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Star Sign in Spotlight: Aries

By Mysticsense
September 21, 2020
Star Sign in Spotlight: Aries
Star Sign in Spotlight: Aries

The Arian symbol of the Ram was first recorded in the Babylonian era for its association with agriculture and the work of herdsmen. The revered symbol continued into Egyptian astronomy as the Spring god of fertility was depicted as having a human figure bearing a ram’s head. This half ram-half human deity was believed to be responsible for the rebirth and reawakening of life as the winter months turned warmer and explains why the contemporary conception of Arians paints them as fiery, warm and vibrant people. 

As the Zodiac’s leading sign, Aries are pioneers with unwavering ambition. They are passionate and freethinking individuals who never feel anxious to buck the trend. It’s hard to find an Aries who seeks conformity or desires to melt into the background. Rather, they stand up for what they believe in, as controversial as this may be, and fear very little about the repercussions. Alongside this zeal, Aries are highly competitive people who find motivation through friendly rivalries. While this emphatic approach may be a turn off for some, it’s important to understand that Aries are fiercely loyal so their competitive nature should not be mistaken for aggression or contention.

An Aries will always be incredibly upfront and honest about how they are feeling around their loved ones. This may be unusual or even strange to some, but it’s an endearing trait that shows you an Aries has truly accepted you into their world. On the other hand, the same also works in reverse - an Aries values the honesty and openness of others. While nobody likes to feel betrayed, Aries individuals are especially averse to it. They will show no hesitation in cutting off those that deceive them as they strive to surround themselves in only the purest energy possible.

In addition, Aries are well known for their short temper. Sometimes this temper can appear hostile and dogmatic, but remember that often transparency in emotions is far healthier than concealment; rarely will you ever witness an Aries acting with manipulation or passive-aggressiveness. That being said, most Aries will probably agree that spending extra time outdoors and putting their energy into productive hobbies will help tame their fiery disposition and prevent it from getting the better of them.

Aries can also be quite changeable people. In some instances, buzzing social gatherings and spontaneous activities with strangers met along the journey is incredibly appealing for an Aries. However, in other circumstances, an Aries may opt for peace and solitude as they recharge after an intense period of social interaction. The beauty of Aries is their versatility; they will forever keep you on your toes. 

Love and relationships

Aries find physical attraction incredibly important when looking for a soulmate. While this is obviously a key component for success in most people’s relationships, if an Aries finds they are not satisfied visually, it will be hard for them to persevere with the partnership. Alongside this, if an Aries experiences that ‘love at first sight’ moment, you can be sure that they will stop at no cost to attain the person of their dreams. On the other hand, Aries individuals would benefit from slowing down and resisting romantic impulsions. Not every attractive and mesmerizing person they encounter is necessarily beneficial for them so digging a little deeper and attempting to foster a truly profound connection will do a world of good in the long run. 

With Mars as their ruling planet, Aries are heated and impassioned. The joy many people receive from spending time with an Aries comes from the fun had in trying to tame their fire; admittedly, this task is usually unsuccessful, but it makes for an exciting ride all the while. It will come as no surprise, therefore, that Aries are shamelessly flirty people who love to adopt a dominant role in romantic relationships. It does not take long to grab an Aries’ attention, but a partner must be able to keep up with their energy and excitement. As a result, it is certainly not uncommon to find an Aries entangled in a fun and exciting whirlwind romance. This is not to say, however, that an Aries will stray from commitment in order to satisfy their passionate temperaments - Aries make fantastic life-partners as they are able to keep long-standing relationships invigorating and intoxicating. There is endless fun to be had with an Aries.


Aries adore surrounding themselves with friends and engaging in endless social interactions. While an Aries probably has a million and one different names in their address book, only a select few make the cut as truly close friends. This is because it takes an incredibly special person to be able to match the fiery energy exuded by an Aries. Moreover, any adventure-packed activity or outlandish outing will get an Aries heart racing. When friends with an Aries, you can forget about the afternoon tea and instead prepare yourself for an eccentric rollercoaster of a day out.


Naturally, this same sense of adventure applies when an Aries goes travelling. They are the sign who are most likely to find themselves travelling alone and exploring some of the most untouched and offbeat places in the world. With the mighty ram as their leading symbol, Aries are innately drawn to rocky and mountainous terrains; activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and abseiling are therefore a top choice for this gutsy sign. Ultimately, if you are planning to travel with an Aries, be prepared for them to call the shots. The experience may be daunting at first, but expect a wild journey of fun and adventure when following in their footsteps. They will most likely push you out of your comfort zone, but you will benefit from this extra encouragement greatly.


Aries do not respond well to nit-picking or micromanaging. As the leading sign in the zodiac, they are natural leaders and like to set the boundaries in most situations. This is true in their careers also, meaning that any field whereby creativity and independence is encouraged helps an Aries flourish. Careers in entrepreneurship, journalism or freelancing are a great fit for this spearheaded sign. They also often quickly rise through the ranks on the job ladder, earning promotions and bonuses faster than most. 

Most compatible with?


An Aries-Gemini pairing is one of vibrancy and energy. As fire needs air in order to burn, the same goes for this beautiful partnership between the signs of both elements. Both Aries and Geminis are inquisitive individuals and are constantly striving to expand their knowledge of the world around them. An Aries-Gemini coupling works so well as an Aries loves to take charge while a Gemini enjoys finding new and creative ways to entertain their partner. 


A relationship between a Leo and an Aries is certainly one of passion and fire. As both signs are incredibly dominant, there may be strife at times as each partner fights for dominance. Over time, however, they will learn the power of pacification and they will come to appreciate that some battles aren’t worth fighting. When this revelation occurs, the Aries-Leo partnership will thrive as each partner brings bounds of energy and excitement to the table.


As Sagittarians are similarly adventurous and free-spirited, they have the ability to match the energy of an Aries. Both signs are incredibly social and constantly yearn for fun and discovery. Sagittarians bring the perfect balance of peace and passion to their relationship with the hot-headed Aries so you can expect a harmonious relationship between these two signs.

Least compatible with?


The difference in energy between Taurus and Aries makes for a fairly incompatible relationship. Aries is constantly striving to secure new opportunities, embark on new journeys and interact with new people. Taurus, on the other hand, prefers a slower pace of life whereby comfort and familiarity takes precedence. It would be challenging for an Aries to rope a Taurus partner along on a spontaneous trip somewhere far, far away - Taurus would much rather take a conventional vacation as it would guarantee comfort and happiness. In addition, Aries individuals are far more care-free when it comes to splashing the cash. For Taurus, this is not the case as they much prefer to earn and save for security down the line. While sometimes an Aries-Taurus match can survive, more often than not, this partnership is destined to face trouble as clashes crop up more and more throughout the years.


These two signs are both natural leaders and thus can lock horns at times. While Aries are passionate and care-free leaders, Capricorns tend to be more stringent with their approach. This can make money a sticking point for the pair as Aries have no issue spending while Capricorns will want to pull on the reins in regards to finances.


As Virgos are often fairly pernickety individuals, this can become a little grating for Aries who love to take charge and control in a situation. In addition, Virgos may find that they take longer to open up and find a romantic connection with a partner, whereas Aries dive in head first and often find themselves caught up in passionate whirlwind romances. If these two really put their minds to it, there is the possibility for a loving partnership, but it would require lots of time and patience.

Ultimately, those that find themselves enticed by Aries may struggle to keep up, but when they do, they will know that they have formed an unbreakable bond with a lifelong companion.

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