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Your Pregnancy Psychic Reading

By Saoirse
January 04, 2022
Your Pregnancy Psychic Reading
TL;DRA ttc fertility psychic reading (trying to conceive) may be just what you need for when you want to have a baby, and all you have to do is find a good pregnancy fortune teller. When you are dreaming about being pregnant, speaking with your advisor for a fertility psychic reading can help you identify any possible problems and pinpoint what things you need to do to become a mom. Join Mysticsense to learn all about a good fertility tarot card reading.

What does it mean when you dream about being pregnant in your heart, and how could you ever express the joy you feel when you think you might be having a baby? Someone telling you you’re pregnant in a medical test might not reveal all you want to know. Is the baby healthy? Is it a girl or a boy? What is the baby’s lifepath, and what kinds of things can you know in advance to prepare?

To dream about being pregnant and giving birth is just the first step to becoming a mother. Then all the things that go into conception, and all that comes during the pregnancy are all big, important things. Luckily, you don’t have to do all of this alone, and your psychic advisor can guide you every step of the way. Just what are tarot pregnancy readings, and what can they tell you? Can you get a fertility psychic reading free, and what are the chances of any of these readings being accurate?

A First Word

While talented psychics can absolutely tell you if being a parent is in your future, they cannot be expected to replace a doctor. Many psychics can pick up on fertility issues and let you know if you need treatment to conceive. Still others can pinpoint medical issues in your baby, but there is one thing they unfortunately cannot do. They cannot give medical treatment. Seeing a doctor when trying to have a baby needs to be the very first step on the journey to motherhood and walking that journey from conception to birth and beyond must be done with your medical team, even if your psychic is there to guide you through it all.

Any medical issue that arises must first be diagnosed by a physician before treatment can happen, and once your bouncing bundle of joy is delivered, it is the doctors who support the parents to tell them what the physical needs of the child is to ensure the best health possible. Never try to replace your doctor with a psychic advisor. Also, don’t forget that a medical professional is not a replacement for a psychic who acts as seer into the future, matters of the heart, spiritual counseling, and a guide on lifepath and destiny.

Why Am I Dreaming About Being Pregnant?

Dreams About Being Pregnant

What does dreaming about being pregnant mean? Dreaming about getting pregnant is normal for a lot of people. When you dream about pregnancy, or long to be pregnant, it just means you want children of your own and to enjoy a life with them. Seeing someone pregnant and happy can make you imagine that seeing yourself pregnant would make you happy too. When you dream of pregnancy and start to plan being a mom, you are like millions of other women worldwide who are also having dreams about being pregnant. Birth Rates worldwide have dropped, but the birth rates for one age group of women has risen.

Women in their 40’s are having babies more often now, and that trend has been holding steady since the 1980’s. Some women say they didn’t find love until later in life, while others cited work responsibilities as the reason they did not have kids yet. Another thing that is changing is medical technology, meaning doctors are better able to help women who are older who dream of being pregnant to realize that dream.

What does it mean when you dream of being pregnant? When you dream about being pregnant, your heart is telling you that you are ready for motherhood. Maybe when a friend is pregnant who seems to be happy to be a parent to be, they make you want that happiness too. Maybe you just adore children. Like you, a man is pregnant with you when he is the father, except his body doesn’t go through the major transformation of carrying a child! Having a child together is an incredible journey you will take together, and a lifetime commitment.

One of the top common pregnancy dreams are of being a happy couple with one or more beautiful kids and that all of you are very happy together. Being told you’re pregnant can be the happiest moment of your life, and to see a pregnant woman when she is glowing won’t necessarily mean every moment of pregnancy is comfortable, but many women say morning sickness, weight gain, ankle swelling, and other uncomfortable physical changes are forgotten about the moment that baby is born. If you dream of being pregnant, you won’t worry about all those things likely, and you will deal with them as they come.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Being Pregnant?

Spiritual meaning during pregnancy is different for different people. Depending on your spiritual beliefs, pregnancy can make you feel closer to the divine creator of life, and other people feel it is a duty to give birth to keep humanity thriving. Some people believe pregnancy means you are fulfilling your destiny, and that being a parent is what they were born to do. Seeing a pregnant woman fills many with joy that they are bringing new hope in the form of a new human being into creation. Some believe every child born has the potential to do great things, and maybe even heal and work miracles.

Some people don’t see being pregnant meaning such world changing things, but only personal things. Some say children are a gift from their god, and others see creating their own children to love as a personal miracle. Your little miracle might be what you call “hell on wheels” as they get older, keeping you on your toes and teaching you more patience and how to be more selfless than you ever expected. You can be sure it will all be worth it, and you love your kids more than words can express.

The Biblical Meaning of Pregnancy

Multiple books of the Bible speak about being pregnant and pregnant women. In John 16:21, it says, “ A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, for her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.” Another Biblical interpretation of having children is in Psalm 127: 3-5: Lo, Children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hands of the mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them…”

Psalm 113: 9 says “ He gives the barren woman a home making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the Lord!” The book of Genesis 1:28 says “ And god said to them “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…” Modern Christains often site these sources as proof their god wants them to have children, and some even interpret this further as their god telling them to all have many children.

Pregnancy in Hinduism

Pregnant lady meaning in Hindi is a blessing and very important. Various rites to protect the baby while in the womb are performed and after the baby is born, still more blessings and protections are given to the child. What was originally done after the fourth day after the wedding, a ceremony called Garbadhana is done. In some families aspects of the rite are done during the wedding and for others the ritual is done in private by the bride and groom alone. The ritual is designed to aid with pregnancy and dreaming of being parents, this rite means “attaining the wealth of the womb” and helps the bride in being pregnant.

Getting pregnant is the goal and everything said and done during the ritual is focused on that. In the rite, scriptures are read and the bride and groom agree to have children and raise a family together. Some people wait four days from the wedding to do this, only eating and drinking certain foods, doing prayers, facing certain directions, and also giving offerings to the gods. A respectful explanation by Nithin Sridhar is given here: Garbhadhana | Understanding Hinduism (

Where Pregnancy Psychics Come In

Pregnant women doing yoga

While many who have natural intuition can look at a woman whose baby bump hasn’t grown yet, and tell she is pregnant, still others can look at a woman and see that she is destined to be a mother. Sometimes, people can spiritually tell they are pregnant before physical signs occur, and psychic messages about pregnancy come in many forms.

A woman was married to a man who refused to have children, but she always wanted children of her own. A friend with psychic gifts looked her in the eye one day and told her she saw her walking with a little girl who looked just like her- and her husband was walking some distance behind them. Less than five years later, the woman and her husband were divorced, and she remarried, was a stepmother to two beautiful children, and she was pregnant with another baby.

On another day, two friends who were in their twenties both saw psychics at the same New Age Center in Sedona, Arizona. They both asked their psychics about being mothers. The one friend was told she would have three children. The other was told that MAYBE she would have ONE child, but it was highly unlikely. Fifteen years later, the one friend did indeed have three kids, one son, and a pair of twins , a girl and a boy, and the other friend was grieving the fact she was never able to have children. They both remembered their readings, and all those years later the woman with no children still called the psychic she’d visited in Sedona for guidance.

Still another woman was dreaming about being pregnant. Seeing a pregnant woman everywhere she went seemed to happen daily, and she wanted to be pregnant so badly, she started to believe she was. She even told her boyfriend’s mother “My boyfriend dreamed I was pregnant” and his mother was overjoyed at the thought of being a grandmother. Unfortunately, she wasn’t pregnant, and the psychic she spoke with could see that. The psychic referred the woman to a doctor, urging her to get a checkup and start planning pregnancy since she wanted to conceive.

On another day, a woman invited some friends over, and one guest looked at one of the other guests there and asked if she was pregnant. The woman was indeed pregnant and was astonished anybody could tell- because she wasn’t showing and she and her husband had not announced their pregnancy to anybody yet. The guest who could tell explained that her mother could also tell when somebody was pregnant, and that was part of their family’s psychic gifts.

In all of these cases, each psychic could tell what was going on. When you contact a psychic about pregnancy or the possibility of being pregnant, be prepared for truthful answers. It’s possible having children will happen immediately, but it could also take some time. It’s also possible that even if you want children, you will never become a parent. Your psychic may use cards, a pendulum, a crystal ball, and they may even read without tools, just using their intuition, but one thing is for sure. A good fertility psychic can explain what is happening, and what’s going to happen.

Tarot Pregnancy Cards

Tarot Pregnancy Cards

To get a reading about pregnancy, you may decide to visit a tarot card reader. An “Am I pregnant” tarot spread can provide just the answers you are looking for. While there is no one card that if it comes up in a reading means you are definitely pregnant, there are a few cards when pulled have significant meanings in an “Am I pregnant” psychic reading.

Page of Wands Pregnancy Card

Page of Wands Pregnancy Card

The Page of Wands card represents energy and youthful vitality that will propel you forward in whatever you are looking to achieve. Right side up in a pregnancy reading, this is a good sign you are ready for a new beginning, and you will go about it joyously. What better way to begin planning a pregnancy? However, reversed in a pregnancy reading, the Page of Wands represents both obstacles and being hasty. The time is just not right to begin pregnancy when the Page of Wands comes up reversed, and you need more time for planning and tackling problems. Be patient, the time will come for you to be a parent.

Queen of Cups Pregnancy Card

Queen of Cups Pregnancy Card

Right side up, the Queen of Cups represents intuition, calm confidence, and being levelheaded and compassionate. This could be indicating the state of mind you are currently in or the state of things in your life in general. Right side up, this card is telling you the way things are makes for a great time to begin a pregnancy or that the pregnancy is going well. Reversed, it means quite the opposite. It means emotional insecurity and possibly even codependence and can also indicate worry and indecisiveness. Reversed, this card is telling you to explore where you and your partner are in life and your relationship, and work things out before bringing a child in to your lives.

4 of Pentacles Pregnancy Card

4 of Pentacles Pregnancy Card

Right side up, this card can mean bad things! It can signify holding onto resources, and this can slide into the excess of greed and withholding from others unfairly. Are you or your partner emotionally holding back from one another, or are one or both of you unable to behave in loving ways, and would this hurt a child? Are one or both of you holding on to past hurts, and you risk dumping that baggage into your pregnancy? Reversed, you are letting go of these things and focusing on what’s better.

However, some readers see the meanings as quite the opposite, with right side up meaning stability, and being in the driver’s seat of your own life. It can indicate great decisions that make for a great life which make a stable home for a child to be welcomed into. Reversed, some see this as the opposite, that being indicative of greed, and being so protective of your own interests you don’t care as much about other people. Reversed is materialism in an unhealthy way, and it’s not a good mindset to have if you want to share your life with others.

Ace of Pentacles Pregnancy Card

Right side up, you couldn’t ask for a better card to get in a pregnancy reading. The Ace of Pentacles right side up represents happy new beginnings, manifesting goals, and celebrating the fruits of your labors. Reversed, there are problems. There may not be the elements in place to begin, or you may have suffered due to a lost opportunity. Hard work is going to need done to make this pregnancy happen, so don’t give up. Roll up your sleeves and get started!

4 of Wands Pregnancy Card

4 of Wands Pregnancy Card

The Four of Wands right side up literally means a happy family. What more could a child ask for than to be born to happy parents? It indicates teamwork, success, and setting down a strong foundation. Right side up, this card is telling you that your family is a great one for a child to join, and you can take pride in being a role model of what a great family is. You have a lot to celebrate. Reversed, the Four of Wands represents an unharmonious family life, and the celebration this card showed upright when it is drawn reversed is basically cancelled. Work on unity within your household to create a good family environment.

The Empress Pregnancy Card

The Empress Pregnancy Card

The Empress represents all things related to hearth and home and motherhood. She represents a woman whose mother instincts are strong, and who is a great nurturing caretaker. If you are asking about getting pregnant and the Empress card is pulled upright, it means you are ready, and the things are in place to begin pregnancy. If the card is pulled upside down, however, there may be some things preventing motherhood from coming about right now. Ask your reader to clarify what the obstacles are and how you can address them so you can move forward with being a parent.

I keep having Dreams About Being Pregnant!

Aside from wishing to be pregnant while awake, what does it mean to dream about pregnancy while you sleep? What does it mean when you are seeing a pregnant lady in a dream, and it isn’t you? Sometimes, a dream is just wishful thinking and other times, it’s psychic messages coming to us while we are asleep. The dream can indicate abundance, or some other symbolic thing or it could simply be telling you that you or someone you know will be pregnant soon. Mysticsense will explore dreams about pregnancy in depth in a future article, so be sure to join us for that!

A Final Word

Happy Foster Family

While your psychic will be filled with all the good news about your Motherhood, sometimes they have to give you the news that being a mother who gives birth to your own babies is not going to happen for you. While few things hurt more than finding this out, one thing does hurt as bad if not worse- losing your parents. UNICEF estimates that there are over 153 million children all over the world who are orphans. Each of these heartbroken kids would give literally anything for you to be their mother.

So being unable to conceive and give birth doesn’t have to stop you from being a mom. In Franklin County, Ohio alone, over 2,000 kids were in the foster care system in 2018 and on December 2, 2021, a total of 52 amazing kids were listed as ready for adoption on the Franklin County, Ohio Children’s Services webpage. That’s just in one county in one State in one Nation. These kids are just a handful of millions of amazing children worldwide who are waiting to meet you.

Looking in the mirror and not seeing a pregnant woman, you can always reach out to your local psychic for pregnancy readings, and readings about your ability to conceive. An “Am I pregnant“ tarot reading can answer any questions you may have and help with finding out if your pregnancy dreams will be fulfilled. When dreams of being pregnant turn out being just dreams, the heartbreak can be unspeakable. Don’t forget that fulfilling dreams about pregnancy and birth are not in everybody’s destiny but being a parent of a child who has lost their family can be a dream come true.

Would you like to find out if getting pregnant and being pregnant with your own kids is in your future or if you will welcome an adoptive child into your home someday? Mysticsense has hundreds of readers who can serve as a pregnancy psychic with a free first five minutes on your reading today!

About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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