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Powerful Crystals for Manifestation

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 03, 2021
Powerful Crystals for Manifestation
Powerful Crystals for Manifestation
TL;DR What are crystals good for, and how do you know which ones are your personal stones for luck? While multiple guides insist they have the list of all the metaphysical properties of gemstones, they mostly disagree on them. How do you know which are accurate, which are the stones are love gemstones, what are the stones for luck and protection, and what are the best crystals for focus on future goals? Find out for certain with Mysticsense!

Walk into most new Age or Metaphysical shops, and you will see a glittering array of good crystals. Manifesting goals with crystals is just one way to work magic, and make your will reality. However, knowing what crystals are good for what and knowing how to use crystal stones can be confusing. While a crystals for beginners book can help, choosing the most powerful crystals for love or crystals for strength and courage isn’t as cut and dried as guidebooks may say. Believe it or not, the answer to what crystals are your own lucky crystals is within you already, no matter how inexperienced with using crystals you may think you are. Would you like to learn how? Read on!

What Are the Best Crystals for Beginners?

best crystals for beginners

So you’ve not done a lot of work with crystals and you want to know what the best ones arw to get started with. You may think you need to start easy and work up to more difficult crystal work. Nothing could be farther from the truth, thankfully. All crystals are good crystals for beginners to work with! A good crystal, however, which has been called the “universal crystal” is clear quartz. It can be used for any purpose, and it can be charged, or filled with any energy you like. Charging, or putting the energy you prefer into your crystals as well as cleansing crystals is a good skillset beginning crystal workers should learn. Luckily, we have shared techniques for doing this and before you know it, you will be using crystals skillfully, and you can even teach other people how!

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What Crystal is Good for What?


That all depends on you! While most guides agree that rose quartz is a great stone to draw love and clear quartz can be used for most anything, what if those don’t feel like their uses to you? What if clear quartz feels useless to you, and rose quartz has an energy you dislike and you prefer garnets to draw love? Then, you are correct! Remember that the published crystal guides are just that- guides- and nothing is set in stone as to which crystals do what. (No pun intended!) Besides cleansing and charging stones, you should get used to picking the stones that appeal most to you for the purposes you prefer them for!

In a past article, it was discussed that crystals are processed by many hands and make quite a trip before they make it to your crystal seller. There is no telling how many people have handled them, and how much natural energy has been removed from them let alone what energy they may have absorbed. Crystals that bring good luck won’t be lucky if they are either emptied of their energy or filled with negative energy. Even within each basket or bin with multiples of the same crystal, each individual crystal will be different, so to choose your best crystals, read their energy individually.

The way to do that is to either hold your hand over them, allowing yourself to feel their energy or hold them in your hand to feel it. Sometimes, a stone’s endurance and energy is so strong, you can feel it from halfway across the shop! Your crystal can call you that way! Don’t let anybody tell you that certain stones MUST feel a particular way to you or that a certain stone is the ONLY one you are allowed to use for your purpose because that just isn’t true.

Each of us are different, and we need to select our own stones based on our own feelings and needs. While we cannot decide what stones suit you best, we can provide a basic guide to what other people have used some of the stones for successfully. Some are said to be stones for good luck, while others are considered stones to attract love. Personal zodiac gems based on birthday have been ascribed, and people have shared what they consider to be good crystals for studying. Some have favorite crystals for protection, and others swear by the benefits of using crystals for love and romance. Read about people’s crystals for luck and manifestation, and then decide which ones work best for you.

Good Luck Crystals

good luck crystals

Some of the stones for good luck are jade, citrine, and iron. Iron has been used for many generations as one of the good luck crystals stones. It is believed it brings luck and repels malevolent spirits and evil living beings. Jade represents prosperity, and success, and citrine brings happiness, confidence, and success. Other stones that bring good luck are aventurine, which helps you succeed when taking chances and smoky quartz is another of the crystals for good luck. It helps promote personal stability which translates into better opportunities.

Stones for Money Luck

stones for money luck

One of the good luck stones that draws money is said to be fools gold! While gold itself is a valuable stone, fools gold is said to draw wealth energetically, and another of the crystals that bring money is cinnabar, which is considered a talisman to draw wealth. Because of risk of mercury poisoning from it, however, artificial cinnabar is used in its place oftentimes. Another of the crystals for luck and money is tigers’ eye which gives you the motivation to succeed. These are also excellent crystals for career!

Gemstones for Love

gemstones for love

One of the best crystals for love has been said to be rose quartz because it not only draws love to you but it makes you more loving towards others. Another of the crystals to attract love is garnet as it is one of the crystals for intimacy, creating more passion. As to soulmate stones, the larimar soulmate stone is said to be highly effective in drawing your soulmates to you and it also helps resolve past life pain. It can heal past life problems in relationships and bring you back together again.

What is heart shaped stones meaning? Love! To bring the energy of love to any kind of crystal, acquire it in the shape of the heart and it can be one of your most powerful crystals for relationships. It can be a gift to express that you love someone, or a shaped crystal heart you keep for yourself to draw love or make you feel more loving. An excellent way to make you more compassionate to others, heart shaped crystals are often worn as jewelry so the wearer can take all that love with them wherever they go and can be one of the best crystals for new relationships and being open to them!

Crystals for Breakups

crystals for breakups

The very best crystals for breakups are whatever ones you like to wear most. When heartbroken, especially if you have been dumped, the art of personal adornment can be healing. Go out and buy the nicest crystal jewelry you can for yourself and admire your personal beauty that your ex is unfortunate enough to miss out on. Black obsidian is also said to be especially helpful in banishing negative thoughts, and moonstone is used to help aid in new beginnings.

Zodiac Signs Gems

zodiac signs gems

Your personal astrology gems are selected based on your birth month or Sun sign and are believed to be your personal lucky stones. The crystals for the zodiac signs are just some of the many stones you can use to build your personal power, and what’s better, there are multiple stones for each sign! Would you like to know the crystals for zodiac signs and how they can benefit you?

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Crystals for Calming Nerves

crystals for calming

Kyanite creates peace and is said to never need cleansed because it is believed it does not hold in negative energies. It promotes calm communication and happiness. Blue lace agate helps release stress and quiets overthinking and worrying too much. It has been used to help people sleep well. Tourmaline is also a calming crystal as it reduces fears and promotes calm and self-confidence.

Best Crystals for Chakras

crystals for chakras

Some will use crystals on their chakras, believing the stones cleanse, heal, and stimulate each of them. The throat chakra governs communication and expression. Throat chakra gemstones can be aquamarine as it brings truth to communications and blue goldstone brings confidence, which aides when we need to speak up! The best crystals for the heart chakra are stones that bring love like rose quartz, but also rhodonite, as it is used for emotional healing and for helping you to let go of past hurts, promoting reconciliation. As with any gemstone guide for crystals and chakras for beginners, read everything you can, but trust your instinct as to what works best for you.

Crystals for Courage

crystals for courage

Excellent crystals for job interviews or any other situation you may be nervous about are diamonds and rubies. Diamonds amplify energy and can be used to magnify your personal power. Rubies, however, represent royalty. Each of us are the king or queen of our own lives, and when walking into a situation that you need to remind yourself of that, rubies instill confidence and courage. In ancient times, rubies were believed to protect the wearer from poison, and can also ward off poisonous thoughts we may have against ourselves!

Crystals for Studying and Intuition

crystals for studying

Those who study know that sometimes, having a bit of assistance to sharpen mental focus is more than welcome. Luckily, there are crystals that can help you focus. Some crystals for focus and concentration include fluorite, which can remove mental blocks and sharpen concentration. Another of the crystals for clarity is blue quartz which brings mental clarity, and also sodalite which brings clear thought, and focus, but also- wisdom! For intuition, however, different crystals help. Crystals for intuition include blue sapphire, which helps stimulate psychic abilities. Other crystals for intuition are turquoise and amethyst. Amethyst is also said to protect against psychic attacks and help with working magic. Turquoise helps open communication to the spirits and helps stimulate psychic abilities. It is said by some to be one of the very best crystals for spirituality in general.

Crystals to Clear Energy

crystals for clear energy

The best way to clear energy is to do a space clearing or banishing ritual, and many will smudge, burning various herbs for this. However, crystals are used also. A bowl of water in the four corners of a room containing clear quartz crystals has been used by some to cleanse, and some believe that both rose quartz and black obsidian absorb negative energy, releasing positive energy to relace it. Opening the blinds and curtains to allow sunlight to stream into a room has also been said to banish negative energy, although some say the light of the full moon is best for that. Sunlight and moonlight cleansing can be done on your crystals by leaving them exposed to their light, and the light of the Sun or Moon will be absorbed into them, and can absorb negative energies when places in the home.

Crystals for Change

crystals for change

Any crystal can be used to help create change. If they want to manifest more love, rose quartz is what some people reach for. If the intent is more personal power, gold can be worn, as it symbolizes power and success. You can wear gold to help transform you into the most successful form of yourself possible. Silver repels negative energy, bringing in more good things, and thus more desirable changes. Labradorite is used to aid in spiritual journeys and mica, used by ancient people in sacred burials to guide the dead po the afterlife, helps with transition, and moving forward with positive changes. Amber can be used in fertility talismans, helping the wearers have children, and howlite is said to relieve anxieties and stress associated with emotionally dealing with processing changes.

Protective Crystals

protective crystals

Nearly all stones qualify to be called crystals for good luck and protection. A material made from sand, which comes from quartz, is made into mirrors, and those are used to reflect negativity and is thus used as protection. Jet and black obsidian are considered materials that absorb negative energy as well. Hematite is used as a substance that protects the wearer by blocking every energy away from them be it considered positive or negative energy. Sardonyx is used for protection of warriors in battle and is buried on property or in the four corners of the home to protect it.

There is no limit to how many crystals you can use for manifesting your wishes and goals. Learning what other people use stones for may give you ideas of what you would like to use them for yourself. Just don’t take anybody else’s word for what is the best crystal for you. Experiment with crystals and discover their hidden powers on your own.

What crystal powers have you unlocked on your own that you would like to share with us? You never know when your advice about crystals can help someone! We would love to hear from you!

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