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Your Online Psychic Reading

  • There are no wrong or right topics for a one-on-one Psychic reading, and you don’t have to cover all the bases in one single session.

  • Different things that arise in your life will call for different questions you ask. What are the most important things you want guidance on?

  • What things are you feeling confident about, but want validation? What things do you have on the back burner of your plans and you’d like to see what your Psychic advises as you move towards them?

So, you’ve never spoken with a Psychic Advisor before and you’re excited, because you’ve finally scheduled your first session! You may feel confused, and not know what to ask, but you need not worry. You and your Psychic can discuss whatever is on your mind, and everything that is going on in your life.

Whether your reading is from an online reader you discovered who offered free online minutes, or one who is near you and who you will visit in person, drawn by their neon sign, your Psychic can act as a pathfinder for you, answering unlimited questions. Think of this as your own personal Psychic shop, or Psychic reading lounge. While there is no one correct set of things to ask your Psychic, here are some tips for things to ask.

Love Readings

Does he love me, you may be asking yourself? When you have found a new love, or are open to one, your heart may rule your mind, and your Reader can help out by being the voice of reason. Not every feeling we have should decide action, and oftentimes, when hurt, we become confused. Then again, we can become excited, and just want an overview of what the future holds with our new special person, and if they are our true love. We may also want to know what to expect or where to look for who we are meant to spend time with when we are single. Love Psychics can also help you process hurt and grief from heartbreak, acting as a counselor. Yours will be an excellent resource for helping you to see what to expect in your love life.

Soulmate Psychic Readings

We are all blessed with soulmates who walk our paths with us. These are the people we relate most to, the ones who understand us most, and who we don’t ever want to be without. You and your soulmate can visit your Psychic to see what the future holds in store for your lives together. What are you meant to accomplish together, and what are you meant to learn from one another? You may even be asking who is my soulmate? You can count on your Psychic to help!

Do They Love Me?

Somebody may say they love you, but when you’re not so sure, a reading can find out if it’s true. Getting the answer to this question can save you the heartache of being attached to somebody who is not meant to be in your life for very long. You can find out from an advisor if this is so, bid farewell to your short-term relationship, and move on. Sometimes, you are not wanting to know about romantic love, but want to know if a friend or relative truly cares for you as much as they say they do. Your Psychic can act as a seer, and divine the answer to these questions as well.

Daily Psychic Readings

Some people don’t start their day with just coffee, toast and the morning paper. They start their day with a Psychic reading. You can work out a set time for a daily appointment slot with your Psychic, and the reading doesn’t even have to be very long. The old reliable one card draw reading can give a great overview of what you should keep in mind to make the most out of your day, and it’s quick.

Astrology Readings for Your Sign

Whether you are a Pisces, an Aquarius, or a Sagittarian, your Psychic can give you readings, using the knowledge of your sign, and tell you what you can expect. They can share information with you about your personality, strengths, and what other signs you are most compatible with. Specialized Astrologers can cast your full birth chart, and tell you about your life path, what your future holds, and much more!

Personalized Psychic Reading

You don’t have to stick with some topic somebody else suggests. You and your Psychic will personalize your sessions and decide topics with you. You don’t necessarily need a list of questions when you go see your Psychic. You can always play it by ear when you arrive, even asking them for a basic overview of whatever they feel they are called to tell you.

What You are Better off Not Asking Your Psychic

While the sky is the limit to what you can ask your Psychic, there are some things you are still better off not asking them.


Psychics are not doctors and should not be consulted on matters of health. While some folk practitioners work root magic and herbal things can be had at local magical shops, your best bet for finding out about your health is form your family doctor. Some state they turn to Psychics when their doctor doesn’t have the answer. The way to handle this is not to see a Psychic, but to seek a second doctor’s opinion. Don’t take chances with your health. See Psychics for spiritual, and magical matters, and see a doctor for health related issues.

How to do Malevolent Magic

No matter what your personal beliefs are about revenge, putting a Psychic reader in the middle of a problem you have with somebody else isn’t helpful. It is not their place to mediate or exact consequences for others. Your personal relationships are something that can be discussed with your Psychic, but the only person who they have any business speaking to about what decisions are best to make is the person who reached out for guidance. We cannot control others, but we can control how we react to things. Beyond this, if somebody has done so much wrong to you that you would consider striking back, you may need to consider cutting them out of your life or reporting them to the proper authorities for what they have done.

Winning Lottery Numbers

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could pay a Psychic to give you winning lottery numbers, and become fabulously rich forever? If Psychic gifts worked that way, all Psychics would be giving those numbers out day and night, and nobody would ever be surprised when they won. Unfortunately, your Psychic can tell you if you are likely to win, but they are not able to give you winning numbers.

Overly Specific Details

Like your Psychics gifts don’t allow them to know the numbers on lottery winnings, their gifts won’t likely give them the exact date, time, or location on the map of where you will meet your one true love. They won’t give you your exact age at death, or how old your kids will live to be. They won’t handpick the address of the new house you will move to before you find it, and luckily, they won’t be able to psychically figure out bank account numbers to hack. They can tell you what to do to make the best decisions in your life, and can tell you the general direction you are supposed to hone in on to move your residence to, however. Some Psychics have stronger sight than others, and can see where lost items, or pets are, and can see what the place looks like where a future event will happen. If you need specific details in your search, speak with multiple Psychics to see who you feel is most qualified to help you.

What Comes Next?

After your reading, you may feel so comfortable with your Psychic, you set up another reading for the future before you leave. Even if you don’t, you will know immediately whether they are a Psychic you want to see again. You may have been so dissatisfied that you don’t ever want to see them again. In that case, you can always find a different Psychic. Your first reader may be the reader you stick with long term, but you may have to work with a handful of them before you feel like you’ve found the best Psychic for you. Check the feedback others have given about the Psychics you are considering seeing, and make sure to leave your own feedback so others know what to expect when they visit them as well.

Enjoy readings with your Psychics of choice, and ask them whatever is in your heart and on your mind. 

 What Do You Think?

We would love to hear from you about your experiences. What do you look for in a Psychic, and what can they do to draw you to visit them? Do you remember your first Reading, and how did it go? What could have gone better, and what was great? What do you look for in a Psychic, and how did you know you had found the right one for you who you wanted to stay with? 

At Mysticsense, we value your feedback and want to hear all about your experiences! Let us know what we can do to make your experience at Mysticsense the best Psychic experience possible! 

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