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What is a Dowsing Psychic Reading?

By Mysticsense
February 23, 2020
What is a Dowsing Psychic Reading?

The ancient art of dowsing has left many first-time observers in mute fascination as a dowser seeks out and finds underground water. This feat is accomplished by merely walking the land with a dowser’s stick, the stick begins to twitch at the location where the water is.

However, the term ‘dowsing’ has long been associated with the spiritual world and is the practice of seeking something with the aid of an object. It can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times, where people used pendulums to ask divine entities questions, such as where crops should be planted. While dowsing rods became popular in the Middle Ages to find water, oil, and metals underground, in more modern times, psychic dowsing has helped in locating missing persons and solving murders.

How does a Dowsing Reading Work?

The art of ‘dowsing’ is performed by an online psychic using a pendulum, a weighted object which is used for divination and getting answers from higher energies or spirit guides. Pendulum dowsing allows a psychic to link their abilities with their spirit guides to locate objects, determine the answer to a question or diagnose illness.

The pendulum will move through all your thoughts and energy, as the spirit guides work through the psychic to answer relevant questions. It acts as a transmitter and receiver of information and is interpreted by the psychic in the way it moves. The hanging pendulum shifts in different ways: up and down, back and forth in elliptical motions and in circles.

If the pendulum swings up and down or energetically anticlockwise the answer is ‘No’, while if it swings back and forth and strongly rotates clockwise it’s a ‘Yes’. Each movement also has a different meaning which reputable online psychics are familiar with and will quickly and clearly relay their interpretations to you. In consulting a psychic for dowsing readings, all questions raised should be answered with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. However, there are psychics who use charts in tandem with pendulums, making the pendulum react in a more refined way providing more detailed answers to your questions.

It’s imperative the online psychic you choose has received specialized training in this divination method, ensuring you’ll receive accurate communication and useful information from the spiritual realm.

What a Dowsing Reading Can Tell You?

An online psychic dowsing reading can help you find answers to about any uncertainty you face – in a career situation, relationships, finance, and predictions about the future and beyond. They are known for their extreme accuracy and offer quick answers that will help you make the best decisions. When it comes to matters of the heart, dowsing can help you understand your needs better and that alone will be invaluable in finding the right person.

If you have lost a pet, psychics will hold the pendulum over a personal item belonging to them, to help find answers in locating the animal. In the case of a lost object, they may hold the pendulum above a map to determine the location of the missing item.

Dowsing can also aid the balance of our chakras; a psychic can place the pendulum over the seven chakra centers and its movements determine any imbalances. The energy emitted will reveal imbalance and any energy blockages. This diagnosis can help us better maintain our spirit and physical body. In receiving the benefits of energy manipulation an online psychic can focus healing energy into the affected areas of the person regardless of location. A skilled psychic in using the pendulum will be able to measure your energy levels before and after readings.

While dowsing also has a wide application for health beyond the body, psychics may be able to advise about the foods we eat and can also point to areas of a house or office that better resonate with someone’s personal frequencies.

For all readings, it is best to be in a relaxed and focused state of mind and be prepared with relevant questions. In keeping an open mind and being prepared for all eventualities, dowsing can render clear and concise answers.

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