator gods who descended into an underworld to create a generation of humanity after their deaths. The dragonfly meaning to Native Americans who are Mayan is of life, nourishment, and rebirth.


What does a dragonfly stand for in China? They symbolize positive change and new viewpoints. Thus dragonfly icons are placed in the workplace and home to bring this positive energy in. They also consider it a symbol of prosperity and harmony so they use a dragonfly in good luck symbols sometimes.

What Are Dragonflies a Symbol Of?

symbol of dragonflies

Besides mythically symbolizing different things to people, dragonfly spiritual meaning is also varied. What do dragonflies mean? They mean transformation, good or bad luck, death, rebirth, change, and dragonfly mystical meaning is many other wonderful things as well!

Dragonflies and Angels

The metaphysical meaning of dragonflies could of angels and dragonflies for you! A dragonfly watching could be a dragonfly “angel” watching over you! Dragonfly angel meaning is that angels send messages to you through dragonflies sometimes, so you should pay extra close attention to this. Dragonfly visit meaning could be just that a dragonfly happens to be where you are at the same time and the creature could simply be on its way someplace! Dragonfly symbolism meaning in a visit, however, can be angels, but don’t worry about misunderstanding the messages. Angels are experts at making their meanings known.

To read more about angels, read here: Getting Readings from an Angel Card Reader.

Lots of Dragonflies

Dragonfly messages can come singly, or in groups. Seeing lots of dragonflies can just mean you are nearby where they live and spend their days. Maybe you visit wetlands or maybe you have water bodies in your neighborhood. The meaning of dragonflies, spiritual as opposed to physical when there are lots of them is that the potential for personal growth is very good for you right now, and seeing dragonflies everywhere means it’s time to look within for what things you can still do to be the best version of yourself.

Two Dragonflies

What does it mean to see a dragonfly…with another, most especially if they are forming a heart by joining their two bodies together? What you are witnessing is dragonfly love for one another and this dragonfly sign is that love will be coming your way soon as well! It’s even possible that your soon to be lover is someone who is already known to you, and what’s even better is that if you are in a romance, seeing dragonflies mating is a sign your romance will keep getting better and better!

Dragonfly Symbolism and Death

Dead dragonflies can either mean something good or bad, and you are going to have to trust your intuition to let you know which it is. It can either mean bad luck is coming, or an end to a way of being is coming, and that can be a very good thing. A dead dragonfly can be telling you to cast off old ways, relationships you have outgrown, or behaviors that no longer serve your higher purpose and that to do otherwise is just holding on to dead parts of yourself. Some people say that a dead dragonfly symbolizes bad luck coming your way, so watch out! Dragonfly meaning in death can also be a visit from a deceased loved one. Listen with your heart and your gut for what the dead or dying dragonfly omen is telling you.

How to tell if a dragonfly is dying? Since they don’t necessarily live for more than a day once they emerge from the water, witnessing a dying dragonfly in its last moments would not be unusual. However, one family was able to somehow avert a dragonfly death, seemingly resurrecting it, and the story is too good to pass up.

You can read this heartwarming and inspiring account here: How to Bring a Dragonfly Back to Life. | elephant journal.

Semicolon Dragonfly

Some modern symbolism of the dragonfly can be seen on delicate tattoos that include a stylized dragonfly with a semicolon. The symbolic meaning of dragonfly semicolon art is a combination of the dragonfly symbolizing growth or transformation and the semicolon symbolizing a “pause”. The semicolon tattoo is one many get for themselves to celebrate surviving mental health struggles or surviving suicidal attempts. Many times this tattoo is found on the wrists and the wearer is proudly saying their life is not finished!

Is a Dragonfly Good Luck?

good luck dragonfly

Yes, the meaning of seeing a dragonfly can be that of good luck! The meaning of dragonfly symbols for fishermen, as said before is absolutely good luck because it means their fishing will be successful! Although some would insist a dragonfly is bad luck when it is dying, still others insist it isn’t, and the creature brings joy, renewed strength, positive change, and blessings!

Dragonfly in the House Meaning

house dragonfly

“I have a dragonfly in my house. What should I do?” Let it stay a while, and if it doesn’t leave on its own, try to gently remove it to safety back outdoors. One of the ways to get this good luck from dragonflies is to open doors and windows and allow them into the house. In China, it is believed the spirits of deceased loved ones can come on the wings of dragonflies, so welcoming them is a way to visit with your loved ones you miss. A dragonfly in the house will not only bring your ancestors inside for a visit, but it brings harmony into the house, giving that energy to your family. It also devours mosquitoes, which is very beneficial!

What Does it Mean When a Dragonfly Follows You?

dragonfly follows you

“Why was a dragonfly following me?” you might ask. If a dragonfly follows you, it could mean a couple of different things. First, it can mean the dragonfly is bringing you blessings, luck, messages from angels, or they are carrying a loved one who has passed away for a visit. It can also mean the animal spirit dragonfly is your personal spirit guide animal!

Dragonfly Totem Meaning

dragonfly totem

 If dragonfly totem medicine comes your way, it means the dragonfly spirit animal is your spirit guide. Dragonfly spirit guide meaning is that the qualities of the dragonfly will teach you on your spiritual journey, and you will assume as many of these good qualities that you will allow yourself to. Your animal spirit dragonfly bestows the ability to transform easily and being adaptable will serve you well in life. Because dragonflies live on or near water and water symbolizes emotions, your spirit animal dragonfly gives you mastery over your own emotions and helps you to understand and soothe other people’s emotions as well.

A dragonfly animal totem also gives the ability to be happy and bring love and light to others. The dragonfly spirit totem will remind you to “lighten up” when needs be and not worry about small things. When it comes to animal totems, dragonfly spirit animals also help you to be open to learning and experiencing different things and helps you to see life as a journey to be experienced in all its abundant variety!

The Spiritual Meaning of Dragonflies Landing on You

spiritual meaning of dragonflies

“Oh, a dragonfly landed on me, what does that mean?” The spiritual meaning of a dragonfly landing on you means they are bringing you good luck or blessings. It can also mean the spirits of the dead are reaching out to you or that an angel has sent them to deliver a message. To know which of these things the dragonfly brings, simply relax your mind, and allow your spiritual self to listen. How does this feel? Does it feel like a visit from somebody who loves you or does it feel like you are being given luck or blessings? Your heart will know the answer.

Seeing Dragonflies in Divination

seeing dragonflies

One oracle deck many find inspiration from that draws from the wisdom of animals is by Jamie Sims and David Carson, and it’s called The Animal Medicine Cards. In The Animal Medicine Cards, dragonfly symbolism is as follows, “ Dragonfly asks us to consider maya- illusion, what appears to be but may not be the case in the manifestations of our impermanent world. The appearance of dragonfly may well mean you have the power to manage perceptions, that is to say, you may be able to project an illusion, to bring enchantment into a drab or mundane state of affairs. You may now be able to radiate a good cheer to those around you and make it stick for a long time.” Would you like to have a deck of these cards for your own oracle readings?

You can find them here: Books – Medicine Cards.

Dragonfly Dreams Meaning

dragonfly dreams

Seeing a dragonfly at night while you are dreaming is as powerful as seeing them while you are awake! Dreams of dragonflies can be bringing any of the messages they embody to you. They can be bringing blessings or luck and can also be telling you to be happy or “lighten up” if you have been stressed. They can be telling you that you are about to undergo changes, transforming and becoming a new version of yourself. Dragonflies in dreams can also be telling you to listen to your heart, following your emotions. If you see two dragonflies in dreams, they can be putting you on notice that love and romance is coming your way!

Dragonfly Color Meaning

dragonfly color

As many different things that dragonflies can mean, it may come as no surprise that dragonfly colors meaning can vary! Pay close attention to what color the dragonfly you see is whether it be blue dragonfly symbolism, or even gold dragonfly symbolism, because their messages are specific!

Blue Dragonfly Meaning

Blue dragonfly spiritual meaning is about communication and creativity. Blue dragonflies remind us to use our creative talents, and not be nervous about letting those shine. It could be that life has disconnected you from your creative outlets, and the blue dragonfly is reminding you to take time to pursue those. Concise communication is something else blue dragonflies remind us about. They are telling you to ensure you speak your mind fully, and in ways others will completely understand your meaning. Now is not the time to hold back what you are thinking, but to express everything fully.

Yellow Dragonfly Meaning

Lovely yellow dragonflies symbolize happiness. If you have been going through a difficult time, golden dragonfly meaning is to delve into the things that bring you joy. If you are not especially unhappy right now, they are indicating you should be as a beacon of light, spreading joy whenever you can. The yellow dragonfly can be indicating there is somebody who needs you to help them find their own happiness, and it’s time to act as a guide for that person.

Red Dragonfly Meaning

Seeing a red dragonfly meaning is that of everlasting love. Red dragonfly spiritual meaning, most especially if you see one when you are about to get married means your love is limitless and this is a powerful omen your marriage will be long lasting, and your love will never end for one another. If you are single, the red dragonfly is letting you know you won’t be single for much longer, because somebody who will love you very much will come into your life soon.

Green Dragonfly Meaning

Green dragonflies can symbolize one of two things. First, they can symbolize new opportunities or beginnings, and seeing a green dragonfly is telling you to open yourself to these changes, completely embracing them, and enjoying the good new things you are about to experience. Green dragonflies can also be letting you know some money is coming! Either way, the green dragonfly message is that great things are on their way!

So never harm a dragonfly, because they protect us from harmful insects, they make our wishes come true, and if the Mayans were right, dragonfly spiritual meaning is of the creator spirit who brings the rains! We will close with positive dragonfly quotes from a beautiful poem. “May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with the fairies, and talk to the moon!”

The Meaning of DragonfliesAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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