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The Meaning of Twin Flames

Rachel Clare
By Rachel Clare
December 26, 2021
The Meaning of Twin Flames
The Meaning of Twin Flames

The meaning of twin flames is often misunderstood. Each twin flame connection is unique, but is also pretty confusing. In the following Mysticsense article, we answer - What are twin flames? What is a soul mate? And are they the same thing?

What is a Twin Flame? Twin Flames Explained

The phrase ‘Twin Flame’ is used to describe the soul connection that exists between two individuals. The main purpose of Twin Flames is that each twin has important lessons to learn and personal growth to achieve, and this can only be achieved when the two souls finally meet.

This soul connection is not simply a deep bond that may exist between two random people, rather it is the result of one soul from a previous life splitting into two halves to then be embodied by two people in the physical world.

Each twin is united by the same vibration and energy field and typically shares similar interests, preferences and personality traits. Twins do not necessarily reincarnate on Earth during the same lifetime, so some may never get to meet their other half, however, if they are alive at the same time, you may notice a subtle similarity in physical appearance.

That being said, it is rare for Twin Flames to ever make contact in the physical realm, and even more rare for a Twin Flame relationship to occur. If the two do end up forming a connection, it is because there are lessons to be learned that only each Twin themselves can provide for the other. Twin Flames will individually reincarnate repeatedly until a union is made, and the specific lessons set by the universe have been learned.

Alongside this, each half is believed to possess either male or female characteristics, although this does not necessarily mean Twin Flames must exist solely between men and women; Twins can be gay, lesbian and even when in heterosexual relationships, one partner may take on the divine energy of the opposite sex.

It is all dependent on what lessons are being sent for each Twin Flame pairing from higher planes. Everyone on Earth has a Twin Flame, and one Twin Flame only.

What is the Purpose of a Twin Flame?

The purpose of Twin Flames is to evolve the divided soul to the highest, completest and truest self ready for reunion. As each soul provides a lesson for the other, only once these lessons have been learned can the split soul reunite and transcend to higher planes. There is no need for further reincarnations of the Twin flame duo once this purpose has been achieved. 

Whilst this is the spiritual meaning of Twin Flames, we can still reap the more ‘human’ benefits of connecting with our Twin Flame in the Earthly realm. Think of our Twin Flame as the hard-hitting life lessons we all need in the form of another person.

Our Twins show us our deepest insecurities and biggest flaws, teaching us what aspects of ourselves do not benefit us or those in our lives. On a lighter note, Twin Flames are also able to reflect the most positive sides of ourselves, allowing us to take pride in our strengths.

Sometimes we overlook elements of ourselves that are worth praise, so being reminded of these by a Twin Flame is a fantastic feeling.

How Do I Know if I Have a Twin Flame?

Realizing that you have a Twin Flame may sound like a challenging task, but this is only because it is quite rare to ever encounter one. However, once two Twins meet, the connection between them both is like no other experience; the two souls will instantly recognize each other as if they have never been apart.

The Twin Flame connection may be dramatic, profound, and cause a physical reaction for each party. That famous line of, ‘you just know’ could not apply more within the context of a Twin Flame union.

Whilst onlookers will never understand the depth of the Twin Flame connection, for the duo, this could not matter less; their union is destined and will feel incredibly important for each Twin.

How Do I Recognize My Twin Flame?

So, how does one recognize their twin flame? The Twin Flame experience isn’t the same for every pair of Twins. However, there is one commonality, and it’s the same for every Twin Flame: you just know.

It may be completely irrational, irritating and mind-boggling, but it’s undeniable. It may make sense to no one else, but it doesn’t have to. The souls instantly recognize one another; which is where the knowing originates. It just takes the brain a little while to catch on to that.

Can I Have a Celebrity Twin Flame?

If you can give a summation of the life of your favorite celebrity off the top of your head as a result of years of admiration, that doesn’t make you their Twin Flame. If you read in a teen magazine that your idol can’t exist without a certain food, and you immediately start liking that same food, that isn’t a similarity.

In addition, if you like a certain kind of music, or a particular poet or even a certain cartoon character merely because your idol does, it’s not an indication that you’re their twin flame.

Fame is a facade, and means very little to the soul. A true twin flame connection would be more interested in what lies beneath all the lights, glamour and cameras; not trying to convince the cyber-world they are their idol’s one and only.

Idolizing a celebrity means very little to Twin Flames. They’re connected on a soul level and shouldn’t need to prove it to anyone. The proof is not in their words, but in their actions. These actions will help define the unique Twin Flame experience. And though each path is different, one thing remains the same: your Twin Flame is the most powerful, personal and beneficial experience you can possibly have.

Your Twin Flame is the only soul in all creation who can be your other half, your exact match, your greatest teacher. Don’t look for this relationship, it already exists and has existed from the moment you were born.

There is no guarantee that your Twin chose to incarnate in this lifetime, so don’t look for them. Simply ask for them to appear, and your Twin will be revealed to you in a way that your soul will recognize, and your brain will accept.

How Do Twin Flames Meet?

If it’s rare for Twin Flames to incarnate on Earth together, how do they actually meet? As Twin Flames are usually separated by planes, often the Twin on the higher side will be instrumental in bringing in soul mates that will help in their stead.

That is where the idea that a Twin Flame and a soul mate are equal originates. The Twin on the higher side will draw in soul mates with similar lessons, ideals, and things in common to assist the other half on the Earth plane. If both Twins are incarnate on Earth, there will still be a way for them to learn from one another, even if they never meet face to face.

That speaks to the purpose of Twin Flames: to evolve the soul to its most complete form and reunite. Both Twins will incarnate repeatedly in order to learn as much as they can to evolve their souls. Eventually, when there is no need to return to the Earth or any other dimension, world, planet, plane, the Twin souls will reunite and help teach others through the benefit of their experiences.

Twin Flame Relationships

It is difficult to carry on any kind of relationship with your Twin Flame on the Earth plane. It will start out incredibly passionate, but will cool off rather quickly. Why does this happen? When the energies of both Twin Flames meet, it is very vibrant because the souls recognize that bliss of being one. But, then, it becomes more like a child losing interest in their favorite toy.

There will be arguments and resistance and eventually the relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is, will fizzle out. It is not “opposites attract,” as Twin Flames have the same vibration, not an opposite one.

You won’t have one Twin who is Jekyll and another twin that’s Mr. Hyde. The vibration is the same, and as such cannot lead to wildly opposite energies within an incarnation. Because of their close connection, the Twins are often automatically attuned to one another.

Both flames experience everything from similar emotions, cravings and favorite foods to having the same addictions, personality flaws, thought patterns and even abilities. They are each other’s mirror image from head to toe, internal and external.

What Would a Reading With a Twin Flame Psychic Look Like?

As with all readings, Twin Flame psychic readings need to be kept as anonymous as possible to prevent unintentional bias and subconscious assumptions from affecting the reading.

If any psychic begins asking questions that you feel are too personal or that you don’t feel comfortable answering, then be sure to speak up. Once you feel confident in the psychic reading, you can expect a Twin Flame reading to look as follows:

Make Contact

A Twin Flame psychic will make contact with higher realms by tapping into whatever method they use to do so. Each psychic’s connection with the ‘above’ will look slightly different. Some may have spirit guides who share their wisdom, whilst others may rely solely on their own energy field and vibrational wavelength to tune into messages from the universe.


The psychic will then inquire about where the client’s Twin Flame energy is currently directed. Often, if the energy is directed towards other areas of life such as career or travel, it will become clear that the client’s Twin Flame is not destined for their path in this life.

They have various other trials and tribulations that need to be experienced in their human life before a future reincarnation takes place, allowing for two Twin Flame souls to reunite.

Tune Into Messages

If a Twin Flame energy is identified, then the psychic can begin tuning into messages that outline who this other Flame figure may be, or at least what the general impact of them will be in their client’s life.

How to Move Forward

Once the presence or absence of a Twin Flame has been determined, a psychic should work with the client to understand how they want to move forward from here. They may ask thoughtful questions about what lessons have been learned, or what areas of life deserve a renewed focus for the client.

Explore Twin Flame readings by speaking with one of our psychic experts.

How Would a Session With a Twin Flame Psychic Benefit My Life?

After all that has been discussed up to this point, you may be wondering how a session with a Twin Flame psychic would benefit your life. The reasons are bountiful, but the two main ones are outlined below.

Learn More About Yourself

Following a Twin Flame Psychic reading, you will end up learning more about yourself and your life’s journey. Aside from the profound lessons we learn if reunited with our Twin Flame, a Twin Flame reading alone sets us on the right path and helps us prioritize what’s important for us in this life.

Learn what the possible meanings of life are.

If meeting with our Twin Flame is part of this journey, then this is a beautiful opportunity for spiritual expansion. If not, we can place our energy into other areas and allow for self-growth as a single soul.

Receive a Renewed Sense of Purpose

Similarly, a Twin Flame reading really brings home the importance of spirituality and higher levels of existence. After a reading, we are likely to feel a renewed sense of purpose in our earthly lives, as we are reminded that the universe will always have its own goals and lessons for us.

This message is particularly true if a reading predicts a Twin Flame union in this current life, as it shows that this particular reincarnation is especially important.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Twin Flame Different From a Soulmate?

The main difference between a Twin Flame and a soulmate is that Twin Flames represent an exact mirror of one another, meanwhile soulmates are only similar. The connection between Twin Flames runs far deeper on a spiritual level than that of soulmates.

What is a Twin Flame Psychic?

A Twin Flame Psychic (sometimes known as a ‘fire psychic’) is a spiritual expert who specializes in conducting Twin Flame readings. They help curious individuals work out whether they’ll meet their Twin Flame in this life and where they might meet them.

When Will I Find My Twin Flame?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for everyone to find their Twin Flame, as it’s not part of everybody’s life journey. For the lucky people who are destined to meet their Twin Flame, a psychic reading can help identify when and where you might find them.

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