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Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility in Love and Relationships

By Mysticsense
March 08, 2023
Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility in Love and Relationships
Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility in Love and Relationships

Relationships between the same sign can either be a match made in heaven, or a living nightmare. Without the yin and yang of opposing signs to balance out each other’s strengths and flaws, things can get very intense – very fast.

But how would a double-Scorpio match fair?

There are 4 key components that usually determine whether a union is going to work long-term; emotional intelligence, communication, intellect, and physicality.

Scorpio personality traits

Scorpio is the 8th sign in the zodiac, co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. A fixed water sign, Scorpios are incredibly passionate and powerful, deriving their power (like their fellow Water signs, Cancer and Pisces) from the emotional realm.

Their deep intuition and assertive nature make them fantastic leadership figures, with their deeply rooted sense of determination and decisiveness only adding to their natural leadership qualities.

On top of this, Mars-ruled Scorpio is fiercely loyal, effortlessly brave, and honest to a fault. In the face of adversity, Scorps are the first to jump into the fray, especially for their loved ones. They use their steadfast determination to take on the world to protect their friends, family, and partners. 

Initially, their trust is hard to earn, but when a Scorpio has your back, you’re guaranteed a level of honesty, transparency, and consistency that you will find nowhere else in the zodiac. Even if the truth hurts your feelings.

However, like every other sign in the zodiac, the Scorpion has its faults – and you don’t want to be caught by its vicious sting.

All the qualities that make Scorpios amazing, strong romantic partners, also make them incredibly intense. They are prone to bouts of jealousy, power games, and stubbornness, as a result of their headstrong determination and personal ambitions. Their fierce loyalty can make them very resentful if crossed (no one holds a grudge like a Scorpio). Strong loyalty is perhaps their most challenging flaw as a romantic partner, as it can manifest as being very controlling of others.

The long and short of it is, it’s 100% their all, or absolutely nothing. 

But, with all of that brewing intensity to contend with, could a relationship between two fellow Scorpios flourish long-term without self-destructing?

Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

No one gets a Scorpio like a Scorpio. They intuitively understand each other, as they share the same traits and values that make each other tick.

These Plutonian sun signs are very emotionally intelligent and attuned beings, not usually one to shy away from the darker side of human emotion, and usually get on the same page as the other without much verbal explanation required.

They’re open to talking about pretty much anything, no matter how tricky the topic, so a romantic partner needn’t worry about revealing a dark or shameful part of their past to a fellow Scorpio, no topic is off limits. A Scorp will always empathise, and will respect the level of honesty such a confession requires of a person.

Scorpio Communication Compatibility

Being emotionally compatible is all well and good – if it’s communicated properly. Scorpios hate talking about themselves. They’re very secretive creatures, who can have whole conversations and never really reveal anything deep about themselves.

The intense Scorpion craves privacy and control in all aspects of their life, which also extends to their romantic relationships. With two of them in the mix, this can result in a lot of friction. Romantic relationships, in general, require both parties to be prepared to be open and vulnerable with each other. The ‘vulnerability’ part being something that Scorpios tend to struggle with. 

For two Scorpios to be romantically compatible, they must work together to let each other know that there is safety in vulnerability, and liberty in letting down their walls. As they’re of the same sign, they should know that their partner has the same fears about showing ‘weakness’, and treat opening up as an act of great honesty and bravery.

Scorpio Intellectual compatibility

In terms of intellect, a Scorpio could not hope for a better match than a fellow Scorp. Ruled by the same planets, fiery Mars and shadowy Pluto, this sign has strong analytical skills and a high level of emotional intelligence that produces dynamic and passionate conversation.

Scorpios are usually interested in the more mysterious aspects of life, like the paranormal, natural phenomena, or the dark underbelly of our world. With two minds thinking alike, a Scorp X Scorp pair can talk for hours on end.

However, the Scorpion is known in the zodiac for the power games they play with others. This can quickly turn a casual conversation into a heated debate, with the Scorpion refusing to put away its claws, until the ‘opponent’ is put in its place. To counter this, both parties will have to learn to lower their sting, and work on their communication skills to slow down the pace and keep things amicable.

Physical compatibility

When it comes to the physical compatibility of two Scorpios, things are bound to get very steamy. 

Both ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are associated with sex. Paired with the intensity, passion, and explorative energy they emit, Scorpios are never short of sexual interest from others.

Two Scorpios are bound to have heaps of chemistry, and are more than able to satisfy each other's intimate needs. After all, they are known in the zodiac for their high sex-drives.

Scorpio and Scorpio: can they make it work?

Two Scorpios can easily make a relationship work with their level of compatibility.

Scorpios have the ability to instinctively understand and empathise with each other in ways that other signs in the zodiac may be too overwhelmed to know where to start. They prefer the safety of long-term partnerships, too, and the intensity, fierce loyalty, and emotional power of two Scorps can bind to create a strong and passionate relationship.

However, in order to stand the test of time (and each other), they will need to learn how to relinquish their need for control, and focus on improving their communication skills. If they can work out how to open up, make their boundaries clear, and have a mutual level of trust and respect, they might be able to keep the distrust and jealousy at bay..

As with any other sign of the zodiac, you’ll only know your true compatibility with your love interest when you’ve studied both natal charts.

Astrologers understand that no one is quite what they seem on the surface, and the power to unlock the hidden depths and layers of a person lies in reading their unique natal chart. Talk to one of our experienced, divine astrologers today for an expert reading today.

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