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Working with Angels

By Saoirse
June 22, 2022
Working with Angels
Working with Angels
TL;DR Everyone has heard of angels, but would you believe you can contact them and they communicate with people all the time? Learn about the different types of angels and the jobs they do as well as angel numbers, angel readings, how to contact angels and how psychics online can help you talk to angels.

We grow up being told that angels are watching over us, and some people find that very comforting when the world can seem scary otherwise, but don’t angels do more than just watch over us? If so, what jobs do they have and what are the different kinds of angels? What are angel numbers and what are Angel Guide cards and what can they tell us? How can we communicate with angels are what are signs they are in the house? Finally, for those of us who need help from someone else, how can an intuitive empath psychic or psychic medium help communicate with angels?

What are Angels?

Working with Angels

Most simply stated, angels are spiritual creatures who serve their god. They are attested to in writings by Christians, Jewish people, Islamic people, Ceremonial Magicians, and those who follow Sikhism as well as people from many other faith traditions. There are different kinds of angels, each having different jobs they do, and while each religion may disagree on exactly how many different angels there are or what their names are, below is listed some basic information about the different kinds of angels.

Here is a little background on angels here- Getting Readings from an Angel Card Reader | Mysticsense

Different Kinds of Angels

Today, we will talk about four kinds of angels. They are Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, and the Living Beings. Their jobs range from acting as guardians of humans or protecting creation, acting as messenger angels, working as warriors, and doing worship, praise, and glorification of their god. Finally the concept of the Holy Guardian Angel, which is a very different concept will be discussed.


Working with Angels

Archangels are high ranking angels and different religions disagree on how many of them there are. In the Jewish Kabbalah, a dozen Archangels are named. Catholics and some Protestants name only three Archangels. In Islam, four are named and they are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Azrael. The Archangels are the highest ranking angels and their name means “chief angel”. Their job is to glorify and praise their god day and night and protect him and his kingdom. Various scriptures state that Michael defends his god against Satan and his armies. Raphael and Gabriel both stand before the throne of their god and Gabriel had the honor of announcing the births of both St. John the Baptist and Jesus. Each of these three Archangels do so much more, however.


Working with Angels

In the Book of Enoch, Michael is the chief of the Archangels, and is said to be at the right hand of the throne of their god, and he mediates the Torah. He accompanies souls to paradise and commands that god’s army. In the Book of Revelations, this role of army commander is repeated, as Michael is the angel who leads the army that throws Satan and his devils out of heaven to earth, and then binds him for one thousand years before defeating him again and throwing Satan into a lake of fire.

Michael is also seen as acting as defender. Michael is credited with rescuing Abraham from being burned alive in a furnace and also protected a woman named Sarah from rape. He is famously known for rescuing Isaac from being used as a sacrifice for their god by his father, Abraham. Michael stops the ritual murder and directs Abraham to sacrifice a ram instead. He not only takes righteous souls to a paradise in the afterlife, but he also gives people a chance to confess and repent the hour before their deaths.


Working with Angels

The Archangel Gabriel’s name means “Strength of God” in some languages and “The Righteousness of God” or “Justice” in Hebrew and he defended the Israelites against the angels of other nations. He was actually sent to destroy the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah however, so he acts as defender as well as destroyer. Gabriel also accepts and answers prayers because his god cannot do all of it himself sometimes. Interestingly, while some sources state Michael announced the births of St. John the Baptist, and Jesus, others state it was Gabriel. In the Hymn of the Armenian St. Nerses Shnorhali, Gabriel is said to blow his trumpet on the last night.

The prophet Muhammed stated it was Gabriel who revealed scriptures, and Muslims believe Gabriel acts to reveal much to humanity. They also believe Gabriel acted as defender of Muhammed many times. He is prayed to by Catholics for intercession of their prayers.


The Archangel Raphael has more than one role. His name means “ God heals” or “God healed” and in Islam, his name is Israfel and he not only helps to heal, but holds a trumpet poised at his lips to blow when the Day of resurrection happens. When he blows this trumpet, it is believed that the last living human beings will die and after this, resurrection can happen. In the book of Tobit, he binds the demon Asmodeus with a fish and heals Tobit’s eyes. During the time of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Raphael’s job is to heal Abraham who is recovering from circumcision. The Pool of Bethesda where Jesus was said to have healed a man who had been ill and waiting for healing for a long time was said to be stirred by Raphael.


Another kind of angel is the Cherubim. The Israelites believed they held up their gods throne, and Cherubim decorated the Ark of the Covenant the Israelites kept and they believed their god would come through the spot the Cherubim were. Cherubim were believed to guard the Garden of Eden, and one scripture says god rides on the wings of Cherubim. Basically, Cherubim or Cherubs act as living vehicles, carrying their god where he needs to go. Muslims believe Cherubs praise their god constantly and intercede for people. They are said to be merciful angels created from the tears of the Archangel Michael and they plead for mercy for people.


Working with Angels

Also called Seraphina angels or Seraphs, their name means “Burning One” and they have three sets of wings, and fly around the throne of their god saying “Holy, Holy, Holy” at all times. Their name may also mean “ fiery flying serpent” and it is not known if the fire was due to venom of snake bites or another reason. However, in the Book of Isaiah, a Seraphim touched the prophet’s mouth with a hot coal to purify him. Passion for love of that god and purification through heat and fervent devotion is part of who Seraphim are. Some Christian writings consider Seraphim beings made of nothing but light as opposed to being creatures of fire or as serpents, however.

In Islam, Seraphim have four faces and six wings and bear their god’s throne. Unlike the angels messenger beings, Seraphim do not descend to earth, and remain in heaven with their god, praising him at all times.

Living Beings

Working with Angels

The Living Beings are another class of angels attested to in the Book of Revelations. They fall down and worship their god, and also have incense and harps which contain the prayers of saints, or especially holy people. The Book of Revelations 4:8 says about them “Day and night they never cease to sing’ Holy holy holy is the lord god almighty, who is, was, and is to come” They surround the throne of their god and come in four forms, in forms like a lion, a man, an eagle, and an ox. They are also attested to, and are written about in the same form in two chapters of the book of Ezekiel. In Judaism they are creatures of fire who hold up the throne of god and also the firmament itself. They are covered in eyes all over their bodies and see everything.

The Holy Guardian Angel

Working with Angels

Many Ceremonial Magicians believe their main goal is to become consciously connected to their Holy Guardian Angel, or the truest form of themselves, and that will make them aware of their True Will, or the reason they are alive and what they are meant to be doing. The process of coming to know the Holy Guardian Angel and the True Will is known as “Knowledge and Conversation.” Aleister Crowley, Thelemic Ceremonial Magician and prolific occultist and author wrote:

 “ It is impossible to lay down precise rules by which a man may attain to the knowledge and conversation of His Holy Guardian Angel; for that is the particular secret of each one of us; as secret not to be told or even divined by any other, whatever his grade. It is the Holy of Holies, whereof each man is his own High Priest, and none knoweth the Name of his brother's God, or the Rite that invokes Him. “

The Holy Guardian Angel is a concept that possibly first was introduced by an Abraham of Wuzberg, a 15th century French occultist, in a book which was translated by MacGregor Mathers into what he named The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. Crowley read this and decided it was important to invoke the Holy Guardian Angel often and to divorce oneself from the physical and focus deeply on the soul to contact the Holy Guardian Angel. The Holy Guardian Angel has been called the “Silent Self” by some and the “Cosmic Self “ by others.

It is highly recommended study with masters be entered into for anybody unfamiliar with this type of magic before attempting to perform any magical operations they use.

A link to their organization with info about local chapters and contact information is available for anybody who wishes to enter into study with them here: Thelema – US Grand Lodge (

What are Angel Numbers?

Working with Angels

Angel Numbers is a publication authored by Doreen Virtue PH.D. It is believed sequences and patterns of numbers seen gives divine messages from the angels, and her book covers the numbers 0 through 999.

Seeing Angel Numbers

Seeing these numbers is believed to be more than just seeing lucky numbers repeating themselves, but messages. It is believed these numbers are messages from angels watching over us, who are communicating guidance using the numbers they reveal. Each individual number has its own meaning. For example, it is said that the number 0 indicates a new beginning while the number 4 alerts that life changing career development is coming. These numbers appear in many different forms including digital clocks, license plates, signs, and even telephone numbers.

Seeing Double Angel Numbers

When you are seeing double numbers, angels mean for you to do simple math to attain their message. If you see the number 27, simply add 2 and 7 and you get nine. Nine indicates an ending before another new and exciting beginning for you. When three numbers repeat themselves, however you don’t add them. The number itself has its own meaning. For example, the number 333 is about letting go. You have some feelings or thoughts you need to let out, and maybe you need to make the conscious decision to let go of a situation you have unnecessarily been dragging out. You can get learn your message from your angel messenger free and it isn’t at some webpage like “angelmessenger” or anything like that.

A man who calls himself Padre communicates with angels. He can always be reached for his services, but he has been good enough to share his knowledge about Angel Numbers also.

To read more about Angel Numbers, and get your free angel number reading, read Padre’s article about them here: Angel Numbers - The Complete Online Guide for Angel Numbers (

Signs Angels are in My House

Working with Angels

Do you think an angel may be nearby, most especially in your home? How can you tell there is an angel in your house? You will just simply KNOW, but a few signs they are in your house is you will see them, hear them, or feel them.

Seeing Angels

Angels can take any form they want to, but often, they will take a human form so as not to scare people. They may appear at your door, disguised as a visitor, but their presence will be comforting, and you will know it’s not a mere human who is visiting you. You may also see the divine form of a winged angel as if in a vision right in your home. They are there to bring messages, watch over you, or just deliver love and comfort. Your eyes do not deceive you, that angel you see is real!

Hearing Angels

The words of an angel may manifest in the voice of a human being, or you may feel words come out of your own mouth that you know are inspired by an angel. You may feel this in the form of especially wise words you have as guidance for somebody that you know, or you may hear that sort of advice for yourself coming from somebody else. Sometimes, they want to get your attention by simply saying your name and then saying nothing else immediately. When you hear your name called and nobody is around to have said it, it may be your angels telling you to pay attention, so listen patiently to get their messages.

Feeling Angels

You may see or hear nothing, but simply feel the angelic presence and know that an angel is near. It may come in the form of sudden unexplained warmth when you feel cold or comfort when you are hurting. You may be going through an especially difficult time that has you worried sick, and suddenly just feel that everything is going to be alright. None of these things are your imagination, but the divine presence of angels.

Contacting Angels

Working with Angels

There are a number of techniques used to contact angels, some of which you can do anytime. Just keep in mind that angels are not servants to human beings, but they live to serve their god. They are not to be called upon to ask for magic or favors. They will not grant you a lover or wealth. They will help with spiritual guidance, wisdom, comfort, and with reaching out to your god.


There are traditional prayers that have been used to speak with angels. For instance, to speak to the Archangel Gabriel, asking him to intercede and hear your prayer, a traditional Catholic prayer to him goes,

“ Oh, blessed Archangel Gabriel,

we beseech thee to intercede for us at the throne

of divine mercy in our present necessities,

that, as you did announce to Mary the

Mystery of the Incarnation, so through our prayers

and Patronage in Heaven,

we may obtain the benefits of the same,

and sing the praise of God forever.


This prayer is designed to ask the Archangel Gabriel for help with whatever you need and to help you get to heaven if that is the god you serve. Prayers can be created by you, and need not be one somebody else wrote. You don’t need beautiful words to communicate what is in your heart to the angels. A simple action such as leaving a gift for the Archangel in the form of doing something merciful for somebody else before you say your prayer in your own behalf will certainly help to get his attention.

Thinking About Them

Sometimes, a specific prayer is not needed, or asking out loud for angels to visit, and all you need to do is think about them, and they answer. If it is a guardian angel you want to speak to, they are already watching you and they will know when you want to speak with them. Meditation is a deeper form of thinking of the angels that alerts them you would like to communicate, and you can do this two different ways. First, you can still your mind, and completely relax, waiting for them to answer, or you can write, chant, or concentrate on your angels. Even reading about them is a form of meditation because you focus your mind on them. The angels will respond, answering before you know it.

Angel Card Readings

An angel card reading is a wonderful way to find out what the angels are trying to tell you. Angel cards are different than Tarot cards but are still used to give readings and online psychic advice. To get a love angel card or any other kind of angel card, simply procure an Angel Oracle Deck. The cards don’t have a Major or Minor Arcana like the Tarot cards do, and some Angel Oracle cards have their message written directly on them. Using the angel cards is not simply reading what the cards say, but it’s about communicating with the Angels. Before you give yourself an Angel reading to see what your angels are communicating, take a moment to still yourself, and relax. Quiet your mind and ask your angels to speak to you through the cards to guide you.

Like with any other kind of psychic reading, you can ask a specific question or leave the message open to the angels to decide. Then, when you feel the angels are guiding you to begin, draw your cards.

Suggested spreads to use for readings with your angel oracle cards can be found in this article-The Angel Cards Guide and How To Use Them | Mysticsense

How a Psychic Medium Can Help

Working with Angels

There are different types of mediums, but all genuine psychic mediums speak with spirits. A medium is after all, somebody who communicates with spiritual forces, and some mediums speak with angels. Mysticsense has over two hundred professionals who do Angel Card Readings, and also over two hundred advisors who are mediums. If you are having difficulty reaching your angels using the above named techniques, simply reach out to us. You are not alone, and we are always available for you.

A Last Word

The Judeo Christian religions are not the only ones to believe in celestial spirits who act as servants of the creator and as intermediaries between that god and human beings. In Voodoo, there are the Loa spirits and the Hindus have their Devas or Atmas. The belief in spirits who watch over human beings and bring us closer to gods and goddesses predates modern religions and billions of people who have practiced thousands of different religions cannot be wrong.

Angels exist, and they are a part of our lives. One woman said she and her significant other were hiking in the desert together and it got dark earlier than they thought it would. She felt invisible hands guide her down a cliffside to safety when she feared falling, and she was positive it was an angel. One woman was recovering from an extreme allergic reaction to medication after a surgery and awoke to a woman dressed in white reading to her. The woman told her she was sent to check on her and that everything was going to be alright. The next day the hospital staff told her no such person visited, and the woman knew it was an angel watching over her.

Maybe your experiences with angels won’t be as dramatic, but you will be watched over and visited by angels. May the angels bless you and deliver your messages to your divine. May they comfort you in your times of sorrow and may they guide you in times of darkness, lighting the way. So be it.

Working with AngelsAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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