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The Spiritual Meaning of Ladybugs

By Saoirse
July 24, 2021
The Spiritual Meaning of Ladybugs
TL;DRSeeing a ladybug in a summer garden as it takes those perfect tiny steps up and down flower stems may be one of the most enchanting sights of the season. Next, watch them spread their shiny spotted wings to take flight and then watch when the ladybug lands on you if you are lucky. What does a ladybug represent and what does a ladybug appearance before your very eyes mean spiritually? Are ladybugs lucky and what does it mean for you if a ladybug is your spirit animal? Learn all of this and more with Mysticsense!

To Define Ladybugs

In the simplest terms, ladybugs are insects that are specifically a kind of beetle. They are called ladybirds in parts of Europe and ladybugs in America and the answer if you asked question of “What do you call a male ladybug?” would be a male ladybug or just a ladybug! Ladybug quotes and sayings include whimsical things like what an unknown poet wrote:

“The ladybug’s a beetle

It’s shaped like a pea

Its color is a bright red

With lots of spots to see.

Although the name is ladybug

Some ladybugs are men.

So why don’t we say “gentleman bug”

Every now and then?”

More than a cute little beetle poets write about, ladybugs are beneficial in the garden, devouring pesky aphids that decimate roses and some ladybugs even lay their eggs smack dab in the middle of aphid colonies, leading some gardeners to go out to buy their own ladybugs to protect the garden. They are so well loved in the Americas, they are the state insect in Ohio, Delaware, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York, and New Hampshire. You can watch for them in The States in Summertime, count on them to overwinter safely, and for them and their babies to be back year after year.

Are Ladybugs Good Luck?

In Turkey, Russia, and Italy ladybugs signify that you should make a wish or that a wish is going to come true. Gently hold on to the ladybug, taking special care not to harm it, as killing one causes bad luck, make your wish, and then watch the direction it goes as it flies away. That’s the direction the wish will be granted from. Seeing a ladybug is also considered lucky because it means there will be good weather. Seeing ladybugs meaning can also be letting you know that you will be lucky in love, or that more money is coming your way. So, yes, to many people, ladybugs are very good luck!

Symbolic Meaning of Ladybugs

There are over 6,000 different kinds of ladybug insects worldwide! So, there are bound to be differing superstitions surrounding ladybugs that are not just red with black spots! The meaning of a ladybug can vary depending on some different characteristics it has. In general besides being lucky, ladybugs symbolic meaning is that of both protection, and new love as well as wishes coming true. No wonder people are happy to see ladybugs.

Orange Ladybug Spiritual Meaning

Orange ladybug meaning is very special. Because most people associate red with the color ladybugs are, seeing an orange one is considered different and thus something more than just regular good luck. The color orange on a ladybug is associated with both transformation, as it’s seen as a change from the typical ladybug color, and also, of bravery. The symbolism of ladybugs that are orange is all about taking a chance or making a great change for the better. Heed these messages and take that chance or make that change. You will be glad you did.

Yellow Ladybug Meaning

Yellow ladybug symbolism puts you on notice to pack your bags because you are about to take a wonderful trip. Yellow ladybugs meaning encourages you to get ready to make changes like orange ladybugs do. The spiritual meaning of ladybugs that are yellow can also symbolize moving forward into love after heartbreak, which is a welcome change of pace. Yellow ladybugs spiritual meaning is especially good news for people who have felt stuck or at a standstill in life who want to get out into the world or move into new love relationships. The yellow ladybug lovingly heralds that the time is right and these good things can now begin.

Black Ladybug Symbolism

Black ladybug spiritual meaning will initially scare some people who assume that black is bad, or signifies they will die, but there is no need to fret. Black ladybugs are hardy ones, and even eat other ladybugs sometimes! They are thus considered extra resilient, and you find black ladybugs in your house in winter sometimes. You will be extra happy when you do, because black ladybug meaning is one of protection, as it is believed by many that due to their dark color, they absorb negative or malevolent spirits and energy. Some black ladybugs are all black except one red spot on each side, and it is believed by some that they represent resiliency because an old tale says they were stabbed once on both sides but lived and thrived despite it! The significance of ladybugs that are black is of extra good luck as you can draw from their resilience, and they will protect you and your home!

White Ladybug Meaning

What is the meaning of ladybugs that are white? Ladybugs symbolism that are white whether they be white with dark spots or another color with white instead of black spots is that of purity and hope. Whatever it is you are trying for, working towards, or simply wishing for, when you see a white ladybug, the creature is giving you a sign to hang in there, and keep going forward, because there IS hope for success. 

Ladybug with No Spots

What do the dots on a ladybug mean? It depends on who you ask. German farmers consider seven spots on a ladybug to be a lucky number, indicating they will have a successful harvest, but any other number of spots is a sign of bad luck, they believe. In China, counting the spots tells you the amount of months it will take you to find true love.

A ladybug without spots? This ladybug symbolism- LOVE! It may be telling you that you still love a lost love, or that you have potential to meet your soulmate! It can also tell you that you will love somebody you meet for a very long time. All good things!

Two Ladybugs

One thing ladybugs symbolize is love and seeing two ladybugs is another reminder of partnering with a romantic partner. Seeing two ladybugs together meaning love is on the way and to get ready for all that fantastic romance a good relationship can bring. It can also symbolize this new partner will be very much like you and it will be a harmonious pairing. You and your new love will be as adorable together as the sweet, tiny ladybugs are together.

Ladybug Symbolism- Death

A dead ladybug meaning if you’re Celtic is very bad. You had better hope you are not the one who killed it, or you will experience a death as soon as tomorrow! For other people, dead ladybug significance isn’t so bad. Dead ladybug meaning as long as you did not kill it may be telling you that it’s time to move on from something in the past, forgiving it and beginning new things. Pay attention to this powerful omen, and do as it advises, leaving the past in the past. Your future awaits, and it’s time to step into the present.

The Spiritual Meaning of Ladybugs Landing on You

“Ladybugs keep landing on me, what does it mean?” If you can say this, you are very lucky indeed. The meaning of ladybugs landing on you is that good things are on the way into your life. If a ladybug lands on you, that’s good, but if they land on you often, that is repeated good things on the way! When a ladybug lands on you meaning can also be good things for a newly married woman, as it’s indicating she will be welcoming a bouncing bundle of joy, a beautiful baby soon.

Other than this, what does it mean if a ladybug lands on you? When a ladybug lands on you, meaning a messenger of the goddess Juno is near, delivering the message of victory over disease or over those opposed to your success is a message you can rejoice about. So if you or somebody you love has been ill, this is a welcome message of healing. If people have been standing in your way, holding you back from anything, the ladybug indicates you will triumph over them. Also what does it mean when a ladybug lands on you if Juno is not speaking to you? The ladybug is indicating money is on the way, and counting the number of spots it has lets you know how many months you have to wait for this lucky money to arrive.

Dreams About Ladybugs

What does it mean to dream about ladybugs? Dreams of ladybugs can be indicating any of the good things ladybugs symbolize from new love, to luck, to money coming in, and also of new beginnings. For the dreamer, ladybugs dream can also tell us that we will get good news from somebody or an event that we least expected it from. Ladybugs dream meaning is as lucky as spotting one while we are awake, and the full meaning can be determined by the context in the dream. In essence, however, it’s all good, and lucky. For more about interpreting ladybug dreams, read here:

The Basics Of Dream Interpretation (

What Does a Ladybug Mean in the Bible?

Since no specific scripture points exactly to ladybugs, the biblical meaning of a ladybug cannot be found. However, people who believe in the Bible culturally have beliefs about ladybugs. They believe ladybugs are beloved of their god, and were on Noah’s ark during the great flood, and thus saved from death. Some believe the ladybug brought gifts to baby Jesus and his parents, Mary and Joseph, so they consider the ladybug a bearer of gifts. Some say seeing a ladybug is the voice of their god trying to get their attention and hold this so sacred, they don’t mind that this is not specifically written about in their scriptures. So to some, ladybug meaning in the Bible is to listen to the voice of their god, to remember that god is watching over them, protecting them in life’s storms, and that the ladybug brings surprising gifts.

Ladybug in Your House Meaning

Unless you are overwhelmed with a slew of ladybugs, which is an infestation, a ladybug in your house is excellent news, most especially, a ladybug in the bedroom, which can indicate new love and romance is on the way. The meaning of ladybugs in your house is that you will receive lots and lots of good luck very soon in your life in general. It can also be an omen that you will be welcoming a new child into the family. All good things!

When the Ladybug is Your Spirit Animal

Ladybug animal totems indicate you have a life of good luck, prosperity, and an overflowing of abundance. When the ladybug totem is yours, you will regularly be creating new things in your life, and the lives of those you love. Totem ladybugs will bless you with fertility in all aspects of your life- not just in being a parent. When your spirit animal is the ladybug, you will be fortunate that you will reap the benefits of your work plentifully. Keep in mind it is believed that ladybugs grant wishes, so you will see your wishes come true, and you will also be blessed with the ability to help other people fulfill their hopes and wishes. When it comes to animal totems, ladybugs are very lucky ones indeed.

About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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