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The Most Compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs

By Mysticsense
May 03, 2023
The Most Compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs
The Most Compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs

Much like Western astrology, the Chinese zodiac consists of 12 unique signs, all symbolised by spirit icons – animals in this case. However, the Chinese zodiac adheres to completely different traditions, functionality, and compatibility patterns.

The practice is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, and the system dates back to the Qin dynasty, over 2,000 years ago. To this day, the zodiac system remains an integral part of day-to-day life for populations throughout China and Asia.

Each animal represents a different year of the Chinese calendar, and comes with its own set of personality traits. If you’re born under a particular animal’s influence, you will embody some of these traits.

In this article, we’ll take a look at which of the 12 zodiac signs are the most compatible in love, and why!

Chinese zodiac love compatibility: best matches

If you ask a Chinese matchmaker, the most compatible signs in the zodiac are the animals that are four years apart from each other.

The following groups of signs are not only the best partners in a romantic sense, but are also the most suited in terms of taking on the world together, and tackling life’s many challenges.

Take a look at our Chinese zodiac compatibility chart for quick reference:

Chinese Zodiac Sign Years Element Best Matches
Rat 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020… Water Ox, Monkey, and Dragon
Ox 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021… Earth Rat, Snake, and Rooster
Tiger 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022… Wood Dragon, Horse, and Pig
Rabbit 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023... Wood Sheep, Monkey, Dog, and Pig
Dragon 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024… Earth Rooster, Rat, and Monkey
Snake 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025… Fire Dragon and Rooster
Horse 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026… Fire Tiger, Sheep, and Rabbit
Sheep 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027… Earth Horse, Rabbit, and Pig
Monkey 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028… Metal Ox, and Rabbit
Rooster 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029… Metal Ox, and Snake
Dog 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030… Earth Rabbit
Pig 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031… Water Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep

Rat best matches: Ox, Monkey and Dragon

The rat is said to be resourceful, practical, friendly, clever and creative. They’re excellent problem solvers, able to think on their feet to navigate the spontaneity of life, and come out on top. Full of optimism and energy, people born under the year of the rat tend to be liked by all, but are content leading a quiet and peaceful life.

Which suits a diligent Ox nicely. Hard-working and helpful, people born under the year of the Ox prefer to keep low-key, never looking for praise or attention for their talents. The Rat and Ox compliment each other's personalities well, as do their Earthly branches; water (Rat), and earth (Ox).

The Monkey is a great match for the Rat, sharing their most defining traits of intelligence, energy, and success. They’re calm and logical in their thinking, but make great leaders. People born in the year of the Monkey will be attracted to those born in the year of the Rat, due to their optimistic energy and playful nature.

When it comes to the Dragon, a fellow Earth sign, the Rat’s good sense of humour and dependability are what draws in the Dragon in. They’re strong-willed (sometimes verging on stubborn), and independent creatures. Although the two signs are dissimilar in personality, their differences balance each other out harmoniously.

Ox best matches: Rat, Snake and Rooster

Second in the Jade Emperor’s running, the Ox is a highly valued animal in both the Chinese zodiac and culture. People born under the year of the Ox are honest, humble and earnest folk. Never one to long for praise, they prefer to operate in the background instead of in the limelight. They’re hard-workers, and believe that everyone should fulfil their responsibilities and duties to better help the community as a whole. Kind and calm, the gentle beast isn’t one to lose its temper or argue, opting to think logically and keep others pushing on.

As outlined above, Rat’s and Oxen have complementing personalities, and can support each other in their ideals and way of life. They share the same goals in life and will happily do what they can to help each other succeed.

Those born in the year of the Snake, or the Rooster, will have the warmth, care, and wholehearted love that an Ox needs. Proactive and smart, the Snake will also offer help and support to the Ox in their work, and share their preference of slower-paced living.

Tiger best matches: Dragon, Horse and Pig

Third in our Chinese zodiac compatibility chart, the confident Tiger. The Tiger is fiercely independent, with a strong sense of self and self-belief. These traits make people born in the year of the Tiger very optimistic – what can go wrong when you believe in yourself wholeheartedly? They’re lively individuals with a passion for life, natural leadership skills, and will not bow down in the face of injustice.

A partnership between a Tiger and a Horse can be a very fruitful one. Both are energetic, driven, and responsible, and will enjoy setting goals and accomplishing milestones together. As a natural leader, the Tiger will have no problem maintaining the home, and the Horse is charming and lively enough to keep spirits high. A perfect match!

When it comes to the Tiger and the Dog, this will be a partnership that naturally falls into place. They’re both optimistic signs, who will be able to understand and support each other’s needs easily and generously. Both signs will be able to balance out each other’s flaws, and the Tiger’s impulsive temperament isn’t too much for the Dog to handle.

Another motivational match for the Tiger is the Pig. People born under these zodiacs have an unstoppable energy for life, which suits each other well. Their passion will keep the relationship fresh and exciting, and both will see their partner as more important than themselves, resulting in never ending support and love.

Rabbit best matches: Sheep, Monkey, Dog, and Pig

The skilful Rabbit is said to be a gentle and elegant creature, blessed with agility and speed. People born in the year of the Rabbit are known for their very private nature, and sometimes struggle to open up to others. They’re also prone to escapism, preferring their own imagination to reality, which can sometimes be a problem. But, they’re sincere, honest, and very faithful to their friends and family, full of love and care.

The Rabbit and the Sheep are considered to be compatible because they share similar traits and interests. Both of these zodiac signs are gentle, kind, and compassionate, and they both value harmony and peace. 

Since they both have a strong appreciation for beauty and art, they can bond over shared interests in music, literature, and aesthetics. Plus, their gentle and empathetic natures allow them to communicate and understand each other on a deep level, which helps to foster a strong and enduring relationship.

When it comes to the Rabbit and the Monkey, they’re two signs who can balance each other out, complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses. 

Despite their differences, Rabbits and Monkeys can make a fantastic team. Rabbits can help to bring a sense of calm and stability to the relationship, while Monkeys can inject a sense of excitement and fun. Rabbits appreciate the creativity and cleverness of the Monkey, while Monkeys admire the sensitivity and empathy of the Rabbit.

People born under the year of the Rabbit and the Dog share a deep sense of empathy and compassion for others. They are both kind-hearted and caring individuals who prioritise the well-being of those around them. Additionally, they both value loyalty, honesty, and sincerity in their relationships.

Rabbits benefit from the Dog's loyalty and protection, while Dogs benefit from the Rabbit's diplomacy and sensitivity. The Rabbit can help the Dog to express their emotions and communicate their feelings more effectively, while the Dog can help the Rabbit to be more assertive and confident in their interactions with others.

Rabbits and Pigs are both gentle and considerate individuals who prioritise the happiness and well-being of those around them. They have a deep understanding of each other's emotions and can communicate effectively on an intuitive level. They both value sincerity and honesty in their relationships and are willing to work hard to maintain harmony and peace. They can bond over their shared appreciation for beauty and aesthetics, and will create a cosy and nurturing home together.

Dragon best matches: Rooster, Rat and Monkey

In Chinese astrology, the Dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. Those born in the year of the Dragon are confident, ambitious, and assertive. They are natural leaders who possess great intelligence, creativity, and imagination. Dragons are often seen as adventurous and risk-taking, and they have a strong desire for success and recognition. They can also be passionate, dramatic, and fiery, but, beneath it all, they have a good heart and a generous spirit.

A pairing between the Dragon and the Rooster is a force to be reckoned with! They’re considered to be compatible because they share similar values of hard work, ambition, and determination. Both are confident, and capable individuals who strive for success and recognition. 

They also have a strong sense of loyalty and can be relied on to support their loved ones. Furthermore, the Rooster's organisational skills and attention to detail can complement the Dragon's visionary and creative nature, making them a well-rounded and successful team.

Similarly, the Dragon and the Rat share strong traits, such as intelligence, ambition, and courage. They’re not afraid to take risks and pursue their goals, with the Rat appreciating the Dragon's leadership skills and creativity, while the Dragon admires the Rat's resourcefulness and quick thinking. 

Plus, the Rat's practicality and attention to detail can complement the Dragon's visionary and big-picture thinking, forming a successful team.

Both the Dragon and Monkey are confident, ambitious, and love to be in the spotlight. The Monkey appreciates the Dragon's leadership and charisma, while the Dragon admires the Monkey's quick wit and cleverness. Additionally, the Monkey's flexibility and adaptability complements the Dragon's strong will and determination, making them a successful and dynamic pair.

Snake best matches: Dragon and Rooster

Fourth in the Chinese zodiac, the Snake is a symbol of wisdom, intuition, and mystery. People born in the year of the Snake are considered to be intelligent, insightful, and sophisticated. They are known to be private and reserved individuals, with a tendency to keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves. Snakes are also creative, intuitive, and have a strong sense of aesthetics. They can be charming, seductive, and persuasive, but can also be cautious and calculating in their actions.

The Snake and the Dragon are considered to be compatible because they both possess strong personalities, intelligence, and a deep appreciation for wisdom. They are drawn to each other's magnetism, and the Dragon's leadership qualities complements the Snake's resourcefulness and creativity. 

Moreover, the Snake's intuitiveness and ability to see beyond the surface can complement the Dragon's visionary and big-picture thinking. Both signs also value independence, allowing them to respect each other's need for space and personal freedom. Together, the Snake and Dragon can form a powerful and dynamic couple, sure to achieve great things.

The Snake and Rooster share similar traits such as intelligence, determination, and practicality. Both are also hardworking, ambitious, and goal-oriented. In a relationship, both value their independence, and can respect each other's need for personal space. Plus, the Snake's charm and diplomacy complements the Rooster's straightforwardness, creating a balanced and harmonious relationship.

Horse best matches: Tiger, Sheep, and Rabbit

The highly energetic Horse is a free-spirited animal. People born in the Year of the Horse are known for their intelligence, charisma, and adventurous spirit. They have a strong desire for independence and freedom, and they are always seeking new experiences and challenges. Horses are also highly social and enjoy being around others, making friends easily with their outgoing personality. 

However, they can sometimes be impulsive and restless, and they may struggle with committing to long-term plans or relationships.

The Horse and the Tiger are a great match because they both share an adventurous and free-spirited nature. They both crave excitement, action, and independence in their lives, which can lead to a shared appreciation for each other's interests and hobbies. 

Both will be more than willing to support each other's goals and ambitions, and their mutual respect for each other's personal space can create a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

The Horse and the Sheep balance each other's personalities very nicely. Horses are energetic and outgoing, while Sheep are calm and gentle. They both share a love for beauty and aesthetics, which can help to strengthen their emotional bond. 

Horses can provide the Sheep with excitement and a sense of adventure, while Sheep can offer comfort and stability to the Horse.

When it comes to the Horse and the RabbitHorses are independent, adventurous, and outgoing, while Rabbits are sensitive, caring, and diplomatic. The Rabbit's gentleness and diplomacy helps to balance out the Horse's impulsiveness, while the Horse's energy and confidence can bring out the Rabbit's adventurous side. 

They also share a mutual appreciation for beauty and the finer things in life, which can form a strong emotional bond. Together, they could thrive in love.

Sheep best matches: Horse, Rabbit, and Pig

The Sheep is a gentle and compassionate sign, known for its kindness, creativity, and sensitivity. People born under the Sheep’s energy have a gentle nature and value harmony and peace. Sheep are artistic and have a deep appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. They also have a strong intuition and are often very spiritual. However, they can sometimes be indecisive or easily influenced by others, and they may need reassurance and support to feel secure.

A relationship between people born in the year of the Sheep and the Horse is a wonderfully harmonious one. 

Horses are independent and adventurous, while Sheep are gentle and nurturing. They provide each other with balance, with the Sheep offering emotional support and the Horse providing excitement and energy. Both have a love for art and creativity, and they appreciate each other's unique talents and abilities. They also share a mutual respect for personal space and independence in relationships.

The Sheep and the Rabbit are a great match because they share similar gentle and caring personalities. Both are creative and have a love of beauty and aesthetics, which can lead to a shared interest in the arts. 

The Rabbit's diplomacy and charm can complement the Sheep's compassionate nature, creating a harmonious and peaceful relationship. They both value emotional connections to the core, and can provide each other with the support and reassurance they need. However, they might need to work on decision-making and assertiveness together, as they both have a tendency to be indecisive.

The Sheep and the Pig are both considered gentle, kind, and affectionate signs in Chinese astrology. 

They share a similar outlook on life, placing a high value on family, home, and emotional connections. Both are also known for their creativity and appreciation of art and beauty. These similarities can lead to a deep mutual understanding and loving compatibility between the two signs in a romantic relationship.

Monkey best matches: Ox and Rabbit

Perhaps the most mischievous sign in the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey is characterised as intelligent, witty, and curious. They possess a natural charm and a quick sense of humour that makes them adept at socialising. Monkeys are also known for their creativity and adaptability, able to navigate challenging situations with ease. However, their restlessness and love of mischief can sometimes lead them into trouble! Monkeys thrive in environments where they care intellectually stimulated, and have a tendency to get bored easily if their minds aren't engaged.

Considering the Monkey’s energetic nature,a partnership between the Monkey and the Ox can prove to balance each sign’s character traits. 

The Monkey's intelligence and adaptability equilibrates the Ox's steadfastness and reliability. The Ox's strong work ethic provides a stable foundation for the Monkey's creativity and exploration. Then again, the Monkey's humour and playfulness can help lighten the Ox's serious demeanour. The two signs also appreciate each other's strengths, and challenge each other to grow in new and exciting ways.

On the other hand, the Monkey and the Rabbit’s deeply emotional qualities can form a strong romantic connection.

The Rabbit's gentle and nurturing nature can provide a sense of emotional security for the Monkey, who values emotional connections. The Monkey's intelligence and wit can bring excitement and humour to the Rabbit's life. The Rabbit's ability to listen and provide emotional support can be a good match for the Monkey's need for mental stimulation. The two signs can balance each other out, leading to a fulfilling and harmonious relationship.

Rooster best matches: Ox and Snake

The Rooster is characterised as practical, hard-working, and confident. They have a strong sense of responsibility, and are often leaders, both socially and in the workplace. Roosters are known perfectionists, and have a very keen eye for details. They’re also known for their honesty and directness, sometimes to the point of being blunt, which others can perceive as rudeness. But, this is because Roosters value organisation and efficiency, and they can be quite disciplined (towards themselves and others) in achieving their goals. Unfortunately, they can sometimes come across as arrogant or controlling, but they have the most sincere desire to improve the world around them.

If there’s one obvious match in the Chinese zodiac, it’s the Rooster and the Ox. They share very similar values, such as hard work, honesty, and loyalty. The Ox's dependability and stability complements the Rooster's perfectionist streak. Both signs also prioritize family and have a strong sense of responsibility for their loved ones, the Rooster most likely taking the leader, which suits the Ox just fine. The Rooster's ability to communicate effectively can balance the Ox's reserved nature, leading to a harmonious partnership.

In love, the Rooster and the Snake are considered to be compatible for their mutual deep intellectual and emotional connection.

The Snake's intuition and wisdom is like a magnet to the Rooster, who values intelligence and wit. Both signs appreciate beauty and luxury, which can lead to a shared interest in aesthetics and culture. While the Snake can be secretive, the Rooster's honesty and directness can provide a sense of security and trust. Overall, their complementary personalities and mutual respect is the perfect foundation for a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship.

Dog best matches: Rabbit

Second to last in the zodiac, the Dog is known for being loyal, honest, and protective. They’re often seen as trustworthy friends and make for dependable partners who are in it for the long run. Dogs are also known for their strong sense of justice and can be fiercely protective of their loved ones. Hard workers and full of energy, they’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure their goals are achieved. On the negative side, Dogs can be pessimistic and anxious, and struggle to put their trust in others, especially if they don’t know them intimately. However, they are overall known for their loyalty, kindness, and devotion.

Most compatible with the Dog is the hard-working Rabbit. This is because they share similar values and complement each other well, balancing out each other's flaws in a way that the other zodiac signs could struggle to. Both signs prioritise peace, harmony, and loyalty in their relationships. 

The Rabbit's gentle and nurturing nature can provide a sense of security and comfort for the often anxious and sensitive Dog. Meanwhile, the Dog's protective instincts and sense of responsibility can make the Rabbit feel loved and cared for. Both signs are also family-oriented and value the importance of a stable and secure home life. Overall, they can make for a loving and devoted couple, living out the years together with love.

Pig best matches: Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep

Last in Emperor Jade’s Chinese zodiac, and last on our compatible signs in Chinese astrology, is the Pig.

Known for being honest, kind, and generous, they’re often seen as warm-hearted and loving, with a strong sense of empathy towards others. Pigs also tend to be hard workers, and are dedicated to achieving their goals. However, they can also be naive and easily influenced by others, which the people born under this zodiac need to be mindful of. Pigs are known for their love of good food, comfort, and luxury, and are prone to indulgence, even when they can’t afford it. Overall, they’re warm, highly social creatures who value relationships and enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones.

The Pig and the Tiger are considered to be a compatible pair because they share a strong emotional connection, and have the potential to complement each other's personalities. 

The Pig's warmth and kindness provides a sense of security for the sometimes restless and impulsive Tiger, who values loyalty and trust in relationships. On the other hand, the Tiger's adventurous spirit and enthusiasm helps to bring out the Pig's more playful side. Both signs also have a strong sense of justice and fairness, which is a solid foundation to build a loving relationship upon.

The Pig and the Rabbit share a harmonious and peaceful connection. Both signs value comfort, beauty, and love, and prioritise creating a warm and nurturing home life. The Rabbit's gentle and supportive nature provides a sense of security for the sometimes naive and trusting Pig. Meanwhile, the Pig's generosity and loving nature makes the Rabbit feel appreciated, held, and cared for. Both signs are also highly emotional and compassionate, creating a deep and fulfilling bond between them.

Gentle and nurturing by nature, the Pig and the Sheep are sure to hit it off. Both signs value kindness, compassion, and harmony in their relationships, and value creating a peaceful and stable home life. The Sheep's artistic and creative nature will complement the Pig's love of beauty and luxury. Plus, the Pig's honesty and generosity can make the Sheep feel valued and appreciated. Both signs are so highly emotional and intuitive, that a relationship between the two is as easy as a walk in the park.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility 

Looking for your soulmate can be a long and tiring process, using the Chinese zodiac compatibility charts means you can make a more informed decision about what type of partner you want. Using compatibility measures helps when looking deeper into yourself, deciding what you wish to compromise for a great relationship.

Although certain signs are more compatible with one another, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be with a sign you’re not compatible with. Compatibility charts within Chinese Zodiac should be used to help you find more about your sign and how you can make it work with your partner by understanding them as a whole.

However, if you’re still unsure about your perfect match, then speak to one of our love psychics today to help you find what you’re looking for. 

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