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What is a Clairvoyant Psychic?


TL;DR Clairvoyance is another of the psychic gifts that are a natural human ability. There are different kinds of clairvoyant abilities, and with a little work, and attention, you can develop your own clairvoyant gifts. Not everybody has clairvoyant gifts, though, and that’s okay, because a lot of other people do. They can be reached for help no matter what you need their help finding out, and they may be right around the corner from you.


You’ve heard the term clairvoyant, but you’re not sure what it means in regards to being a psychic. A clairvoyant person is somebody who has the supernatural ability to perceive events, things, people, and messages beyond what they can with their five senses. Some can foretell the future, and others can tell what has happened in the past. Some can read minds, and others are able to tell where hidden people, animals, or objects are located. The definition of clairvoyant abilities is similar to psychic abilities and the terms are used interchangeably. Some swear psychics are kinds of clairvoyants, others insist clairvoyants are types of psychics, and still others insist, it’s all the same. In a nutshell, clairvoyants, meaning people who can SEE things beyond what their eyes can, are people to be listened to, and are , thankfully, often dedicated to helping other people , using their gifts

Being Clairvoyant

The word comes from French clair, meaning clear, and voyant, meaning vision. Clairvoyant people have the ability to clearly see things their five senses have no access to. Maybe they can see clearly what happened on a battlefield hundreds of years ago, or they can see a disaster about to hit, so they have time to pull everybody out of harm’s way.

Types of Clairvoyants

There are basically three kinds of clairvoyants.

    1. Clairaudient- A clairaudient is somebody who can hear sounds that come from beyond. Some hear unidentifiable sounds, others hear the voices of spirits, or the words others are thinking, which can also be interpreted as telepathy. This is a distinctive hearing, however, and the sounds the clairaudient hears are just as real as what is heard with the mundane ear. Some would write sounds off as simple tinnitus, or damaged hearing that causes sometimes jet take off style roaring, or ringing in the ears, but a clairaudient knows the difference. They know when they are in an old graveyard, and a soft voice asks them to clear the debris from a tombstone, and lay a flower on it. They know when the wind is telling them the autumn will be a warm one, and they know when the voice somebody is too scared to raise needs spoken for.
    1. Clairsentient- A clairsentient person has those extrasensory FEELINGS. It may be a sense of déjà vu, feeling you have experienced something before, or a heightened sense of others feelings, but it’s all about “the feels”. This can be called being an empath as well. Some claim a clairsentient is a much more powerful empath, and one whose gifts are focused not just on other people’s feelings, but the feelings that come from objects and events as well. Imprinting is when the energies of events are so powerful, they are permanently affixed into a location- like a house where a terrible tragedy like a war occurred, or the good, timeless restorative vibes from an ancient healing well. Clairsentients can pick up on all these feelings, and more.
  1. Claircognizent- Claircognizent people are those who “know” things clearly. They may not know how, but they just know that they do. The messages come to them from beyond. They may know what is about to happen, and they may just be fast learners, and joke, “Yeah, I probably did this in a few past lives!” Maybe they did! There is not always proof of where that knowing came from, but these people are always proven right. Some parents who are claircognizants are notorious for “having eyes in the back of their heads” and it’s not through watching the human kids or fur kids like a hawk. When your claircognizant parent is in another room, and you are trying to sneak an extra cookie, have made no noise, and all the sudden they yell “You better not be sneaking a cookie, or you will ruin your dinner, and I am not having it, ” know your parent has gifts you might be lucky enough to have inherited, yourself.

Take a moment to go over the different psychic gifts explored with Mysticsense, and ask yourself “Am I a Psychic or Clairvoyant, and what are my gifts?” You will be surprised , when you sit in silence with your gifts, how they have manifested in your life and blessed you.

Psychic gifts have been explored by Mysticsense in the article shared below:

How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities 

Clairvoyant Vs Medium

A clairvoyant and a medium are two different people. A psychic medium is somebody who communicates with spirits, and certainly this is a type of clairvoyance. However, not all clairvoyants can do this and somebody who is specifically a psychic medium clairvoyant may even be called a ghost whisperer. Mediums are consulted to act as mediators, helping the living communicate with the dead and other spirits who have not been human, but not all clairvoyants have this gift.

Your medium will help you speak with departed loved ones, communicate with spirits of the land, help speak with animal spirits, and may even be able to help you communicate with your higher self. Your clairvoyant may not have the ability to communicate with any spirits at all. Yet, some clairvoyants are mediums also, and they will absolutely tell you what their specific abilities are.

How do Clairvoyants Do What They Do?

Famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce would go into a self-induced trance , and would be able to see what messages he was called to give to querants who had written in to him, asking for his help. On the other hand, St. Joan of Arc experienced visions of her own capture by the enemy, and awareness of when to redirect her soldiers to protect them. For this saint, those visions came effortlessly, and she needed do nothing at all to cause them to happen.

Clairvoyance begins to develop on its own. Some have to apply themselves, study, practice, and sharpen their skills, while for others , the gift manifests all on its own. Each individual endowed with the gift of clairvoyance is different, and no two people develop the gift the same way.

If You Are Clairvoyant

Clairvoyants like Nostradamus have had their writings interpreted to be warnings for future generations of events like the bloody French Revolution, the bombing of Hiroshima and it’s tragic aftermath, and the grisly First and Second World Wars. Naysayers claim it is impossible for a human being to predict and know of such things, but others swear by clairvoyant gifts.

If you have the ability to perceive things, listen to yourself whenever your gift perks up. Human intuition and street smarts are one thing, but knowing something feels very bad about an individual can save you a lot of trouble. When you are drawn someplace or to somebody because you can tell you are supposed to include them in your life, at least temporarily, follow the messages you are getting. You will be glad you did. The longer you listen and go along with your clairvoyance, the stronger it will become.

You are probably using your gifts without even knowing it! If you don’t know if you are using gifts or not, it’s time to sit down and meditate on it.

Sit in a quiet spot, without interruptions, and start by making a list of all the psychic things you have experienced. Have you been able to feel other people’s feelings? Have you been able to clearly see what has happened or what is going to happen? Have you heard unexplained sounds you wrote off as your imagination, yet something told you to pay better attention to them? Do people say you detect lies well or have “eyes in the back of your head?”

You are probably a Clairvoyant, then, and there is no set regimen of things you need to do in order to strengthen those gifts. Just listen, believe, and take notes in a personal journal every time you have a clairvoyant occurrence until you feel you have a good understanding of your personal gifts. A sample journal could read something like this:

    • Monday October 12,
      Got a strange gut feeling I needed to leave the quickie mart. I didn’t want to, because I really wanted my caramel cappuccino they sell, but I left anyways. Two hours later, I heard on the six o’ clock news there was a shooting there. I realize that had I not left, I may have been shot.
    • Thursday November 16,
      I drove past the quickie mart, I wanted my cappuccino, of course, but something has been telling me recently to lay off the cappuccinos, and I don’t think it’s anxiety about the shooting. Well…I went in for my annual physical today, and the doctor said I am pre diabetic. I’m going to have to have my cappuccinos hand mixed without all that sugar the quickie mart’s have in them. I am so glad I listened to whatever told me, because my doctor said if I change my diet, I can get this under control and I won’t need medication.
  • Wednesday December 21
    I have my holiday shopping done and don’t particularly like the craziness at the shops this close to Xmas, but something told me to stop in at the hardware store for that box of nails I’ve been meaning to get anyways. I could hardly believe it, but I ran into Fran! It’s been ages since I last saw her. We nabbed our merch and took off for lunch together. I am so thankful that little gut feeling told me to stop in. I really enjoyed catching up, and we both decided not to go this long without visiting with each other again.

Clearly from this journaling exercise, we can see you are a clairvoyant, and you are specifically a clairsentient. Your gift serves you very well!

A Final Word

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About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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