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February Love Compatibility

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
February 04, 2023
February Love Compatibility
February Love Compatibility

February born people may have an easy enough time finding out their soulmate attraction signs, but what attracts February born people and what is the February birthstone meaning? What is the February flower of the month and what is the lore corresponding to it? What special magic attributed to special days is there and what makes February born babies special? Learn these things and more about the magic of February. In this article we will explore

For those born in February, the magic of their month is powerful. The lore of February as well as special occasions can be enjoyed by all, but your flower of the month and birthstone will have extra special magical attributes you can draw from. Whether you are born a Pisces or an Aquarian, be sure to find out your best matches for love with us today. 

The Magic of February

February Love Compatibility

February is the only month to have only twenty-eight days, except on leap years, when there is a twenty-ninth day added in order to keep the calendar synchronized with the seasons. Some Februarys don’t even have a Full Moon as a result! That last happened in 2018 and is set to happen again in 2037. Named after Roman month Februarius, which has a name from the festival called Februa, or Lupercalia, which predated Valentine’s Day, February is the shortest month of the year, and some non-Romans had other names for the month.

In Finland, it is called “ helmikuu” or month of the pearl. This name is in honor of the fact snow and ice thaw, and refreeze, leaving frozen droplets on branches, resembling pearls. Beautiful! Macedonians call it “sechko”, or month for cutting wood. In Poland and the Ukran, it is called luty, which means month of hard frost and ice. Old English names for it were solmonath- mud month- and kale-monath, a name for cabbage! Special days in February include the first Saturday which is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, LGBT History Month in the UK, American Heart Month in the US, the amazing Valentine’s Day, and of course Half Priced Chocolate Day immediately following Valentine’s Day!

February Valentines Facts

February Love Compatibility

Valentine’s Day is just another day to truly love like there is no tomorrow. — Roy A. Ngansop

Held on February 14 every year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world and was originally a feast day for a Catholic Saint, but before that, Lupercalia, which Valentine’s Day draws some traditions from was celebrated.

Lupercalia was held every year on February 15 in Rome to purify the city and promote fertility and good health. The word “Februa” was what the festival was originally called, and it meant “ purifications.” The Forum, Palatine Hill, and Lupercal Cave are the places in the city where the celebrations occurred. On the sacred altar, gifts were given to deities, purification of the people at this altar was provided, and a feast commenced. After the delicious feast, runners dashed nude through the area, striking people with blessed items believed to help instill pregnancy or make people who had babies on the way deliver a healthy child successfully.

Valentine’s Day might not be all about having babies or being blessed, but it is all about love and romance! The Feast Day for St. Valentine was established in 496 CE by Pope Gelasius I who wanted to put an end once and for all to Lupercalia Celebrations, and he instilled a feast day for St. Valentine of Rome, who was martyred in 269 CE on- you guessed it- February 14! St. Valentine of Rome was either a bishop or just a Catholic Priest who was said to minister to persecuted Catholics. He was declared the patron saint of asthma, beekeepers, and the patron saint of Terni in central Italy.

It is said St. Valentine restored both the hearing and vision of the daughter of his jailer before his execution, so great was his love of others. There is more than one St. Valentine, however, including one who was said to perform weddings for Christians in secret to avoid persecution, and this is one reason Valentine’s Day is associated with romantic love.

Today, most people don’t run through the streets of Rome, trying to help people assure healthy pregnancies, and many don’t celebrate the life of St. Valentine at church. We exchange gifts and focus on romance instead!


Gifting has been done since at least the 1400’s in East Anglia in the form of a so-called Jack Valentine. Like Santa Claus, Jack Valentine leaves gifts, and he also mysteriously disappears once he has knocked to alert children he has left their gifts. Some grandparents and parents go to great lengths to make Jack Valentine gifting a reality for their kids. Knocking on the door and running like mad before the kids see them is the top way of “disappearing”. Some even have a “getaway driver” that will ride away before the little ones get to the door. Victorian lovers would go to great lengths to leave gifts on their lovers’ doorsteps, saying it was Jack Valentine, and today, many keep this tradition alive, spending more on Valentine’s gifts than Christmas gifts! As a matter of fact, between 2007 to0 2022, in America alone, the spending just on Valentine’s Day varies between $14 billion and $27.4 billion each year! Read more about this wonderful “magic” with jack Valentine gifting that people make happen here: Who is Jack Valentine and what does he do? | Eastern Daily Press (


To give romantic gifts and experiences, people tend to pay for evenings out or buy flowers, candies, cards, or jewelry. Over half the population on America says they celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the main way to be romantic is to remember your loved one and spend time with them. About 1/3 of people want to propose marriage on Valentine’s Day and statistics show that up to thirty six percent of people actually work up the courage to do that proposal for Valentine’s Day. Besides proposals, many rely on the language of flowers to be romantic, and florists sales are up an average fifty seven percent for Valentine’s Day. It takes about thirty freight planes per day carrying in flowers to the US for the Valentine’s Day holiday and even the risks of Covid- 19 did not take away Valentine’s Day. While less people ate out for Valentine’s Day, more people invited loved ones over to eat in, and online sales increased.

Special February Babies

February Love Compatibility

The magic of Valentine’s Day aside, if you were born in February, you are a very special person. It has been found in studies that winter born babies are born “longer” than other babies and by age seven they are taller, weigh more, and score higher in tests that measure intelligence. They have less mood swings and fidget less, concentrate more easily, and make friends better than babies born other seasons too. People born in February are either Aquarians or they are Pisces, and both signs are unique people with strong psychic gifts, which is pretty special. There tend to be less February births in general, but SOME February babies- the ones born on February 29, don’t get a birthday every year. Leap Year happens when an extra day is added to the calendar and takes February from twenty eight days to twenty nine days. All of you Leap Year babies deserve the most special birthdays ever! Especially since you wait a few years in between them.

February Birth Month Flower

February Love Compatibility

Believe it or not, there isn’t just one February flower, but at least three! February birth flowers include the violet, primroses, and irises. Anybody can use these flowers for personal empowerment, but those born in February could especially benefit from their flowers of the month!


“Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you!” Old Rhyme

A favorite flower used by the Victorians to make perfumes, violets are also used to make sweet tasting syrups in France. Violets are put in salads to add color and are candied for uses in desserts. People born in February may or may not be as sweet as the violet, but they can draw power from their flower. The magical attributes of the violet include having the power to bestow love, and they are thus carried and added to amulets to attract it. They are believed to provide protection and can help grant wishes. White violets represent taking a chance on love and also purity while blue violets represent devotion and all violets in general represent modesty.

It is believed that wearing violets on your head keeps you from drunkenness and violets can heal a broken heart. Combined with lavender, violets are used to make love potions, and you can carry violets to ward off evil spirits. It is also believed that violets under your pillow provide restful sleep and help you have prophetic dreams.


The common primrose, also called the English primrose is edible to not only humans, but it is also a great favorite of pollinators. Parts of the plant can be used to make wine, teas, soups, and it has been used for various medicinal purposes. As if being medicinal and stuff for food was not magical enough of a use, primroses have mystical meaning also. In the British Isles, it is associated with the fae. Not to be confused with cute little fairies of fiction like Tinkerbell, the fae are indigenous nature spirits believed to be descended from ancient gods. They can bless humans as well as capture or harm them, so be careful! Rubbing primroses on the eyelids is believed to help you see the fae and if you are brave enough to ask them to visit you, you can hang some primroses on your front door. If, however, you want to keep the fae out, simply throw some primroses across the path in front of your door to ward them off and to be blessed by the fae, simply place a primrose on the doorstep.

Symbolizing young love or youth in general, giving somebody primroses tells them that you cannot live without them! Magically the primrose can help reveal hidden truths and cracks open dishonesty. Ancient Druids were said to use the primrose for cleansing, for protection from evil especially during ritual, and for making other ingredients more powerful. Primroses are also gifted on Mother's Day because they represent the love of mothers.


The Greek goddess Iris served as a messenger between the gods and humanity, and her name meant “rainbow.” She created the rainbow from her beautiful clothes, and traveled upon it to mediate the communications. She also carries the prayers of humanity to the gods. Sharing her name, the iris flower symbolizes many things, including clear communication. Giving irises communicates admiration and passion and irises themselves also represent hope, faith, wisdom, and royal valor. Magically, it is believed to open the mind to allow you to become more aware and it is also considered a good omen to see one.

Like the goddess Iris, it is believed the iris flower can go between worlds and be used for humans to make this sort of travel. It helps align you with your inner wisdom and is used to sharpen intuition. Irises are also believed to aid in protection and purification and they help you to draw love to yourself.

February Birthstones

February Love Compatibility

You may see lists that boast to tell you “February 2 Birthstone” and list something entirely different for the “ February 4 birthstone.” There isn’t a separate birthstone for each day of the month, but the February 6 birthstone might be considered different than the February 13 birthstone because some people assign a different birthstone for each day of the week. The February 28 birthstone is pretty much the same as the one for any other February birthdate though, and those are amethysts, garnets, and aquamarines. More about gemstones for birth months can be found here: What’s Your Gemstone? | Mysticsense


Viewed as the Aquarius precious stone, the amethyst stone for Aquarius people is especially powerful. It is used in divination as it amplifies psychic powers, which Aquarians are already pretty proficient in to begin with. In general, the amethyst aids in meditation because it bestows peace, calm, balance, and stills the mind. It clears the mind of worry and negativity and is used to clear spaces also. It protects against mental attacks and deflects negative energy back to whoever sent it only transforming it into positive energy. The amethyst also increases creativity and connects us to our higher powers.


The garnet draws love, romance, and passion due to its red color. It also protects from having property stolen be it physical or intellectual property. The garnet protects against both nightmares and night terrors and is believed to protect children from drowning and helps protect your health against diseases. It is given as a gift to a loved one before they go away on a trip, believed to bring them back safely and it can heal broken lover’s bonds. It helps heal emotions and eases melancholia. It is said to bring luck and success, and garnets cut into square shapes are supposed to be especially good at aiding in success at business. It stirs passion, desire, and sensuality and helps to strengthen the bonds of marriage.


The aquamarine strengthens psychic powers by relaxing the physical mind’s grip on the consciousness. The psychic mind is thus able to strengthen and come through powerfully and this is especially helpful in enhancing the abilities of someone who can see the future. Carried by sailors, it was used to protect all who travel the waters and was believed to be treasured by mermaids. Used in meditation, it is also used to reveal truths and helps in self-revelation, exploring the darkest parts of ourselves. It quickens the mind and releases fears of public speaking. It instills compassion and helps people keep level heads during confrontation or debate. It promotes fidelity and helps reconcile lifestyle differences for those living together. It instills peace and harmony, alleviates anxiety, and helps to get through difficult times of change.

February Love Destiny Signs

February Love Compatibility

The two zodiac signs born in February are Aquarians, who are born between January 20 and February 18 and Pisces people who are born anywhere from February 19 through March 20. Aquarians are creative, passionate, and energetic. They can overwhelm people because they never slow down, but they certainly get a lot accomplished! Pisces people are empathetic, caring, and romantic. They tend to self- isolate sometimes but will be the last ones to pressure you to overextend yourself emotionally.

Aquarius Soulmate Signs

Who are Aquarians best love matches? Well, they tend to do well with fellow air signs Libra and Gemini, but surprisingly good matches with Sagittarians can make for great chemistry and romance with other Aquarians can either be fantastic or terrible. To read about Aquarius, see here: Star Sign in Spotlight: Aquarius | Mysticsense

Aquarius Woman Attraction to Libra

Librans and Aquarians act like two peas in a pod when they come together. Both very energetic signs thrive on being constantly on the go, regularly trying new things and going on adventures together. Librans can be more set in their ways than Aquarians and have to allow their Aquarian time away to adventure when they prefer to stay back. Librans tend to mediate well for their Aquarian loves when they become agitated, and their Libran can soothe their troubled mind well.

Aquarius Man Attraction to Aquarius

Two Aquarians can be TOO much of a good thing because Aquarians can be extremely stubborn. When neither Aquarian lover wants to meet their partner in the middle, a royal battle can result with flaring tempers and if they cannot compromise, it can be a dealbreaker. The worst thing you want is for your Aquarian to be angry, because until they feel they have justice, they are going to stay mad. However, nobody understands an Aquarian better than another Aquarian, and as long as both lovers respect one another’s needs, feelings, and boundaries, they can be lovers for life.

Sagittarius Aquarius Matches

A pleasantly surprising match is between Aquarians and Sagittarians. Both love adventure, being on the go, staying busy, and having fun! Aquarians have no problem giving their Sagittarian lovers the independence to go off on trips alone or with friends, and their Sagittarian will reciprocate with this. They both love to have projects be it through career or leisure, and travel for both things is top priority for both Aquarians and Sagittarians. It is not surprising to see an Aquarian and Sagittarian couple part for the weekend to travel two separate places, but they always come back together, and share their adventures. A match made in the heavens!

To read more about love matches for Aquarius, see here: Compatible Zodiac Signs for Aquarius | Mysticsense

Pisces Love Matches

Pisces people usually get along with pretty much everybody! However, they are particular about who they get close with in their personal lives. They are emotionally supportive people who are, also emotional themselves, and they can get overwhelmed by some people if they are not careful. The key to being a big part of a Pisces person’s life is to be somebody they view as equally supportive and they will view your presence as a refuge as opposed to stressful. To learn more about Pisces, read here: Pisces Star Sign Compatibility | Mysticsense

Taurus Attraction to Pisces

This is a fantastic match. Taurus people can be called “old reliable” because they are set enough in their ways, their Pisces people know what to expect. Taurus people are nurturing and love the comforts of hearth and home. They go out of their way to feed you and fuss over you if they love you and will never leave your side once they decide to commit to you. All of this is highly appreciated by Pisces people, and they know Taurus will both provide and accept a shoulder to lean on- and to cuddle with!

Cancer Woman Pisces Man Attraction

Cancers and Pisces people are a natural match. They both harmonize their similarities and balance their differences well. Both Cancer and Pisces people are emotional people who need to feel like they can completely trust their partners, and they both go out of their way for the people they love, making them top priority. Cancers tend to be more organized planners, and Pisces people have no problem following their Cancer’s lead when they can see the plans are good ones. However, Pisces people are helpful in reassuring their Cancers when they get stressed and frazzled, and they can calmly find solutions or reassure that everything is just fine to begin with.

This is such a good combination, we have a whole article devoted to it. Make sure to take a look at the adorable older couple whose photo is the first thing on the article. They are a real couple who have been together for decades and are a Pisces Cancer love match. To read even more about Pisces and Cancer love matches in that article, see here: The Pisces and Cancer Love Match | Mysticsense

Scorpio Pisces Attraction

Famous astrology author Hazel Dixon-Cooper calls a Scorpio Pisces match a “best bet” for both lovers and that they share “true love”. Both signs are emotional and focused on being supportive of the people they love, and with both of them focused on putting one another’s feelings and needs first, this creates a very healthy, nurturing relationship for certain. Scorpios are very take charge, and Pisces people will be comfortable being led by their trusted Scorpio. These two can settle down long term together!

To read more about love matches for Pisces people, read this article: Loving a Pisces Woman or Man | Mysticsense

For February born people, their precious stones, birth month flowers, and the glorious fun that can be had on Valentine’s Day during their month is only part of the magic of February. Soulmate birthdays match making for love based on your zodiac sign can be done too, and is perhaps the best magic there is!

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February Love CompatibilityAbout the Author: Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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