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December Love Matches

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
December 06, 2022
December Love Matches
December Love Matches

For those born in December, it may be easy to find information about birthstones, but what is the most accurate love horoscope if you are a Sagittarius or Capricorn? Beyond that, what are some magical and folklore correspondences that people born in the month of December should know? Learn all about the magic of December. 

Originally the tenth month on the Calendar of Romulus, because back then, the year started in March, December is named after the word decem, which means “ten.” It is the twelfth and of course the last month in the Gregorian and Julian calendars. The Winter Solstice, which coincides with Yule and Christmas are observed as the most sacred times of the year by many, and December is both Eggnog Month and also National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The fact that those are observed all in the same month is probably not a coincidence!

When you are born in December, learning about your birthstones, birth flower, and zodiac signs will tell you a lot about the beauty of your month! Who you are is more than just a horoscope perfect match or what stone to draw personal power from, but the more you know about the things that correspond to your birth month, the more you can learn to use their energies for your own personal empowerment. Read on!

The Magic of December

December Love Matches

Magically, the Winter Solstice brings us the shortest day and the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere. Ancient people celebrated the following day as the return of the lifegiving Sun because after Winter Solstice, the days begen to grow longer. Bonfires were lit to give heat and encouragement to the Sun as it strengthens itself and Yule is a Germanic celebration that lasted for three days and entailed great gatherings at temples with feasting, gifts and sacrifice for the gods, and the attendees were well fed and blessed.

King Haakon I of Norway decreed Yule celebrations were to be held the same time as the Christians Christmas celebrations so everybody got to celebrate all at once. The Christians belief that their god was born on earth as Jesus was a very different belief than the Heathen Yule veneration of and gifts for their gods, but the people held their holidays at the same time, and today, Christmas can thank the Yule celebrants for use of holiday trees, belief in Santa Claus, flying reindeer, feasting, and merriment. Today’s Heathens typically celebrate twelve days of Yule instead of just three, with each day having a different focus of celebration starting with Mother’s Night and ending with Twelfth Night, which often coincides with New Year’s.

The month of December is spent by many in planning for their family holiday gatherings including gathering gifts for loved ones, sending holiday cards and greetings, decorating with sacred evergreen, which is an old pre-Christian way to bring the blessings of the evergreens into the home for the family, and finally, gathering and feasting with loved ones. Many people love the month of December best of all because of all the beautiful times they have with loved ones at holiday time.

Christmas Babies Superstitions

December Love Matches

Because Christmas is so well loved by so many people, there are beliefs that babies born on Christmas day are extra special. First- the bad news- a very old superstition is that if a baby is born on a Christmas that falls on a Saturday, they will die within six months! Hopefully that isn’t true! Other superstitions are that Christmas born babies will be extra lucky their entire lives. That sounds better! Well, more bad news is that in Greece it was once believed that the baby born on Christmas might turn into a goblin as a punishment for trying to ‘take attention away from Jesus’ for being born on that day…so parents tied garlic to the baby to prevent them from transforming! Poor kid! However, it is also a Kentucky folk belief that a baby born on Christmas will have the ability to talk to animals, though. Not bad! Keep in mind that birthdates of December 24 and December 25 are the rarest ones, and that makes these babies extra special!

Special December Babies

December Love Matches

Baby boys born from October to February are more likely to be left-handed, which is said to indicate higher intelligence. The University of Vienna continues research about this phenomenon. The Journal of Aging Research stated a German study found that December born babies are more likely to live to be over age one hundred as compared to babies born in June. The New Yorker cited a study that found that although December born babies are the youngest in their classes in school, they tend to do better academically anyways. The Washington Post cited research from The Columbia University Department of Medicine that stated December born babies are less likely to contract major diseases as well. So, while some people might be sad they have a December birthday, dreading getting a Christmas/Birthday combo present instead of a different gift for each, they have advantages in other ways! Who needs extra presents anyways?

Are More Babies Conceived in December?

December Love Matches

Maybe you have a December birthdate, but a lot of people have a December conception day! The ten most common birthdates in America are listed as September 9th, 19th, 12th, 17th, 10th, July 7th and then September 20th, 15th, 16th, and the 18th. Why is this so? Well, as the weather cools, people’s passion takes off as more people spend time together indoors instead of enjoying warm weather and sunshine. Also, they have found, ahem, other ways to keep warm! The December and November holidays also give people more time off for…also keeping warm, and nine months later, here come the beautiful babies. Maybe Summer is called the “Season of Love” but perhaps we should start calling December the “Month of Love”!

December Flower

December Love Matches

The beautiful flower attributed to December is the Narcissus. A member of the amaryllis family, it is also known as the daffodil or jonquil. The narcissus symbolizes beautiful eyes in Persia, and in Greece, an ancient folktale aligns it with vanity. A stunningly gorgeous hunter named Narcissus who rejected the love of all eventually fell in love with his own reflection in water, staying there, gazing at himself until he perished. Where he died, the lovely narcissus flower bloomed. The narcissus is believed to be the last flower Persephone reached for before being snatched up by Hades to the underworld in Greek legend. Narcissus flowers are associated with the New Year in China, as they bloom around that time and represent good luck and good fortune. Some consider them bad luck because they are “bowing their heads” as if in misfortune, and some consider white narcissus as flowers of death. Indeed, they were planted near tombs in ancient Greece.

To use the daffodil for your own empowerment, plant them near your home or buy bouquets of them. In wintertime- December included- they can be forced indoors, and if no place local has supplies for forcing narcissus bulbs, they can be gotten online. Surrounding yourself with the artwork that has your birth flower and growing some of them yourself will bring luck, beauty, and enjoyment of your birth month flower itself.

December Birthstones

December Love Matches

Birthstones for December are the blue zircon, turquoise, and tanzanite. Many wear their birth stone to draw to themselves the magical powers the stones provide. Some use their stones as crystals in meditation, or place bowls of them in places where they can draw strength from them. To read about birthstones by birth month and Zodiac Signs in general, see here: What’s Your Gemstone? | Mysticsense

Blue Zircon

The blue zircon helps instill self confidence and provides mental clarity by purifying the mind. It helps you to understand your own feelings and helps recall forgotten wishes. It gives a wise, clear mind and positive outlook and also helps to harmonize issues in relationships. It is used as a healing stone for all bodily illness in general and is believed to protect against disease and all forms of physical harm. It is said to help you resist temptation and protects against theft and evil or negative energies.


The turquoise provides focus for meditation and strengthens the connection with the spirit world. It is used to sharpen psychic gifts and intuition and it is also used in divination. It opens clouded minds and is used to aid in concentration and clear mental blocks. It has been used as a symbol for power, nobility and immortality and brings good luck. As a protective stone, it wards off malevolent spirits and protects against being injured in a fall. When attached to a pet, it helps to prevent them from being lost or stolen.


A complex stone, tanzanite can look different colors depending on the angles it is viewed from. One tanzanite stone can show blues, reds, and purples all in the same stone! It promotes self-control and teaches you to look beyond obstacles and limitations for creative solutions. It helps you think strategically and sharpens your intellect. It will help you refocus your mind on the tasks at hand after being distracted as well. It will help you hone your inner strengths and helps remove fatigue and gives you new energy. It will help dissolve old, outdated habits and mindsets and help promote new ones.

December Zodiac Signs

December Love Matches

 If you are born in December, you will either be a Sagittarian or a Capricorn. Sagittarius people are born between November 22 and December 21. They are Fire signs and are known to be spontaneous, adventurous, and fun-loving people. They can be unorganized and argumentative at times, but tend to specialize so well in an area, they become great experts other people turn to for help. Capricorns are born between December 22 and January 19. They are Earth signs and are hard-working, focused, and reliable. They can be overly critical and tend to overwork themselves but are typically very funny people who are practical and well prepared.

Perfect Matches for Capricorn

December Love Matches

Some might tell you they don’t need a love horoscope today for Capricorn, but it never hurts to know who are good matches for Capricorn. So, if you love a Capricorn man, how can you tell if he loves you? Characteristics of a Capricorn man in love is that he will make it a point to spend as much time as possible with you, and for such a busy, successful individual, this is a very big deal. What signs are good love matches for Capricorns? First, read about Capricorns here: Star Sign in Spotlight: Capricorn | Mysticsense.

Libra and Capricorn Love

Is Libra and Capricorn a good match? They sure can be…depending on a few things. Librans can’t stand to feel bossed around, so their Capricorn love will need to treat them as an equal, not as somebody who they are “in charge of.” That can be done easily if the Capricorn respects their Libran. Keeping in mind that Libras can be seen as “bossy” people themselves, they are going to have to also have a healthy respect for their Capricorn, or they might have a power struggle. Capricorns and Libras can be great lovers if they see themselves as a team. Once they do, look out for the passionate fireworks these two can make! If they can’t work out their need to be in charge, their relationship could be headed for disaster though!

Do Aries and Capricorn Make a Good Couple?

Like with Librans, a lot depends on whether a Capricorn and an Aries can work things out romantically. Aries people are passionate and can be outspoken, loud, and impulsive. These are all things Capricorn avoids, and sometimes Capricorns can be set in their ways, predictable and that can bore Aries people to sleep. However, both signs have amazing focus and energy they apply to things they care about, and if they can align these abilities to common goals, they can be an unstoppable force together.

 Do Taurus and Capricorn Match?

This is said to be one of the best matches for both signs. Both Taureans and Capricorns are slow and deliberate at developing relationships, taking their own sweet time getting to know people, and sticking around for the long haul with the people they love. They are both loyal, and fiercely protective of family, friends, and lovers, and Tauruses are especially nurturing, which helps Capricorns who tend to overwork themselves. They may bond for life with one another, and this can become the most important relationship they are both lucky enough to have.

Do Capricorn and Scorpio Make a Good Couple?

Emotional Scorpios appreciate the reliability and upfront communication they get from their Capricorn lovers. Capricorns benefit from the sensitivity of Scorpios and both signs are focused on personal success and tend to succeed quite well at life in general, but also career. They both take great pride in their personal accomplishments, and they admire this in one another. Capricorns can be very blunt and critical, so they have to balance their critiques with humor and good intentions with their sensitive Scorpios and this can be a match made in the heavens!

To read more about love matches for Capricorns, see here: Compatible Signs for Capricorns | Mysticsense

Soulmate Horoscope Compatibility for Sagittarius

December Love Matches

When it comes to love horoscopes by date of birth, Sagittarians, take note! Not just anybody can keep a Sagittarian happy, and even fewer people can keep up with them! To read about Sagittarius, read here: Scorpio Star Sign in Spotlight & It`s Meaning | Mysticsense

Attraction between Sagittarius and Gemini

A Sagittarius tends to be drawn to Geminis like a bee is to flowers. Geminis are high energy people who are always processing new information and can stir up fascinating conversation at the drop of a hat. Sagittarians have a deep need for variety and adventure, and Geminis provide the mental stimulation and spontaneity they love. Both high energy signs tend to bring out the best in one another and will create many good memories seeing all the new things the world has to offer together. This can be the romantic match they both stick with for life!

Sagittarius and Aquarius Horoscope Signs Match

This pairing can be refreshingly good for both parties. Both Aquarians and Sagittarians are unique individuals who don’t want to feel tied down or limited. They have their own way of doing things and need a partner who understands this and embraces their quarks. Some signs like Virgo might find them “weird”, but Sagittarians and Aquarians are right at home with the rebels, the creatives, and those who march to the beat of their own drum. Their lives are naturally unconventional, and they harmonize well together. They create a one-of-a-kind love bond and a beautiful life together and are the envy of many.

Leo and Sagittarius Horoscope Mates

It is said that two fire signs are greatly compatible and fire signs Leo and Sagittarius prove this is true! Sagittarians love the crazy sense of humor their Leo lovers bring to the table and the Leo loyalty makes them want to be by their side as often as possible. Both are passionate sexually, and both love exploring their wildest fantasies in the bedroom. Neither likes to feel confined in life, and they constantly push their own boundaries and truly appreciate having a partner who does the same. The only thing these great lovers need to watch out for is learning to balance their own appetites for things. Leos can spend in excess and Sagittarians can be very impulsive. They can help one another learn moderation but will go above and beyond encouraging one another’s adventurous side as well.

Libra and Sagittarius Horoscope Signs Match for Love

Said to be a top match for both signs, Sagittarians and their Libran lovers have great success in relationships together. Both signs are great social butterflies, and love adventure. They need a lot of mental stimulation, and love being on the go, traveling, and learning new things. Both signs are people pleasers, and they love hosting gatherings together, blending their eclectic mix of friends seamlessly. Both have a never-ending stream of new people who dance into their hearts and their home and lives can resemble a non-stop party. They never run out of new ideas for great things to try and their world keeps expanding together. Pure bliss!

To read more about Sagittarius love compatibility, see here: About Sagittarius Men and Women in Love | Mysticsense

When December is your month, your stones, the holidays, and the beauty of the narcissus may characterize you, but the life you build for yourself with the people you love says more about you than anything. Would you like to know about new loves and the future your current relationships have to enjoy? Start a psychic reading with us today to find out!

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