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Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

By Mysticsense
March 09, 2023
Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility
Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Capricorn and Cancer sit opposite each other in the zodiac wheel. When it comes to opposing signs in love, they’re either drawn to each other like magnets, or repel each other like oil and water.

As the saying goes, opposites attract, but will that apply to the high climbing Goat and water-dwelling Crab?

There are 4 key components that usually determine whether a union is going to be a slice of heaven or a glimpse of hell; emotional intelligence, communication, intellect, and physicality. 

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Personality Traits

Sitting adjacent to each other in the zodiac, Capricorn sits in the 10th house, ruled by hard-working Saturn, whilst Cancer occupies the 4th, ruled by moody, sensitive Moon.

Capricorn, an Earth sign, is of a quiet disposition, known for their brains, determination, and personal discipline. In their relationships they value honesty, loyalty, and dependability above all else, and prefer their partners to be just as motivated as they are. 

An important thing to understand about them is that they’re wise old souls, bestowed with knowledge beyond their years, opting to logically consider their choices in life before they jump. To some, these qualities can lead to the conclusion that the practical Goat is a little too serious.

On the other end of the celestial line up, Cancer, a cardinal water sign, is the most nurturing sign in the zodiac. Similar to their fellow water signs, Cancer is highly intuitive and emotionally complex, with a natural psychic ability that enables them to read the energies of those around them, and channel a sense of future events. Their celestial spirit animal is the Crab, and, like the ocean crustacean, Cancers will retreat into their shells to protect their sensitive heart if they feel insecure. Naturally introverted, they prefer forming deep connections with a small number of people, rather than socialising in large groups, which can be very overwhelming for the Crab.

Emotional Compatibility

Since Cancer and Cap sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, you can expect a lot of differences between their personalities, one area in particular being emotional.

Cancer is a water sign, which means they’re full of emotional depth. Like the ocean, it takes someone passionate, brave and open-minded to explore the depths of a Cancer. The Crab is capable of a wide range of emotions, sometimes fluctuating quickly and overlapping so much so that they can’t work out exactly what it is they’re feeling. This can come across to others as being oversensitive, moody, and “crabby”.

Capricorn couldn’t be more at odds. Caps aren’t very emotional people, their down-to-earth nature tends to make them too pragmatic to get caught up in emotional responses, coming across to some as indifferent and unfeeling. They’re easily overwhelmed by strong displays of emotion, which may cause a Cancer to retreat into their shell.

To overcome these differences, both will have to find a way to meet in the middle, and understand each other's emotional capacities. Capricorn can help Cancer learn how to rationalise and manage whirlwind emotions, while Cancer can help Capricorn to be more compassionate and in-touch with their own emotions.

Communication Compatibility

Another key aspect of a healthy relationship that the Goat and Crab might struggle with is communication.

Cancer only retreats into their shell when they feel that they’re being shut down, or misunderstood, other than that, they wear their heart on their sleeve, and are quick to share how they feel. For Capricorn, despite being very down-to-earth and not very emotional, they’re human, and they do have feelings, it just takes them time to process them, and even longer to open up about them. Unable to properly communicate, Cancer can feel as though they’re being shut out, and Capricorn can feel frustrated that their partner isn’t dealing with their emotions ‘logically’.

However, since Cancer are so in-tune with their emotions, and the energies of those around them, they might be able to help Capricorn unpack their emotions. Loyal Capricorns care deeply about their partners, and will never say something to intentionally hurt them, so it’s worth a sensitive Cancer keeping that in mind to avoid misunderstanding.

Intellectual Compatibility

If there’s one thing that Caps and Cancers have in common, it’s their work ethic.

The head-strong Goat is ruled by Saturn, the planet of hard work, discipline, and structure. With this planetary energy on their side, Caps are known for being studious and book smart, their intellect nurtured by their ability to absorb and retain fact-driven knowledge. They’re also divinely blessed with wisdom beyond their years, and others find themselves drawn to them for their top-tier advice, patience, and expertise.

The Crab, too, revels in hard work, motivated by both personal satisfaction and making their loved ones proud. They’re a cardinal zodiac sign, and they take pride in their work, always dignified and wanting to be the best of the best at what they do. They’re drawn to more creative avenues than practical Capricorn, but there’s a lot of intelligence in creativity, and Capricorn should not to be underestimated it.

Capricorn’s planetary ruler is a little constrictive, which may lead to problems in this pairing. The Goat may not see the value in Cancer’s creative, expansive thinking, and the Crab may think that Capricorn’s topics of interest are dry and pretentious. But, if they can be open-minded enough to teach each other about their passions, they could widen their intellectual horizons together.

Physical Compatibility

For both signs, sex isn’t something that you rush into on a whim, and you’ll rarely see them hop into bed with someone they don’t know well, and trust.

Something they both value is long-lasting, loyal, intimate connections, preferring a relationship in which marriage is the end goal, rather than short flings. So, both signs will have no difficulty respecting the other's need to take it slow and build a trustworthy bond before slipping between the sheets.

They’re also very passionate in the bedroom, with Capricorn tending to take the lead, which is a perfect match for sensual Cancer. If the pair make it this far, there’s potential for fireworks!

Capricorn & Cancer: can they make it work?

A pairing between a Capricorn and a Cancer has the potential to go either way. They’re full of differences in the key areas of a healthy, balanced relationship, but, where one lacks, the other has the potential to give.

They both hold the same core values in their relationships: trust, security, loyalty, and honesty. And this has the potential to lay a solid foundation for them to work through their flaws together, becoming ever closer, and growing as individuals, too. Pair that with their hard-working attitudes, and they could be very successful in life, becoming the humble power-couple of the zodiac.

In any relationship, those involved will have their flaws, but when they take the time to understand, accept and compromise, it can be a fun and inspiring dating experience full of possibilities.

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