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How To Find The Best Psychic

Sometimes, it seems like everywhere you look, there are people advertising Psychic services. Maybe you have even visited a couple of Psychics before, and you just weren’t all that impressed, but other people act like seeing a Psychic is the highlight of their day. So, when you’re ready to see a new Psychic, and need advice, guidance, or confirmation you are on the right path, you don’t want to feel like you are throwing money away on somebody who doesn’t know what they are doing. You want the truth, and you want it soon! But you just don’t know how to find the best Psychic out there. It’s simpler than you think.

Where to Look?


An Internet search for Psychics can turn up surprising results. “Find a Psychic'' can have over 4,000,000 results, and typing in “Best Psychic” turns up even more. To narrow down all these great options Online, there are many platforms and companies with multiple Psychics of their own for you to choose from. Before you jump in, and pick a Psychic from a page, do research on each page and see how the company itself is rated by employees as well as customers. The best Psychics work for the best companies, and won’t share their gifts with business owners who don’t treat them properly. Newer companies are just as good as older, more established companies, and reading each Psychic’s personal profile with their credentials and skill sets will help you pick which of them you would like to work with. The wonderful thing about being alive in what they call “The Digital Era” is that you don’t need to leave home to have a Psychic advise you, and you don’t even need to see a person, or hear their voice if you don’t want to. Most Online Psychic platforms offer video calls, phone calls, or text chat options to allow maximum choices for you in how you get a reading from your Psychic of choice.

In Shops

For an in person reading, you can always visit your local New Age or Metaphysical shop to see who their professional Psychics are. These shops become well rounded resource centers where independent contractors support the community by offering a plethora of services beyond just giving readings. You can find classes, events, and fellowship gatherings as well as great merchandise in these community centers. You can even make friends, too. However, like choosing an online Psychic, find out what people have to say about the shops before you commit to becoming one of their clients. 

Ask for Referrals

‘Word of mouth is your best reference’ is an old saying, and a good one too. Ask the people who you know who they see for Psychic Services. Ask them who is the most accurate, the most trustworthy, and who they have stayed with the longest. Sometimes, we share the most in common with the people we know, and what suits them sometimes suits us as well.

Beyond all these tips are some other “Do’s and Don’ts” to keep in mind that will aid in your search for the best Psychic.


  • Make sure to read all of the good AND bad reviews to get the full picture of each reader and service you are looking into. Sometimes, a ‘bad review’ may be no more than a client having a bad day or an unrealistic expectation. An overly glowing review may be somebody who was led on to believe beautiful lies. Be objective and take all into account.
  • Ask professionals about their background and credentials. Not everybody has a Masters in Psychic Arts, but being somebody whose parents read, and who has been actively reading in the community for years more than qualifies. Even newer readers who are doing continuing education may be born talented, and knowing that will let you know you are in good hands, even if they don’t have as many years of experience as some other Psychics have.
  • Specify your needs. If you have a skull as thick as a rock and you need a blunt reader who pulls no punches, and won’t sugarcoat; make sure to find one who is plain spoken. If you have a more timid disposition, and need a compassionate reader, find a Psychic who can provide that. Beyond this, you can specify what tools or tradition they follow. If you want a reader of I Ching, Ogham, Runes, or pendulum, specify that, and you will be able to find somebody who does. If you want a Spiritualist, Heathen, or even Druid reader, they can be found also. Don’t forget that being a Psychic is not specific to any culture or time period, but these gifts are found in all peoples throughout all the ages. The amount of different techniques used to give Psychic services are beyond measure. Be assured there will be a good Psychic who can meet your needs as a client.
  • Get readings from multiple Psychics during your search. Your first Psychic reader may not be the one you settle on for regular readings. It is quite possible your first reader will be, but it’s okay to consult multiple people before committing long term. You can get short, or even one question readings to see how you like each Psychic, and get a good sample of the different styles to expect. Be patient while you are “Psychic shopping” and remember this is a process, and you are on no deadline to pick one for life.
  • Expect accuracy. If the Psychic is not able to relay the facts, and their predictions are way off from what comes to pass, find another Psychic. But, listen to all they have to say, most especially if they tell you things you don’t expect, or things you flat out dislike. A good Psychic will tell the whole truth, and isn’t afraid to share the unpleasant as well as the pleasant things that come up in a reading. Pay attention to all you are being told, and objectively consider all of it.


  • Be wary of Psychics who tell you all your dreams will come true or that all you say or do is 100% right. Nobody wants to be told they need to stop doing something or that they can’t have everything they want, but it’s a fact of life we all have to accept at one time or another. If you are seeing a Psychic and all they do every time you see them is agree with everything you tell them, they are not doing their job as Seer and Advisor and instead telling beautiful lies. Find another Psychic.
  • Watch out for people who try to sell you other services immediately during the reading. A great favorite of scam artists is to tell you that you have been horribly cursed, and you need to immediately pay them to fix it. Some can fake tears and go out of their way to scare you. Don’t fall for this.
  • Be on guard anytime somebody approaches you out of the blue, stating they have had a great Psychic revelation or they know you SO well from a past life, and you must listen to all they have to tell you. At some events or shops Psychics will offer their cards, and tell you to reach out anytime you need their services. At meetups and gatherings, people will introduce themselves, and share what their gifts are. That’s different, and acceptable. If you catch somebody on the prowl, however, fishing for clients, or people to scam, step away from them.
  • Watch out for Psychics who start speaking against other Psychics the minute you meet them. A reading is supposed to be a positive experience, and you don’t want it spoiled with such negative behavior and energy. Be wary if they share other people’s personal information during the conversation. Confidentiality is very important in readings, and if somebody is behaving this way, you don’t know that you can trust them with your own personal information.

Keep in Mind - Getting a Psychic reading is available to everybody. Different Psychics cost different amounts, and you will absolutely be able to find one who works for your budget. Not every Psychic is a good fit with every Client. Like no one stylist can do everybody’s hair, and not all Veterinarians do well with all pet kin, this is a very personal service. You need to give yourself the opportunity to go with the Psychic who makes you feel most comfortable, and who you relate to best. Go with your gut, and before you know it, you will have chosen the best Psychic for YOU, and you will benefit from a lot of great advice from them. 


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