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What Are the Best Love Matches for Aries?

By Mysticsense
March 04, 2022
What Are the Best Love Matches for Aries?
What Are the Best Love Matches for Aries?

Aries, at their best, are bold, impassioned and confident people. They are the leaders of the pack and possess an unrivaled natural authority amongst others. On the other hand, at Aries’ worst, they are known to be argumentative, hot-headed and obsessive. This means that some of the more mellow signs in the zodiac may have a hard time connecting with an Aries.

With that in mind, Aries can be quite a misunderstood sign, with others mistaking their passion for a bad temper. So while Aries may benefit from being less reactive, it is important for other people to appreciate the unfiltered, even vulnerable, nature of this powerful sign.

In this Mysticsense article, we break down the Aries star sign, exploring their traits and characteristics as well as discussing signs that are compatible with Aries.

Aries Traits and Characteristics

What are the Best Love Matches for Aries?

With birthdays between March 21st and April 19th, Aries belongs to the elemental group of Fire in the zodiac, alongside Sagittarius and Leo. Due to being ruled by Mars, the planet of action and energy, Aries are known to be fiery, driven and incredibly passionate individuals.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are also seen as natural leaders who live life to the beat of their own drum. Aries’ symbol of the Ram only proves to further validate the idea of the sign being bold, brash and powerful.

Therefore, it won't come as a shock that Aries reject conformity and have no interest in blending into the background. Instead, they stand up for what they believe in, regardless of its controversy, and have little regard for the consequences. In addition to this, Aries are highly competitive individuals who find motivation through friendly competition.

As you would expect, Aries is a love-hate sign in the eyes of the rest of the zodiac. Their electric energy and fearless attitude are admired by many, but to some, they can appear arrogant or antagonistic.

As natural leaders who shun the status quo, some people may find their authority jarring. However, as a close friend or lover, you can expect an Aries to be steadfastly loyal to you and boldly defend you in all situations. They make fantastic companions and there is never a dull moment to be had with an Aries. 

Aries in Relationships

What are the Best Love Matches for Aries?

Compatibility between signs varies according to the type of relationship in question. While some signs are likely to fall into a passionate, fiery love affair, other signs may make better connections in a Platonic sense.

Aries Friendships

It is very important for Aries to surround themselves with friends and engage in varied social activities. However, while Aries likely has a lot of names in their address book, there are only a few who may be considered truly close friends. The reason for this is that it takes an incredibly special person to be able to match the fiery energy of an Aries.

Additionally, Aries are drawn to anything adventure-packed and outlandish. Forget afternoon tea if you are friends with an Aries, instead, prepare yourself for an eccentric rollercoaster of a day out. Aries get bored easily, they love to jump between plans and try out completely new ventures. 

Aries in Love

What are the Best Love Matches for Aries?

Physical attraction is really important for Aries. Some people may find this shallow, but in reality, Aries need passion and excitement for a relationship to survive. There is no ‘settling’ or making do when it comes to this fiery sign.

Not only this, but Aries are especially magnetized to people’s energy and appearance, they get an instant ‘love at first sight’ feeling that draws them to that individual. As ambitious go-getters, Aries will also stop at no end in order to attain this lover.

That being said, Aries’ romantic approach can be perceived as brash or impulsive by others. They are also known to fall into the wrong types of relationships by moving too quickly and ignoring the red flags. Therefore, Aries would definitely benefit from slowing down the pace and being more considered in their romantic pursuits.

How to Know if an Aries Likes You

If an Aries likes you, you won't have any trouble figuring it out. If anything is going to happen, this sign will make sure it happens and that nothing will stand in the way. For an Aries, this applies not just to relationships, but to everything in life.

Whether it's about romantic feelings or business that needs to be done, this sign absolutely won't back down. Manifestation is their hallmark, and they are incredibly good at it; they are confident enough to approach you, call you pretty, and make a move. With this sign, you can expect them to break the ice by asking for your number.

In short, Aries is all about pursuing goals; they grab life by the horns and accomplish what needs to be done. So, if you are wondering if the signs an Aries has given means they are interested in you, there is a pretty solid chance that they are.

How to Date an Aries

What are the Best Love Matches for Aries?

If there’s one thing to remember when dating an Aries, it’s to go big or go home. To keep an Aries interested, you need to forget about pleasant evenings in a restaurant and plan exciting dates.

As Aries is one of the more active and energetic signs in the zodiac, hiking, camping or any other outdoorsy activity is sure to be a winner. Alongside this, Aries’ love language is words of affirmation, so making sure you express exactly how you feel and exactly what you love about your Aries partner is crucial. Put simply, Aries adore authentic, bold and unadulterated love.

Aries Man and Aries Woman

What are the Best Love Matches for Aries?

There are subtle yet noticeable differences between the nature of Aries men and women. They both share the same underlying traits of passion and drive, yet when masculine and feminine energy are taken into account, we get to see two interesting manifestations of the sign.

Aries Man Positives: Loyalty

An Aries man is a man of extreme, unadulterated loyalty. He knows what’s his, and he feels blessed by the fact. If harsh words or judgements are passed about an Aries man’s lover, you can be sure that he will jump to their defense quicker than anything. As such, Aries men make brilliant husbands and fathers.

Aries Man Negatives: Obsessive

However, Aries men are susceptible to being obsessive. Their love for their partner knows no bounds, and while this is beautiful in many ways, it can feel overwhelming for a partner who may need a little more breathing space. 

Aries Woman Positives: Authentic

Aries' women are no-nonsense kind of women. Sure, this is not everybody’s cup of tea, but it makes for truly authentic relationships, free of manipulation or game-playing. There is no need to worry about what an Aries woman is thinking; if she is upset at her partner for any reason, she will make sure to vocalize herself in order to put the problem to rest.

Most of us struggle with this true authenticity in relationships, so perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Aries woman’s book.

Aries Woman Negatives: Argumentative

That being said, Aries women are known to take their ‘tell it how it is’ attitude to the extreme. They can be overly brash and jump into heated arguments too quickly, before stepping back to analyze the situation.

For Aries women, though, their explosivity is part of their raw emotionality, meaning they think of their outbursts as no biggie. This can, naturally, be rather jarring to be on the receiving end of.

Aries Relationship Compatibility

What are the Best Love Matches for Aries?

It’s never a good idea to choose who we date solely based on their astrological sign. Love and friendships are far more nuanced, as a million different factors are at play in influencing who we form a connection with.

That being said, our zodiac signs can give us a handy little snapshot of a person that we may have an interest in. Knowing the signs that are compatible with Aries allows others to know a little more about what to expect and thus how to effectively approach a relationship with a potential love interest.

Outlined below are some signs that are compatible with Aries, a match made in heaven, and some others that are less than desirable.

Signs That Are Compatible With Aries


Libras are most definitely considered one of the signs that are compatible with Aries. Between a Libra and Aries, love compatibility is relatively strong, and couples between these two signs share an enthusiasm for life, seeking plenty of fun in the relationship.

Libras are a soothing soul and able to placate the fiery Aries, while Aries is able to bring out the childlike charm that lies within Libra. If these two manage to communicate properly, avoid nit-picking and maintain a fun energy even after the honeymoon period has ended, there is a good chance of long-term success between these two signs.


Another sign that more often than not has good compatibility with Aries is Sagittarius. Sagittarius individuals are tender in relationships, which is complimented by Aries’ ability to forgive their partner easily.

What really brings these two signs together is their many shared interests. Both inquisitive signs, they’ll be asking each other and the world many questions during their time together. They also enjoy talking and playing, which, when shared with another individual who enjoys the same experience, makes for a great time.

What further strengthens their connection is their desire for adventure, as both these fire signs love to seek out new destinations. For an Aries-Sagittarius couple, the world is their oyster, and they’ll encourage each other to keep discovering new places, demonstrating their courage at each turn.


Are Leo and Aries compatible? An Aries and Leo relationship is one of excitement, passion and constant thrill. While on occasion there may be a slight jostle for the center of attention in a social setting, overall, this pair is the loudest and proudest couple you may ever come across. This makes Leo highly compatible with Aries.

Leos and Aries are both fire signs that share a strong, adventurous streak. This results in endless entertainment, both for themselves and the friends that surround them. Some may argue that conflict may arise on account of these two signs’ similarities. On the other hand, it is more likely that both partners will secretly enjoy the subtle power play that exists between one another. 

Signs That Aren’t Compatible With Aries


Taurus and Aries couples are likely to encounter a fair few bumps in their relationship journey. As both signs are notoriously stubborn and set in their ways, this can result in a lot of explosive arguments. Not only this, but Aries and Taurus have completely different outlooks on life; Aries is in a constant pursuit of new, exciting adventures, whereas Taurus finds far more happiness in life’s home comforts.

That being said, Aries and Taurus are sexually compatible, and often make quite good friends as long as they both respect the boundaries of each other. They will both admire their shared sense of self-assurance and can bounce off each other’s humor pretty well. Overall, however, Taurus and Aries love compatibility is lacking.


Do Aries and Capricorn make a good couple? This duo is a complex one, with success in love swinging either way. The driven and ambitious Capricorn will have respect for Aries’ zeal in achieving their goals. Similarly, Aries will look at Capricorn’s no-nonsense attitude with admiration.

However, the downfall of an Aries and Capricorn relationship will arise in the form of communication styles; Capricorn is famously cool, calm and collected, while Aries prefers to take the impassioned route when conflict occurs. This makes for a pretty imbalanced approach to resolving relationship issues for this pair.


Are Aries and Scorpio soulmates? Probably not. As with all signs, there are always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, this pair is not destined for romance. This is because Scorpio’s tendency towards secrecy and disguising of feelings will not sit well with the overt and outspoken Aries.

When relationship problems arise, Aries just wants to hash everything out on the spot, which for Scorpio, is an uncomfortable approach. Scorpio and Aries relationships, therefore, often result in a communication clash and are unlikely to succeed in the long run.


Every sign in the Zodiac has its bright moments and its downfalls. Aries is no different, although their zest for life, passionate approach to love and bold leadership skills stand out as especially wonderful traits in both friends and lovers.

Some signs may be more compatible for Aries in the context of a Platonic relationship, while other signs will be instantly drawn into passion and romance with the daring sign. Whatever connection you wish to make with an Aries, you can be sure that you will want this sign in your life in some shape or form.

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