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What are Oracle Readings?

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
April 24, 2023
What are Oracle Readings?
What are Oracle Readings?

We have all heard of Tarot Readings, but there is also something called Oracle Readings, some of which are found in ads that claim that you can “Get your FREE Oracle Reading online!”

In this article, we discuss, what are Oracle Reading cards? What is an Oracle? What is the difference between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards, and can you read Oracle cards reversed?

Furthermore, we ask, what kinds of Oracle Cards exist and is there a way to get free Oracle Cards read? Read on to find out more.

What is an Oracle?

When you hear somebody refer to themselves as an Oracle, it creates images of the ancient Mediterranean world and messengers climbing stone stairs below ground. They would take these stairs to return them to their masters above earth with mysterious news from those deemed wise enough to be called an Oracle.

An Oracle is defined as a Priest or Priestess who acts as a medium, relaying messages from spirits of gods or the dead to the living. An online dictionary states that an Oracle is a “Priest or Priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.

Today there are people who act in the same was as mediums to tell people what the gods or spirits say, but the Oracles of years gone by did things differently and the Oracles at Delphi are a perfect example of this.

The Oracles of Delphi

What are Oracle Readings?

The Oracles at Delphi, Greece, were just one of many types of Oracles around. Some people believe that there was one famous Oracle there, but there were actually many of them. These Oracles were older women who were said to lead “blameless” lives.

They worked in a section of the Temple of Apollo, seated over a chasm in the earth, and vapors raised out of the chasm. Many have attributed the ecstatic prophecies as being due to inhalation of these vapors, however, writings state the Oracle would chew or inhale fumes from a plant that was called “laurel” but was likely the oleander.

Depending on how much oleander is ingested, it can result in such things as visual distortion, seizures or even death. Indeed, seizures and death were observed in some Oracles at Delphi! The Oracles at Delphi were called the Pythia, named after a serpent who was believed to have been slain, and its body thrown into the chasm the Priestesses prophesied above.

The Pythia began prophesying as early as 1400 BCE, and their traditional practices continued until about the 4th Century CE! There aren’t many writings about how the Pythia worked, and it is believed that this is because they were so well known, therefore it was considered unnecessary to write them in depth.

Also, that form of clergy work entailed specific training, with lots of knowledge staying hidden from people who were not personally chosen to do it. It was believed that Apollo lived within these so-called laurel leaves, and the Priestesses accepted that to serve him would mean they would enjoy ecstasy but also insanity.

The Priestesses came from all walks of life, some being wealthy or aristocrats, others being poor, but all of them were from Delphi. If they were married at the time they were chosen to be Priestesses, they would immediately relinquish family life to become women of the Temple.

At times, up to three priestesses served, taking turns, and at others, there was only one Priestess at a time. It was said the job shortened their lives, as the prophetic process was hugely draining, so thankfully, they could only be contacted for prophecies once per month.

They had Priests who copied down all they said while in trance, and there were other attendants whose functions are unknown. People flocked to the Oracle, but the Priests selected who they felt should get to consult the Priestesses for prophecy, and those who were accepted had to not only provide the correct gifts and payment, but also go through purification rituals.

Modern scientists have examined the Temple and found multiple fissures and evidence of the presence of multiple gasses that can create ecstatic visions. It is believed that besides the chewing or inhalation of fumes of burning laurel, the Priestesses did inhale naturally occurring chemical fumes that could aid their prophetic abilities.

This was seen as very sacred, and not something that just anybody could do, let alone visit. Today’s gifted mediums and psychics who people consult through shops and services don’t have to go through all the structured purification rites, but they are still as valued and appreciated for the amazing help they give.

Oracle Cards

What are Oracle Readings?

If an Oracle is a person, then what is an Oracle Card? Oracle Cards are decks used in either divination, or to get guidance or inspiration from some spiritual entity. It is not the same as consulting a particular individual like at Delphi, however, instead your psychic will use Oracle Cards for the same purposes that the ancient Oracles did. Instead, these cards will be tools that he or she uses to provide answers.

Oracle Cards are just another divination tool that psychics use to help people get the answers they need.

Tarot vs Oracle Cards

What are Oracle Readings?

Tarot decks are different from Oracle Card decks, although they are often used in the same way. Tarot Card decks will always have the same number of cards. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards in a Tarot deck.

Although there are many different Tarot decks available today, they will all have these same cards, with their artwork being different. The Tarot Cards will have all the same meaning from deck to deck, and study of the meanings of each of the cards is necessary to master Tarot.

Tarot Card decks contain traditional numbering and symbolism, and they are an old system people have been using for generations. To read about Tarot, check our articles which detail all the Houses of Tarot as well as Court Cards in Tarot.

Oracle Cards, on the other hand, can have as many cards as their designer wants, and the cards vary from deck to deck. One Oracle deck can be of the different angels, and another will be based on crystals. Oracle decks have their own artwork and meanings, and the number of cards can vary as well.

There are some basic themes that are popular for Oracle cards like spirit animals, or angels, but each Oracle deck is unique and one of a kind. Depending on the Oracle Card deck, yes you can read them reversed, but then again, some Oracle Decks are not set up to have reversals.

Despite their differences, Tarot and Oracle decks are often used in the same way. They are used to get a basic overview of what the future holds, and sometimes used to answer questions about what is currently going on that you may not be aware of.

They are also used for guidance, and to gain wisdom. Both Oracle and Tarot cards can be used as a tool to communicate with the divine, spirit guides, or ancestors, and both decks can be used to help make decisions when you are struggling to.

How to Read Oracle Cards

What are Oracle Readings?

Unlike Tarot readings, Oracle readings entail listening to the spiritual voices of the entities channeled through the cards. You will sit down with your cards, and quietly call out to the spirit of whatever you seek guidance from.

Take a moment to still your mind, and when you feel it is timely, begin intuitively selecting the individual cards that draw you. Depending on your particular deck, there may be an ascribed sequence for layout, or it may just tell you to ask a question and draw a card. Follow your psychic abilities and let the cards speak for themselves. It’s that simple!

Different Types of Oracle Cards

What are Oracle Readings?

Since no two Oracle decks are identical, we’re going to preview a few great Oracle decks that you can explore. Once you have these decks, you can ask the powers that be to speak with you as well. We all have psychic gifts, and perhaps yours is as a medium!

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards were created by the illustrious Doreen Virtue, and these were published in 2004. It is a deck of forty-four cards, with each card showing a different goddess.

The gilded edge cards come with a guidebook, talking about each goddess, and what divine wisdom each one will have for you. One card is the goddess Abundantia, and her message says, “The Universe is pouring its abundance out to you. Be open to receiving.” This goddess is also known as Copia, and in Roman mythology, she protects your wealth, and it is said she may leave money at your home for you.

Bible Oracle Cards

Many Christians are strictly against any form of divination, but others believe their god speaks in many different ways and have no problem listening to his words in print in the form of cards. Words of Jesus, A Box of Blessings, is the perfect Oracle Card deck for a devotee of Jesus who wants his comforting words.

It says, “Take Jesus’ words to heart. Be inspired, comforted, and enriched, and blessed by them. There are fifty-one inspiring cards in a solid, sturdy box you can carry with you wherever you go. Each card has a scripture quote like “Love one another as I have loved you” and “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” It was published in 2012 by Christian Arts Gifts.

Angel Oracle Cards

Many feel divine guidance from the angels, and there are countless Angel Oracle Card decks available. One in particular you might love is the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards, and this unique deck contains fifty-five gorgeous cards. The deck was published in 2018, and authored by Kyle Gray and illustrated by Lily Moses.

One such card is of the Protection Guardian, and the advice of this card is “Drop your shields.” Sometimes we are divinely protected and need not build unnecessary walls around ourselves! For more information, Mysticsense has written about the inspiring Angel Oracle cards.

What if Oracle Cards Don’t Answer?

Sometimes, you have psychic abilities and faith in the spirits you are asking for guidance, but there is no answer. Why would this happen? It is possible the spirits are not answering because they want you to find your answer without their intervention.

It is also possible signs are around you, but you just cannot see them. Keep in mind that it is always best to have a relationship with the spirits or deities you are calling to for guidance. Your own personal gods and guides will not let your call go unanswered, but a being who you have no relationship with whatsoever might.

Another possibility is that Oracle Cards are simply not the right tool for you. Everybody is capable of practicing some form of divination, and if Oracle Cards don’t work for you, there are plenty of other divination tools to try.

Free Online Oracle Card Readings

Despite what some online pages boast, free readings online may not be all they are cracked up to be. When you are short on funds, and don’t know where to turn to get the answers you need, it’s not surprising that the words “Free Readings” will catch your eye, but is the goal to get free advice or good advice?

One way to make sure those offering an Oracle Reading online for free are good is to research the site for reviews. It is common practice for some psychics to give a new client their online readings free for the first reading, so you can have a sample of how they work. However, for an online psychic, free readings every last time means they earn no income doing readings, and it is possible a computer program does the readings instead of an actual psychic.

If you are looking for guidance from a talented psychic who gets their messages from the powers that be, be prepared to set an appointment if it’s outside their business hours, but luckily, you won’t have to travel into a dark space under a temple to meet them.

Oracles have been around for generations, and today’s psychics continue that tradition with tools like Oracle Cards. You can even get cards of your own to read! The Oracles of Delphi were dedicated to their god, but we, too, have our own dedications. Let your own intuition be open to messages from your guides, and reach out to Oracle readers whenever you need help!

We can’t give a free oracle reading, but we can do something close to it. A free psychic reading online can be given in a form of free minutes when you sign on with Mysticsense. Completely free readings will be the last thing you think of after speaking with one of our amazing psychics who can answer any questions you have about relationships, careers, or family matters. Join us for an Oracle reading, intuitive readings, and many other types of psychic services that we offer today.

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