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Using Crystals that Heal

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 02, 2021
Using Crystals that Heal
Using Crystals that Heal
TL;DR Using crystals for more than personal beauty, many use their crystals for physical healing. Of course crystals won’t replace medical intervention, but they are sworn by for aid in crystal meditation technique, and other’s use crystals for transformation ranging from manifesting success and money to helping with psychic work. Join us to learn about what crystals for you can help in healing your own life in many areas.

Can Crystals Heal?

heal crystals

If some people are to be believed, all one need do for any illness or ailment is slap a crystal on the body, and all illness automatically goes away! This leads some to believe that natural healing crystals are a scam, and anybody who says they healed themselves by using crystals with healing properties either lied or wasn’t actually sick at all. Crystals do heal, but not in the way medical care does, and they are no substitution for medicine. Sometimes, your spinal column is damaged, and you need surgery or physical therapy, and others, the healing power of crystals combined with reiki or massage takes care of it. Sometimes, you need psychiatric counseling or medication, and others, all you need is common healing crystals for an emotional pick me up.

Do crystals really heal? Yes, they do, but only when used properly, and for the purposes they are meant to be used for.  Crystals may not heal all illness, but for many people, they are very much a part of their daily practice, which keeps them balanced, and their and a necessary part of their personal healing regimen. How healing crystals work is through energy, not by material ways, like iron for anemia would, for example, but they still heal.

The Mind-Body Connection

mind-body connection

How and why do crystals heal? It’s not a matter of belief that they will that makes crystals healing. If belief created reality, nobody’s bank account would be overdrawn when they thought it wasn’t! However, our minds are connected to our health, and it’s called the mind-body connection. According to Johns Hopkins University, what this means is “ the belief that the causes, development, and outcomes of a physical illness are determined from the interaction of psychological, social factors, and biological factors.” This boils down to stress. The more stressed you are, the more it weakens your body’s ability to fight disease and heal injuries.

Crystals can be successfully used for stress reduction and emotional balancing which helps keep the body’s natural defenses in tip top shape. This is the simplest way to describe the healing properties of stones. No, crystals won’t make your diabetes go away and they won’t lower your cholesterol. They can’t prevent an asthma attack, and they don’t fix broken bones or sprains. Even though placing a crystal over an injury to “fix it” isn’t how to use stones for healing, they really do work if used properly. Besides just healing, they are used to influence our feelings and attitudes, which in turn influence our behaviors to cause change and progress. Crystals for nearly any purpose can be found, and you can put any energy into any crystal you like.

All crystals are what can be called manifesting crystals, used to create change. While books on crystals healing properties will insist this or that stone is best for this or that purpose, each person is different, and will react differently to each crystal. Cleansing and charging gemstones are skills everybody who uses crystals should learn, and we have a simple guide for how to do that here:How To Use Crystals.

Once you understand how to charge, or place the energy you want into your crystals, and how to remove energy from them, you will be in charge of using your crystals for healing. Practice makes perfect. The more you heal with your crystals, the better you will get at doing it. We all start out as beginners, and each beginner will want to experiment with multiple healing techniques.

Crystal Healing for Beginners

crystal healing for beginners

Using Crystals for energy healing is just one skill you can learn using crystals, and there are multiple ways to do this. Some people lay the crystals on parts of the body they want to focus healing energy into while others use crystals to draw undesirable energies out of the bodies. After the energy is absorbed by the crystal, burying crystals for healing that have absorbed the energy is believed to take that energy out of the body. Some people charge their crystals with certain energy, and wear them to deflect negative energy, thus keeping them healthier. Other people will soak in a bath they have prepared using healing crystals. Some people even put crystals in the ground with fruits, herbs, or vegetables they grow, believing the plants absorb the power from the healing crystals. Then, they eat the food they have grown, and absorb the healing themselves!

Any way you want to use crystals to heal is the best way for you. The science behind crystal healing is the energy in the stones goes into the body, or the stones draw undesirable energy out. Crystals and their healing power can be used anytime and anyplace and in any way that you feel is best. Try various different techniques until you settle on what you like best. You can and will create your own healing stone guide!

What Are the Best Crystals for Healing?

best crystals for healing

“What healing crystals do I need and what are the most powerful healing crystals?” is a question many beginning crystal healers ask. That depends on you. What crystals are good for healing according to somebody else and the top healing crystals for you may be different, so listen to what your body and your personal practice is telling you. While we can’t decide what crystals are best for all people to do healing with, we can share what some other people say are the best healing crystals. You can decide for yourself if these popular healing crystals will make it into your personal crystal healing set! Before we do, think about different ways things in your life that could use healing.

Different Kinds of Healing

kinds of healing

While healing is often only thought of as curing disease or alleviating physical pain, sometimes healing things that go on in your life is necessary too. Maybe your attitude needs an adjustment, or you need crystals to help make your divination more powerful. Maybe you want tools to help sharpen your meditation skills or you need some extra success. Crystals that give you energy to unlock the best of these areas of your life are perfect healing crystals for you. Different types of healing call for different types of healing crystals and with any new practice, taking your own time to discover what the most important healing crystals for you are necessary. You are on no deadline, and you will progress as quickly as you are meant to.

Stones for Gratitude

stones for gratitude

When things get you down, and it’s difficult to see that anything at all is good in your life, remembering what you do have to be thankful for can help. A simple way to get an attitude of gratitude is to list one hundred things you are thankful for. Some people do this often, maybe listing twenty things instead of one hundred. Garnet healing crystals for you, when you want that gratitude can be just the thing you need. One of the best crystals used for healing, garnet purifies and balances all energies in the body. It can help you to feel happy and increases love and is thus considered one of the heart healing stones.

Stones for Intuition

stones for intuition

All stones can be fortune telling stones, and each person doing the fortune telling will have their favorites. Crystals some have used for healing mental blockages, and thus unlocking psychic intuition include turquoise, sapphire, amethyst, and blue quartz. However, one of the great healing crystals for beginners using them for intuition strengthening is the aquamarine healing stone. The aquamarine stone healing qualities include sharpening the intellect and relaxing the mind for intuitive gifts to be released.

Another of the stones for good fortune telling skills development is said to be azurite, good for amplifying psychic ability. When it comes to the healing power of crystals and stones to unluck intuition, celestite is said to calm the mind and open you to contact with spirits, who can give you powerful messages during psychic readings.

Crystals For Meditation

crystals for meditation

How to meditate with crystals includes wearing them, or simply having them in your hand, or resting them on your body while you are meditating. Serenity crystals like kyanite aren’t the only ones used for meditation. Said to be one of the best crystals for meditation, chalcopyrite, or peacock ore is used to help focus the mind for meditation and it helps ground you. It has been said it unlocks communication with higher life forms and removes all mental blocks. How to meditate with crystal stones of selenite is to allow it to open and calm your mind, and it is said to foster communication with the spirit world. Sitting quietly while holding it can help you meditate while unlocking messages from spirit.

Crystals for Success

crystals for success

There are many different forms of success from academic accomplishment to self-mastery. How to use healing crystals for success is to find the ones that personally empower you most. Some have a particular stone that seems to bring out the best in them, and others have a selection of stones for different self-improvement goals. Healing crystals and their meaning for you may be that rubies make you feel more confident, and those can be your best crystals for manifesting a job. Citrine is considered a stone that brings money, and it is said to bring prosperity to any business endeavor. It is said to make you open to new ideas, which can create innovative solutions competitors might not think of.

Other stones some say help with success are malachite, which is said to reveal hidden skills, and of course clear quartz. It has been said clear quartz is a universal crystal and amplifies all other crystals power. Combining clear quartz crystal with other stones for success workings will make a much more powerful magical operation. It will leave you with no doubts or asking “Do crystals have healing powers?”

Reiki Healing Stones

reiki healing stones

One method of how to heal chakras with crystals is to use reiki. As with any form of healing, the best crystals for reiki healing depend on who is using reiki to heal with. How to use crystals for chakra healing is to place one stone each over all the chakras to release negative energy and balance chakras. Each stone corresponds with each chakras needs. For the heart chakra, rose quartz is sometimes placed on it to ease a broken heart, for example. Amethyst can be placed at joints to balance the energy of those who have joint pain or stiffness. Some reiki practitioners will use a crystal to draw out any leftover negative energy after the crystal treatment is over. Reiki practitioners can ask the person who they are doing the reiki for if the stone or crystal feels comfortable, and if not, they can switch to a different one.

Where Can I Buy Healing Crystals Near Me?

buy healing crystals

Reading all these great healing techniques and suggestions for crystals to use, you may want to buy some of your own healing stones. It is always best to find your stores yourself, feeling their energy before selecting them. If you are unfamiliar with what metaphysical shops are nearby you, an online search can track them down. It’s not always possible to find a local shop, however. If you are unable to find crystals nearby where you live, online merchants can be reached for sales. Many shops will ship crystals and other merchandise worldwide, so you won’t need to worry about being unable to find the selection you want. If you are new to using crystals and don’t know which ones you want to try, thankfully, many merchants will do a set of stones for healing.

One such dealer is on Etsy called Worldincensestore, and they sell a set of 20 crystals for healing. While the price is $34.95, the shipping is free! What’s best, is they get excellent reviews from happy customers so you can be sure you are getting good merchandise from them. To see this listing, click here:Beginners Crystal Kit 20 Pcs Chakra Protection Healing Sets | Etsy

If you don’t want to spend quite that much, another set is listed by SoulCharmsCrystals, and you can get a ten piece set which includes a smudging bundle for $19.97 and it costs under $4.00 for shipping. You can find their listing here:22 Pcs Crystal Kit Box Raw Crystal Gemstones Sage Cluster | Etsy There are listings online to fit any budget, and the variety is limitless of what crystals you can use for healing.

Do healing crystals really work? They absolutely do- IF used properly and combined with medicine. Being healed by crystals isn’t a matter of being happy or in a good mood all the time but use of crystals provides emotional balance and daily practice, which improves the body’s natural disease fighting abilities. Besides healing pain or illness, crystals help with meditation, manifesting success, and unlocking psychic gifts. Learning which are your personal best crystals and how to cleanse and charge them will set you up for success with using manifesting and healing crystals and gemstones for years to come!

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