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15 Archangels - How They Help Us

By Mysticsense
July 13, 2020
15 Archangels - How They Help Us
15 Archangels - How They Help Us

Angels are extra-terrestrial figures who function as messengers for higher powers. In Greek, the term ‘Archangel’ literally translates as ‘chief angel’ or ‘angel of origin’ and is therefore a term applied to angels of the greatest importance and of the highest order. Due to their importance and close connection with higher powers, their main role is in providing help to people in need on earth. Human beings exist at the most rudimentary level in this universe, thus we may find that we need to turn to the assistance of celestial aid in times of desperation. Interestingly, Archangels are not bound by ‘gender’ as we know it in its human form. Despite this, we find that we naturally associate different traits, energies and characteristics to each archangel meaning that throughout ancient mythology, angels have been perceived as either male or female.

Archangels differ from guardian angels in that they manage and govern the doings of guardian angels. It is believed throughout various ancient mythologies that archangels are infinitely more powerful than their counterparts and bear incredibly loud voices that relay messages at vibrational frequencies inaudible by humans. Although their messages go undetected by us in a physical sense, we are able to receive them through our guardian angels during dreams, hypnosis or by entering into a trance state. These visitations may be unsettling, especially when we are unaware of why they are occurring, yet it is important to understand that angels will only ever have our best interests at heart. If visited by an angel, a person needs to acknowledge that there exists a very important reason for it; embracing the visitation and the message will allow for whatever positive changes are needed to occur. On the other hand, visitations are not always unexpected; as Archangels are of such high-level celestial power, we as humans are able to beckon their guidance and support through our subconscious minds alone.

Who can be contacted by Archangels?

As Archangels are entities free of the physical and chronological restrictions that we humans face, they are enlightened with the ability to help any and every individual in need. They see humankind as a collective entity without discrimination. Unlike ourselves who regularly cast distinctions and define ourselves into different groups, angels are able to overcome this flawed notion and regard us all equally without prejudice. This is similarly true in terms of religious or cultural affiliation - regardless of whatever doctrine an individual may adhere to, archangels are always there to provide unwavering comfort and support.

Below are fifteen of the major Archangels seen throughout Jeudo-Christian scripture and other various ancient mythological folklore. Each Archangel bears their own mastery of a particular concern so it is worth appealing to them accordingly. By doing so, we can find resolve faster in whatever is negatively impacting us.

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel, probably the most popular and recognisable of all the Archangels, is the main messenger of God in various holy texts. Due to his role as supreme messenger, he is particularly helpful in providing guidance and inspiration for other ‘messengers’ here on earth. These earth-bound messengers take the form of journalists, poets, authors and teachers, and may benefit from a visitation from Gabriel if they find there are blockages in their ability to communicate effectively.

Archangel Metatron

In Judaism, Metatron was said to once have lived in human form and thus empathizes deeply to those of us in need on earth. As a result of his purity and dedicated service to God, Metatron was granted with heavenly ascension and specifically keeps guard over children of all realms. If an earth-bound child is suffering with social and communicative problems, Metatron lends guidance, helping to free them of these restraints.

Archangel Michael

michael archangel

Michael, meaning ‘he who is like God’, acts as a guardian, freeing individuals from feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. Michael grants individuals solace by clearing their negative energy and allowing for progression and success in a situation. He is best called upon when you are aware that your own internal barriers are preventing you from achieving what you truly desire.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael translates as ‘he who heals’. As his name suggests, those who suffer from health problems and other physical ailments are encouraged to reach out and seek his support. Not only this, Raphael helps to guide aspiring doctors and medics, supporting and encouraging the selfless few whose natural instinct is to heal others.

Archangel Ariel

All issues concerning materialism are guided by Ariel, or the ‘lioness of God’. Often we associate the material world with shallowness, greed and vapidity yet Ariel serves to remind us that material goods are of importance in this earthly realm. We as humans are afflicted by the need for shelter, food and tools to survive - Ariel can help us obtain these material goods in times of desperate need, although her powers will not assist those who wish for overabundance and excess.

Archangel Haniel

Haniel is the Archangel of vigor, passion and zeal. Meaning ‘Glory of God’ in Jewish scripture, Haniel is believed to have been the angel who guided Metatron into the celestial realms, spotting his passion for life and his potential to be a powerful higher-force. She should be called upon when an individual desires the removal of anxiety, dread or any emotion that prevents one’s full potential. She is also recognised as an inspiration for intuitive and clairvoyant thinking.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel, meaning ‘the beauty that is God’ brings harmony and balance in situations of upheaval and chaos. Jophiel acts as the reminder we all need to take a step back and breathe deeply when we are faced with challenging times. Chaos may present itself within the home, the workplace or even amidst relationships with others, so calling upon Jophiel’s guidance when these situations go awry can help restore much-needed tranquillity.

Archangel Muriel

Archangel Muriel supports those experiencing intense emotional distresses. Like a loving older relative with a comfortingly feminine energy, Muriel’s guidance can feel like a reassuring embrace, allowing an individual to release feelings of distress and receive comfort. Her visitations are a signal that a sufferer does not have to endure these harmful emotions all alone.

Archangel Uriel

uriel archangel

Uriel, translating as ‘the light of God’ is the archangel responsible for shining light and illuminating the human spirit. When our spirits are illuminated, we are blessed with greater clarity and discernment in scenarios of an unclear nature. Often our issues on earth can feel impossible to resolve, yet when Uriel lends a helping hand, the path ahead suddenly feels a whole lot more manageable.

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael’s purpose is to help guide those who have passed over. Whether the final destination is heaven, paradise or a different universe altogether, Azrael does not discriminate and is present to assist the individual on that journey. It is also traditionally believed that once accompanied by Azrael, an individual is granted the opportunity to view their life retrospectively.

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel is the supreme healer of memory disorders and other neural conditions. Calling upon Zadkiel is beneficial to those witnessing loved ones suffering from these particular ailments. He is also known for his summoning of forgiveness - whether an individual seeks an apology or seeks to forgive themselves.

Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel, translating as ‘he who sees God’ is the Archangel of peace and love. Chamuel is present during times of both the good and the bad, helping to spur progress in already thriving relationships whilst also providing assistance in those that are struggling. When we need a little extra support in our personal lives, Chamuel is the angel to turn to.

Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel, meaning ‘mercy of God’, is traditionally believed to be the Archangel in command of dreams and prophecies. Jeremiel should be visited when an individual is struggling to make sense of a particularly vivid or powerful dream. He is also of great aid for individuals who seek clairvoyant experiences.

Archangel Raziel

Raziel is the Archangel in charge of mysteries and secrets, His powers center around understanding the divine secrets of the universe as he works so closely alongside the creator and is therefore wise to its innermost workings. Similar to Uriel and Jeremiel, Raziel’s extensive wisdom helps to cast clarity over situations of uncertainty for many individuals.

Archangel Sandalphon

Like Metarton, Archangel Sandalphon began life on earth as a Biblical prophet. He ascended to higher realms for his powers in the delivery of prayer. While also being the supreme leader for music and poetry, Sandalphon is a great healer and uses music as a means to do so. The specific type of instrument he plays varies by religion and culture, however, he is always depicted playing a string instrument for its vibrational frequencies are said to possess healing properties.

Regardless of who we are or what we believe, Archangels provide us the support and guidance we so desperately need on this earthly realm. The afflictions we humans suffer here on earth are part of our journey towards ascension and a result of the divine order of the universe. As a result, we can only ever hope that we achieve the celestial positions of angels in our future lifetimes, but in the meantime, we must focus on welcoming the counsel that archangels provide to us in times of difficulty.

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