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Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 02, 2022
Saturn and Mercury in the Houses
Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

Explore more about zodiac houses meanings , focusing this time on the planets Mercury and Saturn in the Houses.

Many get their Sun sign, and feel that, armed with this information, they have all they need to know about how the planets influence who they are, how they operate, and how their life will be. Fortunately, the Sun and its astrological planetary alignment isn’t the only thing you can learn about. There are a total of twelve Houses in your Birth Chart where all the planets could have been at your moment of birth and learning about each of them will tell you even more about yourself and your amazing life. Read on to learn about how to find a zodiac Houses calculator to make your zodiac Houses chart, and how to find out what zodiac Houses and planets decide together.Then, learn about what it means when Mercury and Saturn are in the Houses!

What is a Birth Chart?

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

This might seem like a lot to take in if you haven’t heard of it before, so let us break it down for you! A Birth Chart is decided by your date of birth, your exact time of birth, and the place where you were born. There was a time when you would have needed to pay a professional astrologer to calculate your Birth Chart for you unless you had access to a plethora of information about zodiac signs and Houses, but today, the magic of the internet will do that for you. All you need to do is a bit of follow up reading about what each individual planetary placement in your zodiac Houses means.

 Perhaps it’s not as alluring these days since the mystery has been taken out of it, but it’s easy to learn now. Are you ready to get started? Simply follow this link and enter your information. Yes, it’s that simple! Free Astrology Birth Chart Report (

Then, read this and other articles we publish about what zodiac signs and their Houses and positions are. In this article read about Venus and astrological Houses and meanings here: What Does Venus Mean in the Houses? | Mysticsense

Zodiac Signs Houses Explained

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

This article will focus on what it means when Saturn is in a House and also what it means when Mercury is in a House. The planets themselves bring energies that influence what each of the Houses governs. Why do we say it’s the zodiac signs Houses then? Because each House is also governed by a zodiac sign, which influences what the House stands for.

The First House

The First House is called The House of Self and it rules the personality and worldly outlook. Your disposition and self-interest are also included in this. Aries rules and influences this House with its fiery, active, energetic power.

The Second House

The Second House is called The House of Possessions and it is the House that rules finance, money, and gains and losses. Including inheritance and debts as well as the money and wealth we accrue on our own. The zodiac sign Taurus rules and influences this House.

The Third House

The Third House is called the House of Communication and it governs our brethren and short trips as well as air transportation. It also influences the abilities of studying, writing, and our mental capacity is also ruled by the Third House. The zodiac sign Gemini rules the Third House.

The Fourth House

The Fourth House is called the House of Family and Home. Fatherhood and domesticity as well as lands, properties, mines, and old age and the end of life are all ruled by this House. Ancestry, our heritage, and family life is ruled by the Fourth House as well as traditions, and real estate. Cancer rules the Fourth House.

The Fifth House

The Fifth House, believe it or not, is called the House of Pleasure. This House rules all pleasurable, happy emotions, and love relations. It rules our romance relationships and has a hand in how we make experiences that make us happy. This House also influences having children and the experiences we share with them. Leo is the ruling sign of the Fifth House.

The Sixth House

The Sixth House is called The House of Health and it rules health, sickness, and hygiene. Training, employment in general, service, and employees are ruled by this House. The Sixth House helps decide what clothes we cover ourselves with, what food and drink we take into ourselves and animals we involve ourselves with. Virgo rules The Sixth House.

The Seventh House

The Seventh House governs marriages, unions ,and personal partnerships, and also unions and connections with enemies, not just loved ones. It governs legal proceedings, and general dealings with people and the public. It deals with how we unite with others to accomplish things and it is ruled by Libra.

The Eighth House

The Eighth House is called the House of Sex and it rules our relationships with the dead, and occult encounters. It rules the life phases of sex which include sex, birth, and death, but also rebirth. Things that we get and also give to other people like inheritances, insurance, alimony, taxes, and all forms of financial support are also ruled by The Eighth House. The zodiac sign Scorpio rules the Eighth House.

The Ninth House

The Ninth House is called the House of Philosophy and this House rules trips and journeys we take to faraway places, psychic abilities, visions and dreams, and spirituality and philosophic tendencies. It rules our search for meaning, our pursuit of higher education, and finding understanding in life and exploring. The ruling sign for the Ninth House is Sagittarius.

The Tenth House

The Tenth House is ruled by Capricorn and is called The House of Social Status. It rules career and professionalism, our reputation and fame and whatever roles we play both at work and in our community in general. It decides ways we use our status and skills in public, and it rules the roles we play in society and our participation in government.

The Eleventh House

The Eleventh House is called the House of Friendships and it is ruled by Aquarius. It rules friendships and all sorts of groups we belong to including societies and clubs, cliques, networking groups, and even professional organizations. This House also rules collective endeavors and whatever roles we play in them in general. It also indicates our personal hopes and dreams for our future and the financial wellbeing of the people who employ us.

The Twelfth House

The Twelfth House is called The House of the Subconscious and it is ruled by Pisces. It governs restraint, limitations, all forms of unforeseen problems, private sorrows, secret enemies, isolation, and hidden mystical truths. The Twelfth House also rules jails, asylums, hospitals and places where we can feel stuck, restrained, or limited. It rules the subconscious, even including our intuition and furthermore, it rules things we keep secret to ourselves.

Saturn in the Houses

Now that we know what each of the Houses are called and what they govern, what happens when Saturn is in a House? First off, the planet is named after the Roman deity whose name is Saturn, and he is the god of agriculture, time, wealth, and regeneration. Saturday was also named after him. Saturn is the planet of work, discipline, fairness, and teaching lessons. It brings in influences of obstacles and hardship to success but doesn’t necessarily prevent it.

Saturn is a slower moving planet and will thus slow things down, but this gives time to learn more, truly enjoy the experience, and it also brings in misfortune and loss sometimes. It can bring in caution and careful organizing, as well as excellent leadership qualities. It can also bring in the presence of Irritability, too much aggression, and the tendency to complain too much. Let’s see what all of this does in the actual Houses.

Saturn in The First House

When Saturn is in your First House, it can make you a very considerate individual and caring about other people’s wellbeing. It can make you take great care in organizing and make you very thrifty. You want to be successful through your own hard work that you take great pride in, and you will be persistent, happy to roll up your sleeves and apply yourself no matter how long it takes to succeed. The planet in this House can make loss and misfortune happen when you are negligent or have bad habits, but it can also take away opportunities you would otherwise have had. If it brings struggle that you feel is a constant uphill battle, hang in there and don’t give up because your stellar work ethic can make you win out in the end!

Saturn in The Second House

When Saturn is in the Second House on your birth chart, it indicates that you can have financial gains from your father’s side of the family and make slow, and steady progress through wise investing, and being thrifty by not wasting resources. However, it can also make your hard work turn up little profit and you may watch good opportunities pass you by. If this happens, look at other parts of your birth chart for where and how it will be beneficial for you to find ways around those lost opportunities. Not all hope is lost, you just need to work smarter, not harder.

Saturn in The Third House

In the House of Communication, Saturn can make your friends shut off from you, or hold up education. It can make you prone to anxiety and over worry as well as bring in the risk of mental instability. However, it is said that as you age, this changes over to being wiser and more contemplative than people who never over-thought things. It can help deepen your ability to focus and concentrate and make you very responsible, diplomatic, and have fantastic mental control.

Saturn in The Fourth House

In the House of Family and Home, Saturn can isolate you from family or create sorrows originating from your parents, most especially your father. It makes you very interested in gathering wealth and possessions and if you are not careful, greed or hoarding can result, although there is nothing wrong with a good collection you take pride and joy in. It can make work heavily burdensome and create difficulties to being successful. It can also mean as you reach the end of life, you are isolated to some extent.

Saturn in The Fifth House

In the House of Pleasure, Saturn can create disappointments in love relationships, make you drawn to romantic partners who are significantly older than you are, and can create loss of your children or some form of unhappiness or heartbreak in regards to your kids. It can create loss in taking chances financially be it through investing or gambling or other forms of gaming, and there are times it can mean you can be injured by animals while doing things you enjoy. Take special care to never swim alone or boat without rafts or floats to avoid risk of drowning.

Saturn in The Sixth House

In the House of Health, Saturn warns you to take extra special care of your health, most especially because you can suffer illness or injury from things you have little control over. It’s not a good House for Saturn to be in if you dream of working in health care, and you can suffer all forms of ill health, even recurrently. It is advised that water helps and aids in healing, and that extra care should be taken to accrue sick time and keep excellent health insurance as well as the healthiest lifestyle possible to try and combat the possibility of health issues due to Saturn being in this House.

Saturn in The Seventh House

In the House of Partnerships, Saturn can create higher risk of not being compatible with a spouse who you marry fairly young. Typically, you will end up with somebody who is materially stable but is not emotionally demonstrative. If you don’t mind all this, that’s great! Not everybody loves sappy sweet romance anyways and some people prefer a devoted spouse who won’t file for divorce if the romance doesn’t stay red hot for decades. Be aware that Saturn can bring lawsuits and enemies through business and can create a lot of friction in partnerships in general. So, get every business contract in writing, and always read the fine print!

Saturn in The Eighth House

In the House of Sex and Death, Saturn can create financial issues once you are married, and your spouse may be dirt poor, or else drain your finances. You may have relatives fight you for your inheritance, if there is any inheritance at all, and you will find yourself mourning the death of your father. You will likely die from a chronic illness, or natural causes as opposed to some catastrophic accident that would cut your life short, and you very well might even get to enjoy living to a ripe old age!

Saturn in The Ninth House

In the House of Philosophy, Saturn makes you tend to gravitate towards studies of philosophy and occult sciences to find hidden truths, and you are typically quite intellectual. You may be prone to mental instability and may live through a period of at least temporary insanity, but you will have strong devotion to your religious path. Be extra careful on long trips in foreign places, most especially over water where risk of drowning is high.

Saturn in The Tenth House

In the House of Social Status, Saturn grants the ambition and the attitude that hard work will make you rise in social status, and there is a chance that opportunities may be withheld, and this can hold up success. Keep yourself in the best situations possible, not taking uncalculated risks because Saturn in the Tenth House can create the risk of your reputation being tarnished through no fault of your own. Success can be followed by downfall, so always have backup plans in the event things go badly.

Saturn in The Eleventh House

In the House of Friendships, Saturn means you probably have few friends, but that you value them above all else. It can also draw you to more studious, wise types of people. Saturn in the Eleventh House can plague you with untrue friends and partners who create loss and heartbreak. Remember that you are your own best friend and cut loose the people who are not loyal.

Saturn in The Twelfth House

In the House of the Subconscious, Saturn makes you somebody who acquires wealth and possessions as well as experiences, and somebody who works well on your own. You might also prefer living alone. One thing is certain, and that is that you value solitude on your own terms. Secret things can be your downfall, however, even secret enemies plotting your demise including unfair gossip that ruins your reputation. Be aware of the possibility of melancholia and dismal thoughts, and make sure if you are unfairly accused of things that you are not guilty of, you defend yourself to the end.

Mercury in the Houses

What does Mercury bring into a birth chart? First, the planet Mercury is named after the Roman messenger god of the same name. He also governs divination, and he oversees commerce and financial gain as well as travelers and thievery, and he even helps souls reach the underworld. That’s a whole lot! The planet itself aids communication, helping messages come through. It instills high energy and speed as well as sharpening the intellect and aids in travel. Mercury gives energy for business, and it is characterized by good perception, action after clear thought, and the ability to adapt to make things more beneficial to yourself. It instills the ability to think fast and can make you argumentative as well. To read more about Mercury, see here: What is the Meaning of Mercury in Astrology? | Mysticsense

Mercury in The First House

In the House of Self, Mercury makes you energetic to the point of being restless and anxious at times, itching to get up and take action. You will have a great imagination and your inquisitive intellect means you are always looking to learn more. You love reading and writing and comprehend new things very quickly. Along with all of this, you are quite resourceful and very persuasive!

Mercury in The Second House

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

In the House of Possessions, Mercury allows financial and material gain through fields that incorporate writing, teaching, travel, study, and all forms of technology in education and communications. This includes business that does sales and advertising and even work in distribution centers. You will be very necessary to your business when it comes to getting the word about product out to the customer base. You are great at creative problem solving as well as all forms of communications and this ability creates financial stability for you.

Mercury in The Third House

In the House of Communication, Mercury has a chance to shine. Successful travels include investigation of new endeavors and learning about your interests. You are very open minded and love to learn how other people think and believe and you seek to broaden your mind and consciousness all the days of your life. You will thrive in academic atmospheres, and are a student for life, never satisfied to stop learning, and other people learn a great deal from you. You may be prone to excessive worry about family members, and you can literally worry yourself to a chronic weak stomach.

Mercury in The Fourth House

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

In the House of Family and Home, Mercury brings in a flurry of changes often. You may move around a lot, changing your address often, and if you want to, you will use this energy to do a travel-based job. You may be somebody who literally carries your home on your back, packed up in a suitcase, and you thrive in places where new people come and go from often like schools, news agencies, postal offices, libraries, real estate, hospitality, and even in traveling sales positions.

Mercury in The Fifth House

In the House of Pleasure, Mercury instills love of intellectual pleasures rather than just love of physical joys and mere beauty. The eloquence of the fine arts and academic areas are where you gain a great amount of joy, and you can be very successful working in these fields or investing in helping other people to thrive in them. Helping out with children’s theatre or teaching a summer class series on painting for new artists are two things that might make you happy. You are also prone to worry about anybody you love and whatever befalls them, so watching over loved ones becomes a big part of your life.

Mercury in The Sixth House

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

In the House of Health, Mercury instills in you an active mind, but you are prone to overworking yourself, worrying too much, and being too easily influenced by things going on around you. Your worries can affect your health and you should take care not to literally “worry yourself sick.” You tend to shine in fields of medicine, chemistry, or hygiene and do quite well through writing about said topics. Just remember to take the necessary time off to relax your brilliant mind because the better you feel, the more you can help other people.

Mercury in The Seventh House

In the House of Partnerships, Mercury creates changeability in your life, but that is okay because you are highly adaptable to such changes. Your marriage partner may be younger than you, and your high energy level means even people much younger will have trouble keeping up with you! Your jobs and friendships may change often, and you may be in and out of romances until you settle down. You will be shrewd and you are a quick thinker who will be able to handle any lack or harmony all this changeability creates, able to reinvent yourself to adapt to new situations.

Mercury in The Eighth House

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

In the House of Sex, Mercury brings in heartbreak and loss from death of loved ones and at least one journey due to death will occur. You will have worries over money that you share with other people, and you should be careful not to let your nerves cause an early death by things like blood pressure shooting up when you are anxious. Intellectually, you excel at learning about the occult and various obscure topics, and it is said your mind will remain sharp until you pass on.

Mercury in the Ninth House

In the House of Philosophy, Mercury instills great love of art as well as science and great skills in writing. You are madly in love with knowledge and love to acquire as much information as possible. You also love traveling, and long journeys to foreign lands. This can bring success on journeys for business, and you may desire to live overseas from where you were born. If issues should arise on travels, keep your wits about you and don’t let over worrying get the better of you. Problems can happen for anybody and keeping a level head while handling those issues is the best way to combat them.

Mercury in The Tenth House

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

In the House of Social Status, Mercury brings in a good chance that you will be highly successful in the public sector, serving the people well. Traveling jobs, writing, selling books and journals, teaching and lecturing as well as dealing in antiques are all areas where you may excel. You will be quite resourceful and flexible to change, adapting well to whatever challenges life brings. Just make sure not to allow yourself to make knee jerk decisions based on impulse.

Mercury in The Eleventh House

In the House of Friendships, you pick and choose who you spend your time with, believing quality is better than quantity. In other words, you would rather have few close high-quality long-term friendships than a lot of friendly acquaintances who are not people you can rely on. Be on watch for friends who could cause issues or make bad decisions in their own personal lives and thus make you worry yourself sick over them.

Mercury in The Twelfth House

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

In the House of the Subconscious, you love to study obscure topics and occult sciences, and are not afraid of taboo subjects that mainstream culture sees as dangerous. You have an unusually open mind and won’t shy away from learning the viewpoints of people who are seen as wrong, untouchable, or controversial. Some people may learn to dread and fear you based on your writings or gossip about you, but you know that it’s more important to think for yourself than to please the crowd.

A Little More on Mercury

Each planet does a lot of other things besides move through the Houses of your Birth Chart. Mercury can be trine, or conjunct in Pluto, and Mercury can be in Capricorn and influence love. Read on to learn about those things.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

Conjunct means two separate things come together and blend their energy. Keep in mind that although Pluto is no longer considered to be a planet, it still has power and influence. Pluto is transformative, and that can be terrifying, but it can also be good. When the energies of Pluto and Mercury unite, they install an extra deep understanding of obscure things like occult truths and understanding of death. You may be granted the charisma to be persuasive to large groups of people and you may be gifted with knowing just what to do to gather large sums of wealth. Pluto transformation energy can be less than enjoyable for you, however, if it causes you to be the victim of social ills like injustice based on poverty, but not all hope is lost because you will use the energy of Pluto to try and change that.

Mercury Trine Pluto

Trine means something different than conjunct. Trine means these planets are spaced one hundred and twenty degrees apart on your Birth Chart, and this creates harmony. If Pluto and Mercury are Trine, this instills especially good intellectual abilities in you, and you can think your way in and out of nearly any situation. You have an uncanny knack for understanding other people’s motivations and know how to work with that to persuade them to do what you want them to. You will be great at business and government and especially good at negotiating and mediating. This ability enables you to create a lot of positive change in the world.

Mercury in Capricorn Man in Love

Saturn and Mercury in the Houses

When Mercury is in Capricorn, it means you are what some would call the ultimate thinker, and you are so very focused on intellectual pursuits, you often don’t pay attention to emotions and feelings. While people with Mercury in Capricorn establish stable homelives, they won’t be cushy and “lovey dovey” like some people would be, but truthfully, not everybody wants a sappy sweet lover. Love is love, and these people may show love in how they take care of their friends, family members, and significant others in more practical ways like making sure the fire alarm battery is changed as opposed to scattering rose petals on the way to the bedroom to be romantic. Who wants to clean a mess up from rose petals anyways?

Isn’t it amazing all the things one planet can do in your life? Now that you have read about Saturn and Mercury in the Houses, make sure to watch for more articles about other planets in the Houses of your Birth Chart to learn even more.

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