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Loving a Virgo Man or Woman

By Saoirse
February 18, 2022
Loving a Virgo Man or Woman
Loving a Virgo Man or Woman
TL;DRWhen you fall for a Virgo, you may not know what you are in store for. You may know them as the super smart, hardworking people who seem to have a never ending to do list, but there is more to Virgos than their jobs and tasks. Virgos form strong relationships, and if you love a Virgo and they love you back, you may be with them for life. What are their personality traits and what do you have to do in order to be in a relationship with a Virgo?

Virgo, The Wisest Zodiac Sign?

Loving a Virgo Man or Woman

Virgo people are born between August 23 and September 22. They come after Leos and before Librans in the zodiac. They are the sixth sign of the zodiac and are ruled by the planet Mercury, which gives them a lot of energy, and can make them anxious and jittery. They are hardworking individuals and are very particular about who they spend time with in their personal lives. They love just as deeply as the other signs, and are loved by many for their good intentions, and desire to make the world a better place.

What’s it like to love a Virgo? What are their best and worst traits, and how do you make one fall for you? Is Virgo really the smartest, most capable, and wisest sign? Are they coldhearted workaholics who live to criticize everybody else? How do you deal with their bad traits, and what does it take to be in a relationship with one?

Before we explore these things, you can read more about Virgos here: Star Sign in Focus: Virgo | Mysticsense

Virgos Best Traits

Loving a Virgo Man or Woman

Virgos are known for their accomplishments, and they tend to have leadership positions because of how they excel. They may be pickier than some signs about what they put their names on but that’s because they have natural problem solving skills and know what it takes to do the job well. They are analytical, orderly, efficient, and want to make their projects and the world in general the best it can be.

Organized, Observant Virgos

It is said that Virgos live to work, and maybe that’s not true, but a lot of them seem to prove they do. They are naturally intellectual and apply their noggins to structuring and executing projects the best way they believe it can be done. Their ability to pick out tiny details will save a lot of headaches, as they make sure everything is done properly the first time. They have their own way of bringing order out of chaos, and while they won’t shy away from giving orders, they don’t have any issue rolling up their sleeves and fixing problems themselves.

High Achiever Virgos

Speaking of rolling up their sleeves to fix problems, Virgos seem to always have their hands into work they find meaningful. From the time they are kids, earning good grades in school and excelling in extracurricular activities, Virgos are driven to improve, and strive to beat their own best performances. An example of this is celebrity chef, and Virgo Joe Bastianich. Born September 17. He has helped run over 30 restaurants in four different countries, authored five cookbooks, and earned a coveted Michelin Star. As if all these accomplishments were not enough, he is also a musician, celebrity chef and judge on television cooking competitions, and a marathon runner. He doesn’t half do anything and accomplishes excellence in all the areas where he works. Not all Virgos are this famous, but they pretty much all work this hard.

Philanthropist Virgos

Virgos just want the world to be better. Their observational skills help them identify problems, and they are always seeking to solve those problems. They sometimes bite off more than they can chew by trying to make a difference, but somebody has to have the guts to try, and Virgos are just the people for the job. Shielding yourself from negative energies when you seek to make all things better is easier said than done for Virgos. Balancing kindness to others with meeting their own needs will keep Virgos from being taken advantage of or being used. After all, if Virgos allow other people to abuse their desire to help out, they can’t apply their efforts where they are most needed.

The Dark Side of Virgos

Loving a Virgo Man or Woman

Divine life partner Virgo may appear perfect, but the truth is, under that exterior persona of striving for excellence, Virgo men and women are just as vulnerable, just as capable of mistakes, and just as human as the rest of us. They won’t let on about their imperfections to just anybody, but there are some things you will probably pick up on anyways, no matter how hard they try to hide them, if you are around your Virgo often enough.

Critical Persnickety Virgos

If there is one thing Virgos can be bad about doing, it’s nitpicking. This is the extreme side of their organizational skills. They may say they are being “detail oriented” when they throw a fit there is ONE piece of lint on your lapel- but you can use this to your advantage two ways. 1- You can thank them and ask them to remove it for you so you look as crisp and well groomed as they do, or, 2) You can tell them you think it fell off the back of their jacket when they stopped abruptly in front of you, and you nearly ran into them, so it must have got on you then. This will make them immediately take a break with a lint roller, poring over their jacket for that lint, and stop bothering you.

They don’t mean to sound superior when they nitpick at things. They are genuinely trying to be helpful. That’s because they truly do care, and they still have not figured out that not everybody is as anal retentive as they are. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t say a word, so you can take comfort in that next time they annoy you by being so picky.

Overworked Virgos

How are Virgo women and men capable of getting so much accomplished, and outshining nearly everybody else? They overwork themselves to the brink of collapse. Virgos do tend to run themselves ragged, and they don’t know when to stop and rest. They didn’t get to where they are by taking a normal amount of breaks, and vacations, you know. They get started on something they want to excel at, and they won’t stop until they feel they have achieved that. The Executive Director Virgo who stops into the office “one last time” on the way with his wife to vacation out of town is a perfect example of this.

They are not trying to lose sleep or make themselves sick and they try to make up for all the lack of downtime with healthy eating and exercise. They believe that accomplishing little or nothing in life is one of the least healthy ways to be, and benefit from the people they love reminding them to stop, rest, and relax. After all, every bit of that hard earned money can’t go into a savings account. Some of it has to be spent on enjoyment with their loved ones.

Overextended Virgos

Like Virgos overdo work, sometimes they don’t know when to stop reaching out to “help” people who literally feel imposed upon by their well-meant efforts. Virgos have thought so long and hard about whatever they feel needs fixed, they forget sometimes to ask other people “How can I help” and instead walk in, trying to take over. They mayb overextend themselves at work, and in their volunteering, but sometimes, they save the day, going above and beyond in ways few, if any other people can, others, they need to be redirected. Saying to them, “Oh thank goodness you are here! Put that down, I have that covered. I need you over here. NOBODY can handle this the way you can”, will both swell them with pride and get them to successfully apply their talents and good works where it’s needed. What would you do without them?

Confusing Virgos

How can you tell if a Virgo is interested in you or if they are just being what they consider nice? They can overextend themselves, trying to be “of service” , and make people think they are romantically interested in the process. Before you fall madly in love with an ultra-organized, confident, philanthropist Virgo, find out if he feels love but in not in love with you. The best way to do this is to respectfully approach and ask, “Are we dating or am I another one of the throngs of random people you believe you took under your wing, dear?” This will get him talking immediately and resolve any confusion. Maybe he’s crazy about you and is being old fashioned, or maybe you need to set your sights on the cute Sagittarian who works at the café and go have some fun.

Before you give them a piece of your mind for misleading you, let it be known, however, that while it looked like a Virgo was leading you on, they probably didn’t mean to. They also won’t humiliate you by bragging about how YOU fell for them, but they would not touch you with a ten-foot pole. They will continue the friendship, although they may understand they need to back off a little bit, but they won’t ostracize you like some people will. If you work together, they will continue as a teammate, and behave professionally.

Do Virgos Fall in Love Easily?

Loving a Virgo Man or Woman

Yes, and no. On one hand everybody easily falls in love with the right person. On the other hand, Virgo people are very careful about who they get involved with and take their time getting to know people before deciding they trust them enough to welcome them into their personal lives. Many Virgos care about the whole world, and in that sense, they fall in love very easily, but romantically, it takes them time to fall. How to attract a Virgo woman? Your best bet of how to get a Virgo woman or man to fall for you is to just see if it happens on its own. If you are true zodiac soulmates, your Virgo will be head over heels for you, but they need your patience and understanding.

Once a Virgo commits, they stick around. Which is better? Rushing your Virgo, and risking scaring them off, or giving them their time and space to allow feelings to develop over time and having them in your life for good? How to make a Virgo woman happy who is interested in you but not committed yet is to let the relationship develop on her terms, even if it feels like it’s taking forever! She’s worth it.

Best Astrological Matches for Virgos

Loving a Virgo Man or Woman

What zodiac signs would be a good couple with Virgos? Truthfully, there are no set-in stone rules that every Virgo MUST marry this or that sign, and no Virgo EVER had a successful relationship with another sign. However, there are a few signs who tend to go very well with Virgos, and those include Taurus, Pisces, and Cancer.

Taurus Virgo Compatibility

Is Virgo the best love partner for Taurus? It is said that a Virgo is indeed a Taurus ideal match. One thing that makes Virgo a perfect match for Taurus man is how they stick by the people they decide they want to be involved with. Taurus people have been called “old reliable” by some signs due to their predictability and staying power. It is rare that a Taurus completely cuts somebody they love out of their life, even if their relationship changes somehow. What some people would call being a stick in the mud, makes Virgos deem Taurus lovers trustworthy, reliable, and stable. It’s pure bliss when Taurus and Virgo lovers come together.

Pisces Virgo Compatibility

What a Pisces likes in a woman is somebody they can connect with on a soul level. Pisces Virgo Compatibility runs deep because both signs can and will connect once they get to know each other. Pisces man Virgo woman compatibility relies on their ability to give each other time and space to get comfortable. Pisces people need personal time and space to come and go as they need to early on in relationships and they will flee if they feel trapped. That suits Virgos just fine, as it gives them more time to see all aspects of their Pisces lover’s personality and gives time for them to decide if they want a long term relationship or not.

A Pisces man Virgo woman in bed combination is based on mutual trust and respecting one another’s boundaries. Sex is very intimate for both signs, and Pisces people are typically very relaxed about their sexuality. Virgos like the non-pretentiousness and unapologetic approach Pisces people have to sex, and once these lovers unite, it’s fireworks in the bedroom.

Cancer Virgo Compatibility

Cancer man Virgo woman attraction can be one of the very best combinations for both signs. Virgos can benefit from the emotional understanding that Cancerians bring to relationships. Cancerians will also help their Virgos to understand that burning the midnight oil and the morning, afternoon, and evening oil as well will burn them out. Cancers give their Virgos something to look forward to in the form of a cozy, comforting homelife. They also soothe their Virgos troubled minds.

It's not all about Cancers doing for their Virgos, however. Virgos provide the comfort of security and reliability Cancers dream about, and both signs value trust and long-term commitment. They both provide this for one another. Virgos will give their Cancerians the honest truth and heart to heart talks they live for and won’t have them questioning their intentions. A match made in paradise!

Facts about Virgo Women and Men

Loving a Virgo Man or Woman

Besides their best and worst traits and who they tend to match well with in romance, there are some other things to know about how to behave when you are in love with a Virgo. How to hurt a Virgo woman or man is by trying to force things to move faster than they are ready, or to ignore their feelings.

How to Treat a Virgo Woman

You treat her with respect. She has worked hard to accomplish all she has, and if she is considering spending life with you, that’s a very big deal for her. All she has become is due to her self-work, and if you don’t value her, or the things that matter to her, she will detect this right away.

How to Talk to a Virgo Woman

Speak to a Virgo respectfully as well. Never talk down to her, even if you are reciprocating some of her criticism with criticism of your own. A Virgo seeks constructive feedback because they are always looking for ways to improve, but if you act like you are superior, they will be repelled, and won’t listen.

How to Text a Virgo Woman

There was a time it was considered rude to text, and instead phone calls were preferred, but many people prefer a text these days. They can check their texts when they have time, and not feel pushed to answer a ringing phone on the spot. When you text a Virgo woman, understand that her time is valuable, and she will respond when she gets a chance. A follow up text isn’t necessary, as a Virgo will be in touch when they can. Nothing will annoy them more than if you pressure them to respond before they have time to.

How to Please a Virgo Woman

Being spoken to politely, having her boundaries respected, and being treated as the intelligent person she is will please a Virgo woman. Virgo men and women take their work very seriously and want to be treated as serious individuals. They want their concerns taken to heart, and they want their feelings validated. It also pleases them when they are surrounded by people who they feel are also involved in the pursuit for personal excellence. They like to help other people improve, and it pleases them to reap the benefits of a job that was well done. They also love to see other people succeed.

How to Get a Virgo Woman to Chase You

The truth is you can’t get any Virgo to chase anybody they don’t have an interest in. They do it on their own. You don’t MAKE them do it, but you LET them do it. How to court a Virgo woman or man is on their terms. If they say they want to get together and will be in touch, leave it at that and if they never call, move on. Courting a Virgo entails you following their lead and taking things as slowly as they want them to go. A Virgo who asks for a kiss might get upset if they feel you kissed too deeply, and rather than argue that you have a right to kiss on your terms too, find somebody else to kiss if Mr. or Miss Virgo isn’t on the same page with you about it.

There might be things you like about each other, but it will be pretty clear early on if the relationship is one that will work out or not. Not everybody can tolerate Virgos in relationships. They tend to anger Librans who don’t want to feel bossed around, and a lot of Sagittarians find them boring. Just know that if a Virgo decides you are the one, they will do all they can to make you happy. What happens if you decide she’s the woman for you, and she left? How can you get a Virgo woman back?

How to Get a Virgo Woman Back

Maybe you can get her back and maybe you can’t. Oftentimes, when a Virgo leaves a relationship, they have decided that’s that, and they won’t return. However, it can’t hurt to try. Reach out to the Virgo you love and express your feelings for them. Tell them how much they mean to you. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and maybe your breakup was temporary. Maybe you will reunite, and your relationship will be stronger than ever! You will never know unless you try.

What About Mars in Virgo Woman?

Loving a Virgo Man or Woman

What happens when Virgo isn’t in the Sun in your birth chart, but it’s in Mars instead? What does that mean? Our Mars sign tells us about our tempers, how we act, and our sexuality. When Virgo is in Mars, it instills efficient action patterns in you, and takes the powerful fiery energy of Mars and focuses it on your goals. As to anger, Mars in Venus people are not necessarily slower to anger, but they won’t have a snap reaction, and may brood instead, allowing the anger to build. Sex drive is no weaker in these people, but they may put sex off temporarily in favor of work. An individual with Mars in Venus will be a great achiever and understand the value of self-mastery and restraint.

When you love a Virgo, and they love you in return, you are in for a wonderful life of trust, respect, and security in both your material life and in your love life. Your Virgo will stick by you and do all they can to build the best life possible for you together. Lucky you!

Loving a Virgo Man or WomanAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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