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What is the Meaning of a Yellow Aura?

By Saoirse
September 03, 2021
What is the Meaning of a Yellow Aura?
What is the Meaning of a Yellow Aura?
TL;DR The color yellow communicates happiness, good times, and health to many symbolically, but the meaning of a golden aura or yellow aura is something quite different. Aura colors are not fixed eternally and can change from minute to minute as we change, contrary to popular belief. Like any aura, a yellow aura color symbolizes our feelings and thoughts, and can indicate who we are and how we are feeling in the present moment. To learn more about psychic auras in general, starting with blue auras, read here: Blue Auras And Their Meaning.

The Color Yellow Meaning

color yellow meaning

“What does it mean if yellow is the color of my energy?” you might ask. The color yellow means all good things. It is the color of the sun, a new day, happiness, strength, good times, and health. It has been associated with the substance gold, which symbolizes prestige, wealth, power, and success. There was a time when was considered such a sign of success in China, everybody but the emperor and his household were forbidden to wear it! In some Buddhism sects, it represents quite the opposite- liberation from the material things and the worries of the physical, and their robes are this color to remind them of this.

To the Mayans, yellow was so important that it was representative of life sustaining maize, and it also represented death, itself. In the Bible, yellow is associated with gold itself, which represents the very majesty of their god. To some Neo-Pagans, yellow represents the intellectual element of air which is all about thought, speech, communication, and intelligence. To the Aztecs, and some modern Mexicans, yellow represents death, and yellow and gold flowers are given as gifts and respectful offerings to the beloved ancestors.

Seeing that yellow is such an important color to many cultures, representing life, and death itself, is it any wonder why so many people want to know the meaning of having a yellow aura?

What is the Meaning of a Yellow Aura?

meaning of a yellow aura

What does a golden aura mean? A golden aura meaning or yellow aura meaning can be a number of things but no matter what thing specifically it means, it is a power yellow! The meaning of a gold aura is that of intelligence, positive energy, enthusiasm, movement and action, being inspirational to others, and being a natural born leader! Gold aura color meaning when it’s your aura color is typically that of optimism, being happy, being free spirited, not being a grudge holder, and being a joy to be around.

When yours is yellow, a gold aura color meaning is something that is a joy to have. As auras change as the way we are feeling or thinking changes, the yellow aura can have other colors in it also. The gold aura color can combine with a touch of another color or even start slowly fading or brightening. It can also be part of a combination of colors, like turning to a yellow green aura, or even have spots of other colors mixed in with it.

Don’t worry if your aura changes colors, but other people you know seem to keep the same aura color no matter what. If your aura is yellow today, and your aura color is not yellow later on, it’s okay. Each of us are different, and your color will be telling you things about yourself as it changes and evolves.

Bright Yellow Aura Meaning

bright yellow aura

A bright yellow aura meaning can indicate you are having some inner conflict or a personal struggle with something about yourself. Don’t be too worried when this happens. It just means you are consciously aware of yourself and are deciding whether to keep something about yourself as it is, accepting it, or change in a way you feel improves you.

White Yellow Aura Meaning

white yellow aura

A whitish yellow aura can be thought of as a light yellow aura, and when your aura is yellow white, or a pale yellow aura, it indicates spiritual or psychic awakening. This is a very important time for you, and epiphanies or spiritual ecstasies may fill your time as your opening and evolution spiritually progresses. Take this time to keep extra close watch on any messages you receive from spirits or your personal deities, and make sure to journal. Looking back after the spiritual progress finishes, you will be surprised at how much happened and how much you have grown spiritually!

What Does a Red and Yellow Aura Mean?

red and yellow aura

The explosive power of the red aura indicates manifesting your will, living life passionately, and having a strong sense of self. Red aura people manifest powerful physical and mental strength and combine creativity with their approach to making things happen. They will not hesitate to roll up their sleeves and get to work! Combine all these good things with the intelligence, ability to move forward, and take action that yellow auras bring, and this is an aura color combination of progress, ability, and success. Wow!

Yellow Orange Aura Meaning

yellow orange aura

Brilliant orange auras indicate somebody who is one of the bold thrill-seeking people who take chances and see life as an adventure rather than something to be careful of. They are also ecstatically joyous individuals who have a strong grasp of their own personal sensuality. When this sexy, happy energy is combined with positive, leadership oriented yellow auras, the two dynamically amplify each other, bringing the best they both have to offer to these vibrant, vivacious individuals. The sky is the limit for the happiness that these two aura colors bring when they blend together!

What Does a Yellow and Green Aura Mean?

yellow and green aura

A green and yellow aura combined has all the good parts of yellow auras with their positivity, intellectual power, and all that good energy. It’s also combined with the green aura energies which are indicative of personal change, and associated with the lifegiving, ever growing power of the earth, itself. Green auras show that you are innovating yourself and progressing. Combined with the yellow aura energy of your positive attitude and intellectual strengths, the green aura energy helps drive your personal progress even more powerfully and gives you all the enthusiasm and get-up-and-go you need to see your changes and progress through!

What Does a Blue and Yellow Aura Mean?

blue and yellow aura

A yellow and blue aura is another especially powerful aura color combination. When your aura is blue it indicates a balanced life, and feelings of serenity, and peace. When somebody is at this place in their journey, contentment and feeling relaxed are present, and these people are especially sensitive to the feelings and needs of other life forms. The aura color blue combined with the positive energy of yellow auras instill all these feelings of harmony, peace, wellbeing, and also a shining enthusiasm.

The natural born leadership qualities the yellow aura brings combined with the sensitivity to others the blue aura brings combine well to make you the perfect person to aid others in their own healing whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing.

Yellow with Purple Aura Meaning

yellow with purple aura

Purple represents creativity and the imagination. When your aura is purple, you are in that creative mode, bringing things to be out of seemingly nothing, and you are in a good space to pursue dreams, bringing all you hope and long for to fruition. The meaning of a purple aura is also of psychic abilities and a purple aura balances the physical with the spiritual. A purple aura also indicates your gifts of intuition are very strong. When both purple and yellow are present in your aura, the intuitive, creative gifts of purple combine with the enthusiastic take action abilities the yellow aura brings. Together, they help you to delve deeper into your creative self and make it all the easier for you to bring your creations to life.

Yellow Aura Quartz

yellow aura quartz

Aura quartz comes in nearly every color you can think of, and yellow aura quartz, also known as sunshine aura quartz is no less dazzling than any other aura quartz. These are powerful crystals to use for manifestation and magic, and yellow aura quartz might be just what you are looking for. It is said to heal old sorrows and traumas and help you let go of feelings of disappointment over lost opportunities or let downs in life in general. It replaces that with optimism and a feeling of hope for the future. It is said to balance all systems of the body and some swear by it’s ability to ward off wintertime Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Don’t forget, this is not the only aura quartz you can benefit from. Another especially sought-after aura quartz crystal is the opal quartz, and some people say they use this to cleanse their entire aura in general. It aides in meditation and helps connect you more strongly to your gods or god and goddess or goddesses. It is said to cleanse and balance the chakra and helps remove attitudes and beliefs that are not beneficial when it’s time to release them.

These aura crystals can especially help you as you work towards understanding your personal aura, learning about auras in general, and will be crystals you will keep on hand for years to come.

For more about all the different aura quartzes currently available, read on here:Aura Quartz Meaning and Uses - Crystal Vault

What Does the Color Yellow Mean in Dreams?

color yellow mean in dreams

All these physical meanings in the waking world aside, what does it mean when the color yellow shows up in dreams? When you have dreams about the color yellow, it generally means happiness, peace, tranquility, and good health. Depending on what other things are present in the dream, the color yellow can have more specific meanings, however.

It is said when you dream of a yellow bird, you will gain some wealth or good fortune. If you dream of yellow butterflies, it could portend you are about to get a good announcement, or it can symbolize joy and playfulness. If you dream about somebody you know wearing a yellow dress, it can mean you feel they are not sincere, or it can be warning you to check behind them, as they may not be telling you the truth about something. It is said that if you have a dream about a yellow house, that’s your creativity speaking to you, but if you dream about a yellow snake that is inside a house, it is all about overcoming difficulty and obstacles. After all, if that beautifully colored snake made it all the way into a house, you certainly can draw strength from that and do whatever you are trying for as well!

Getting a Psychic Aura Reading

psychic aura reading

Chances are, you can figure out your own aura color and discern what your aura means on your own, whether it be a green yellow aura, a red aura, or even a golden yellow aura. There are techniques to use to try and see your own aura, and understand what it means to you, but don’t dismay if you’ve tried everything and just can’t figure it out on your own. Getting a professional to photograph your aura or use their personal psychic gifts to answer all your questions can begin as soon as you meet with them.

To learn more about how to read your own aura, read here:Human Aura Colors and Their Meanings.

When yellow is the color of your energy, unless it’s that bright yellow of inner struggles, you can be sure it means good things like joy and giving positive vibes to other people. If the bright yellow aura is yours, that can always be changed, as you work out your inner conflicts, being the best version of yourself, and accepting yourself flaws and all! Make sure to join Mysticsense for more articles about auras, their colors, and what those colors mean!

What is the Meaning of a Yellow Aura?About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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