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Coffee Divination

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 07, 2021
Coffee Divination
Coffee Divination
TL;DR The meaning of coffee readings and how to do them doesn’t need to be a great mystery. Turkish coffee grounds have been used to do divination for centuries and reading Turkish coffee grounds can be something you excel at before you know it. Join us exploring coffee spiritual meaning and how you can interpret Turkish coffee ground meanings today.

Tasseography with coffee, wine, or tea is a form of divination reading the sediment left behind in the glass, mug, or cup after drinking the contents. Specifically, reading coffee grounds is reputed to come from the Romany people, who took the practice with them on their travels throughout the ancient world. Coffee cup reading can be found in all parts of the world now and is assumed to be only valid in beautiful Middle Eastern coffee cups, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Turkish coffee reading, Greek coffee reading, American coffee reading, and French coffee reading are all valid forms of coffee fortune telling no matter what kind of cup or mug the drink is in, and with a little study, you can understand coffee reading symbols and learn how to read coffee grounds!

What is a Coffee Cup Psychic Reading?

coffee cup

A coffee reading meaning is that you look at the leftovers of the cup of coffee and can tell people things about themselves, their lives, or what is to come to pass for them. A coffee cup reading meaning is just that- it’s divination with coffee! There are multiple ways to do this, but the most commonly used method is so simple, you will wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along. Most commonly known as Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling, we will explore just how to read Turkish coffee fortunes after we learn a little more about Turkish coffee symbols and the meaning of coffee.

What is the Meaning of Coffee?

meaning of coffee

Coffee grinds meaning, and coffee itself is a symbol of life, wealth and hospitality, hearth and home, building relationships, and perhaps most notably- strength! Turkish coffee images tend to symbolize an outpouring of goodness that brings life, and it has been said Ottoman women could legally divorce their husbands if they did not provide enough coffee, such was its importance! The coffee bean symbol stands for the beginning of any good endeavor and the coffee cup symbol stands for accepting blessings and vitality. Coffee grounds meaning is all the materials needed to get your work started and laying the groundwork for great plans. A cup of coffee top view meaning when it’s full is that you are being offered good things, and all you need do is reach out and take them, and the top view of an empty coffee cup means that you are starting out and have unlimited potential to all you can accomplish.

Many times, the first thing you are offered upon entering a restaurant is a cup of coffee, and indeed, the smell of fresh coffee is usually the first thing that greets you. Coffee will show how good a places food and drinks are, and a place that offers excellent coffee immediately is confidently telling you everything else they offer is just as good. Coffee superstitions vary with coffee being considered so important in some places, it’s considered bad luck to drop your cup of coffee, but if you spill the coffee in the saucer, it means you will gain some money. In Finland, it’s believed by some that coffee can cure a headache and some say you should only our coffee with your left hand.

Why Do We Associate Turkish People with Coffee Fortune Telling?

turkish people with coffee

Turkish coffee fortune telling isn’t specific to the people of Turkey. We tend to associate fortune coffee readings with those people because of the type of coffee they use. Hey use a fine ground coffee boiled in a special pan called a cezve or cezveler, and the coffee is poured, unfiltered into small, often ornately decorated cups. The coffee is brewed extra strength, often twice the strength regular coffee is, and the sediment or grinds from the coffee is left in the bottom of the cups since it’s not filtered.

You don’t have to worry that you will get too much caffeine drinking Turkish coffee though, because a typical cup of Turkish coffee is only two ounces whereas a regular cup of coffee is eight ounces. One serving of Turkish coffee has about 50 milligrams of caffeine and regular coffee has about 96 milligrams per cup. So enjoy!

Turkish coffee usually has some ground cardamon seed in it for added aromatic flavoring, and sometimes, sugar is added also. Many other nations throughout Europe and the Middle East have traditions of brewing coffee this way including Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bosnia, and Tunisia. While this coffee is not specific to just Turkey, many refer to it as Turkish coffee, and for simplicity, in this article, it will be called Turkish coffee and we will talk about Turkish coffee cup readings.

To get an idea of how brewing Turkish coffee is different than using a Mr. Coffee or a Keurig, watch this great video from You Tube of a Turkish Coffee Stand in Istanbul cooking the coffee in hot sand. Looks great!  (22) Kumda Türk Kahvesi , Sokak lezzetleri | Boiling Turkish Coffee using sand | Turkish street food - YouTube

How to Read Coffee Cups

read coffee cups

There are multiple methods for doing this, but the simplest Turkish reading coffee technique is to have a cup of Turkish coffee, and when you finish drinking it, turn the Turkish coffee mug upside down on the saucer, leave it for a few minutes, and then turn it right side up, looking at the shapes and images the coffee grinds take. There is your free coffee reading! Learning to do this may take a few tries for you to understand what you are seeing, but don’t give up. Practice makes perfect.

Coffee Cup Symbol Meanings

coffee cup symbol

The wonderful thing about this, is there is no one right coffee symbol meaning. Turkish coffee readings symbols vary for each reader, and a daisy may mean happiness to you, but plain out ugliness to somebody else. Turkish coffee fortune telling symbols can take general meanings, some of which we will share here, but other meanings can vary by your personal culture or what the symbols specifically mean to you.

Dragon in Coffee Cup Reading

dragon in coffee cup

The dragon is a celestial creature that for some represents luck, power, and vitality. In pop culture, dragons represent beauty and hidden realms. When a dragon appears in your coffee grounds in a Turkish coffee reading, the creature can be telling you to embrace your personal power and delve deep within yourself for your hidden strengths.

Turtle in Coffee Cup Reading

turtle in coffee cup

The turtle represents the Creator, long life, and perseverance. When a turtle appears in your coffee grinds for your Turkish coffee divination, it is telling you to hang in there for the long run, not giving up, but preparing to ride out any storms right now, because a wonderful outcome awaits you! Like the Creator, you are making your own reality, and you decide what happens next!

Swan in Coffee Cup Reading

swan in coffee cup

The swan represents grace, beauty, and keeping secrets. You can tell the swan all that’s in your heart, and they won’t tell a soul! They also represent royalty, and higher powers in general. When a swan appears in your coffee grounds in a coffee reading, it is telling you to put your best foot forward, leading by example with your head held high instead of telling everybody what your plans are. In this situation, your way is best, and others will follow your regal lead.

Letters in Coffee Cup Reading

letters in coffee cup

Pay special attention to letters that come up in your Turkish Coffee divination, because they might not spell out words, but the initials can give cues. Say you are suspicious somebody is talking about you, and the letters that are first initials of somebody you don’t trust appear. Those letters can be warning you that your hunch was right and you know who to watch out for!

Giraffe in Coffee Cup Reading

giraffe in coffee cup

The giraffe symbolizes being adaptable and gentle as well as being able to see far in the future of what is best. When the giraffe appears in the sediment in the bottom of your coffee cup in a reading, it is advising you that taking a peaceful route will benefit everybody in the long run, and you should be a team player, cooperating, and harmonizing for the sake of relationships. In the end, everybody will admire and respect your ability to do this, and you just might end up being a voice of reason.

Heart in Coffee Cup Reading

heart in coffee cup

The heart represents love, emotions, and all of your feelings. An unbroken heart in a coffee cup reading is telling you to follow your heart, and you have great love to give. It also tells you to stay open to receiving love that’s coming your way. If the heart in the reading is broken, guard your heart, taking care not to let people hurt you, and practicing self-care to heal any hurts you may have already experienced.

Eye in Coffee Cup Reading

eye in coffee cup

An eye in your coffee grinds can mean you should be watchful and pay attention for small things and messages right now. Evil eye Turkish coffee cups symbols in the grinds can mean you should protect yourself from somebody’s bad intentions.

Numbers in Coffee Cup Reading

numbers in coffee cup

Coffee cup reading numbers are giving a message. Sometimes, it’s the amount of times you are to do something you are asking about, but sometimes, the number itself has a special message. Learning numerology will help you understand the patterns and messages numbers are showing you, and we have an excellent article to help get you started right here: Practical Numerology And How To Use It In Daily Life | Mysticsense

Tree in Coffee Cup Reading

tree in coffee cup

When a tree appears in your coffee grinds during coffee divination, it means you are in a time of great growth, and you should embrace that in the fullest way possible. The amazing creative energy of this time makes it a perfect time to being work on things you have been putting off, and there is no limit to what all you can accomplish.

The Spiritual Meaning of Spilling Coffee Grounds

spiritual meaning of spilling coffee grounds

A special tidbit of information! It is said that if you spill coffee grinds, or tea grinds for that matter, it’s good luck! Because some people use coffee to remove bad energy, and to even lift bad magic, if you spill coffee, as you are sweeping it up, visualize it cleaning away any negative energy that may be in the space. Then, get more coffee to brew some to drink!

Should I Use a Coffee Cup Reading App?

coffee cup reading app

“Can I get a coffee cup reading online free using an app?” you may ask. Yes and no. There are online Turkish coffee reading app sites claiming if you send them a photo of your coffee cup, they will provide a free reading. Like with any psychic service online, only you can decide whether the reader is good for you or not. One service offering a free Turkish coffee reading online is in Facebook, but only has one review although it’s a five star one. You can always try this or other coffee reading online sites.

That coffee reading app is here: Coffee Divination & Tasseography | Facebook

Is Coffee Cup Reading Accurate?

accurate coffee cup

“I found where I can get a Turkish coffee reading near me, but should I go? Is Turkish coffee reading legit?” you may ask. Yes, it is legit- IF you get a legit reader, that is. Check the reviews clients leave on social media for the readers you are thinking of visiting, regardless of which type of divination they do, and ask the people you know who get readings who they recommend. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is, and even if a reader gets good reviews, but you have a bad feeling about them anyways, don’t hesitate to find a different reader. You will know what readers are best for you.

But Is Coffee Good For You, Though?

coffee good for you

While we have explored reading coffee cups and grinds for fortune telling, one question still remains. Is coffee good for your health? There was a time when pop culture insisted that shunning all caffeine was the way to go, and coffee was seen as the cause of heart rate problems, a trigger for cardiac disease, and a culprit for liver issues. Not so, says science! Coffee improves mental function, enhances mood and can help fight some forms of depression, reduces inflammation, and even helps the liver.

Nobody can explain all the health benefits of drinking coffee better than the professionals, and Johns Hopkins Medicine has published an article all about it, which you can read here: 9 Reasons Why (the Right Amount of) Coffee Is Good for You | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Turkish coffee cup reading is one of many great forms of divination you can learn to do yourself or you can hire somebody to do a coffee reading near you. A coffee ground reading is just as informational as forms of divination like card readings, and best of all, coffee is good for your health! So you can have your drinking coffee and reading of your coffee fortune telling symbols too. Enjoy!

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