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Which Signs are Most Compatible with Leos?

By Mysticsense
March 20, 2022
Which Signs are Most Compatible with Leos?
Which Signs are Most Compatible with Leos?

Leo’s are known for loving attention and being the life of a party. Sometimes they’re painted as attention seekers in a negative light, alongside being a drama queen. However, these types of comments will probably never bother a Leo, as they don’t tend to care what certain people think. 

Fire signs such are often seen in similar ways, which is why they are highly compatible with one another. Known as ‘fiery’ tempered, given their namesake, they are the most headstrong signs of all. The fire elements consist of Leo's, Sagittarius and Aries zodiac signs. 

Finding a sign with a perfect compatibility for a Leo isn’t hard, as they often talk and find common ground with a lot of the zodiac signs. It’s easy to have a surface level friendship with a Leo, but finding out their deep feelings can sometimes be an obstacle with the wrong signs. There are few signs that have a low compatibility with Leo's, but when these relationships go wrong, they can end in disaster.

Leos Personality Traits

Born between July 23rd - August 22nd, Leo's are the life of a party, either from the sidelines or in the centre of the room. Either way, it’s always intentional. Leo's ruled by the Sun, with passion and joy at the forefront of everything they do. All they want is to bring light into their friendships and relationships, and then revel in the approval from their peers and partners. 

Being a fixed sign, Leo's are more stubborn and less likely to change their ways. This means they need a partner who is open to adapt to their ways, rather than another stubborn sign. This is the only issue with fire element signs, they are similar but sometimes can be too similar to be highly compatible.

Most of the twelve zodiac signs can get easily drawn into the passion and the fun of being with a Leo. However, potential partners need to see a deeper side to this sign to make sure they are compatible in a loving relationship. Having fun with your partner is important, but making sure you have the same outlook and goals in life is equally important to a long-lasting relationship.

Traits Compatible for Leo Signs

Certain traits are highly compatibly with Leo's and their personality. Regardless of your zodiac sign, having these traits will make it easy for your relationship with a Leo to flourish.


Leo's are stubborn and love to live life in their way, which is why it's important for their partners to be flexible. Signs that are open to adapt and are easy going make the best type of long term partners for Leo's, they can take charge of the relationship and thrive. 

Sometimes taking charge and being a leader is seen as a bossy or negative trait, so Leo’s need a partner who will see them as confident and assertive without crossing the line of aggressive or patronising.


Being an assertive, ambitious Leo, they need a compatible partner who will also be chasing their dreams in careers and personal life. If you’re looking for a relationship to just settle, then being with a Leo is not for you, they need someone to constantly drive themselves and one another to reach their goals. If a sign is lazy or too laid back in their passions, it will turn a Leo off. 

Ambition can come in all shapes and sizes for a Leo to admire, including career goals, family visions and their personal development. If you are constantly striving for the best, then a Leo will fall for you quickly. They want a partner who will build them up and also can work on their defeats together.


We all know Leo’s are the main attraction at parties and need a partner who can hold their own. They don't want to babysit their partners at social events, when they could be working the room. Signs that are more shy are not ideal for Leo's and will have a low compatibility when trying to get into a relationship. If a Leo needs to constantly check in with their significant other, they will get bored quickly.

Confidence and arrogance is a fine line, confident signs push Leo’s to be the best they can be and join in with their limelight loving ways. Having a partner who does the most for a Leo’s ego and confidence means they’ll be compatible and happy in a long term relationship.

Traits Not Compatible with Leo

Even if your sign's one that is considered compatible with a Leo, there are still certain traits that will be an issue in a relationship with them. Some zodiac signs posses traits and personality styles that can be moderately compatible with Leo's however with the wrong type of communication they can become completely incompatible. 


Most signs don’t seem to be compatible with stubbornness, mainly because the signs that are stubborn need to have flexible and easy going partners. Leo's like to lead and show they are confident in any situation, having a partner who is too stubborn to go along with their plans will be a disaster waiting to happen. 

Leo’s aren’t known to be flexible, they’re headstrong, so need a partner who will let them lead and be the more dominant one in the relationship. Signs such as Taurus and Scorpios who are also very set in their ways don’t do well with Leo's for this reason. 

Overly Sensitive

Leo’s are usually in tune with everyone they meet, as they want to be the star of the show and impress everyone. However, when it comes to being sensitive, they don’t have much patience. Leo’s are not compatible with more sensitive signs like Pisces and Cancer’s, even though these signs fit the traits of flexibility, they are usually more quiet creatures and need to have their partner with them more often than not. 


Lo’s are ambitious and if they set a goal they need to reach it, so they need a compatible partner to help them and push them to do so. Lazy signs are the worst partners for Leo’s as they don’t have the drive or passion to push themselves forward. Leo’s find it frustrating to be with lazy people and don’t like the energy they bring to the table. If a person they want to be with starts showing signs of laziness in any aspect, this is an instant turn-off for Leo’s

If you make plans with a Leo, no matter how big or small, and then don’t follow through with them, then you won’t hear from that Leo again. They like to have plans with people they love and would rather not be with someone than sit in front of the TV when they could be out exploring with them.

Leo Relationships & Friendships

Depending on the dynamic with the relationships, there are lots of zodiac signs that are compatible with Leo's. Certain signs make better friends than lovers with Leo’s whereas others should probably steer clear of a close relationship with them, having too many clashing traits. 

It’s important to remember that just because your zodiac sign is or isn’t compatible with a Leo, if you possess traits that they love or dislike, then you can make a relationship work no matter what. Learning why your sign might be the best or worst for a Leo can make it easier when trying to forge a relationship with them, as you will know the bumps in the road and how to potentially avoid them.

Leo Friendship 

Leo signs are uniquely party animals, with the life and soul of the party always being them. They like to have friends alongside who are down for the ride and will go to all the events with them whilst maintaining a positive attitude and energy. If you’re a more introverted sign and like to stay home a lot, a friendship with a Leo is not for you. 

Leo Best Friendship Compatibility 

Leo & Libra

Leo's and Libra's are highly compatible as friends, both social butterflies and can fit into any social situation seamlessly. Chatty and fun, these signs are perfect when it comes to adventurous plans and holidays together, making the most out of every situation even when it’s not always the best. 

Libra's are ideal friends as they go with the flow and are happy to let others lead, if they know what they are doing. They are complimentary to Leo’s and appreciate their outgoing nature, without being jealous or thinking they’re too dramatic. 

Leo's are a fire sign, and Libra’s fall into the air element group. They might not look like they have much in common, but these signs bring out the best in each other. Leo's love that Libra's have a level of charisma which other signs can’t match, making it easy for them to go to an event and chat with everyone. They also know they don't have to babysit Libra's, and they can handle social situations easily with confidence. 

Leo Relationships

Similar to their friendships, Leos look for partners who are capable of living their own lives and don’t need looking after. The one trait important when it comes to having a loving relationship with a Leo is confidence. They need someone to keep them interested and to have fun with, Leos are happy signs who want to fill the room with joy and don’t want a partner who brings the vibes down. 

Although Leo's may seem shallow at surface level, they are happy to have deep chats and communicate with partners who are on their level, however they won’t be happy engaging in conversations with signs who are overly sensitive. This will drain a Leo and leave them feeling deflated, as not all signs want to talk about deep topics and events all the time. 

Leo Best Relationship Compatibility 

Leo & Gemini

Leo’s are most compatible in a love relationship with Geminis. They both love to overshare and chat with everyone, making it easy to do that with one another. These two signs will never tire of one another, bringing fun and creative ideas to keep the spark alive. 

Gemini’s are part of the air element, similar to Libras who make great friends with Leo’s. Fire signs are drawn to air signs as they have similar outlooks on life, keep things light and fun and don’t get too bogged down with negativity. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, which represents communication. This means they have great communication skills which can fit any type of sign, they know how to talk to their partner without upsetting them or patronising them. 

Gemini’s are known to be quick-witted, which is alluring for Leo’s as they love to quip with friends and play the leading role in social events. Geminis don’t need to be babysat, similar to Libra's, so Leo’s can make plans without them getting upset. The only time an issue would occur is if one of them weren’t invited! This is not due to them feeling left out of their partner's social life, but because they love to attend social events!

Compatibility for Zodiacs

As previously mentioned, it’s important to know that zodiacs help give us a snapshot into a person's traits, personality and relationships, but shouldn’t be used to solely determine if a person is compatible for you. 

Explore more on relationship compatibility for your sign, delve deep into how to improve understanding your loved ones, and work on low compatibility relationships. 

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