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Being Single by Choice

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
March 15, 2023
Being Single by Choice
Being Single by Choice

Face to face dating isn’t all that great sometimes, and some say it is one of the biggest barriers to love. Some people prefer to stay single instead of going on dates and finding lovers because they feel the need to stay away from toxic people. However, some people are single because they just like being single! Explore some of the reasons why people choose to stay single, and the benefits of doing so.

Dating is not for everybody, and neither is romance! Not everybody wants to deal with another person every day, and not everyone likes having a significant other to begin with. There are plenty of independent people who don’t have the need or any desire whatsoever for a partner or even for sex, and they just prefer being single. Society would have us all believe that is abnormal, but is it? When somebody feels their happiest and best on their own, there is nothing abnormal about doing what makes them feel best.

One of life’s myths is that you have to be romantically involved with someone in order to be truly happy, but plenty of people will tell you that a lesson learned about love is you don’t have to be. Lots of people are perfectly happy to be single every day, and don’t want to date, marry, or fall in love for various reasons. 

What Can Go Wrong In Relationships?

Being Single by Choice

In a study written about in Psychology Today, the people polled did not report being any happier if they were in a relationship than the single people taking part did.Being in a romantic relationship just for the sake of not being single is not going to make you any happier than being in no relationship at all. If anything, it will hold you back from finding a good relationship that does make you happy.

We have all seen bad relationships, and some of us have had the misfortune of being in one. There are many things that can go wrong in relationships,but some things are worth exploring here. 

You can be stuck in a bad relationship you can’t get out of, or be in love with somebody who picks somebody else over you. Sometimes you can be involved with somebody who disappears or who play mind games. You can also get sick of searching for love and finding nobody you feel compatible with, and then there are the fights that can plague relationships too!

Being Held Hostage in a Relationship

Being Single by Choice

Some relationships are downright toxic, and you can’t immediately find a way out. After going through such a thing, some people prefer to be single. aybe the relationship itself was not toxic, but you still wanted out and felt stuck. Finances can also be an issue, with divorce being expensive, in most cases. Some people will threaten self-harm if their partner says they want to break up, and they are too afraid to leave them then.

Being forced to be in a romantic relationship when you don’t want to be can be enough to make you take time out and stay single for a while.. Remember, if you find yourself stuck with somebody, that it’stemporary. You can find a way out, even if it is not immediately. Read one woman’s account of how she finally got away

When He Chooses Someone Over You

Being Single by Choice

If you have feelings for someone, and they’re in a relationship with another person, being single for a while can help with your healing. It can feel worse if you have been cheated on in a relationship, and while you are healing from the heartbreak, you will also have to learn to trust again. Friends or family might think it is helpful to advise you to “get back on the horse” by dating again. This choice is usually a hasty one to quickly to show the world, and especially your ex, that you are “over things”. Faking your healing for others can result in disaster.

If it feels better not to date, your well-meaning loved one’s advice can be disregarded while you spend time being single. After all, there are plenty of things you can go do by yourself and have just as much fun as you would have on a date. There are also those well-meaning loved ones to go places with as well. Always remember, there are plenty of other kinds of love and relationships you can have besides romantic ones.

Why Hasn’t He Called?

Being Single by Choice

Why he suddenly goes cold and stops calling could be for a number of reasons. A common term for this is ‘ghosting’ and it’s quite common in the modern dating world.Ghosting consists of cutting off all communication and disappearing without explanation, and this is a big reason people flat out refuse to date.. 

However, women are more likely to ghost somebody than a man is, according to a study cited on Twenty six percent of women polled admitted to ghosting, but only fifteen percent of men did. Women were more likely than men to do so to avoid confrontation, and men were more likely than women were to ghost somebody they felt acted too needy.

If it feels better to get to know people as friends before starting a romance, you are not alone. A 2020 Pew Research Center article said that about half of Americans polled claimed it is harder to date now than it was a decade ago One reason cited was because dating has become too impersonal. Three quarters of people polled said it was very difficult to find people to date in the past year, and half the single people polled said they were not even looking to date at all. 

When They Play Mind Games

Being Single by Choice

Some people avoid dating entirely because plenty of people who date act like it’s all a game. Plenty of people who date will not play mind games, but others do, and you never know how a new person you are dating is going to behave. Some people are dishonest, while others are inconsiderate enough to send mixed signals. Some people lead others on, which is why it’s no shock that people flat out refuse to take the risk of being drawn into such unnecessary drama, so they just won’t date.


Also called catfishing, people sometimes portray themselves as different than they actually are because they think it will get them more dates.. It is said that women are overly fond of using glamor photos of themselves on dating profiles, but men are guilty of this also. 

Lying about a person’s age is a big issue, using older pictures of them to try and portray themselves as younger than they are. This is not only dishonest, but can lead to people meeting up in situations that they wouldn’t be comfortable with.

Dishonesty early on is a signal that makes people worry the person will be dishonest regularly, and a lot of people refuse to get close to people they feel they cannot trust. 

Mixed Signals

Some people act like they are interested one minute, but the next, not so much. Plenty of people refuse to date anybody at all after being treated this way. Indeed, why wait around for somebody who does not act like they know if they are interested or not.

This type of fickle behaviour can boil down to so many reasons, however if people don’t communicate to one another how they feel then it can cause so many issues. Explain

Leading You On

Also referred to as bread crumbing or “sitting you on the shelf.” This is when some one leads you on in a relationship to keep you around, without honest intentions. Some people want your attention and to feel desired by you, but they have no intention to have a relationship with you. They give you just enough attention to keep you hooked, like tossing “tiny breadcrumbs” of attention instead of something substantial. 

They might go somewherewith you or call often, and then disappear for a while, and “have no time” to communicate. This happens because they want you around for when they are bored or have nobody else to pay attention to them. Plenty of people won’t be drawn into such things, and it is completely understandable to refuse to date somebody who acts this way.

When You Are Not Meeting Quality People

Being Single by Choice

If you find yourself feeling like you are swimming in a sea of low quality people when you are seeking a mate, it’s not unusual to drop out of dating. Compatibility matters for relationships.hen you’re not meeting people who you feel you can have a solid relationship with, staying single, might make you happier than settling.

Pulling back from dating, and spending time with friends instead, is okay if it makes you feel better. There can be little else as disappointing as date after date that ends badly because you are not meeting people who you feel suit you.

The Fights

Being Single by Choice

Avoiding fights with people is another reason a lot of people don’t want to date. Unfortunately, not everybody handles it well if things are not working out, and they think fighting to hold on to somebody who is not attracted to them is the way to ensure they are not single. Some people feel a desperation, and are so afraid of being single, they would date anybody, so they won’t have to be single.You don’t have to date anyone who you don’t want to, and if staying single to keep the peace makes you happy, so be it.

What Can Go Right

Being Single by Choice

Not everybody forsakes dating and romance in general because things have gone wrong, but because everything is going right just the way things are. Why change your life when you are completely satisfied to be independent or because you feel complete already? Some people need time after a disaster has hit,Other people are satisfied that they have already had a meaningful relationship with the love of their life and are not looking to find that again. Some people prefer to spend their life with their pets over other people, and othersstay single for no reason except that it just makes them happy.

You Value Your Independence

Some people are very independent and don’t want to be in a romantic relationship because they want their life to stay as it is. Not having to let somebody know your schedule or share expenses with is seen as very liberating to some people.

Some people would feel so isolated and heartbroken if they did not have somebody to have a relationship with, while others would feel their personal independence is compromised by it. When you are independent and want to stay that way, sometimes no amount of talking from someone can convince you to leave that independence behind to accommodate somebody else’s desire to make you commit to them. Long term relationships are not for everybody and if you are completely satisfied not being in a relationship, enjoy being independent and single.

You Need Time and Space

Maybe you don’t see yourself being single for life, but right now, you need to be. You may have come out of a suffocating relationship, or one you had felt was good, but it ended badly. You just need time to heal and be with yourself, not worrying about nurturing anybody else’s needs for a relationship for the time being. At some point in the future, you may decide you are open to a romantic relationship again, but if you feel that being single gives you some healing space and distance from things that have happened, take all the time you need. If you are meant to be with somebody in the future, they will be waiting for you when you are ready.

You Feel Complete on Your Own

Not everybody who is alone feels lonely, and some people choose to be single because they don’t feel like anybody or anything else completes their lives. Some people feel empty without a significant other to have as a partner in life, but some people feel like they don’t need a partner at all.

When somebody is perfectly happy with their lives as it is, and they feel they have everything they could ever hope for, they don’t need to be talked into feeling incomplete. They are not missing out on anything, and being single does not mean they are completely alone in life. They select friends and family to spend time with, and value their personal time as well.

You Have Had the Best Already

How to find something you have already had isn’t so easy. Maybe how to find something “lost” isn’t on the minds of people who feel they had the love of their lives with them already. Just because that love is gone, it doesn’t mean they need to run out and try to replace it.Not everybody wants to try and replicate a great relationship. 

Some people consider having had one great love relationship good enough, even if it is over for some reason. After the death of a loved one or a breakup, certain people begin a new chapter of their lives with a new significant other, and other people move forward without a new romantic partner.

If you feel you have had the best, and it was enough, it is not required for you to start a new life with somebody else if you don’t want to. Enjoy all the memories and blessings that your amazing relationship gave you, and if other people are lucky, they will get to enjoy just as good of a relationship someday.

It Makes You Happy

Some people are happy being single, and that is all there is to it. They don’t want to date because that would change things, and they like their lives just as they are. There is no one reason to be happily single, and each person who is happy being single has their own reasons. Whatever type of relationships make us happy are the ones we deserve, and sometimes, no romance is the thing that makes somebody happiest. 

Choosing a Pet Over a Partner

Almost any pet communicator will tell you that some people’s gift of having a sixth sense extends to being able to speak with animals. Others will go so far as to say, “My dog is my soulmate”. Your soulmate dog or cat may have the most important relationship in your life with you, and if that makes you happy, then do it.

Not everybody wants a human significant other, or any form of romance, and plenty of people prefer the company of animals instead. In one study, sixteen percent of respondents stated they would choose their pet over their significant other , and some people stated they would get a divorce if their spouse forced them to choose the pet or the marriage. Some people don’t even get that far, and happily live alone with their pets. Furthermore, half of pet owners stated they decline invites to spend time with friends and family because they would rather stay home with their pets. So if you choose life with a pet over a human partner, you are not unusual!

Nothing is Missing

Some people feel empty or like somebody is missing if they are single. Having a significant other creates different experiences than being single does, and some people feel like they are missing the sort of life they want without it. Some people see other people in happy romances and feel they are missing out on that connection, but not all single people feel that way. 

However, others feel like they are not lacking the experience of a bond with a significant other, and they don’t have to be open to it if they don’t want to be. hey have everything they want in life when they are single, and that is as good a reason as any not to date!

Being single by choice is the path a lot of people choose for themselves, and they indeed do live “happily ever after.” They do it on their own terms, in exactly the way they want to do it. To have your alone time does not mean you are isolated, and to be single does not mean you will be lonely. May you enjoy exactly the type of life you want, and may every day be happy.

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