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How Couples Journals Can Improve Your Relationship

Rachel Clare
By Rachel Clare
March 11, 2023
How Couples Journals Can Improve Your Relationship
How Couples Journals Can Improve Your Relationship

Communicating effectively with our partner can be more of a challenge than we expect sometimes. Often all it takes for us to break down these barriers is to learn to express ourselves creatively. Put simply, we can embark on a new, more fulfilling chapter in our love lives by connecting with our partner through the use of a couples journal - and every journal will look entirely different for each relationship. Make it your own and use it to grow even closer to the one you love with Mysticsense today.

What is a Love Journal for Couples?

How Couples Journals Can Improve Your Relationship

Journaling is an activity people enjoy doing in order to feel more organized and grounded in life. It’s a way in which we can express ourselves and keep a physical record of the thoughts and feelings we are going through at any particular moment. With that in mind, there has been growing interest in the idea of ‘couples journals’ whereby both partners in a relationship can contribute to the journal in various different ways with the intention of fostering greater communication.

The contents of each couples journal will look entirely unique to each relationship, but most journals will include funny memories, words of affection, future plans as a couple and fun activities for the two to take part in. The possibilities for what can be included in a couples journal is endless, but the most important thing is to have fun with it.

Why are Couples Journals Beneficial?

A couples journal allows for a unique bond to form within one's own relationship. This may be in the form of a bucket list, a shared challenge, or simply a page detailing the little things that each partner does to make the other smile. The beauty of the journal is that there is no 'right' way to go about it; it is truly unique to each couple and develops to suit their particular needs in love. Not only this, but often it can be hard to verbalize wants, needs and expectations in a relationship.

Sometimes difficult conversations need to be had, but the perfect moment to do so never seems to arise, leaving issues simmering under the surface. We all know that the best way to deal with these love hiccups is by hashing it out in the open and being completely transparent, but this is so much easier said than done.

Instead, a couples journal can encourage each partner to put into words what values are most important to them, allowing the other to take the information on board in a healthy, productive way. This is why couples journals are increasing in popularity; they allow partners to express themselves meaningfully, with the help of relevant prompts, in order to foster a level of deeper connection and understanding between each other.

How Can a Couples Journal Create Intimacy?

Alongside improving communication in relationships, couples journals are incredibly useful for cultivating greater intimacy between partners. Some lovers find it hard to initiate physical intimacy and affection, finding it unnatural to take the lead in these moments. With the help of a couples journal prompt, couples can express the ways in which they would like these intimate moments to occur.

Further to this, couples can outline a list of fun date night activities they wish to partake in, taking it in turn to satisfy their partner and fulfil their love needs. Communication, understanding and balance is the key to greater connection and intimacy in a relationship and these simple journal prompts are a great way of keeping a bond tight.

How to Use a Couples Journal Properly?

In order for a couples journal to be a success, each partner needs to be committed to the process. Adding to the journal ought not be a rigid expectation that is likely to cause greater strife down the line, rather, it should be communicated between each partner that the journal is a fun addition to the relationship that will only work through even effort.

At the end of the day, couples journals allow partners to fully express themselves in fun and unique ways. Certain prompts can be used to remind each partner of the little things the other fell in love with and can facilitate deeper conversations that can be harder to verbalize in traditional ways. Put simply, couples journals are great for partners who are seeking to inject a little more fun and intimacy into their relationships.

Tips for Starting a Couples Journal

How Couples Journals Can Improve Your Relationship

If starting a couples journal is something that interests you, there are a few things to take into consideration;

You both need to be invested

A couples journal can only be successful if both partners are equally committed to contributing. If one partner sees the journal as a chore or only takes part in order to please the other, it's clear that intentions are misaligned. 

Decide how much you both want to contribute

Expectations about how often the both of you are to contribute to the journal need to be discussed beforehand. If one partner expects far more frequent involvement than the other, this will only lead to frustration and upset down the line. 

Set some ground rules

It’s important for both partners to both be aware of boundaries regarding the content of the journal. Agree beforehand about the depth of detail you are both comfortable sharing and which topics may be off the cards. It’s essential for both of you to feel comfortable and expressive with your journal.

Couples Journal Ideas

Every couples journal will be specific to the needs and nature of each relationship, but it’s always useful to have a few prompts to fall back on when stuck for new ideas. Outlined below are some fun couples journal ideas to try.

1. Discuss the Story of Your Meeting

Reminiscing over the moment you and your partner met is such a tender moment worth revisiting. Some meeting stories may be dramatic and romantic, like bumping into one another in the street and falling head-over-heels in an instant. However, other first meetings may be far more mundane, perhaps with the two of you meeting at work and slowly building a connection over many years.

Regardless of whether your first encounter was electric or not, every story is worth writing down. It would be interesting to include the initial perceptions the two of you had in the moment too, and compare it to how far you have both come today. 

2. Set Goals as a Couple

Discussing the big milestones in a relationship can be a daunting task. On the one hand, we don’t want to scare off our partner and get ahead of ourselves, but on the other, we want to feel sure that both parties can agree on how the future is going to look. For this reason, using a couples journal as a prompt to have this rather more difficult conversation is really helpful. It takes the stress out of asking about big, scary discussions, and places it into a manageable and light-hearted way of expressing oneself.

3. Start a Bucket List as a Couple

It’s beautiful when a relationship gets to a truly comfortable stage, a stage where both partners can be their true and authentic selves without any inhibitions. It’s important for partners to strive to keep the fire alive, and creating a bucket list can be a great way of doing so. Sit down with your partner and create a list of all of the things you want to do and experience with them in the future. You could write these down in the form of manifestation affirmations too. Or, you could even categorize the list into different areas, such as travel, hobbies or date-night experiences to enjoy at home.

Bucket lists in couples journals are a great opportunity to jot down the names of different bars you keep saying you want to visit or new countries you’re dying to see together. Whatever you choose to add to your list is completely up to you two, but it’s important to enter into this as a collaborative effort. 

4. Keep Track of the ‘Little Things’

Relationships aren’t easy, as they involve a lot of compromise between partners. Every day, you are likely to learn new things about each other, and discover certain things that make each of you tick. That’s why keeping track of the things you learn about each other in a couple journal is so important - it not only helps to prevent you from forgetting the ‘little things’, but it also creates a chance for you both to cherish the things that may otherwise be overlooked. For instance, making note of a partner’s cute expression or funny habit can be a lovely tidbit to look back on in the future. This could also be a chance to let go of bad energy and make a record of comments your partner has made that may, one day, bring comfort during difficult times.

5. Give Compliments 

Not all of us are naturally expressive or gushy in a relationship. For whatever reason, being complimentary or super affectionate with our words can be a little challenging, so using a couples journal is the perfect medium to let a partner know just how much they mean to you, even if words fail you at times. This is also a great way to remind yourself just how much a partner cares about you, especially in those moments where our confidence is running a little lower than usual. The beauty of giving compliments in this way is that even the smallest, most obscure words of affection can be recorded and looked back on for a lifetime.

6. Create a Photo Collage

To inject some color and life into your couples journal, try adding photos of your various moments together. Perhaps start by choosing a theme, and then collect all photos from that occasion.

Next, sort through the photos and only choose the best of the best. The journal is the perfect chance to capture special memories from different vacations, trips or even a simple date night at home and put them in a place you can refer back to forever. The journal also provides a space to annotate your pictures, to add even more depth and meaning to your collage. 

7. Record Your Dreams 

A fun and interesting activity for two partners to share is recording your dreams in a couple journal. Not only is this an entertaining way to keep track of the dreams you are having every night, but it allows your partner to join in and share their own dream experiences. It can be really fun to compare notes and spot patterns in both of your dream habits! Imagine if the two of you are having the same dreams? That would definitely be an interesting topic of discussion.

8. Get Creative

A couples journal is a fantastic opportunity to tap into your creative side and share it with your partner. It is the perfect space to dabble with poetry, drawing or simply writing love letters to your other half. By allowing ourselves to get creative in this sense, we are making ourselves vulnerable with our partners - a good thing for a relationship in the long run. Either way, it is a fun and unique way for the two of you to express yourselves and try something new.

Couples Love Journal

A couples journal is a fantastic way to improve communication in a relationship. It promotes thinking outside the box and engaging with different activities in order to better understand your partner. The way each couple approaches their couples journal will be wholly unique and there is no ‘right’ way to do so’, which leaves us with something entirely personal and meaningful to us. 

There are many resources at Mysticsense that can guide you with your learning and provide insight for any other questions you may have regarding love and relationships. Get started learning more about couples journals at Mysticsense today!

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